This is an old story that was originally set in hs. I rewrote it in a jr college setting in order to advance the age of some of the characters. It is fiction and all fictional characters are of legal age.

It was the dog days of August. Football practice had just started and I was the new JV coach. It looked like we would have a winning season as the returning team was pretty much intact and the quarterback was an incredibly talented kid. 

I’m 27 and this was my second coaching job. I’d come from a school where there was little hope of advancement, but this job they were looking for a successor for the head coach in the near future.

It was Thursday of our first week of practice and during a lull Jason the quarterback asked if he could see me in my office after practice. Usually that meant divorcing parents, pregnant girlfriend or the like...

By the end of practice I was drenched. The humidity was in the high 90s and added to the sweat. I couldn’t wait to get my tee shirt off which happened the moment I walked into the building. 

I was at the file cabinet looking for some form when Jason came in. Without looking up I just said hey Jason be right with you. Before I realized it he was standing right next to me his open hand on my chest feeling my pecs. Nice build coach he says as I tried to move back but I was blocked in by the file cabinet, the wall and Jason’s shirtless body.

I started to reach for his wrist but my arm wouldn't move. His fingers moved to my right nipple and began to rub and pinch it harder and harder.

I tried to object, but all that came out was a moaned Jaaasooon...

I felt like a deer in headlights I couldn't stop him or even object. He moved me over to my desk and bent me over it. He pulled my arms behind my back and wrapped my wet t-shirt around them effectively leaving me at his mercy. He slipped my shorts and jock down so he could have his way with me. He slid his spit slick dick into me. He felt big.... and it felt good even though I’m a top, I had occasionally bottomed and I knew how to relax. He did me hard and I finally felt his eruption deep in my ass and my own eruption between my stomach and the desk top.

When he pulled out he picked up this big padlock on my desk that I was going to use on an equipment locker. The key was in it and Jason snapped it open and then locked my nuts and snapped it closed.

The symbolism said more than words. This kid had just laid claim to me, he owned me.  I’ll come by your place at 7 and explain the rules. Rule One is to be naked when I get there. Oh and Rule 2 - shave - everything south of your nose. EVERYTHING. Later coach. He left me face up laying in my own cum, shorts down around my ankles, still boned. Well I was totally resolved to put an end to this game the sooner the better.

I eventually was able to stand and wriggle the wet t-shirt off my arms. I bent down and pulled up my jock and shorts.

When I got home I pulled off my clothes to get in the shower and quickly determined that the lock was getting wet cus there was no way it was going over my nuts, but no matter Jason would be removing it soon anyway.

I turned on the shower got in and soaped down. Before I knew it I was shaving my body. EVERYTHING. Just like Jason said. Actually I looked pretty good. I’m 6 ft 4” 230 -240 built and 8.5 uncut. I towel dried and wrapped the towel around my waist. But I was definitely going to end this game as soon as he got here.

I was still in my towel just going to get dressed when I heard him pull up. My cock literally jumped to full attention and I pulled the towel off. There I was following his orders. Jason just came in without knocking and smiled at my hardon. You must be happy to see me he laughed. I tried to tell him this had to stop, but the words wouldn't come out. He grabbed me by the cock and inspected me. Good job coach, now kneel. I obeyed and knelt to my master. With his foot he nudged my knees wide apart so my locked junk hung free between my legs. He gave it a light kick and it swung freely. He brought a gym bag with him and pulled out a wide leather collar which he secured around my neck. Next he pulled out hand cuffs and secured my hands behind the collar. The final touch was saw toothed tit clamps for my nipples. Lead weights added to the pain inflicted on my sensitive nips.

I was now in kneeling display position. He pulled me to my feet, spread them wide and explained this was standing display position. He turned me around and inspected me. He fingered my hole and pulled a butt plug with a rubber pig tail out of his gym bag. He spit on it and inserted it in my ass. Then he turned me back around and put his fingers in my mouth and instructed me to clean em. Be sure to keep your ass cleaned out or you’ll be eating your own shit he warned me.

Now at school we’ll carry on pretty much as normal. But in private you address me as Sir or Master. Now stand up on the coffee table. I got up on the coffee table and Jason thankfully removed the padlock - only to replace it with another one. This one had a bigger hasp so it wouldn’t cut off the circulation to my nuts. That’s how they nut bulls you know. I’ll let you keep yours so long as you remember how to obey. The new padlock was looser and heavier. Jason gave it a good yank to make sure it wouldn't come off.

