After an hour of composure with them showing the entire house, including the room that I’m going to sleep in, and more talking, revealing that Derrick is basically more of a hormonal than gay, we finally started the reason why I am actually here, the interview.

Right now we are in the sex dungeon where all the action take place, with Paul giving a massage to Derrick, and me with Sam continuing the interview while the scene is going on.

Me: So how does a scene with a client work?

Nike: For starters, we would negotiate with the client about the things that the client want, the theme, the characters, the duration and the execution, and when the scene is going on, the client is unable to outright stop the scene they had chosen, we just only slow the action down to make it some comfortable for the client.

Me: It might be too soon for this question, but are you going to be scared if the client decided to sue when the scene is deemed unsatisfactory or hurt?

Nike: No, because before we start the scene, we offer a legal contract to the client that states that the scene is consensual, and after the scene is finished we have an hour long aftercare which includes a meal with a client.

Me: Thanks, putting the sequence back to the negotiation, what sort of example does a rape scene be constructed?

Nike: Is something like what we are seeing right now, the client is talking to his friend’s dad while waiting for his friend at his friend’s house. The dad, having the hots for the client, decided to lure him to his bedroom and rape the shit out of him until the friend came back, which is 2 hours later.

Me: To be honest, usually this type of scene bores me when I read it in the Internet, but watching it in real life actually surprises me about how erotic it is.

Nike: [Laugh] I glad you liked it, maybe you should try it out one day.

Me: I’ll be happy to, especially it is free. But there is something that intrigues me about this scene is that in this scene, the rapist prefers to use a strap on to have sex with the client, why is that?

Nike: Well…other that the fact that the rapist’s cock belongs to only me, realistically we just can’t do multiple scenes for 5 hours straight when you are the one penetrating. Cumming takes a long time to recover, and for our age, we can’t overtire ourselves just to have repeated orgasms. Not only that, we are also quite hesitant to be infected with sexual diseases from other people.

Me: So how long do you work as rapists?

Nike: Everyday excluding outside entertainment which we provide a notice, but we only work from 7 pm to 10 pm. Price negotiable starting from $300 dollars.

Me: Overall, I think that concludes the interview. Thank you for your time.

Nike: Thanks, please check out the channel if you want to join in a hot adventure. And … wouldn’t you mind to join in the show we are watching?



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