Pete and Paul were ranch hands. Well, to be honest, they were cousins working on Paul's parents farm in west Texas. Pete's family died in a car accident when Pete was 10, and his aunt and uncle, Paul's parents, took Pete in and raised him as their own in a loving home. Both boys were 10 at the time and survived a love hate relationship since then.

Now 20, both Pete and Paul had grown into very good looking guys. Paul, just under 6 feet tall, weighed a cool 175 pounds with an amazing washboard stomach, a smooth flat chest, and firm muscular arms and legs. With short dark hair, he usually could do several good hours of labor in the fields before breaking a sweat.

Pete, on the other hand, was a bit taller and slimmer. Spending time on the swim team in high school, he also developed an impressive physique. His light brown hair usually lightened a bit during the summer due to all of the time worked outside.

Pete and Paul obviously cared about each other's well being, but they just couldn't stand working together.

Today's job was cleaning out one of the outside buildings in the back field. In jeans and work shirts, they got up early Saturday and drove to the back barn. They walked into the big building and looked around.

"Shouldn't be too bad Paul," offered Pete. "Mostly sweeping up and putting tools away." added Pete.

"Bullshit you dipwad, we'll be here all day," complained Paul.

Pete could only grin. He knew that if he said the job would be big, Paul would snap back that it was an easy job.

The two worked in silence in different areas of the barn for a couple of hours until they found themselves together on the upper level where the hay was stored. They needed to stack the remaining bales and clean the floor.

By now, the day was hot and the barn was hotter. Both Pete and Paul had removed their shirts, their chests glistening from sweat and hard labor. But neither complained, except for having to work with each other.

Busy sweeping the floors, Paul and Pete accidentally bumped into each other.

"Watch out jackass," snapped Paul.

"Cool it wiseguy," responded Pete.

"Just fuck off, okay! Shit face!" added Paul.

"What the fucks your problem you douchebag?" countered Pete.

Paul noisily dropped his rake turning to face Pete with an angry glare.

"What?" yelled Pete. You wanna piece of me, you little shit!"

Paul steamed, his face turning red, just glaring at his cousin.

"What the hell is your problem? Do you really hate me that much?" asked Pete.

For whatever reason, Paul just charged, lowering his head and bulldozed into Pete, knocking him down and onto a pile of hay they had just swept together.

Wrestling on the floor, hay sprayed everywhere.

"If you want me to move, I'll get out of here real soon," Pete grunted to Paul.

"Fuck yeah I want you out of here. I hate you. I hate you," screamed Paul.

Paul sat up, as if punched in the gut, looking at Paul incredulously.

With Paul still punching his shoulder, Pete stopped hitting Paul back.

"Why do you hate me so much," Pete asked, as a single tear appeared on his lower eyelid.

"I love you, I love your folks. You guys took me in when I had no one," said Pete.

Paul suddenly stopped hitting Pete. "I just do, that's all," added Paul.

Both Pete and Paul sat quietly for a moment.

"You really gonna move away Pete?" Paul asked.

"If I'm in the way and you hate me, then yeah, I have to. Last thing I want is for you to be upset and shit," Pete said.

"Good good good!" Paul yelled, as he pounced on Pete, pinning him to the ground and started punching again.

Pete, a bit taller with a further reach, was able to contain Paul's hands, getting him into a hold, and flipped him over, resulting in Pete holding Paul down and containing his flailing arms.

Pete looked down to see Paul crying hysterically, which broke Paul's heart.

"Shhh, stop it. Stop crying Paul, come on. Tell me whats wrong. What's gotten into you hating me so much?"

Pete stared into Paul's wet red eyes, trying to figure it all out.

"You want me to stay or go? I'll do whatever you say!" Pete said, his hand gently wiping the tears off Paul's cheeks.

"You don't get it, do you Pete?" began Paul.

Pete was still on the ground over Paul's body, trying to hold his cousin from shaking any more.

"Tell me Paul, what did I do wrong?" Pete asked.

"Nothing," offered Paul, leaving Paul with a confused look.

Paul looked off to the side, away from Pete. "I love you man, that's all." Paul said quietly.

"I love you too cuz! Honest! So?" Pete added.

"No, I really love you, like love, physically! And I know you'll move away one day." Paul explained.

Pete remained silent, as he sat up sitting right next to Paul who remained on his back. Paul watched Pete for a reaction to his confession, afraid Paul would get up and run away forever.

Pete looked at Paul carefully, as a slight smile began to form on his mouth. He put his hand, an open palm, on Paul's smooth flat abs. "So you'd like me doing this then? Touching you like this?"

Paul was confused. What was happening, he thought, but he managed to nod up and down silently.

"or if I did this," offered Pete, as his hand moved slowly up Paul's body, resting on one of Paul's firm muscular pecs, moving it around slightly.

Again, Paul nodded his head up and down, starting to accept the fact that his cousin had no intention of leaving.

Pete straightened his body out, lying next to Paul on his side, facing his cousin.

"You're a fool Paul," began Pete with a grimace on his face, forcing Paul's smile to fade quickly.

"You yell and fight cause you want me? You are one moron man - cause I've been hot for you too!" Pete said as he broke into a wide smile. He quickly leaned over planting a big fat kiss on his cousin's bewildered face.

