Roger had a somewhat tarnished reputation. Rumor had it he could be had,for a price. True or not, that type of reputation was probably painful. He seemed to try to offset the rumor by pulling out pictures of his wife and new baby daughter at every opportunity,but,to me, it only served somehow to reinforce what I'd heard about him and perversely make we wonder all the more what he'd be like in bed. He sure was something to look at. Heads turned when he walked by.

Roger had been an instructor at the health club for the past two years. Before that he'd been a club member and had asked me to show him my routine for squats. That's how we became friends. His upper body had already been well developed. He had, for example, wonderfully square, muscular shoulders, a broad, thickly muscled chest, and impressive biceps and forearms. But he recognized the need to work to improve his lower body and was grateful for my instruction. Within months, his legs, buttocks, lower back and abdomen showed phenomenal improvement, making the sum total of his physical appearance genuinely breath taking. The club managers recruited him as an instructor as a result of his continuing progress as a body-builder, which was exactly what he had been hoping for, and he credited me with helping him achieve his goal. It made for a solid friendship.

Now, at 23, Roger was in perfect physical condition. He was muscular without having the ballooning bulk weight-lifters often get in their 30's or 40's. He was an inch or two taller than I, and carried himself with real grace and ease. And he had boyish good looks, which would have made him look like a teenager, if he hadn't had so mature a body. Although I had never seen him naked, because the club had small, private showers, I liked to imagine that he'd outdo the stereotype of big muscles, small dick.

Late one cold, mid-winter, Saturday afternoon, I was finishing up my routine and Roger was spotting for me. We were alone in the large, mirrored weight room, which was unusual. Roger commented about it. Then he did something I had never seen him do before. He took off his white, short-sleeved shirt, which left him standing there in only a pair of tight-fitting black slacks and his shoes. The white shirt and black pants were the instructors' uniform.

He stretched and preened in front of the mirrors and I saw both of us watching him. He had exceptionally narrow hips and absolutely no fat on his waist. His chest was almost hairless, except for wisps of fine dark hair on his pecs near the small, firm nipples. His movements gave off an aura of sexuality. His eyes caught mine and he smiled at me. I didn't know if it was just an unguarded moment, but the look he gave me made my breath stop and my heart beat faster. Desire burned through my veins.

'Ummm... When do you get off work, Roger?' I asked, hesitantly.

'I'm off work now, Jack,' he replied immediately.

'You are?' I was surprised.

'Yeah, I'm just hanging around. Thought I'd help you finish your routine.'

'Why don't you go home?'

'My wife took the kid to see my mother-in-law for the week-end. I'm bachin' it.' He smiled at me. I'm certain I caught that look in his eye, again.

His wife's out of town and he's horny, I thought to myself, though fearful I was misreading him. It was too good to be true. Aloud, I said, 'Great! I've got an idea. Why don't we go have a beer when I'm finished here, and then maybe something to eat,' I suggested.

His bright expression changed. 'Well...' he said, quietly, 'I'd like to, Jack, but I don't have any money.'

Money! I thought. Here it is. Just like the rumor. How should I handle this? Do I let my pride get in the way of my pleasure? I've never had to pay for sex in my life. Should I start now? All the cliches about paying for sex I'd heard seemed to whirl through my mind, but then I realized I was putting the cart way out in front of the horse.

'Shit, don't worry about money, Roger,' I said with a laugh, not missing a beat, 'I've got plenty. We can go over to 'The Wagon' and shoot some pool.'

'But, Jack, that's a gay bar,' he said with a grimace.

'Really?' I asked, innocently. 'I've been in there on Saturday afternoons and it's usually empty. They've got a good pool table and great music on the jukebox. I don't think we'll be attacked.' I smiled at him. 'Do you?'

He grinned. 'Naw, I guess not. Sure, that'd be great. I'd love to shoot some pool with you.'

I was finished, showered, dressed and out of there in record speed.

