I had taken a couple of days off to take care of a couple of pressing matters. It was a Thursday morning and as I drove across town, I listened to my favorite radio station.

While I was stopped at a red light, the announcer introduced a volunteer from the local SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). She began talking about a small terrier mix that had been found a couple of weeks earlier roaming the streets. She explained that the dog was about a year old, very playful and small, weighing only about six pound.

I had been thinking about getting a dog for company and this one sounded like what I wanted. I decided to go by and check her out.

I completed my business before noon and headed for the SPCA. I went in and met 'Susie', as they were calling her, and immediately fell in love. She was a barrel of energy and very cuddly.

She had been spayed and had received her shots and worming as well as a microchip in case she got lost.

She followed me everywhere around the house and love to ride in the car. That Sunday, I decided to take her to the local dog park to see how she interacted with other dogs.

I had been there about an hour, visiting with other dog owners, when a handsome young man in his late twenties walked up to the fence around the enclosure. He didn't have a dog with him and seemed to be checking out the dogs that were there.

He spotted me and Susie and immediately came through the gate, headed directly for me.

As he neared, he called out "Here, Lady." Susie's ears perked up and her tail began to wag.

I was turned on the moment I saw him at the fence, but wondered if he played and how I could find out.

He came and sat next to me and introduced himself as Jim Cooper. I replied saying I was Mark Rivers and we shook hands.

"May I asked when you got that dog?"

"Thursday, from the SPCA," I replied. "Why?"

"May I try something?" he asked.


He stepped several feet away and called out, "Lady, come see daddy."

Susie immediately jumped down and ran to him, wiggling around and jumping up on him.

He picked her up and returned to the bench where I was sitting.

As he sat down, I looked at him and asked what the hell was going on.

"She is my dog, but before you react, just know that I'm not going to try and take her away."

"What do you mean, she's your dog?"

"I had to be out of town for a couple of weeks on business and I asked a neighbor to watch after her. I got home and she was gone. He claimed that she ran out a couple days after I left when he went in to feed her. I don't believe him. I checked with the SPCA and they told me that a dog fitting her description had been turned in and adopted but they refused to give me a name. I came here just hoping to see her and make sure she was okay."

"Jim, I assure you that she is fine and much loved."

"That's all that's important, but I was wondering if you could let me know when you're coming out here so I can meet you and see her."

"Sure," I replied and he gave me his number.

For several weeks, I'd call Jim and we'd meet at the dog park for a few hours. Jim and I were becoming good friends and I was becoming more attracted to him.

I started inviting him over on Saturdays to watch sports and as we sat on the sofa enjoying a beer, Lady would cuddle up between us.

Then, one weekend I decided to go up to a cabin that a friend had and invited Jim to join Lady and I. He immediately said yes.

He met me at my place at mid afternoon and we headed out. We arrived at the cabin just after five and unloaded the car. That evening, after dinner, we built a fire and watched the sun set over the lake. Lady alternated between my lap and Jim's.

We turned in early, our beds side by side. Lady couldn't decide who to sleep with.

The next morning after breakfast, the three of us went for a hike through the woods. When we returned, I asked Jim if he would like to go for a swim.

"I'd love to but I didn't bring a suit."

"Well, it's just us here and when I come up here I usually swim nude. I'm not shy and if your not, we can skinny dip."

"I'm not shy in the least. There are lots of us running in and out of the showers nude at the gym. Besides, I haven't been skinny dipping since I was a kid. Let's do it."

We both began stripping and seeing him totally nude was suck a turn on. I loved his hairy chest and magnificent muscular body, but what impressed me most was his beautiful long cock.

We hit the water together as Lady watched from the shore. We splashed around and began wrestling and soon both of us were totally boned. Jim looked at me and said, "It looks like you're in the same shape as I am."

"Always," I replied with a smile.

"Me, too," he replied.

Wondering what he would do, I walked out of the water, my hard cock sticking out and pointing the way to the shore. He quickly followed and when we reached our chairs he said, "When I was a kid and me and my buds would skinny dip and get boners, we all gather on the bank of the creek and take matters in hand, if you know what I mean."

"I know exactly what you mean. I do it and any guy that says he doesn't is a fucking liar."

"Man, are you so right. It's so natural."

Smiling, I began stroking mine as I said, "Care to join me?"

"Of course," he said with a laugh as he grasped his cock.

Sitting side by side in our chairs, we brought our cocks to a roaring climax seconds apart, firing our loads out into the fire pit.

"What a waste," I heard him say softly. I didn't respond verbally. I just smiled and he saw it.

"I don't know about you but plan on staying nude," I told him.

"Since you are, I'll do the same. I love being nude."

"So do I," I replied.

We stayed nude the rest of the day, frequently eyeing each others cocks. As we prepared dinner together, Jim looked at me and said, "Mark, you've got one hell of a tool on you."

"Hey, there's not a fucking thing wrong with yours. Yours is pretty nice also."

He smiled and swatted my ass as he passed behind me.

After dinner, as we cleaned up the kitchen he jokingly grabbed at my cock. I laughed and avoided his grab. Then, as we headed outside, he did it twice more. As we neared our chairs by the fire, I said, "If you want it, ask for it like a man. Don't scratch for it like a dog."

"Oh, really?" he said as he walked toward me.

Stepping up in front of me he looked into my eyes and grasped my cock. I wondered if he was serious.




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