I made it a point to leave the condoms where he had left them to let him know I was enjoying his spent cum. One night while Jhon was away, Santiago called me to his room. I thought nothing of it and opened up his door. Santiago was jacking his huge hairy cock and asked me whether I now wanted to try his fresh cream as it left his balls. I told him that I was afraid we were passing a line that shouldn´t be crossed, but he insisted that he wanted to get sucked off. Santiago knew I had been eating his spent loads of semen and wanted to feel what it was like to cum in someone´s mouth like his Uncle Jhon did with me. Santiago said it would be our secret and that no one would ever find out.

   Santiago was very convincing especially jacking  his hard cock in front of me. I relinquished to his egging on and got between his young hairy legs.I wanted this to be the best blow job that he had for the first time in his life. I engulfed the head of his member between my lips and teased his foreskin between my teeth being rewarded by a stream of tasty precum. I knew I had to slow down or he would come too quick and not get to enjoy my talented mouth.

   I went to his hairy nuts which were bags of wrinkled flesh. I took each one inside my mouth and savored their taste. I proceeded to lick just below his balls edging toward his hairy hole. Upon finding  it I speared it with my tongue and started to really chowing down on his asshole. Santiago squirmed under my  talented tongue, til he couldn´t stand no more. I went back to licking up his swollen shaft til I took his cock between my lips. Santiago began to thrust his hips in unison to my downward sucking of his hairy shaft. He was beginning to let me know it wouldn´t be long to I got my fresh taste of his semen.

Like I said I wanted to give him a blow job to remember so I did exactly  what a guy had done to me when he gave me the best blow job of my life. I was going to Syracuse University at the time and there were infamous bathrooms where one could unload his cream into some guy´s mouth. I remember getting sucked by a talented guy  to the point I was ready to come. I warned him I was close and he stuck his finger inside my ass and hit my prostate . It was the best orgasm that I had ever experienced. 

   As I continued to suck Santiago´s ever thickening cock. He shouted that he was coming. At which point I took my finger and entered his hole hitting his prostate. He started to buck and tremble, thrusting his cock into my mouth til his balls smacked against my chin. My mouth was then quickly filled with the tastiest cum I had ever tasted in my life. He continued to cum until I had emptied his young balls. I was satiated with a belly full of his hot cream. I didn´t even want to get off feeling totally satisfied with pleasing him. That night he knocked I my door with cock in hand and wanted another repeat of what we had done. As I was sucking him he announced whether he could suck my cock at the same time. We got in the 69 positon which he had seen Jhon and I do many times secretly watching us come in each other mouth. Santiago was inexperienced but alright for a beginner. He said that he was attracted to both guys and girls and whether that was strange. I said he had the best of both worlds straight and gay. He also confided in me that he wanted to suck his Uncle´s cock  and even have his Uncle suck his til he shot his load down his  throat. I told him I would arrange it somehow. 

   I told Jhon let´s try something different with the gloryhole. I told him I would blindfold his eyes and make it truly a anonymous encounter not knowing who he was sucking off. I told Jhon I would coach him along. I pretended to go to the Metro and pick up someone and told Jhon to put on the blindfold and wait til we arrived. Santiago and I had planned it down to the utmost detail. As I entered the closet Jhon had the blindfold on and waited, I watched as Santiago brought his stiff cock from his shorts. As he stuck his cock through Jhon enveloped his young cock and started sucking it to beat hell. I told Jhon to slow down and make it last. Upon which Santiago had withdrew his cock from Jhon´s lips. I told him that he wanted to suck your black cock. Jhon rose up and exposed his dripping hard member and eased it through the hole with my help. I heard Jhon exclaim and groan when Santiago began to suck him off. Santiago was like a nursing infant trying to get the milk from his mother teat. Jhon began to fuck his mouth with deep thrusts from inside the closet. Finally he withdrew his member and said he was almost ready to unload his cream. Jhon said he wanted o finish the other guy off first. Santiago sent his aching cock once again and entered Jhon´s mouth knowing in no time he was going to reward his Uncle with his load. When he let loose of his cum Jhon swallowed greedily until the cock he was sucking was spent. Jhon rose to his feet and found the open hole for his swollen cock and the waiting mouth of his nephew. After a few minutes Jhon began to thrust his cock with a fever and started to unload his cum inside his nephew´s waiting mouth, Santiago swallowed the huge load like a trooper.

   After jhon was finished Santiago reluctantly released his softening black cock from his lips and left the room. I left the room and pretended to give the serviced man a lift to the Metro. Jhon never suspected the serviced man was upstairs still savoring Jhon´s heavy salty load. Later that night , Santiago came to my room and rewarded me with his heavy load which I had grown accustomed to after many months.

   To this day it has been a secret between Santiago and me even though John has sucked his nephew cock off without knowing he did or that Santiago was enjoying his Uncle Jhon´s cream  various times thanks to a small piece of cloth, a blindfold.




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