* * * * *

Roger and I were the only customers in the bar. The bartender was so intent on setting up the bar for what he figured would be a busy night, that we were really alone. We hadn't even finished our first beer when I had to take a shot from a position right next to where Roger was standing. Strangely, he didn't move to give me any extra room, so I found my hip brushing up against his as I leaned way over the pool table to set up my shot. Suddenly, his hand slid onto my ass! Then it grabbed a firm hold of one cheek and massaged it sensuously, strong fingers roughly kneading the flesh. This was no accidental brush up against me. A wave of lust surged through me.

'You've got a great ass, man,' he sighed, huskily. 'It has always turned me on whenever I've looked at it.' His voice was strained with emotion.

My head dropped onto my outstretched arm and I said nothing. But my body spoke for me. My ass rolled under his touch and my hip pushed up against him more tightly. It was clear communication. He shifted his body and rubbed his crotch against my hip. I could feel the spongy firmness of a long rod under his clothing.

His middle finger moved to the cleft of my ass and followed the stitching of the seam down till he could feel the pucker of my asshole beneath the lightweight material. He pressed around it, knowingly, feeling my muscles respond to his brazen touch. He set his cue-stick on the table, grabbed my hips with both hands and slid his crotch from my hip to my asshole and gave a playful jab. The pressure from his elongating cock was sensational. I pushed myself upright and he slid his arms around my waist and pulled me into him. His mouth was at my ear. He was breathing heavily.

'Let me do it, man,' he pleaded.

My head was spinning. This was all happening so fast. I wanted it to happen, but I was surprised at the same time. 'Yes,' I answered, simply. We were clenched in an erotic dance, my ass rotating against the growing pressures of his expanding crotch.

'You know it'll cost you money, right?' he asked, whispering in my ear, then nipping at it. Waves of pleasure tickled from my ear to my toes.

Money, I thought. Well, it's not unexpected. Quietly, I said, 'Whatever you want, Roger.'

'A hundred.' He said it softly, right into my ear, breathing hot breath into me.

'Fine,' I agreed. I was so turned on, feeling his large bulk pressing against me from calf to shoulder, I would have agreed to any amount.

'I just don't make enough money working at the club, man. You understand, don't you, Jack?' The explanation and his question rang with a pleading tone. He was hoping I'd say something to make it acceptable, to make everything all right. He wanted the money, but he also wanted my friendship, it seemed.

I turned, tight in his grasp, to face him. My erection slid up against his and his eyes opened with surprise as he realized that mine was very big, too. I smiled at him, looking up into his eyes and melting against his great strength. My arms went around him and I hugged him to me. He hugged me back.

'I understand, Roger,' I said sincerely, 'I'll be helping you out and you'll be giving me something I've been fantasizing about every time I jack off. That sounds like a bargain for both of us.'

'You've been fantasizing about me, Jack?' He looked pleased.

'You're the sexiest man I've ever seen. I want to eat you up.'

He blushed and laughed. 'That'll cost you extra.' But I could feel he was excited.

'We goin' to do it right here, on the pool table?' I asked.

He looked startled. 'No. No. We'll have to go some place.'

'How about your place?'

'Sorry, that's just not possible,' he responded. 'How about that small motel up the street. They rent rooms by the hour and don't ask questions. Or,' he added, looked at me questioningly, 'we could go to the baths a couple of blocks over.'

My mouth fell open. 'Roger, those baths are really gay. If you were worried about this bar, you'll really be worried in that place.' I'd been there a couple of times. They could get very wild.

'I don't think we'll be attacked,' he mimicked, 'Do you?' We both had to laugh.

'Ok, let's go there. But you better stick with me. I don't want you getting lost,' I pointed out. To myself, I said, Not at these prices.

* * * * *

The attendant had looked surprised when we asked for one room. Roger and I are both over six feet, and I guess he just couldn't imagine what the two of us would do in one small room. Or maybe he could.

We were both naturally a little nervous, so we stripped, wrapped towels around our waists and went out to the steam room to calm down. After the steam, we went to take a shower. The shower room was large and cleverly lit in a way that gave a warm glow to everything, including our bodies. A row of showerheads lined one wall, and a ceiling to floor mirror covered the entire facing wall. We flipped our towels onto hooks near the door and started showers next to one another. We were both watching our movements in the mirror.

