This story is dedicated to Billy C and his husband for always being so supportive of my stories. They are the super gay couple.

Dirk, the handsome well-groomed Ivy League guy, shares this hot sexual encounter with the readers.

I'm a senior at Yale University with a goal of becoming a male model for one of the top and most famous male fashion designers. I come from a very wealthy family with me being the fourth generation male to attend Yale and also a member of the same fraternity. I'm this year's president of my fraternity. I've worked very hard to be in perfect shape to become a famous model in the future. I stand 6-feet, weigh 170 trim pounds, blonde hair, light sky blue eyes, smooth almost hairless body except for my underarms and well-groomed pubic hair, solid ribbed muscled body, and a proud 8-inch circumcised cock with a thick cock shaft and above average set of balls.

During these past four years at Yale, I've been active on campus in several clubs. I'm known as a very preppy well-dressed campus dude. If I say so myself, I'm known on campus as a popular hot gent with many friends. And yes, I'm gay. I came out to my parents my freshman year in college and they have been totally supportive of my sexual orientation.

Over the past four years at Yale, I've had three gay relationships. Each one was a fraternity brother with the last boyfriend breaking up with me a month ago. I never considered dating or going to bed with any guy that was not in my social preppy class, that was not clean cut and did not look like he had just been featured in a major fashion magazine. This is where my story changes when this thug comes into my life.

One week ago on Saturday night, I found myself lonely and somewhat depressed and still stinging from my latest boyfriend dumping me for a hot athlete from Harvard so I decided to go for a drink at a popular gay pub just off campus. I'd been there several times with my last boyfriend. That night the pub was filled with many hot college gay lads upon my arrival. I got a beer and found a table by myself in a corner of the crowded room as I enjoyed the music of a popular local band.

After several beers, I went to the men's room to piss. As I stood at the urinal emptying my bladder, this rugged thug looking guy entered the restroom and began to piss at the urinal next to me. Holly shit, his cock had to be at least 8-inches soft with a huge cock head. I wondered how big that monstrous cock was when fully erect. I would never be found dead dressed like this dude. He had long shaggy curly light brown clean recently shampooed hair, real dark sexy eyes, a faded shirt, baggy very worn pants with lots of holes including both knees, a chain running from his right pocket down to his knee, a multi-colored bandanna on his head, scruffy-looking over all appearance and well-worn tennis shoes. But he was clean shaven.

I became frightened and uneasy when this somewhat aggressive looking thug turned looking at me as if he was up to no good. There were no other dudes in the restroom. When he had finished pissing, he began to shake his big cock at me, began moving close to me while jerking his dong with a few drops of piss still dripping from that piss slit, gave me a sexy shitty grin and said:

"Hey dude, aren't you one of those high fluting preppy college students from Yale who thinks guys like me are just scum of the earth? Yea, I know your type. I've seen you here before with that prissy boyfriend of yours. I bet you have never had a real fuck by a mean dude like me? You proper guys probably last about 2 minutes, climax and rush to shower before the cum can dry on those well-trimmed pubic hairs. I'm a straight dude that has fucked lots of females and yea many of them were whores that loved my huge dick but I've wondered for a long time what it would be like to fuck one of you preppy types to show you what dirty sex is like. Shit it is odd but I find it a real challenge to get down and dirty with one of you preppy dudes who find me a turnoff. Shit for that reason you turn me on. Look, my cock is growing hard. How about letting my cock drill that cute little clean pussy of yours? Shit, I'm horny for you thinking you have never had dirty sex with a rebel like me. Look man, your cock is growing stiff right now. I'm turning you on, yea dude."

I was in a daze and shocked that this thug had turned me on. Oh hell, I'd never seen such a huge cock. It was stone hard, long, thick, pulsating and looked like a policeman's night stick. Never in a thousand years would I've dreamed that a rugged poorly dressed dude would have this kind of effect on me. He was correct. My cock had become steel hard and I'd never been hornier for a guy. I wanted him to tear off my clothes, throw me on the dirty tile floor and fuck the hell out of me. I knew I had to have him. For the first time in my life, I was wanting real dirty man sex.

"Yea dude, you have me so hot for your cock in my ass. Please fuck me all night with that huge missile of yours. Man you are so hot. How big is that snake? By the way, my name is Dirk and you are?"

"Fucking shit this is great Dirk. I too don't know what happened to me but I want that man pussy of yours more than any female pussy I've ever had. Are you turning me into a fucking fag? I've got a champion sized cock. Sometimes I think I'm a freak with this 11.5-inch tool. Most women can't take all this wood. I hope you can take all my cock. Man, that would be so cool. My name is Tommy. We can't fuck here. Where can we go? Maybe I just want to turn you into a dirty slut, you preppy college dude?"

