I had been working in this local coffe shop for about eight months now and have officaly decided that this will be just another dead end job. Untill I was closing up one night. It was raining and I wanted nothing more to get home and settle down for the night. I was doing inventory when someone tapped on the window and scared the crap out of me. There stood this man he was every bit of 6'2'' and seemed to be very attractive. He was soaked and from the looks of it his car was dead in the parking lot. He tapped again... I walked over and opened the door.

"I'm sorry where closed", I said to him in a hurry to close up and get home for the night.

"I unerstand that sir, but my car died and I was worndering if there was someone here that could give me a jump or if you had a phone I could use" He said in quickness. He must have been freezing, he was soaked. So I invited him in..

"Hi I'm landon, sorry but I have been having trouble out of that piece of shit car for months now its about time I traded it in for a new one. Ha, but do you have a phone that I could use sir so that I can find a ride home? "

He was friendly and nice and had a body to match I thought I was going to faint. His wet brown hair driped onto the floor and he had big brown eyes to make anyone melt at one glimpse. He was about 6'2'' and had a nice solid body. Very nice arms. He was sexy indeed!

"Enough with the sir, I'm Kyle. Nice to meet you, well not in this sort of events hahaha but nice to meet you. You can use my phone if you would like I was just closing up. I hope you wernt out there long I was in the back"

"No not to long, and nice to meet you to. Thanks for letting me use your phone."

"Anytime. Just let me know when you are done I need to finsh stocking these cups"

Right as I had got back to work it hit me... Wilfried Knight one of the sexiest male gay porn stars was the backround on my phone and I heard him say.

"Wilfried Knight! Nice choice I think he would have to be top five of my faviorte gay porn stars of all time!!"

I almost pissed my pants from excitement. I then knew he was gay! I hope that he didnt see me checking him out. I was 5'8'' fairly nice in shape. I worked out. I had a 32" waist and was as hair as a grizly bear. I was kind of nerdy with my glasses and beard. I had brown hair and blue eyes. I must say I was easy on the eyes but could tell that I wasnt his type at all.

"Yeah I uhmm for got that was there" I said nerviously

"Its okay, Wilfried is verry nice looking did you see him at the 2010 Gayvns?"

Gayvns? He knew his porn. I was marveled by this man. He is cute, gay, and likes porn what am I waiting for I need to offer him a ride home.

"Yeah his outfit did him justice, It was sexy" I knew this was going to be a great conversation.

"Sexy as hell indeed. Damn my sister isn't answering"

"Well I could give you a ride. I mean if you like, its raing and I am sure nither one of us want to get shocked trying to jump a car."

"If its not out of your way I live in Crestwood."

"Really? Me too. I just moved there about two weeks ago I live in the town houses. At the far end of the neighborhood. I love it there" I tried to seem like I wasent pumped up but my pants said otherwise

"I live in the upper part, been there for about two years now me and my sister have a house. She has a bad habbit of not supporting my sexuality. She dont like me having males over not even friends so maybe we could go to your place. When the rain stops I could walk home and pick up my car tomorrow?"

Well this was certinly turning out to be a night that I would never forget.

"That would be fine let. Let me turn out the lights and grab my keys and we will be on our way."

We chatted mostly about life and how he was from California and moved to new york to go to school be a Pyscologist. I told him how I am in Culinary school and love to cook. He freaked out and told me that I must cook him something somethimes so I offered to cook him something that night. As we arrived at my house I got nervious, I tend to get attached to people and for some reason I didn't just want to be his friend. After I cooked it didn't look like the rain was slacking up.

"Sorry that the rain hasnt stoped, I can take you home just tell her I'm a friend."

"Nah I'm sure she wont miss me tonight, Its good to get out of the house. All I do is work, study, go home and hear her bing home guys every night."

"You can stay here tonignt I have a guest room its nice."

"That would be nice."

I was super exsusted from work, and after cooking I wanted nothing more than to go to bed. Just as I had got into my room slipped off my clothes and laid down, I saw my door open.


"Yeah?..." I asked

When I rolled over and looked there he was standing in my door way with his shirt off. I could feel my cock getting harder and harder I tried to hide it.

"I just wanted to say thank you for the ride and stuff, good night"

"Oh good night see'ya in the morning landon"

He looked over and saw my 8'' cock throbbing under the blanket, it was hard to hide at that point. I was so embarrased.

"You want me to help you take care of that?"

"Huh??" I was shocked

"You helped me out so let me return the favor.."

He pulled town his pants and made his way over to my bed. I felt the warmth of his body aginst mine as he kissed me from head to toe. Then he put his mouth around the head of my cock and started to lick out of excitement I let out a moan.

"Does that feel good?"

I was speachless in my wildedst dreams this would have never happend.. His warm lips felt so good.

"Mmmhmm" Was all I could manage to get out

I worked my hands around every inch of his body. His ass was hairy, nice and round. He started to go furnter and furnther down I could feel the cum boiling up in my cock. I felt everything just letting go. This was it I was going to cum. In a instant I came. Burst after burst I came in his mouth. He swalloed.

"How was that?" He asked

"It was amazing, I wish you didn't have to leave tomorrow... I feel like there is more for us not just a one night stand." I felt so lame saying that to him...

"I know that there is more to us" He smiled

He cuddled up and put his arm around me and kissed me.

"Good night Kyle"

"Good night Landon"

The from a rainy day to a perfect night. I had found my true love.



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