If there’s ever an emergency Mr Jefferson the janitor has a bolt cutter, but he’s kind of a creep so do so at your own risk...

I was still up on the coffee table in the standing display position. Jason stripped and made himself to home in my easy chair and told me to pose and put on a show. As I did so he asked questions about my life, especially about my sexual history.

I told him that up until college I had been pretty straight but had participated in a few circle jerks at camp. In college my frat roomie was bi and turned me on to the joys of guy sex. I was married briefly after college until my wife caught me fucking her brother. I was mostly a top but was not a virgin.

As I posed, Jason asked if i could erect on demand or cum on command. I said I had no experience with that but oddly my dick jumped to full mast when I heard him pull up. Pre was dripping from me now. Jason was casually playing with his own big cock which looked to be over 9 and cut with a huge mushroom head.

Jason asked who got my cherry. I told him I knew this kinky chick in college who liked to tie me up and play with me. Sometimes she had a few girlfriends come over but she would put a pillow case over my head so I couldn’t see who it was. Well this one time it started out like that but it was a guy friend. They put a spreader on my ankles and raised it up above my head. The dude at least lubed his cock and raped me. I was never sure who it was but I thought it was a dude from another frat. They took some pix and put em online. Fortunately my head was covered but I knew it was me. My hole was gaping open and cum was leaking out. You could tell I had been fucked by a huge cock.

Jason said to close my eyes and fuck air, fantasize and try to cum. I closed my eyes and stabbed at the air with my raging cock. The lock swung violently on my balls and pretty soon I was cumming! I couldn’t believe it. Jason clapped his hands and praised me. Then he said to get down and lick up my load off the floor.

When I finished I knelt before him and he asked what made me cum. I told him I was thinking about how he fucked me on my desk and how good it felt afterwards. He asked if I wanted him to do it again and I said “Yes sir, please fuck me again.”

Jason told me to lay on the coffee table and grab my ankles. He fucked me there - long and hard. I came twice more on the table and he shot a very hot load up my ass. We laid there for several minutes not moving, his cock was still hard in me and he went for seconds. 

I told him when he came in me I had a special feeling of total peace.

He just replied that he knew I was conflicted about my new role but all would be well. When we finally pulled apart and got up, my hands were still secured behind my neck and Jason pulled on his shorts. I was still kneeling and Jason gave me permission to sit back on my heels.

From our conversation I gathered that this would be a regular thing. I should be naked collared and cuffed on his arrival - and hard. Keep shaved and douched at all times etc.

I couldn’t make the words come out about ending this. I just accepted the situation like it was somehow preordained. Soon Jason released my hands and departed. His final words were about not having sex without him or jacking off - but he said it would not be likely that I could get a hardon without his permission let alone cum. After all I was now his property and that included my cum. He suggested I try and see for myself.

He was right. I tried to jack off when I went to bed, nothing. I fell asleep and slept like a baby. When I woke I felt really great. I put shorts on and went for a run. It wasn't a vigorous run as the lock bobbed around too much.

I couldn't wait for football practice. Jason and all the guys were especially enthusiastic and put 100% into their practice. Even my boss the Varsity coach noticed and asked what i’d been feeding my team - spinach I replied. He laughed and said maybe he’d try it. But soon we joined the 2 teams for practices. Even the varsity became more enthusiastic. Even though it was hotter than blazes everyone wanted to have 2 a days the rest of the month til school started.

Jason loved to fuck me after practice and I needed him in me. His cum was addicting and I was addicted. There was an actual high afterwards. There was the serenity yet energy and enthusiasm. My worries faded and all was well with the world. I was still spread over my desk ass up and Jason said to stay there, he’d be right back. It was moments like this I was most paranoid - what if the principal popped his head in or another coach or a kid? 