This was the first time I had seen Roger naked. He was perfect! He had large, strong feet that anchored him securely; unusually big calves and handsome, large knees. His thighs were like large slabs of granite and seemed to push his scrotum forward, giving it more emphasis. The sac held two very large balls, which pressed outward against the flesh of the sac causing a sheen of shiny texture. His cockhair was dark and wiry and trailed lightly upward till it faded away beneath his navel. But it was his cock, itself, that took my breath away. It was a beautifully formed, long tube of rich, light flesh, flushed with color and hued with swirls of veins, capped by a very long, fleshy, well-flanged, extremely broad cockhead. It dangled vibrantly over the full scrotum only hinting of its power.

I saw Roger watching me look him over, and when he caught my eye, he smiled. It was the kind of smile that would melt the coldest heart. I smiled back.

'Here,' he demanded, suddenly, turning away from me but holding out a bar of soap towards me, 'scrub my back.'

It was an order I didn't want to refuse. I grabbed the soap and moved up close to him as he moved out of the water spray. I put a hand on the broad expanse of his back and sighed. It felt wonderful - smooth, clean, clear-skinned, healthy and warm. His back was amazingly well developed and he had a vee of muscles from his armpits to his waist that was truly enviable. I scrubbed every square inch of his back, enjoying the feel of it. Then I scrubbed his ass. It, too, was perfect! High, well rounded, full-muscled and strong. He seemed to enjoy my touch, too, and was watching my movements in the mirror.

On a sudden impulse, I knelt down and lathered his thighs, the backs of his knees, and his calves. Then he turned and lifted a foot, tendering it to me for cleaning. I looked up at him as I took it in both hands and began rubbing it. He looked ecstatic.

'You look like a handsome, naked, Roman slave, down there,' he whispered. His cock was growing uncontrollably. 'I want you to worship my body.'

'You look like a beautiful Greek God,' I replied, barely able to talk. 'I adore your body. I want to make love to you.'

'Yes,' he sighed, smiling at me. I was working my way up his leg towards his hip. My hand pressed in between his legs and slid up against his scrotum. His balls moved in response to the erotic touch. My fingers rubbed the area between his inner thigh and his balls. I watched as his cock completed its surge to full erection. It stood proudly over my head, throbbing. I looked at it and then beyond it, to his face. He was watching me intently.

I rapidly, but thoroughly lathered the other foot and leg and spend even more time on the inner thigh and scrotum, fully lathering the big sac as it responded to my fingers by getting firmer to the touch, crinkling up with pleasure.

Then I guided Roger back into the water spray, turning him with my hands on his thighs, rinsing all the soap from his glistening body. He seemed to enjoy my touch thoroughly as I directed his movements. Finally, I reached up and slid my fingers around his throbbing pole, pulling and guiding him out of the spray with my firm grip. He hissed with rapture at the contact. I pulled the solid shaft towards my face, but it was so stiff he had to shift his hips to guide the cock downwards. The glans had become huge. It was half again as big around as the thick shaft, had wonderfully flaring ridges and smooth contours, and had darkened to a crimson hue of vibrant color that set my mouth to watering. The large slit in the crown was moist with excitement. I licked at it. It was delicious. I sucked in part of the large glans and licked my tongue around the flanges. It was a magnificent organ!

I came off of the cock and looked up at Roger. His chest was stuck out with pride and he had an expression that confirmed his pleasure and his passion. 'You are fantastic,' I whispered, holding the big cock against my cheek. 'I want to stay this way forever, on my knees, at your feet. Making love to you.'

'Yes,' he sighed, again. It was enough.

I leaned back and sucked the entire cockhead into my mouth with great skill and energy. He gasped and then humped his hips at me. He wanted more. I pushed my face against the steely hard rod and forced more of the thick cock into me. I backed up and surged forward, sending even more of the cock into me. I opened my throat to it. He humped and drove more of it in. We kept this up, both working diligently, both enjoying the job.

Suddenly, I realized that I could watch the effort, and I turned, slightly, to catch sight of myself in the big mirror. And what a sight! My knees were together between his feet. His legs were wide apart and my body was between them, my cock, hard and strong, standing vibrant. My hands were roving his body, from his knees to his nipples, and my mouth encased three-quarters of his long cock. It was a lascivious sight, which intensified my arousal.

