This story is inspired by [email protected] and some of his story that he has shared with me. While I have taken some literary liberties, much is based on actual events and/or fantasies.

Please note, that even though some of the sexual acts that take place aren't safe, they are only included for the enjoyment of the reader. I encourage everyone to always use a condom if engaged in anal sex.


Ryan was a stud and he knew it. Whenever he was walking down the halls of his high school you couldn't help but notice all the eyes that were checking out his hard, 6'2" body. Ryan played defensive end on the football team and also played on the baseball team. If Ryan wasn't with some of his jock friends, he was always surrounded by some of the popular girls in the school. Ryan had just turned 18 and was planning to go to college in the Fall.

Every girl that put the moves on Ryan always ended up at least giving him a blow job if not a fuck. They were always disappointed, however, because after that had happened he would move on to the next girl.

It was during his senior year that he started to notice that guys were also coming on to him. He had never noticed it before because it hadn't been happening or he was oblivious to the looks, the way they stood closer to him than was usual or some of the comments they made. He had also started noticing that some of his jock friends were checking him out in the shower. This excited Ryan, thinking that a guy would want to blow him or get fucked by him always ended up with him getting a hard on. He started wearing tighter boxer briefs to better hide his cock but all it did was cause him to have a more impressive bulge in his jeans.

Ryan wasn't about to respond to the come-ons by his jock friends but he started thinking more about some of the theater and band geeks. Some of them were pretty hot looking and could have been athletes if they wanted to be. A couple of them were even in some of his classes so he decided to talk to them more than normal but only if his jock friends weren't around.

Ryan had been offered a partial football scholarship to a nearby university but he had to keep his grades up in the last semester or they might pull the scholarship. Ryan was having some difficulty with history, one of the classes that some of the geeks were in. One guy who sat near him in class saw that he was getting pretty low scores on some of the quizzes and papers and offered to tutor Ryan. Since Ryan needed the help but was also interested to see what the guy might do, he invited him over to his house one day after school.

The day arrived when the tutor, Ricky, was coming over to Ryan's house. Both of Ryan's parents were going to be out late that night and his older brother and sister were both away at college so he had the house to himself. Since it was Spring and the weather had gotten warmer, Ryan put on a pair of gym shorts, with nothing underneath, and a tight t-shirt. He thought that the outfit might encourage Ricky to try something.

The doorbell rang and Ryan went to open the door for Ricky. Ricky was wearing a pair of skinny jeans and a tank top. Ricky wasn't very muscled but it was obvious that he cared about his body, he was trim and lean. He was a couple inches shorter than Ryan and probably 20 to 30 pounds lighter. Ryan asked Ricky in.

"Before we start working on history, do you want a beer or something? My folks are gone so they won't know."

"Ugh, sure." Ricky seemed very nervous around Ryan, which oddly make Ryan feel good.

Ryan grabbed a six pack from the fridge and told Ricky to follow him. They went up to Ryan's room and he plopped down on a bean bag chair in the corner of his room. He spread his legs making sure that Ricky had a good view. Ricky looked around the room for a place to sit, which there wasn't. Ryan told Ricky he could sit on the bed. Ricky sat down on the bed, opposite of Ryan, and tried to look anywhere but Ryan's crotch. Ryan popped open a beer and handed it to Ricky and then opened one himself. Ricky took a drink. From the expression on Ricky's face it looked like he had never had a beer before.

"We should probably get to know each other a little if we are going to work together," said Ryan. He started telling Ricky about being a football and baseball player and Ricky stopped him.

"I know all about you. My friends and I come to every game just to see you. We also know all the classes you are in and all the girls that you've dated."

"Why didn't you ever talk to me?"

"You wouldn't even see me if I was right next to you. The only reason I'm here now is because you need some help."

"Yeah, you're right, I do need some help." Ryan reached down and rearranged his growing cock. Ricky starred and the lengthening cock coming out of leg of Ryan's gym shorts. "Is there something I can help you with?"

Ricky licked his lips, "yeah".

"And what would that be?"

Ricky's response was to get off the bed and kneel between Ryan's legs. "Can I touch it?"


Ricky ran a finger along Ryan's cock, then he wrapped his fingers around it. He moved his fingers gently as if he was touching something delicate and valuable.