The door opened and Jason was back with the varsity quarterback Brad Adams. I promised you a treat if you fired up the varsity and here it is. I lubed him up for you so he’s all set. Dang Brad said and dropped his towel. He a big guy and his cock was as big as Jason’s and even fatter. He entered me full on and all the way to the root. I groaned loudly and he began to pump. Jason offered me his cock to suck and the 2 quarterbacks spit roasted me. They switched off a couple times and came at least 3 times apiece. Finally they were spent. I continued to lay there limp. Brad complimented Jason on the great lay. I never had a pussy as tight as that. He said his gf was catholic and wouldn’t put out so having this hot muscle coach to fuck would be great. Just what he needed for a winning season! They never mentioned this in coaching class... 

Brad asked Jason if they could flip him over and do him again. Hell yea said Jason. They flipped me on my back and put my legs over Brad’s shoulders and he entered me again. These kids had more stamina than the energizer bunny! He told Jason he wanted to watch my face while he fucked me. Finally, load number four poured into my ass.

Jason said I’ll give you his address and you can come over tonight and get off again. He loves getting jock fucked.

Labor Day weekend was coming up and Jason said his parents were going out of town for a week and I would be spending the week with him. He invited Brad too and Brad told Jason about a book he read about Indian tortures. In one the cowboy would be spreadeagle between two poles and smeared with honey or shit and eaten by horseflys. When it got too cool for horseflies in the evening they would build a small fire under the cowboy and roast his weenie.

Another one was to stake out the cowboy spreadeagle on the ground near an ant hill and let the little buggers feast on the tasty muscles of the cowboy. Brad suggested they could put a short length of pvc in the cowboys hole so the ants could venture inside him. Jason’s eyes were bugging out and he was anxious to try these tortures on the hot muscular coach. Brad said he would try to find the book cuz there were alot more he couldn’t remember. 

One thing he did remember was an electrical device that had pads that could be placed anywhere on a man’s flesh to shock him. It was a kit that came with a locking buttplug that had an electrical prostate stimulator that could be used to force instant ejaculations, an electric slave collar, something called a sparkler that could be inserted inside the penis,, and a remote clicker that could wirelessly control all the parts of the kit. When Brad checked his cart other related recommendations came up and Brad checked all of them. He also ordered a few shark hooks - 1 in large and 4 in medium sizes.

Jason and Brad discussed kind of a plan of what to do first and throughout the week. They decided to spreadeagle Nate between the posts and put the shark hook in his cock like a P A. It would take a while to heal and cause him pain throughout the week and he could be easily controlled by his cock. Jason and Brad went to pick up Nate in Jason’s pick-up. A large dog cage was in the back and that’s where Nate would ride naked.

When they got to Nate’s house he was already naked collared and cuffed with a raging hardon. He was taken out to the truck and loaded into the cage. Jason and Brad covered it with a tarp and drove off. When they arrived at Jason’s house they unloaded him and walked him around back and spread his legs wide and secured them to the posts. Brad handed the large shark hook to Jason and he showed it to Nate. Nate asked what the fuck was that for and Jason said shark bait.

He said your cock is going to be the bait. O shit no! pleaded Nate. The boys arranged an old wooden bar stool topped with a heavy wooden block under Nate’s cock. Jason inserted a large nail into Nate’s pee hole about three fourths of an inch, angled it down and struck the nail with a heavy hammer. Nate let out a blood curdling scream. It fuckin hurt like hell! He struggled what little he could but he was now nailed by his cock to the heavy block of wood. The boys left him that way and let the reality sink in. Nailed by his cock - heavy duty. 

The boys walked away and just left Nate nailed to the block of wood. Jason wanted to modify the shark hook so it could be removed more easily by cutting off the nasty barb and sharp point of the hook. They also drilled a small hole large enough for a luggage lock about a half inch or so up the from the point so that it could be locked in place.

When the boys returned, Jason extracted the nail with the claw of the hammer. This was the starter hole for the even larger shark hook. As the nail was removed it was replaced by the shark hook. It went in easily but it hurt because it was wider than the nail. The small padlock was locked so it couldn’t come out.

Jason figured a good fucking would calm Nate down and he and Brad tag teamed Nate’s ass. They each dumped 3 loads deep in Nate’s guts and it did calm him down. It also provided the lube for the insertion of the locking butt plug. Jason turned the butt plug on to a low vibrate to distract Nate’s attention fron his hooked cock. Nate was now a hunk of bait.