'Yes!' I heard him say again, excitedly, and I looked up to see him looking at me through the mirror. Our eyes held. I smiled, if it's possible to do so with a giant cock in one's mouth, and he grinned back. Then he humped his hips at me, driving another inch or two of cock into my throat. God, it felt so good.

Knowing that talented deep-throated cocksucking is both rare and extremely enjoyable for both partners, I began a display that brought a new expression to his face. Amazement! I bobbed on that fat cock, sucking it, tonguing it, pulling it with my mouth, and we both watched it go in deeper and deeper until, finally, it was in to the hilt, my lips hidden by cockhair, my forehead flat against his abdomen. I began bobbing, breathing carefully, swallowing from time to time, feeling the responses of the cock and of Roger's body, knowing how terrific this was feeling for him, and loving it. We both watched in the mirror, which I think was as exciting for him as it was for me.

Suddenly, he put a hand on my forehead and pushed, letting me know he wanted to withdraw. I was disappointed, but it was his cock. With a sucking pressure, I let the entire cock slide out of my mouth. It sprang up and vibrated in front of my eyes, looking twice the size it had when I first started sucking it. It gleamed with glory and throbbed with desire.

I looked up at Roger. He was very excited.

'I want to fuck your ass, man,' he said quickly. 'I'm getting too close to popping my wad. You're too good. In fact, you're so good, I'm having a hard time controlling myself. But I've really been hoping to fuck that ass, man.'

'Can't we do both?' I asked, hopefully. 'You're not in a hurry, are you?'

He looked embarrassed.

'What is it?' I questioned.

'Geez, Jack, I hate to bring it up.' He looked away.

Money! I thought. Shit, what difference could it make, now? So I said, aloud, 'Ah Ha! It's a hundred a pop. Am I right?'

'Right,' he said, still not looking at me.

'How many times can you pop?'

The question startled him. I guess he had expected me only to say 'yes' or 'no'. He looked back down at me in surprise. Then he grinned. 'How many can you handle?' he asked with raised eyebrows.

'I asked you first.' I laughed. He laughed with me, then got serious. After all, for him, this was business.

'Two, easily. Three, no sweat. Four, some sweat. Maybe more, depending.'

'Depending on what?' I was curious and impressed.

'Oh, I guess it depends on how it feels. So far, Jack, it feels like I could go all night.'

'Well, let's give it our best shot and total it up in the morning. Does it cost me anything extra if I come?'

He grinned. 'On the house, Jack. And as often as possible.'

'Which do you want first?'

He wasn't dumb and answered, immediately, 'Oh, Jack, the ass, please. I've been thinking about it and it's got me hot. I brought one of them packs of lubricant they gave us, see?' He held out a foil package. He had come prepared. He helped me to my feet, turned me around and hugged me against himself. His cock fit right in against the crack of my ass. It felt really long, but very good against my naked flesh. I shuttered with sensual anticipation.

He misunderstood my reaction. 'Don't be afraid,' he whispered right into my ear, nibbling on it and sending more waves of pleasure through me. 'I'll take it real easy. Just tell me if you want me to stop. I know I'm big. But I'll be careful.' His hands were rubbing my chest, cupping my pecs, pinching my tits. His hips were jabbing little pokes at me, sliding the slippery cock up and down between my asscheeks. It felt great!

He opened the package in front of me and did something very exciting. He took part of it into the palm of his hand and slathered it over my throbbing cockhead and down, onto the shaft. He was planning to jack me off as he fucked me. I liked that. It made me realize that he wasn't thinking only of his own pleasure. I especially liked the feel of his strong hand on my cock.

It looked like he was going to squeeze out all of the rest of the lubricant, so I said, 'Let's just use a little at a time, Roger, and see what happens. I've found that a little lubricant goes a long way, and the less you use, the better it feels for both of us. What do your think?'

'Yeah, great! Just a little,' he said, absently, concentrating on smearing out some of the lubricant. Then he bucked his hips backwards, reached his hand around and worked the lubricant onto his cock. I was going to get fucked. A stand-up fuck right in front of this mirror. My asshole twitched in expectation.

