I was now traded back to the New Jersey team as I sign a new 3 year no trade contract with the team owner. It was great living with Paul Roberts again in his house. The time was around 8 am as I got up to shower and eat before I head over to the arena with Paul for a skate  and a team meeting. The morning skate went very well as Paul told us we are getting a new Assistance  Captain on a trade from the New York Chiefs team. The new player is my one of my fav.players of all time Phil Groll. Then came the other great news as our team equipment guy roll out 5 trunks with  our new team uniform wow !  The colours were still light powder blue with a new lighting bolt logo on the front and down our legs along with new numbers. My new number is 17 which is also going to be used by the best laddies jammer in the league Francine Cancu. Paul got lucky number 13 as Phil is going to be wearing number 14. Paul then gave us the details about the 3 week road trip all around the upper USA states starting up in Bangor and then over to the Ohio states area in Games in Cleveland, Columbus and Akron. These games are going to be against the best team 2 teams in the West The San Fransisco Bay Bombers and the Midwest Pioneers.

We got back to Paul house a little bit after lunch as I help Phil move in with all his things and brought. Phil is going to take the bedroom right beside my room as we both got to share the same washroom and showers now. Paul had a huge master size bedroom set up down the hall from us. That night supper Phil BQ some great T-bone steaks along with these huge prawns that he just brought from the fish market down the street. Paul and myself clean up as Phil was unpacking all his things he brought. The time was shortly after 9 now as myself and Paul headed down to the Hot Tub along with some beers. Phil came down about 20 mins later wearing dark green 70's style speedo swim suit that show off his package very well. Paul told me that Phil like to fool around with guys also and does have a X wife and a couple of kids who lives with her over in the Los Angles area. The hot tub felt great on this cool October night as were trying to get rid of our aches and pain  from the morning skate. I was well into  my 3 rd beer now as I felt Phil hairy legs rubbing against my legs as he gave me a nice sexy smile, Paul look over and knew what Phil was doing as he now started to do the same thing. Phil had a great body for someone who is close to 50 and skated in roller Derby close to 30 years now.He stood about 5'10 a solid muscled 170 with light blonde short balding hair, Great Irish Blue eyes with a well trim goatee and hairy all over, Another Daddy bear type just like Paul wooooooooof !  

The 3 of us are now drying ourselves off as Paul wanted to show us something as he then open up this door and turn the dimmer switch light on and show us the new SLING ROOM he just build before we got there wow ! The room was about 11 by 10 and a nice cupboard for Paul things close to the sling itself. Paul let Phil be the first one to fuck my ass in it. " Colt are you okay with it " Came from Paul voice. " Yes Sir I shouted " As the 2 of them help me get into the sling and get ready for Phil cock. Paul then threw Phil a pair of dark red spandex bikini  briefs to put on with a little hole in the front for his cock to slide through. 

I then watch Paul pass the tube of KY Jelly to Phil along with a new bottle of Rush Poppers that Paul like to do at times. I can see him take a huge snort before he pass the poppers to me and Paul. Paul stood right behind Phil watching him get ready for Phil to fuck my tight hole. I can now feel Phil nice 7 plus uncut dick going slowly up my hole with me gasping of pain and pleasure. It took a good minute or more until he was all the way inside me now. His whole body begin to thrust with full throttle as I felt as hard cock sliding in and out of my tight whole. Paul was now pinching and playing with Phil tits as he was deeply enjoying every stroke that he was given me. " Fuck Colt you good, Fuck Colt your good " Phil shout out as he was banging me so much harder as my hands were holding on so tightly to Phil Sweaty underwear now. I have never seen a man sweat so much when fucking someone like Phil. It took a good 15 minutes plus as I felt him pulling out of me very fast and exploding his load all over my hairy chest as it flew over my head as it hit the wall ! Fuck Paul was so turn on from it all he came right over and started to fuck me now as Phil left to go and shower off. Paul cock was a little smaller then Phil put he new how to fuck much better in some ways. He then took one more shot of Poppers before I felt his cock pouring his hot semen spray into my hole.  

We are now into the 2 week of the East coast tour as we won 7 out of 9 games over the Bombers team. Paul and Phil are now getting Jealous a bit over me wow ! I had to calm them both down and explain to them both how I felt about the situation. Phil got a word that the Philly Warrior team captain had just broken his leg in the game and is going to be out on loan with them for over the next 6 to 8 weeks. Phil was not to happy about it all ! Put the team is going to pay him huge bucks for doing that for them. We will be playing against the Warrior team shortly after Christmas

I then drove Phil to the Newark airport and drop him off as he gave me a very huge hug. I then took my hand and felt his bugle once more before he slowly walk away given me on of his sexy smile.





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