Once it was in they released Nate’s legs and attached a leash to the shark hook and walked Nate around to the pool deck. He followed without resistance. Once there he was told to kneel in the kneeling display position and his leash was tethered to Jason’s deck chair. As the sun went down the boys retreated to the house and rustled some grub. After dinner they gave Nate a pain pill and he passed out. The boys plotted the next day. They figured they’d spend the day at the pool and tether Nate at the far end. The would smear his own ass juices on his nips and cock head and let the horseflys torment him.

The next day much of the worst pain subsided, but the words shark bait wouldn’t leave his brain. There it was - a huge shark hook in his manhood. He was reduced to man bait. Jason and Brad led hem back out too the pool by the cock leash and tethered him at the far end.e was told to get into the kneeling display position. Jason fingered his hole and to Nate’s surprise he wasn’t ordered to clean Jason’s fingers. Instead Jason wiped em on his nips and cockhead. Then told Nate to finish cleaning em.

The boys retreated to the opposite end of the pool and it wasn’t long before the first horsefly landed on Nates shoulder. He shook it off but not for long. It returned almost immediately. This time it didn’t leave when he tried to shake it off. It just crawled around exploring this harmless slab of bait. The fly began to crawl down his pec toward his nip where the sweet scent of shit was emanating from. The insect explored the pec then headed straight to the nip and tasted the yummy nub. After a lick or two it took a bite. Nate reacted so violently it flew off but Nate’s hooked cock painfully shook too. He was resolved not to react overly much or he would cause himself even more pain. Besides the horsefly was back before his dick stopped swinging. It would not be denied its feast of sweet shitty man flesh. Not only was the critter back but he brought a couple cousins. Then a few more and yet more. Nate was loosing count. But the flys just multiplies as did the bites.

Some flys discovered his cockhead and the shitty sauce there as well. Soon the shark hook wasn’t Nate’s only problem, his cock was teeming with biting maneater horseflys. They explored his balls and his taint following the scent to his hole. Nate clenched his cheeks tightly  - he didn’t want the little bastards feasting on his hole. But one can only clench their glutes so long. In the end the flys won out anf they discovered the source of the tasty sauce. And they feasted on the shitty hole. Even though he was bound by the shark hook, today he was bait for horseflys and he was their helpless man feast. Jason and Brad watched the torment and jacked their cocks. When they could no longer hold out they walked over to Nate and emptied their loads on his face and sweaty body, briefly chasing the man-eaters off only to leave a fresh coating of even tastier sauce. They spread it around especially on Nate’s pecs, nips, cock and balls. Then they returned to the relative safety of the opposite end of the pool to watch the flys enjoy their fresh treat of jock cum on man muscle.

Eventually the boys had been perversities had been sated by Nate’s suffering and Jason hosed him off and allowed him a dip in the pool at the end of the cock lead. Maybe we should take the boat out in the ocean and go for some real sharks suggested Brad. Jason said they could just go to Blacks Beach with Nate on his lead and troll for human sharks. For those unfamiliar with Blacks its a nude beach north of San Diego. The boys agreed on that and planned the trip for the next day.

Nate was douched and the locking butt plug put in place. Nate’s old collar was replaced with the new one thet had taser contacts in it that could be controlled by the clicker. The boys packed up the truck and loaded Nate into the cage. They tied the tarp on since they were going to be on the expressway. Nate was nervous going naked with only the thin tarp covering the cage. Jason said you run around all the time in shorts and they’re pretty thin so no big deal. He had a point. 

When they got there they unloaded Nate and cuffed his hands to the back of the collar and lead him down the path by the lead attached to the shark hook in his cock.

As they approached the beach Jason spied just what he wanted - a stout pole right in the middle of the beach. They tied a thin rope around the pole and through the back of the collar so that Nate was on full standing display. Jason posted a sign suggesting anyone could check out their slave. A net type bag was put over his head so that he couldn’t be easily identified from pictures taken. There was often a crowd gathered around checking out the slave. The shark hook seemed to be of significant interest to many. One woman said she was going to get one for her husband! Older fat guys were constantly feeling him up, pinching his nips and checking out his guns. Several fingered his hole and sniffed their fingers like it was the finest perfume. After a while Nate asked if he could sit for a while. We thought of that and had attached a short board to a pole just high enough for the slave to rest his ass on. It was perfect. 