"Go ahead, take it in your mouth." Ricky didn't need to be told twice. He bent forward and drew Ryan's dick into his mouth. Ricky murmured as he wrapped his lips around the big head of Ryan's cock. "Man that feels much better than any girl who's sucked my cock." Ryan leaned back in the chair and just floated as Ricky serviced his cock. Ricky started to bob his head on Ryan's cock. Ricky was making magic with his lips and tongue. Ryan couldn't believe it when Ricky had his whole cock in his mouth and throat, no girl had ever done that.

When Ryan knew he was getting close he tried to pull out but Ricky kept Ryan in his mouth. With a grunt Ryan filled Ricky's mouth with string after string of his spunk. Ricky swallowed it all and kept sucking to get the last few drops out of Ryan's cock. When he thought he had it all he pulled off of Ryan's cock and wiped his lips with the back of his hand and then licked off the few drops of cum that had seeped out of his mouth.

"Jesus Christ, that was unreal. You really know how to suck cock."

With his eyes down and with a nervous voice Ricky replied "thanks."

"We should probably do some history work now."

"Can I ask you a favor?"


"When we're done studying, will you fuck me?"


"Yes, I want to tell my friends that you fucked me. They'll be so fucking jealous."


Ryan and Ricky spent the next hour studying the chapters from the history book that would be on the next test. Ricky did a great job helping Ryan understand the information. When the finished, Ricky stood up and took his clothes off. Ryan could see that Ricky did have a pretty nice body under his clothes. Not a jock body but a nice body and a great ass.

Ricky lay back on Ryan's bed, lifted his legs, and spread his ass with his hands. "Come on, it's time for you to fuck me."

Ryan pulled off his gym shorts and get between Ricky's legs. Ryan spit on his hand and slicked up Ricky's ass with his fingers. Ricky moaned as Ryan moved his fingers around Ricky's hole. Ryan then slicked up his cock and pushed it against Ricky's hole until the head popped in. Ryan couldn't believe how tight Ricky's hole was, tighter than any girl's pussy. It was also very hot.

"Push your cock in. Harder. I want you to fuck my ass."

Ryan slid more of his cock into Ricky's ass. He could feel the walls of Ricky's ass squeeze his cock with each stroke. Ricky yelled, "Harder...make me your bitch."

With each stroke Ryan pushed harder and Ricky just kept asking for more. No girl had let Ryan fuck them like this. He felt totally in charge. He loved the feeling of it. Not just the feeling of Ricky's ass but the feeling of being totally in control. Pretty soon he was slamming his cock into Ricky who just kept asking for more. Pretty soon Ryan's cock was all the way in. He started to alternate between teasing Ricky and pounding him. After a few more thrusts, Ricky shot his load all over both of their chests, when that happened Ricky's ass clamped down on Ryan's cock causing Ryan to shoot his load deep into Ricky.

Ryan was covered in sweat and collapsed onto Ricky's chest. "Fuck man that was unbelievable."

"Wait until I tell my friends not only that you fucked me but that you are the best fuck I've ever had or dreamt of."

After a moment they both got up and got dressed. Ricky said he had to go, so Ryan walked him to the door. "Will you come back to do some more tutoring?"

"Count on it, stud."

That night when Ryan went to bed, he thought about how great it felt to fuck Ricky. He decided he liked it a hell of a lot better than fucking girls.

The next couple of days at school, Ryan noticed that a lot of guys were more brazenly checking him out than before, even some of the jocks. It made him walk taller. He started to ignore the girls that were hitting on him and was waiting until the next time Ricky came to tutor him.

At the end of the week Ricky asked Ryan if he want to do some tutoring over the weekend. Ryan agreed but said that his parents were going to be around all weekend. Ricky invited him over to his house since his parents were going to be gone. Ricky even asked Ryan if he wanted to spend the night on Saturday. Ryan agreed.

Ryan showed up at Ricky's at the agreed upon time on Saturday. Ricky opened the front door and Ryan stepped through. Before Ricky could close the door, Ryan told him to get on his knees. He told Ricky to open his jeans and pull his cock out. Ricky did what he was told and soon had Ryan's cock deep into his mouth and throat. As Ryan enjoyed the feeling of his dick inside Ricky's warm mouth he heard a noise to his right. Sitting on the couch was one of the guys that Ricky hung out with at school. His dick was out of his pants and he was beating it. Ryan decided to push his advantage.

"Get over here and help Ricky with my cock."

The kid moved quickly to get on his knees next to his friend and they alternated sucking Ryan's cock. Before the afternoon was done he fucked both Ricky and his friend. After some beers and a few hours of sleep they did it all again. Ryan pushed them to their limits but they loved every inch of his cock wherever he wanted to put them.

