Sitting on a sofa looking at them, Mr Sam Thomas, Mr Paul Jeneta and Thomas’ son Derrick, a couple that I am interviewing today. Being familiar with them after a wonderful dinner made by Paul, the butterflies in me is now busy trying to swallow the yam porridge, awai, giving me the confidence to start prepare my questioning towards them, their kinky side to be exact.

“So first, Derrick, are you okay with your dads talking about their sex life?”

“Sure, well, actually, I am posing as their client today.”

Sam gives Derrick a disapproving eye, before resigning to a deep sigh.

“So, Sam, that means you are okay with that?”

“If you make sure to hide his identity I will allow it, in fact, that’s what we gave for his birthday. So…um…could we restart this interview again?”

“It has never been started, I’m just curious about Derrick.And you all already stated that you should only be called by your nicknames.”

Paul lightly massaged Sam’s shoulder, both of them smiled a little.

“It’s okay, if you won’t mind Derrick, do you want to listen to their interview?”

Derrick nods.

And thus, the interview is officially started.


Kink Calling: Fantasy Grapists

Nick: Soma Pear Position: Versatile Year: 47y Area: New York, USA

Nick: Week Nike Position: Versatile Year: 45y Area: New York, USA

Me: Hello, welcome to Kink Call.

Both: Hello.

Me: It is nice meeting you both, so first, how did both of you met?

Pear: Well we were co-workers in the same company 20 years ago, but only started dating for 10 years as I had a wife that time, and the kink side comes naturally after that.

Nike: I only started to date him 2 years after both of them had been divorced, because even though I have been attracted to him since getting to known him, I believe that lust is not worth breaking up a family.

Pear: You should have be more aggressive for me.

Nike: Now I’m making up our lost time.

Me: So I did some research about your website, Fantasy Grapists and most of them dealt with rape fantasies or to generalize it,consensual non-consent scene, which is quite controversial with many people, so could you explain about your idea behind this?

Pear: After my divorce, I became celibate and focus on my life, but as I’m quite a sex driven person, I started to imagine fantasies that didn’t occur in my marriage. It lasted for 2 years before Nike made a move on me and the fantasies just stopped.

Me: What type of fantasies?

Pear: For an example, I thought of myself hiking across a mountain and was captured to become a “wife” the mountain men, where I’m fucked without mercy every day and made to do feminine chores like cooking and sewing,even when I was made pregnant for almost every year and even I have been cherished by them as a part of their community.

Me: Damn.

Nike: And this is just considered moderate for him. Ok… I had rape fantasies when I was younger, most of them involving authorities. This scared me and I left permanently, and the place I live now is shown me the opportunities of knowledge, and now I know that the fantasies are normal to me.

As now I’m older, my rape fantasies are more towards the POV of them aggressor, and for an example, I would barge into a house to steal the most valuable item in the house, my intention is a diamond, but I ended up stealing the heir’s heart, after a round a making a mark in his body and his soul.

Pear: One day, we decided to communicate with each other about our fantasies, and later talking to our group of friends about the same thing. Which brings us to this, a new website.

Nike: Is like, we read a lot of erotica on the internet, where most of the things where they written would have make my family called help from a sea away from domestic abuse. Which well…that’s sounds a little ironic.

Me: Cool. From your website, your motto is: “Let your dreams come true, hot and safe.” Care to explain that?

Pear: First, while we had a major part in managing this website, we are just actually bitches for another friend of ours who had the passion, and wanted to run the business by himself. Secondly, it’s like what we usually do: making your rape fantasies a reality, but we also make sure that this event won’t give you traumas that hurt you after you experienced it.

I have to really clarify this statement: “In reality, rape is degrading, sinful and cruel. Because no matter if you penetrate a person, or getting penetrated by the person, in the end you hurt a person just to satisfy your own pleasure.”


There is a silence while I let Sam compose himself back again.

“Sorry, it is kind of too emotional of me?”

“No, not at all, in fact hearing that statement remind me of the time where I visited a gay community centre that serves as an unofficial male rape centre. It is exclusive for gay man, but the stories I heard are really horrifying.”

“For an interview?”

“For a friend.”

There is another awkward silence, which furthers the irony of what are we going to do next.

“If you are talking about rape, what do you think about the James Deen rape case?”

“In truth, I think that she’s lying.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Well, if she’s and the other accusers are telling the truth, James Deen would be in prison right now. But in January? No legal action is involved, James is still there doing his own work and nobody talks about it anymore.”

“Cause now everybody is in the US is now talking about either Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders.”

Laughter erupted from us.

“Politics? I wanna have sex!”

More laughter.

“And I want to continue an interview!”

Paul suddenly clapped his hands, silencing both of us.

“Sorry, give us an hour to compose ourselves, then we start the interview.”

Derrick raised his hand to agree, me and Sam followed. For me, the mood right now is too difficult for all of us to perform a sex act.




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