He aimed the slippery cockhead at my asshole and nudged inward slowly, slipping the big cockhead between my cheeks. I relaxed my asscheeks and tried to relax my sphincter, pushing outward as though trying to move my bowels. The cockhead made contact with my asshole. I instinctively pushed against it and he instinctively pushed towards me, thereby putting great pressure on my tender tissues. When it looked like our efforts weren't going to pay off, suddenly I opened and the entire glans surged inward past the tight sphincter, which suddenly clamped tightly down on the shaft.

'Wow, are you tight!' he groaned with pleasure. 'Oh, you are hot! Geez, this is great!' He had been rather silent up to this point, but got very verbal. 'God, look at us in the mirror, Jack,' he said excitedly. 'What a fuckin' sight! Look at that cock slide into you.'

I looked up. It was incredible. As I watched, he turned us so we were sideways to the mirror. Then he bent me over, pushing with one hand on my back and pulling with one hand on my hip, and he stretched back displaying his taut stomach and revealing the long, thick connection between us that was so stiff it looked completely solid. While holding me in that position, he began to hump into me with tiny jabs, moving the cock very slowly, but talking about it all the time. I was amazed at how rapidly I was accommodating the big cock. He became more energetic and began pumping the cock into me. I felt it slip in further and further, overcoming all resistance, and saw the gap between his tight stomach and my firm ass grow narrower and narrower.

'There!' he said with a husky boast, 'It's in all the way.'

'Not quite,' I said. I rotated my hips, lowered my body and thrust my ass back at him, really driving that pole in to its maximum, feeling his cockhair scratch erotically onto the lips of my asshole. 'Now!' I said, 'Now, you're in all the way.'

'Fantastic!' he sighed. I watched him look at the connection in the mirror and then look right down his belly at it. He was really enjoying this. So was I!

'God, this feels great, Jack,' he pointed out. 'You're so hot. I feel the entire length of my fuckin' dick in your chute, man. Every fuckin' throbbin' inch of it! Somehow it makes my cock feel even bigger. Let's see what will happen when we...' he pulled back, slightly, and then jabbed forward, experimentally. That felt good, so he did it again, less timidly. That felt better.

I realized I was able to handle his giant meat, so I began to work with him, clamping muscles, shifting, rotating, pushing hips against his thrusts, pulling away against his withdrawals. Making the movement of his cock more exotic. Causing an increase in the length of movement of the cock. Within moments, we were fucking for all we were worth. His hand held my hip firmly, as his hips humped cock in and out of me with long strokes. His other hand was held out of the way because neither of us could take our eyes from the mirror and we didn't want the view blocked. I had never seen myself look so aroused, so lascivious, or so happy.

I had never imagined that Roger would be so terrific at ass-fucking. He was really putting out a one-hundred-ten percent effort. All his muscles had expanded and enlarged, as though he were weight-lifting. His body glistened in the soft light, looking majestic. He developed and then maintained a steady, rhythmic thrusting but kept an eye on the mirror while preening and dancing so we were able to watch from every imaginable angle.

The pressures on my prostate were overwhelming. My body tingled within every cell of my being. My cock leaked liquid continuously, and stood straining in front of me. I didn't dare touch it for fear I would come immediately. Roger's abdomen was thudding against my ass with clockwork regularity, his balls rocking forward and rubbing erotically against me. I was amazed at the depth of penetration, the length of movement of the big cock, and the amount of time we were taking to enjoy this perfect fuck. Every aspect of it burned into my memory.

I guess time was on Roger's mind, too. Suddenly, he pulled me upright and wrapped an arm around my chest, holding me very tightly against his full body. He jabbed little humps into me. 'This feels so good, I'm about to shoot my first load, man,' he whispered in my ear, biting at the lobe. His other hand slid around and grasped my erection. 'What about you?' He pumped my cock slowly, in sync with his short jabs.

'You're in so deep. It feels so good,' I sighed huskily, 'I'm goin' to shoot as soon as you do.'

'Great, we'll do it together. Just a short pump or two more...'