Over the next couple of weeks Ricky and several of his friends let him use their mouths and asses. Each time it made Ryan feel like he could have any guy he wanted and in any way he wanted. They were just asking for it and he obliged.

About a month after his first fuck with Ricky, Ryan had to visit the university that had offered him a scholarship. He was supposed to meet with an academic advisor and the football coach. He had good conversations with both and felt that everything was falling into place, as it should. At the end of the day the coach introduced him to three members of the team, the coach told him they would show him around. They were defensive lineman like him so they were pretty big guys. It was obvious that the coach had them spend a lot of time in the weight room bulking up. After they took him to dinner, they told him they were going back to their off-campus apartment where he could spend the night.

When they reached the apartment the guys offered Ryan a drink and some weed, both of which Ryan agreed to. He was surprised that they didn't get in trouble with coach for doing both but who was he to say anything.

As they sat around, drinking beers and passing a joint, one of them said "Hey, we hear you're pretty much the stud of your school. We hear that you not only are banging the girls but that you also are banging some of the fags. Is that true?" Ryan didn't know what to say. Would they think he was cool if he was banging some guys?

"Well, you're not going to be the stud when you get here. We, and all the rest of the team, will be more of a stud than you'll ever be punk. In fact, for at least your freshman year, you're going to be our bitch. Do you understand what that means?" Ryan didn't respond. "It means you're going to suck our cocks or take our cocks up your ass whenever we tell you to."

Ryan finally spoke up, "you guys are joking, right?"

"No man, we're not." The biggest guy stood up. "In fact, why don't you get on your knees right over here." Ryan wasn't sure what to do. Were they punking him or were they serious?

The big guy grabbed Ryan by the collar of his shirt and pulled him off the couch and forced him to his knees. While holding Ryan in place with one hand he used his other hand to free his cock from his jeans. "Suck it bitch!"

Ryan didn't know what to do, however, the big guy knew what he was going to do. He started slapping Ryan's face with his cock. "Suck it faggot." Ryan just kept moving his head from side to side. One of the other guys got up from his chair and held Ryan's head in place. The big guy put the head of his cock against Ryan's lips. "Open up sweet pea, time for your dessert." Ryan realized he had no choice so he parted his lips just like the guys who had been sucking his dick had done. The big guy pushed the head of his cock through Ryan's lips. "That's a good boy, now suck it."

Ryan used some of the techniques that the theater geeks had used on him. Moving his tongue on the underside of the guy's head, sucking gently with his lips."

"Hey, this newbie seems to know how to suck cock. Come on, take some more." The big guy pushed more cock into Ryan's mouth. "That's it, faggot, eat my meat." Before Ryan knew what was happening the big guy shot a load into Ryan's hot, moist mouth. Ryan tried to pull back but the guy holding his head wouldn't let him move. Cum started dripping out of the corners of Ryan's mouth. "Swallow it newbie." Even though Ryan was gagging, he swallowed the warm, salty liquid that filled his mouth. Finally Ryan was able to pull his mouth off the big guy's cock which still was dripping some cum.

The third guy, who hadn't said a word yet, took a drag on the joint and then pulled out the biggest cock that Ryan had ever seen. Ryan thought he was big but this guy had a couple of inches on Ryan. The big guy said to the third guy "I tried to get him ready for you."

The third guy stepped up to Ryan, who was still on his knees, and stood in front of him stroking his cock. Unbelievably the cock seemed to be getting bigger. The third guy rubbed his cock against Ryan's lips. "Open up bitch, your mouth is mine."

Ryan didn't know what to do so he surrendered and opened him mouth. The third guy didn't try to be slow, he just rammed his cock into Ryan's mouth. Ryan felt it hit the back of his throat as he gagged but only about half of the cock was in. The guy who had been holding his head now put just one hand on the back of his head and started to push Ryan's head forward. Ryan struggled but all he could do was take more and more of the cock into his mouth and throat. He felt the head of the third guy's cock push past his tonsils and keep on going. Saliva was dripping out of his mouth and he couldn't breathe. Again he struggled against the hand pushing him forward. The third guy said, "Let him catch his breath." The pressure from the hand stopped and Ryan backed off of the cock. Ryan gasped for air, but no sooner than he had gulped some in, the hand pushed him back on the gigantic cock. Soon his nose was against the third guy's pubes and it felt like the cock was now pressing against his lungs.

All of a sudden the third guy pulled his cock from Ryan's gullet. He waved his dick in front of Ryan's face. "Let's see how this faggot's pussy does with this."


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