The kissing broke into giggling as Pete and Paul began rolling around the floor, grasping, tickling, and hugging as they went. Soon, Pete allowed Paul to push him down onto his back, this time finding Paul lying on top of him, facing each other.

"I was so afraid to scare you off," Paul said.

"And you don't think treating me like shit wouldn't scare me off!" Pete countered.

Paul tucked his head under Pete's chin as he began kissing and licking Pete's sweaty collar bone and shoulder. Pushing himself onto all fours, Paul worked his way down, finding Pete's pecs and kissing and nibbling his nipple, making it firm and erect. Once done, Paul moved over to the other pec and nipple, savoring the saltiness of his cousin's skin.

In no time, Paul moved lower, working his way across Pete's flat, firm and smooth stomach. Getting to the belt of Pete's jeans, Paul suddenly stopped, looking back up at Pete's face, perhaps waiting for a sign or a signal.

Pete lifted his head, sensing that Paul had stopped.

"Well dammit cuz, either you strip me or I'll have to do it myself!" Paul complained.

That was all Paul had to hear. Whipping off the belt, he had the jeans unzipped and pulled down and off Pete's firm muscular legs. Finding Pete now wearing only a pair of tighty whitey underpants, he caressed the front, feeling Pete's cock swell and grow.

With the grin of a treasure hunter finding his long awaited treasure, he slipped his fingers inside the waist band and pulled those underpants down and off, tossing them onto Pete's crumpled jeans lying nearby. Paul's face glowed with excitement seeing the treasure he craved for so long - Pete's massive 8 inch cut cock. It was a delight to stare at, and he couldn't wait to go at it. But he had one more thing to do. Paul stood up slowly, his eyes now locked with Pete's, as he kicked off his own shoes and undid his pants, revealing his pair of white briefs.

"Here we go!," Paul said with excitement as he pulled down and off his underwear, revealing his already hard eight inch uncut cock.

"Hey, we're a bit different," Pete announced, his gaze moving between his cut cock and his cousin's uncut one.

As Paul got down on his knees, about to lower his mouth on Pete's waiting cock, now throbbing to the rhythm of Pete's pulse, Pete suddenly sat up.

"Let's 69 instead. I want some fun for my fantasy too!" Pete explained.

They maneuvered into position, with Pete lying on his back, Paul's cock hanging above, and with Paul hovering in the other direction, face and mouth above Pete's twitching cock. In moments, their mouths attacked their eager targets. Paul took as much of Pete's cock as he could, feeling it go deeper as his lips tightened around it. Pete was doing just as good a job, enjoying sucking on Paul's impressive cock. He loved moving his tongue around and under the extra skin that Paul's cock head possessed. They both began to squirm and soon found themselves still locked together but now on their sides. This opened up a free hand for both Paul and Pete, and somehow, they both knew to do the same thing.

Paul took his free hand to run it along Pete's side and then found a firm butt cheek. Caressing and squeezing, Paul played with Pete's ass crack, which Paul immediately explored.

Pete, on the other hand, brought his free hand up to his mouth, where he momentarily shoved it inside along with Paul's throbbing cock, to get his fingers dripping wet. Pete took his now wet free hand down to Paul's waiting ass hole and found its mark on practically its first attack, as two fingers slipped lovingly into Paul's waiting hole. Paul moaned, even with his mouth full with Pete's cock, as Pete pushed two fingers in. The tight warmth encouraged Pete to move his fingers a bit further in and then move them in and out ever so slowly. As Paul didn't object, Pete took it as a signal to add a third finger and begin a third finger fuck of his cousin lover Paul.

Pete knew he was doing well as Paul was becoming more and more uncoordinated as his head filled with this intense pleasure. But it was enough to get him off. Between the pressure up his butt, and Pete's amazing blow job, Paul's body twitched and thrust itself forward as his cock exploded. Wave after wave of his cream spurted forth, feeding Pete's mouth. In response, Pete removed his fingers from Paul's warm beautiful bubble butt ass and simply held on to Paul's ass cheeks. As Paul recovered from his orgasm, he was able to focus his attention on the cock he so lovingly had in his mouth. Paul tightened his lips even more and was soon able to take all of Pete's cock, pushing his nose into Pete's pubes.

The extra effort worked. In no time, Paul sensed Pete approaching climax as Pete's body began to buck and quake. With one last thrust of his hips forward, his back arching, Pete froze in place and time as a low bellow escaped his mouth and streams of cum escaped his cock. But Paul held on, lovingly licking Pete's cock back to normalcy, even catching the remaining drops of cream that fell out of Paul's mouth.

The two guys breathing calmed and returned to normal as both Pete and Paul sat up, both offering satisfied looks on their faces.

"So we cool now cuz?" asked Pete.

"Hell yeah! Yee hah!" added Paul, with a twinkle in his eye.

They helped each other to their feet, finding their clothes and getting dressed, pulling stray bits of straw off their sweaty skin.

"Lets finish cleaning up right quick," suggested Paul, as they both descended down from the hay loft.

"Cause there's always chores tomorrow," added Pete, as he slapped Paul's ass which he had gotten to know so very, very well!

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