After their wild sexual adventure, Paul and Pete slowly woke up to the early morning sunshine. Paul opened his eyes, finding he was facing into the sweet sleeping face of his cousin and lover Pete. With the covers pulled up only halfway up his chest, Pete's muscular shoulders were exposed, which Paul just stared at. As if on cue, Pete's eyes fluttered open, to find himself being watched by Paul.

"Good morning over," Paul said, smiling at Pete. Pete let out a long sigh. "Hey hot stuff!"

The two buff guys just looked at each other for a while until Pete reached for the blankets covering them both. He started to yank the end and pulled and pulled, forcing it to bunch up. His other hand started feeding the blanket off the bed and onto the floor, slowly exposing his and Paul's naked bodies. With the blanket on the floor, and the two ranch hands lying naked on the bed next to each other, their eyes began to wander. Their grins got bigger and bigger.

"Got any morning wood to offer me, kind sir?" Paul asked.

"Only if you have a nice big one for me too baby!" Pete responded with a dirty laugh.

As their cocks began to come to life, they both heard a vehicle on the gravel road coming closer to the cabin. Their eyes went wide as they shot out of bed, scrambling to find their clothes which were scattered. Hearing a vehicle door slam, Paul found a pair of boxers and put them on. "Those are mine man!" Pete wailed. Paul scrambled and found a pair of his black briefs on the floor and tossed them to Pete.

"Here, take mine!" Paul hurried said to Pete.

They got to the door at the same time, opening it and a bit out of breath.

Coming to the door was their old friend Carlos. Carlos was the son of the owners of the next ranch. He was the same age as Pete and Paul. Having played on the school football team and working on the ranch, Carlos was a big guy. At 6 foot 3 inches, he was solid without being too muscular. His straight black hair, kept short, framed his always smiling bronze toned face. High cheek bones could have sent him the direction of modeling. Broad shoulders and amazing pecs and biceps ensured his success on the football team. His tight 8 pack abs made him one of the most popular on the teams.

"Good morning guys!" shouted Carlos, in boots, jeans, and a denim work shirt. "I hope I didn't wake you guys!" Carlos said as he noticed the guys in only their undies. Paul and Pete stepped back from the doorway allowing Carlos to come inside.

"What's up Carlos?" Paul asked, as the three sat down at the small table in the eating area.

"I went by your house and your folks said you were on coyote duty last night," Carlos explained.

"Oh, yeah, we were," said Pete, although he quickly looked at Paul as he said it, bringing a small blush to each of their faces.

Carlos noticed as he looked from Pete's face to Paul's face, scrunching up his face as he did so. "And you guys didn't kill each other out here alone?" Carlos asked.

"No, we're kind of talking these days," offered Pete.

"Yeah, that's right," added Paul. "So what's up man? How come you're looking for us?" Paul continued.

"Cut the bullshit," Carlos began, still looking back and forth between the cousins. "We've been playing together since we were kids. I know you both. You hate each other. Something's up your not telling me." Carlos observed.

"Hey Carlos! Chill man," responded Paul. "Just tell us why the fuck you are here man?"

Carlos walked around slowly, looking at the food mess from the night before not cleaned up and still in the sink.

"I already told your folks and am now telling you that my dad and uncle tracked the coyotes last night. Hey Pete, how come you let this sink stay dirty? You're such a neat freak but you didn't clean up ....... Yet?" Carlos observed.

"Um um..." was all Pete could say.

"And Paul, I'm surprised," Carlos began, turning to Paul as he pulled a boot out from under the bed and holding it high, "We got all the coyotes so the emergency is over, and since when do you toss your boots around. You nurse them better then your best girlfriend that you mess with......." Carlos said slowly as he turned to face Pete with a dirty grin. Carlos, near the bed took in a slow loud deep breath.

Turning back to face a speechless Paul and Pete, he grinned slyly. "Smells like sex in here boys!"

Carlos walked to Pete stepping right up against him, face to face. "Why are you in briefs and not your usual boxers?" Carlos asked. A brave Pete stared back, getting up the nerve to respond. "Carlos, why do you care so much about my underwear? I didn't know you looked at me that way," Pete said, remaining inches away from Carlos.

Paul came closer to the two guys. "How do you know the smell of sex, Carlos?" Paul asked.

"Well boys," Carlos said, still standing very close to his two friends, "Guess you won't need to stay out here ALONE another night since the coyote issue is resolved," he added with a grin as he looked over at the unmade bed with the blanket on the floor and then looked back in time to see Paul and Pete give each other concerned looks.

"I guess you kissed and made up them?" Carlos said sarcastically.

Pete opened his mouth as if to speak but Carlos put up his hand.

"Hold it Pete," Carlos said as he put his hand on Pete's bare shoulder. "I am so glad you guys are talking. I hated you being treated the way you were," Carlos added while shooting a dirty look at Paul who was standing close by.

"And I'm happy for you Paul, finally noticing the friend before your eyes but refused to see," Carlos said, putting his other hand on Paul's bare shoulder.

"But I am so freaking mad at both of you!" he said raising his voice and squeezing his grips on the two shoulders, forcing both Paul and Pete to grimace in pain as they tried to pull back away from Carlos' solid grip.

"Wh wh why?" Paul was able to call out.

"Cause my best buddies didn't include me in their fuck sessions!" Carlos said as he let go of the two guys and smiled. Pete and Paul shot each other surprised looks at this revelation.

"For real?" Pete asked in disbelief.

"You'd want to?" asked Paul.