I saw the two of us in the mirror. My cock looked huge in his big hand and felt iron-hard. He was plastered to my back and I could feel every inch of his body, his shoulders, his pecs and nipples, his hard stomach, his balls, his thighs, his knees, his shins, and his feet. It was a feeling of great strength and power. I felt him breathing and felt his heart pound against my back. His arm hugged my upper torso and his other hand pumped my cock with a knowing technique. This was wonderful!

'...Ugh...' he grunted, '...I'm coming!' His body stiffened and he lifted me by his cock onto my toes. I felt the expansion of his erection at my ass lips and felt a spurt of cum swell the big tube.

As we watched, in that same instant, a long rope of white semen jetted out of my cock, sailed upwards in a wide arc and fell to the floor easily ten feet away. 'Look at that!' he said, enthusiastically, while humping stiffly into me again. Another jet of cum spurted out of me. With each hump of his hips he put another spurt of cum into me, as another spurt of cum shot out of my cock.

Suddenly, almost painfully, he pulled his monster cock out of my ass. He turned to face the mirror, grabbed his cock and shot a wad of cum into the air. Immediately, he thrust the cock back into me. All the way!

'I wanted you to see my jism, Jack' he explained. 'That didn't hurt you, did it?'

I ignored the question. Instead I told him, 'I loved it. And I loved seeing your jism.'

Let's get up closer to the mirror,' he suggested.

I wondered why, thinking that we had pretty much worn ourselves out for the moment, but he walked me over to the mirror with his cock still fully up my ass and still very stiff.

'Man, you've got a great ass,' he said with feeling. 'It looks great. It feels great. And it fucks great! I don't know about you, but I'm ready to fuck it again, right away. I don't even want to dismount. Look at this...' he said as he positioned us so that we could watch us fuck close up.

I have to admit that, as I watched, I also saw my erection re-stiffen. He moved me around and repositioned himself, too, so that we could see ourselves fucking from every angle. Suddenly, he got very excited, grabbed my cock and pumped it furiously, and with a great inward heave, as if trying to shove his whole body into me, he began to have a shuddering orgasm. It was somehow more uncontrolled than the first and I seemed to feel it more intensely throughout my bowels. Surprisingly, I immediately began to pump cum onto the mirror as he aimed my cock at it. Again, he pulled out and, again, he let a spurt of his cum hit the mirror right next to mine before fucking his cock back into me.

'Oh, God!' I sighed. 'This is fantastic!'

'Fantastic!' he agreed, his mouth at my ear.

* * * * *

We showered and wrapped our towels around ourselves. I went off to the toilet and he went to our small room. When I entered, he was stretched out on his back, naked. His cock was lying on his abdomen, pointing at his chest, looking large but not fully erect. His balls were still up against his cockbase, his scrotum tight. Experience told me he was far from through for the day.

I stretched out on top of him, boldly. He smiled and ran a hand playfully through my hair. His cock swelled. Mine, lying alongside his, swelled, too.

'You're insatiable,' he said with a laugh. 'We'll be here all night.'

'I think this is the greatest thing that's ever happened to me. I want this to last. And I want to do this again, in the future. And again! Whenever you're free.'

He looked embarrassed. 'You'll go broke,' he said, quietly.

Money, I thought to myself. I wonder if it really drives him. But aloud I said, 'Not before you wear this thing out,' and I slid a hand between our bodies and grabbed his cock, shaking it to demonstrate clearly what I meant. It felt good to hold it. It increased in size at my touch. I smiled at him.

'Naw, you'd go broke before that happens. I'm sure of it. You'd be surprised to know how often I'm able come, Jack,' he claimed.

'Really?' I asked. 'You're not just shitting' me, are you?' I was impressed. I felt I had known him for enough years to realize he wasn't a liar and I had always thought him to be rather modest and not given to boasting, so I was very interested in his claim.

'It's easy for me to come six times a day,' he said, quietly. It was a flat statement, not a boast.

'Wow!' I exclaimed. 'That's great. Do you mean you can come six times every day?'

He nodded with great seriousness.

'Does that mean you can come more than six times a day when you're, let's say, excited?' I was fascinated.

'My wife had to ask me to stop on our wedding night.' He looked embarrassed in the dim light.