"Tommy, I've got good news. Although I live in a fraternity, this family I know is on vacation and I'm house setting for them. We can have that house all to ourselves. You can fuck me until I can't walk. Maybe I crave being turned into your nasty bitch. Lets go."

I got really nervous on the way to the house. Was I being set up to be robbed and then left for dead? Hell, I was so horny for this thug that I decided to take the risk and if I died maybe it would be after he had fucked the hell out of me and I could die happy.

When we got to the ten bedroom mansion, we got a six pack of beer out of the refrigerator and headed up to the master bedroom. The huge king sized bed had a ceiling mirror, a balcony overlooking a two acre flower garden, a fireplace and chairs and sofa around this huge room.

"Hell Holy Fuck Dirk, I've never seen anything like this. Man, what a groovy place to fuck. Man, I'm horny to fuck you all over this room. Fuck, I want you to experience for the first time real dirty raunchy sex as a bitch."

"Yea you hot thug, fuck me ,fuck me, fuck me all over the place. Man, can I suck that huge cock first and do you want to suck my big cock also? I bet you've never sucked a man's cock before?"

"Shit man, no I've never sucked cock but yea, why not. I'll suck that cock of yours."

Tommy looked to be about 6-feet and weighed around 165 to 170 pounds, semi-dark complexion (I learned that he was of Italian ethnic heritage), and had the most beautiful lily white perfect teeth.

After we consumed a couple of beers, Tommy grabbed me in a very tight bear hug using his big rough hands to hold my face in those hands, began pressing his thick red sensuous lips hard on my wet lips and soon he parted my lips with his huge rough tongue and drove his tongue deep into my throat. Man, I'd never had such a hot and big tongue explore my mouth before. He was very experienced in hot kissing. I felt as if his tongue was a wet mop cleaning ever inch of my mouth. His breath smelt strong from what seemed like he had been smoking pot. Our tongues began to compete like a dueling match as we were engaging in sloppy slurpy-like kissing. Gee man, he was that mischief undisciplined rebel that had seduced me after all those years that I'd been a "Mr. Goody Two-Shoes".

As we kissed with such force, I felt our huge hard cocks rubbing against each other inside our pants. Overcome with lust, I managed to slide my hand between our entwined crotches, discovered a big hole in his pants, put my hand inside and grabbed that huge cock. I rubbed that wood as his cock leaked pre-cum on my fingers. This already raunchy sex caused Tommy to throw me on the bed with my legs and feet hanging over the edge.

Tommy turned into a primitive beast as he took hold of my expensive black silk dress shirt and ripped it into shreds and off of me. He got down and took off my black dress shoes, black silk stockings, unzipped my dress pants and pulled them off and then literally ripped my white briefs off of me. Both my shirt and briefs were in shreds. I'd never been hornier and lusting after a guy. Man, this rebel knew what I wanted but I had not realized until that night. It was clear that he loved rough sex. My cock was twitching and my ass muscles were puckering in anticipation of that thug's rough big cock.

Tommy in record speed got out of his clothes except for his boxer shorts. Wow, his body was laced with hard muscles and ribbed with tight flat chest, stomach, abs, thighs and legs developed from his blue collar construction job. He ordered me off the bed and down on my knees. He buried his big crotch and boxer shorts in my face and ordered me to suck and lick on those shorts. His body was very clean and it was obvious he had showered before coming to the pub. It was here that I learned that he was from a middle class family but was in rebellion from his parents and three older brothers life style. He had been living a life style of a rebel ever since he dropped out of high school as a senior.

Holy fuck, his very faded boxer shorts were covered in cum stains. It was obvious that he had masturbated many times unloading his seed in these ragged faded cum stained shorts. As I began to use my lips and tongue to lick his huge cock through those worn shorts, I got the most erotic smell from those cum stained shorts as well as his entire body. It was the most pleasant manly odor unlike any smell of my preppy buddies. He was all man. His cock was so big that the head of that cock was peaking out of the bottom of those shorts. I began to kiss that cock head.

I pulled down those boxer shorts and began to kiss, suck and lick his mushroom cock head, run my tongue up and down the underside of his hard cock shaft and finally I took that snake down my throat inch by inch until I was deep-throating that blood filled monster. Tommy grabbed the back of my head and he used his strong legs and hips to take charge as he fucked my mouth with an unbelievable force. The force of his huge cock cut off my wind pipe and I had to breath only through my nose. This hot sex had my cock aching for attention for a man's mouth. I knew Tommy was crazy with lust when he said:

""Hell fuck, suck my cock. Shit no broad ever sucked my cock like that. Yea, suck me, suck me, you preppy bitch. Yea, that's it."

As Tommy felt a possible surge in his nuts, he pulled that huge cock out of my mouth and said: "Man, that was awesome. Now I'm ready to suck my first cock. Man, you have a nice big cock yourself. Tell me what to do."