"First off, you're my best buddies." Carlos said as he slowly unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his massive bronze chest with large dark nipples staring out.

"Second, seeing you two in the showers at PE at school always gave me the basis for my jacking off at night!" Carlos said.

"Wow" responded Paul.

"Holy shit!" added Pete, looking over Carlos' amazing chest.

"Anyway Carlos, Pete and I only just made up as you called it, a couple of weeks ago. Last night was only our second time, so you didn't miss much," Pete said slowly, pushing the black briefs down, allowing his growing cock to spring up as he watched Carlos' eyes widen.

Carlos didn't miss a beat. "So I guess you're ready for your third time?" Carlos suggested.

Carlos let his open shirt fall to the floor as he pulled off his belt and unzipped his jeans, smiling slyly to Paul and Pete.

"Well, now that we settled that issue, I sure am glad you guys dealt with those coyotes!" Paul said as he pulled down his own boxers, revealing his hard cock.

Carlos looked over Paul's muscular buff body as he stepped out of his jeans and kicked them aside. In moments he let his black boxers drop, revealing his nine inch cut cock coming to life.

The three naked hunks remained close, their hearts beating a bit faster and their breathing getting louder. They started to fondle their own cocks and balls until Paul moved first and reach out to grasp Carlos' cock. Carlos gasped in a mouthful of air when he was touched. He reached over to grab Pete's cock and also fondle Paul's balls. Pete joined in by massaging Carlos' impressive pecs and zeroed in on his nipples, tugging and tweaking as he went. Pete suddenly pulled free and found his jeans on the floor and reached into a pocket and pulled out a small bottle of lube. Jumping back in front of his two naked pals, he handed the small container to Carlos.

"Initiation time, big boy! You need to join the club and do some good fucking!" Pete directed with a wide smile.

Carlos, looking at the lube in his hand, suddenly grew shy, timidly raising his face towards Paul. "Can I?" he quietly asked.

Paul just grinned from ear to ear. Kissing Pete as he walked by, Paul grabbed Carlos by the hand and led him to the bed. Climbing onto the bed, Paul grabbed the lube and squeezed some onto his hand and rubbed it into his ass crack. Tossing the lube back to Carlos, Pete got on all fours, turning away from Carlo.

"I'm all yours, hot stuff," Paul called out as he turned his head back to look over his shoulder. Pete watched in delight as he heard Carlos emit a low growl as he moved toward the bed, hurriedly rubbing his cock with the lube, making his cock twitch only harder.

Maneuvering into place, Carlos put the tip of his cock against Paul's hungry hole. Pushing in slowly, Carlos put his hands on Paul's back. Getting into a rhythm Carlos began to buck back and forth slowly. Paul responded with a low moan, pushing back into Carlos to meet his thrusts.

Pete, busily jacking himself, walked around the bed slowly, enjoying the view and getting aroused even more. Paul was pushed mightily back and forth while he watched Pete walk closer and closer. Licking his lips in anticipation, Paul saw Pete climb onto the bed. Positioning his cock in front of Paul, Pete's eyes locked on Paul offering a big grin. "Its all yours, baby," Pete said in a low voice as he pushed his hips forward, allowing Paul's eager lips to wrap around his cock. Pete began the slow rocking motion of a sweet smooth face fuck.

With Carlos pounding from the rear, and his lover's cock in his mouth, Paul was in heaven. His muscles rippled across his chest and abs as he took this rigorous workout from both ends with pure joy. Paul's head swam into ecstasy, not realizing that Carlos, furiously pumping, had closed his eyes to enjoy his overwhelming bliss. Pete had also closed his eyes while his cock received the best attention which pushed him closer and closer to climax.

Grunts and moans filled the room and sweat filled the air. Carlos came first. He pushed loudly into the hungry ass before him and clenched tight, his load draining into the bubble butt before him. The pressure from the nine inch beast throbbing in his tight ass now pushed Paul over the edge. His eight inch uncut cock bucked and shook as it spurted its contents down onto the bed sheets below. Hearing these new grunts and gasps forced Pete to suddenly open his eyes. The cumming of his two buddies forced him into his own orgasm as he shot his load into Paul's waiting mouth. Spurt after spurt was easily taken and swallowed by Paul. As their movements slowed, the three guys slowly untangled their shiny sweaty bodies, ending with all three lying on the bad naked. After a few giggles, they began to come back to reality.

"I had some news that I thought I should share," began Carlos.

"What?" asked Paul when he finally caught his breath.

"My family wants to sell their ranch and I wanted to buy it but I only have enough to buy half, so I thought I'd be moving." Carlos explained.

Paul looked concerned. "My folks said the same thing. They wanted to sell but I can only cover half. But that's before Pete and I made up!" he added.

"But since the properties are side by side, and we're now side by side, maybe we can work out something with the three of us," Carlos suggested.

Well boys," Pete began as he sat up to face his two nude buddies, " we still need your other halves, but Carlos, if you understand that Paul and I are a couple, but happy to share our bed from time to time...." he said with a grin.

"I still have my insurance money from my parent's accident. So I can cover your missing halves!"

Pete reached out to grab the two soft cocks in his reach, and began to stroke his buddies slowly.

"Ya think?" Pete asked looking first to Paul and then to Carlos.

Paul grinned wider then he ever did in his life as his head began to quickly nod up and down.

Carlos smiled as well. "But my one condition is that I get to fuck Pete next time and Paul gets to fuck me also!"

Paul leaned onto his side, facing Pete and Carlos. "I'd say that's definitively a possibility!"

The three burst out laughing.

The End!

Ride em Cowboy!



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