Evan and Dan were all set to open The Demon's Lair for its grand opening flyers had been sent out.   Tonight this place will be packed with   rubber humans looking for a great time with no limits they will be able to do whatever they desire.

Dan and Evan went into the large playroom all of the play items and furniture were in place ready to be used.

  Hanging above was a large crystal like ball which as the humans engage in their sexual play and orgy would be on as hidden in another room and alien entity  a living rubber being waits to feed. 

 Yes  once all of the humans are encased in alien rubber they will engage in sexual fanasty and the alien entity  will feed from their minds harvesting them.

As the rubberized humans engaged in hot sex play they will be stimulated into a non stop sexually orgy.   Then Evan and Dan went to where to the alien entity  was held at.

Evan and Dan entered" tonight master you will have endless humans to feed from a non stop sexually orgy will occur allowing you to feed at max potential  the glowing orb will be activated allowing you full access  to the humans minds. "  Good and are the special alien rubber outfits ready for these humans to wear? Yes master they were  told they must always be in full rubber when in the club. it is mandatory.    

Each human will be given a very special drink which will react to their rubber encased bodies I will propose a toast to the opening of the Demons Lair and all of the humans will drink their drinks and the drug will make them extra horny.

  Then the special alien sex orb will be activated sending them into a sex crave frenzy . They will start by caressing, cuddling, fondling, kissing each other in sexual passion followed by more aggressive  actions as they are exposed to the orb longer then sucking and finally fucking with full penetration breeding each other with our alien seed.

 Then master you will be inside their minds and giving them further instructions to begin our invasion phase 2.   You will instruct them to fuck as many humans they can find seed them spread our seed to other humans and their minds will be taken over as well as phase spreads to every part of earth.

Yes you have done well my fellow trilurians tonight phase 2 will begin.

That night the humans arrived and were given their special alien rubber outfits to wear

evan went into the kitchen to check on Dan as he was preparing the special drinks for their guest.  How is it going Dan?  Everything is ready all of the drinks are prepared for the humans. Lets us assume our true alien forms now there was an intense glowing as both Evan and Dan converted into their trilurian alien forms. These earthlings will think we are in the same type of rubber gear they are wearing.  They will have no idea that we are not human like them but an alien life form invaders.  Come lets us join our human guest in the main playroom.  Evan turned to one of their servers hand out the drinks to our guest now.

As Evan and Dan joined their guest welcome my friends to the Demons Lair grand opening event.  You are now being handed a glass of red wine I selected for this event.

Let me propose a toast to this great event here is to the Demons Lair best fetish club around.  Cheers and the humans all responded cheers as well.  Then they all drank the special drink as it took effect on them right away.  Evan signaled to turn on the alien orb now to get this party started as the orb glowed each human started to get into a very horny mode as they were fondling caressing kissing each other Evan smiled as it increased into more intense actions.   Now they were in hot fucking mode as each made full penetration shooting their seed into open mouths and assess.


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