I stood up by the side of the bed, had Tommy get down on his knees and as I moved my boner up to his lips, I said: "Hey Dude, just take it in your mouth and suck it like it is a popsicle."

He slowly put the tip of my leaking cock in his mouth, swirled his tongue around my cock head and used his lips to press down on my big tool. Before long, he began to carefully take my big dick inch by inch deep into his throat. His lips became firmly stretched around my fresh meat and soon he was giving me the best blowjob of my life. Before long, I felt my balls tighten, a surge building in my nuts and I was ready to come. He had warned me not to come in his mouth but I could not help myself. I'd crossed over the line as I shot blast after blast deep into his throat. He gagged but was forced to swallow much of my rich ropey seed.

When he finally was able to take my cum covered cock out of his mouth, he grinned and said: "I actually liked the taste of my first cum meal. But I told you not to come in my mouth so I guess I have to punish you now. No mercy on that little pink clean preppy ass of yours when I drive big Daddy into that little pussy of yours."

That made me so hot and horny to hear those words.

I knew all was OK when Tommy grinned and ordered me down on my knees and said: "Well you little prissy guy, get down on your knees ans lick and suck my toes and feet."

As I began to lick and suck those sweaty toes and feet, I smelt the locker room type aroma from his wearing those old tennis shoes without socks for who knows how long. The smell sent me into some type of orbit of pure pleasure. Hell, I felt my cock actually stiffen even thou I had just come in his mouth. I must have washed those toes and feet with my tongue while smelling those feet for at least five minutes before Tommy said:

"OK pussy boy, get up on the bed on your stomach, spread those preppy legs far apart, take your hands and pull that ass wide open and get ready for the fuck of your life."

I instructed Tommy: "Get a bottle of lube and a condom from the dresser over there." Tommy retrieved a bottle of lube but no condom. I repeated my request: "Tommy get a condom, I've never been fucked without a condom."

"No Dirk, I may be a thug but I'm clean and you are going to get fucked raw for the first time."

I became so excited that this hot rebel was going to breed me raw that my cock began throbbing despite the fact that I had climaxed just a few minutes ago. I felt my ass pulsating in and out from the excitement from this thug and the rough fuck that was about to take place. I was about to have my first raunchy wild sex with a thug who did not play by the same rules as me.

I felt the big rebel pour lots of cold lube on m y ass, he took his big finger and drove that lube deep into my ass and shit he even massaged my prostate with his lubed covered finger. How did this straight thug know how to do that? Maybe it was by accident? However, I was over heating ready for his big Daddy up my ass. I'd never been so soaked with sweat from this wild primitive dude like experience. He poured lots of lube on his huge condom free dick. He was now ready.

I felt his big legs lowered between my legs and thighs, his lubed cock head began to rub up and down my ass crack, he lowered his hard body on my back, I felt his hot pot smelling breath on my neck, his feet began to rub against my feet and then the pain began as he thrust his huge cock past my outer ass rings and soon he was all the way in my ass. I groaned and cried from the severe pain. My ass felt like a red-hot steel rod had invaded my pussy. His cock stretched my ass walls outward as his hard cock went deep into my ass channel. Tommy managed to use his horse like cock to stretch my ass to fit his monster. My ass would never be the same again.

Tommy laid flat on my sweaty body; drilled my ass with that leaking cock; pushed his hot body into my back; sucked my neck, ears and arms; blew his breath on my head; and moaned like some wild cougar. After some time, the pain went away as ecstasy took charge of my body.

I felt our sweaty bodies melt together, the feel of his big missile inside me and the unique smell coming from this man's man of a thug had me ready to shoot a load again.

Tommy drilled my ass for nearly 10 minutes as he moved his cock around to ever corner of my ass and yea he used his cock to massage my prostate until I became dizzy with pleasure of how he used his cock to explore ever inch of my ass to satisfy his cock.Then his seed collected in his balls, rushed up his big cock shaft and out that huge piss slit as his cum flooded my ass. His load was so huge that I felt as if my ass was in a rainy flood storm. Soon his cum began to spill out of my ass and onto our bodies. When he was spent, he slowly pulled his cock out of my ass as I heard his cock pop as it left my ass. The smell of cum was so awesome.

The feel of all that cum washing through my ass caused my cock to throb and soon I felt my oncoming climax. I erupted with a big load of cum on the bed covers. The cum stain would never come out of those covers. The owners would realize that I had fucked in their bed.

Tommy turned me over on my back as his cum ran out of my ass. We kissed, laid close to each other for the longest and then got up and we had another beer. We were soon going to be ready for another round. I could hardly wait to get that huge dick back in my ass and smell this sweaty thug's body on top of me.


Naughty Eric


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