Many guest viewers eagerly applied lotion so the slave wouldn’t burn and many were treated to a free handfull of protien lotion. He was kept hydrated and occasionally put on a pee show.

After a couple of hours Jason said let’s take him for a walk. There I was hands secured behind my neck being walked like a dog with a leash secured to my cock with a shark hook. As people would come up to check me out, Jason would say “Look what we caught.” Apparently I was the catch of the day. More people would feel me up and play with my hooked meat. One decent looking dude asked Jason if he could take me up in the bushes to get a piece. Jason said sure $100 and we get to watch. The guy agreed. I was thus whored out for a matinee.

The guy was probably in his late 30s and looked like he knew his way around a gym. He spread out a towel and told me to get on it face up. Jason told the dude to watch out for the hook. The dude was hard already and very hung. Fortunately he had his suntan lotion and lubed up. I felt him at my hole and he slowly entered me. Fuck he was fuckin thick. I could feel my hole stretch as he forced his way past my sphincter and into my anus. I could feel his progress. He was splitting me apart. It hurt and if felt good. He began to stroke. Slowly at first then faster and faster until he was pounding me. Jason and Brad were stroking their cocks. When the guy came Jason and Brad shot on my chest. I came too but it was wierd with the hook blocking my urethrea and cum leaking out the bottom side of my cock since the top was pretty well blocked. When the guy pulled out he took a picture of me with his phone and Jason gave him his number so he could keep in touch. The picture was just like the one the guy took who took my cherryThe guy suggested that he’d like to do some future business with Jason. Now I was a rent-boy.

We headed back to our spot. I was still on the leash being walked like a dog covered in spooge. When we got back most of the cum on my body had dried and we decided to pack it up and head for home. I was packed back in the cage and covered with the tarp.

School started and so too the season. Both teams were doing spectacular. The whole town was in on the high. Toward the end of September there was a meeting of the booster club and my boss introduced me and gave me full credit for how well things were going. I got a standing ovation and in brief remarks said we owed it all to the senior coach saying we were building on the strong foundation he’d laid over many years.

After the meeting we met all the parents and one especially well dressed gentleman came up and introduced himself as Jason’s dad. I almost peed myself. But he said he couldn't thank me enough at how well Jason was doing not only in football but in school as well. He was especially grateful for the extra help I was giving Jason in the evening.

He asked if I played tennis. I said I did but not well and he said to join him at his club on Saturday afternoon. I was freaking out. I’m his son’s sex slave and hes thanking me and inviting me to his club for tennis.

Later when I told Jason about it I asked him about playing tennis and showering with the lock on. He said he would unlock it before I left but that I would have to replace it as soon as I got dressed afterwards. That was a relief as tennis would be pretty difficult not to mention painful wearing the lock on my nuts.

Tennis went well but Jason’s dad beat me - like I said its not my main game but I enjoyed it and gave thought to getting more into it. I wondered if Jason played. After we showered I noticed Jason’s dad and others in the shower noticing my hairless body. I ignored their glances and put on a little show without being too obvious.

Afterwards I went into the crapper and reinstalled the padlock on my own nuts. When I emerged Jason’s dad asked if id like to get a drink on the patio. He ordered a Margarita and I did the same. People kept coming up to Jason’s dad to say hello and he introduced me to all of em. Most were lawyers, but also the police chief and some councilmen too. When I was introduced to the police chief I felt my lock and then my cock got hard... odd.

There was no doubt that Jason’s dad was some big whig so i asked him what business he was in. Oh he said I’m the States Attorney here. I gulped and about shit my pants. He asked if I had plans for Sunday dinner and invited me to their house saying Jason's mom wanted to meet me as well. I agreed still in a state of shock. Why don’t you come early and have a swim with Jason in the pool before dinner.

That evening when Jason came by he was pleased to see I had relocked my nuts. He wanted a blow by blow of the club adventure. I told him I lost to his dad. All the men in the shower seemed to be interested in my shaved body. Jason said maybe next time I should wear my lock. He laughed and I hoped he was just kidding. Then I told him about cocktails on the patio and asking his dad what he did and how i almost shit my drawers when he told me he was States Attorney. Jason laughed uncontrollably. I said to go ahead and laugh he wasn't the one facing 20 years in prison. He laughed even harder and said I’d be even more popular in prison! Great...  (This last part doesn’t really apply since the characters are now “of age” but I left it in anyways.)