'How many times did you come?' I asked, my heart in my throat.

'You wouldn't believe me, Jack.' Again, he said it like a statement of fact, not a boast.

'Well, what's the most you've ever come in one day then, let's say.'

'Fourteen,' he said, quietly.

I let out a soft whistle. 'That's impressive!' I said sincerely. My hand was still on his growing cock.

'What's the most you've ever come with a man?' I wanted only the important information.

He blushed. 'That's it. Fourteen.'

I whistled, again. 'I don't mean to pry, Roger, but were you paid?'

'Fuckin' A. For every one of 'em.'

'Were all fourteen with the same man,' I asked in awe, imagining the kind of marathon of sex that must have taken place that day.

'Yeah,' he admitted, matter-of-factly.

'Man, Oh, Man! I wish it had been me,' I said ardently, and then I interrupted him as he was about to say something else, and asked, 'How old were you?'

'It just happened a few weeks ago.'

I thought about that for a moment.

'I wish it had been you, too,' he said, quietly, and his cock surged in my hand.


'I don't know any man who turns me on as much as you do, Jack.'

'Geez!' His statement truly amazed me. I couldn't really tell if he meant it or if he was just trying to flatter me, but it felt great to hear and was said with such conviction in his voice that I had to believe him.

'You've been the only man I've known to take an honest interest in me, Jack. Oh, someone warned me that you were probably gay, but that didn't bother me at all. Every other man in my life has been interested only in getting in my pants. I seem to attract cocksuckers like flies to honey. But you helped me to improve my physique and you never came on to me. I saw that my body pleased you and I realized that you were fond of me, but you left it at that. That made me feel good.'

'What made you decide to let this happen, today, then?' I wondered aloud, using my hold on his cock to indicate what 'this' meant. I was still lying atop him, as we conversed.

'I'm not certain. This is the only time I've ever made the first move on a man. Always, before, I responded to being asked if I'd put out. Sometimes I said 'yes', but I always asked for money.' He smiled at me. 'Today, I was about to leave the gym when I saw you, alone, in the weight-room. Something happened. Something stirred in my gut. I wanted you. I can't remember that ever happening to me before. With I man, I mean.' As if to confirm his admission, his cock became steely hard in my hand.

I was at a loss for words.

'But the truth is, I've wanted you for a long time. Almost from the day we first met. Sometimes, I wondered why you didn't ask me to make it with you. Funny, isn't it. But I guess I've always known that you're an up front kind of guy and the vibes I was putting out told you to leave me alone. Am I right?'

I smiled, sadly. 'God, it's hard to get to know people, isn't it, Roger? I told you earlier that I have fantasies of you as I jackoff...'

'Oh! Yeah, you admitted that,' Roger interrupted excitedly.

'...and I really do. But I realized you've got your life to live and I always figured there wasn't much room left over in it for me. So I didn't bug you. But I'll tell you something, Roger...'

He lifted his head slightly to look more closely at me, paying attention.

'...if I can ever help you out, even if it just means giving you a blow-job 'cause you're horny, tell me. Be open with me. I'll be there for you.'

'I think I've known that, Jack. Thanks.' There was a sweet tone in his voice.

'So tell me,' I asked with a grin, embarrassed by the turn of the conversation and trying to lighten things up, 'wouldn't you like a blow-job, right now?' I laughed. But my grip on his cock didn't loosen.

'That'd be great!' he sighed. 'I've always been thinkin' about your ass, Jack, but when you were blowin' me in the shower, I was amazed how much better it felt than it feels with those cocksuckers who are always after me. You seem to put your whole body into it. Most of those guys, and any girls, who've tried it, just lap at the tip and pump it with their hands. Like a hand job with a mouth at one end to keep the overflow from hitting them in the face. But you! You had me in to the core. Let's see you do that, again. It felt real good.' Talking about it was getting us both aroused.

I spread my legs apart and rose up onto my knees, straddling him. My erection pointed at his face and he stared at it for a moment before looking up at me. I smiled and leaned down to take the head of his cock into my mouth. He sighed, then moaned with pleasure.

This is about one-half of this memory - I'll finish it next time.


Jack Sofelot


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