I jolted up. My vision darkened from the abruptness of my movement. The sensation faded but the darkness remained.

The sound of trickling water from a shower-head emanated from behind a closed door somewhere to my left. The details of the room became clearer as my eyes adjusted to the dimness. A desk, chair, "my" bed, another bed parallel to mine, bed-side table/drawer, and a dresser. It looked a bit like a dorm, and a nice one at that.

The running water stopped and a few seconds later, out stepped a silhouetted figure. The light, from what I guessed was the bathroom, blinded me and kept the figure in shadows.

"Oh, crap! Sorry! I'm-" The assumed boy fumbled with a towel to cover himself. "I'm so sorry! I'm- I'm not used to the whole 'roommate' thing."

"I- uh." I stuttered like a bumbling idiot.

I heard a click and white light flooded the room. Slowly coming to my senses and noticed that the boy in front of me looked to be around my age. He was approximately 6' and built slimly, yet athletically. Eyes of the bluest skies. Hair the color of warmth, a brown that could only be met by the milkiest chocolate. His jaw-line was strong and prominent, chin round and small. His abdomen was smooth and hairless. He had the muscles of somebody who played a lot of sports, but still had time for the gym. Abs that looked like they were chiseled from granite and pectorals that bulged a bit, but not monstrously. Arms that were well defined, not bumped.

He went to the dresser and pulled out some things, then walked into the bathroom.

"Name's Kodi." He called from the other room.

"Josaiha." I called back as he came out in a slim-fit shirt and basketball shorts. I had to struggle with my name. It didn't feel like my, but it felt like it was.

"Well, for what it's worth, it's a pleasure to meet you. Josaiha?" He shied, extending his hand for a shake.

"Likewise." I reached out to meet him and he gripped my hand firmly. "But, with all due respect, I wasn't expecting a naked guy as the first thing I saw when I woke up."

He chuckled at this. "Fair enough, but in return, you were unconscious for awhile, so I wasn't expecting you to see me."

"I was unconscious? Why!?" Suddenly, it hit me. "Where am I!? What is this place!? How did I get here!?"

I began panicking. My breathing became frantic and a sharp pain ran through my head. My hand searched until it found a bump on my head.

"Whoah! Whoah! calm down." He took me into his arms. I writhed to get away, but he held fast. I gave in and tears began to fall. My head felt fuzzy and I couldn't remember a thing.

"What's going on?" I asked, not him, but to the entirety around us.

"It's okay. It's okay. Just calm down." I buried my face into his chest, trying to hide from the strange dimension of this room I somehow stumbled into. "Look at me."

My eyes pleaded to his and shook violently. My vision was blurry and painful from the torrents escaping my eyes.

"This place, it's called Quinton's Academy. It's a boys only private boarding school. It's for boys who are either extremely smart, or extremely 'troubled'. The weirdest thing is that we all share two common traits." He paused and drew breath. "One, no one can remember their anything from their pasts. Family, friends, hometown, nothing. And two, we're all-"

Suddenly the door to the room that seemed to have existed in its own universe burst open.

---------Author's Note---------

Yes, I am the original author and I promise to upload the rest of the story. I apologize for my previous story and for not finishing it. I can assure you: it will NOT happen again.




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