'Huh? Where the hell am I?' I shot up, beads of sweat trickling down my face.

All I could see was darkness then things started taking shape: my teddy bear, swivel chair and desk, TV, computer, 'my' bed, and another bed. It seemed to be a dorm, a VERY nice one at that. A shower head seemed to turn off and the to the assumed bathroom swung open, a beautiful young man around my age (17)walked out with his towel in his hair.

'Oh sorry, man, I'm not really used to the whole 'new roomate' thing.' He gave me a smile, showing his perfectly white teeth.

He wrapped the towel around his waste and walked over to the other side of the room and i heard a small *click*. The whole room became flooded with bright light. My eyes adjusted to the blinding fury of ten-thousand white suns!!!; the full beauty of the young man in front of me became exposed. His light skin, his slender athletic body, his soft,short light-brown, his hazel eyes. He was perfect. Even his height and his voice matched the rest of him.

'You must be Josaiha. Nice to meet you.' He stuck out his hand, smiling tenderly. 'My names Kodi.'

'Hi.' I tried not to stare at the, seeming purposefully low, watseline of his towel.

he was obviously flexing his abs.

'Could this guy be...be gay?'

He took my hand, but instead of shaking it, he kissed it then pulled me up into his long arms.

'Uuhhhh...' To my dismay, i began to blush.

'Huh?' He looked down at me and gave me that same adorable smile. Apperantly i turned redder than a tomato because he began chuckling. It was like the perfect mix of musk and cute that laugh...

I lost complete control and found myself burrowing deeper into his built chest. His arms became tightly enclosed around me then...nothing. He had let go.

'Bet you have alot of question.' He grabbed a pair of boxer briefs, black shorts, and a slim-fitting baseball tee. and walked back to the bathroom.

'Uh, yeah.' He strolled back out and sat on the bed paralel to mine. 'Like if you have a boyfriend.'

He looked at me. Into my eyes, my soul.

'No, why? Interested?' He put his hand on my leg and put his face directly in front of mine.


'You can't ask something like that around here without spiking people's interests.' He kissed me lightly, ON MY LIPS!!!

I cleared my throat 'Uh, speaking of which, where IS 'here'?'

He hooked a finger under my chin and directed my eyes over to a tiny plaque on the wall. 'This is Quinton's Academy for Boys.'

'HUH!? How'd I get here!?' I felt my eyes grow huge.

Kodi looked back at my and grabbed my hands. 'Calm down.' He looked directly into my eyes, his shining. 'I don't know. Nobody knows how they got here.'




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