I told him about Sunday dinner and he said his mom would love me. I should come around 2 and we could swim and sun by the pool.

Now it was play time and Jason told me to move my car out of the garage. When I reached for my shorts he said no just go as you are. It was pretty private so it wasn't all that risky. I backed the car out and came back into the garage. I had noticed a block and tackle in the rafters previously but now a heavy chain had been installed and Jason fastened my wrists to it and hauled me aloft.

Jason produced a riding crop saying the bull whip would have to wait as since i was coming to dinner i couldn't be too marked up. He toyed with my hard cock and gave it a few swats. Even though it hurt my cock stayed hard and even got harder.  He worked a bit harder on my ass. I couldn't make too much noise as Jason left the garage door open. It was possible for a passerby to get a glimpse but the car blocked the lower parts but you might be able to see a slave hung from the rafters.

Jason took a break and had a seat on a bench. He gazed on my naked hairless helpless hanging body said he was thinking about some piercings and a tat or 2. Maybe getting all my body hair lased so Id be permanently smooth. I’m sure I was a pretty picture hanging there like that, all stretched out and my cock hard as a rock. Jason suggested I try fucking air again. To my amazement it didn't take long. Jason pulled a wood box up behind me stood on it and fucked me hanging. It felt sooo good. He let me down, made me clean my spunk off the dirty garage floor and we went into the house.

I knelt on the floor and put my hands behind my neck even tho they weren't cuffed. Jason used the crop to trace lines on my naked body and play with my hard rod. He casually commented that his older cousin was home from college and would be joining the family for dinner as would his aunt and uncle. That prospect made me a bit more nervous. But I guessed Jason had it all under control. Jason said it wouldn't be formal just wear swimwear and bring pants and a dress shirt for dinner. He didn't say anything about the lock so I assumed I would be wearing it but without underwear.

When I arrived around 2 Jason and his cousin were already out by the pool and the adults were “visiting” in the house. I was introduced and my football reputation had preceded me and everyone was enthusiastic about the football season. Soon I was dismissed to join the boys at the pool. Jason introduced me to his cousin Skip. Skip looked like Jason’s brother. A little taller strawberry blond and deep blue eyes that were absolutely mesmerizing. 

Jason said I could retain my swimming trunks but ditch the t-shirt and display. I’d never done this for anyone but Jason but I immediately obeyed. Skip felt me up like the slave I was, he even put a hand up the leg of my trunks and fingered my hole. When he withdrew he told me to lick em clean. While i was cleaning his fingers his other hand went to my crotch and felt my junk and padlock. When I finished cleaning his fingers he went for my chest and nipples. He worked my nips hard and my cock nearly creamed from it. 

When he finished his inspection he pushed me into the pool to cool off. It did feel good and when I emerged the two boys were chatting a shady corner. I went and knelt before my master my hands behind my neck in the display position. He motioned for me to rise and pointed to a chair. I sat and Skip engaged me in conversation. He said he asked Jason how he got me and Jason said he should ask me. So for the first time I recounted the afternoon in my office when Jason fucked me over my desk. Wow he said Jasons got balls. Jason had me tell a few more stories and after a while he said they should go up to his room to get cleaned up for dinner.

His room was actually a wing where I was told to strip and properly display as I did Jason got in the shower and told cousin Skip to have his way with me. Like I said Skip looked like Jasons big brother even his cock looked to be 10” or more. He had me lay on the bed and raise my legs. He spit on his cock and using the lock for purchase eased his blond monster into me. Yea he was bigger I could feel him go deeper. He fucked me hard and blasted a huge load into my gut. 

He was just finishing when Jason emerged from the shower and they traded places. As Skip got up he complemented Jason on what a fine fuckin slave he got. While Skip showered Jason fucked. When Skip finished I assumed it would be my turn but Skip suggested that I was delightfully fragrant and all I needed was a butt plug so as not to leak on the dining room chairs. OMG I pulled my pants on and put on the dress shirt. Skip unbuttoned the front most of the way down and told me to roll up the sleeves. I looked like the slut I was becoming. I would be on display for the adults. Jason told me to wear my collar.

So we descended to the dining room just as the adults were gathering. We took our seats. I sat between Jason and Skip and the chef came out to announce the menu. He was fucking gorgeous. Chest guns bulge OMG. Same for his assistant. Dinner was prime rib something in french. It was delicious as was the help. 

Over dinner Jason’s aunt eyed my open shirt said she’d been hearing good things about my work and complemented me on doing such a good job not to mention my chest. After dinner the adults adjourned for brandy. Jason’s aunt asked if she could have a word with me in the study. She ushered me in and closed the door. She eyed me up and down and reached out to my shirt and pulled it free from my pants. I tried to resist but she just said don’t. I stood still and she proceded to unbutton my pants. They slipped to the floor and revealed my locked junk. She fondled me and I grew hard. She took a step back and walked around me inspecting my naked flesh. She groped my glutes. And came around to my front. She took my jaw and said open. Her finger felt my mouth and teeth. I felt like a slave on the block. She told me to come. She lightly traced her nails over my chest and nips and I shot my load. She told me to lick it up and go to Jason’s room. She left me naked licking up my jizz with the door open. 

I asked Skip about his mom and how come she knew so much about my work. He replied casually, she's the head of the school board. OMG for the third time.

Jason asked me what I thought of the kitchen help and all I could say was OMG. He said that they’d be along shortly with cookies... As we chatted sure enough there was a knock at the door and the chef and his helper came into the room with nothing but a tray of cookies and hardons.

As soon as everyone had a cookie they put their trays down and assumed the standing display position. Jason suggested I join them. Each had a huge cock and Jason introduced me and suggested they fuck me for our post dinner entertainment. I was laid out on the coffee table and spit roasted one in my ass and the other in my mouth. Neither bothered with lube as I came pre lubed with the cousins’ aperitif. They both shot loads in me, changed positions and did it again.

After they finished with me Jason and Skip took turns fucking the chef and helper. By the time our after dinner entertainment wound down it was getting late and Jason asked me to give Skip a ride home. When we left I noticed the chef and helper stayed. Before Skip and I got into my car he told me to strip. Seems he liked a naked driver. I just hoped my tail lights were in working order. Not a good night to get pulled over. Skip directed me to a dark country road and fucked me again over the hood of the car.

I realized his cum had the same effect on me as Jason’s. I asked him if anyone else said the same thing? He said Jason hadn't told me everything yet. They were “Indigo children”. Characterized by the blond hair and indigo eyes. Indigos were psychically advanced and while not manipulative, other people seemed to naturally want to please them. He said to google it but he and Jason never found any reference to their cum but they assumed it had to do with being indigos. 

I quipped that they could get rich bottling it! Skip laughed and said they were happy to give it away for free making the world a better place. I wholeheartedly agreed. When I dropped Skip off he said he agreed with his mom about me doing a good job and to take good care of his cousin. I asked if I’d be seeing him again and he said most definitely. 

I drove home naked. I thought about the new information Skip told me about indigos. Could it really be true?  There was a flashing red light behind me. I panicked and pulled over as it sailed by. It was only an ambulance. I recalled my mothers advice about wearing clean underwear just in case i had an accident. I wondered if a padlock on my balls counted. 

Monday morning the principal popped his head in my office and asked me to come see him after school. I figured if I was fired he wouldn't wait til after school. Monday passed without drama, Monday Monday. When i got to his office I had to wait. Boy did that bring back memories. Finally the door opened and Jason’s dad and aunt came out and enthusiastically greeted me. Jason’s aunt groped my bulge as she passed and winked. They said good bye to the principal and I was ushered in.

The principal had an envelop in his hand and handed it over to me. There was a check from the booster club for $20,000 for the athletic program. The principal smiled and said he heard we needed new uniforms. Jason’s dad and aunt came by with the check and high praise for the new coach. He added that my boss the senior coach would likely be retiring in the next year or so and I might be in line to take over. Well I guess I’m wasn’t fired.

When I got back to my office Jason was waiting for me. What was my dad doing here? I told him what happened. How kewl was that? He wasn't all that impressed, I think he knew about it already. He said I deserved a good fucking and did so over my desk. He said Skip had called and told him my aunt wanted to borrow you sometime. I guess I just progressed from slut to whore.


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