"What? No, I don't want to go to the frat house. beside they don't like gay guys." Alex says to his best friend Harper. She blinks her blue eyes and gives the puppy dog face knowing full well that was his major disadvantage when she does that.

"Please, as a early Birthday present to me? PLEASE?!?!" She begs 

"Ugh, fine I will go but I won't like it." Alex says stubbornly. " Yay, I'll pick you up at six." She leaves his dorm room and bolt down the hall to her car. 

Alex is still a shy guy. When he was outed at high school everyone treated him horribly but the one person who never left him was Harper. She stood by him no matter what so in his mind it's at least what he could do for her. Alex walks into the bathroom looks himself over in the mirror. He was a cute guy. He had dirty blond hair with hazel green eyes. He was built nicely from swimming and running and also had a nice round bubble butt. He doesn't boast about his looks but his ass was his best quality. 


As it was getting close to Harper picking Alex up. He fixed his hair one last time before overlooking himself in the mirror. He looked good, a black hoodie that hugged his body nicely showing his boyish curves and his jeans not tight but his ass definietly filled out the space. One thing he hated though was only being five foot three. being a little guy sucked. 


Harper picked up Alex and they drove half an hour away from campus. Soon they were in dense woods. a few minutes more they turned and followed a gravel road that winded and curved down into the woods until they reach a huge clearing in the middle stood a big house with the Frat greek sign on the front. Harper drove around and found a parking space next to a yellow hummer. People were laughing and can hear people jumping in the pool in the back yard. Looking in the front steps stood a lot of guys from the football team and suddenly it hit me. 

"This is the football teams victory party isn't it?" I asked Harper and she smiled guilty. "Yeah, but look Jason who is the wide receiver he asked me to come but I told him i wouldn't come unless you could come so i thought about you always babe" Yes she always does. "Okay okay, come on let's have some fun"

Walking across the frat house lawn, there were a ton of people everywhere. The music was booming loud in the house and already several solo cups littered the grounds. I suppose this would be a ideal location for frat house that has a party this loud and big. No neighboors to bother you about the noise. Entering the house it was hot and noisy. Harper spotting Jason from across the room wanted to go but stayed with me unsure if to leave me. After giving her the okay I walked back and stayed on the wall being the outcast I usually am. He talked for a few people here and there but was unable to hold a conversation. He went into the kitchen and grabbed a beer to drink. The frat guy gave him a confused look in wondering how someone like him got invited to a party like this. Before anymore speculation could be mad ehe turn and left the kitchen. While trying to get away he doesn't pay attention where he is walking and runs straight into something solid. His cup breaks and the beer spills on him and the person he ran into.

Looking up he sees a tall ripped shirtless football player. The guy looks down at him. He looks at the boy  surprised. The guy has hard big square pecs. a ripped cut eight pack. His biceps bulging. He stood at least six foot two. He had dark blue eyes with blond short hair. "Who are you?" He asked. 

"I'm Alex, my friend Harper shes here with you teammate. Jason. He invited me here." He nodded his head. "Look, I'm so sorry for spilling my beer on you I wasn't paying attention..and..and.." The guy covers his mouth with his hand and was smiling. "Dude, it's fine. No harm done just be careful next time little guy." He says. He winks before turns and talks to his friends. After leaving through out the night he gets teased. some people calling me Faggot and some tripping him. For the rest  of the party he stayed hidden.


It was nearly midnight and I was tired. A;ex texts Harper several times wondering where she was. HE sat next to her car waiting. He laid his head back and closing his eyes. "Hey" Alex jumped up startled by the voice. "Hey, it's only me man" He clears his eyes and is starring at the ripped football player. This time he was wearing his shirt. 

"What you doing out here by yourself? It's late." He says. With a bit of concern in his voice. 

"Yeah, I know I am waiting for Harper I called and texted her but she hasn't responded." He says. The frat scratches the back of his head. "What is it....what's your name?" He asked.

"I'm Scott. And I saw your friend went upstairs to Jason's room. I don't think she will be back anytime soon" He says. 

'Fine, I will walk." He turns stuffing his phone into his pocket and started down the dark road. 

"Hey, dude come on. Let me give you a ride...." I stop and turn. "Seriously? A Ride? Don't you have some girl to screw or something?" HE recoiled. as if he was offended. 

"I know who you are now. You the Quarter Back of the team. Big shot. Also known as the guy who slept with the entire cheerleading team in one night. I been teased and pushed around by your friends. I don't want to fall into a trap where you and your buddies will humilaite me!" Alex turns and continues down the road. 

Walking down down the near pitch black road back to campus he was totally scared. Slowly bright lights began lighting up the road and a black truck stopped next to him. Hearing someone getting out he was ready to run but before he could he sees Scott's face. "I thought I said I don't want a ride." 

"Well, I don't care what you want. your getting in. It's to dangerous there animals out here that will attack you." Alex takes a deep breath and climbs in. 

As he drove it was silence. Scott cleared his throat before he spook. "So, why are you so hostile to me?" He asks.

"Why shouldn't I be? YOur buddies were horrible to me all night...no different from high school." 

"WHy what happened?" He asked. Alex taking another deep breath and began from the beginning of what happened being outed in his senior year of high school and being bullied. Espically by the football team.

"Wow, I see why now...but look I am nothing like those asses back there..."

"Maybe, but still screw around a lot." 

"Yes, I do. But, I am no homophobic ass. Believe it or not I like hanging with gay people." 

"That's a shocker, really, but...."

"Yes, i know I am a player. However,  I didn't have the best time going through high school either."  He told me his life story. And to be frank it tops my story. 


Pulling into the parking lot of campus, I invited him to my room for a drink. I open a hidden bottle of aged rum and mixed it with coke. We sit on my bed side by side back against the wall. "So, how did you grow from being this skinny kid to being this huge muscular beast?" He asked. "Oh so you think I am a huge beast. well, not the only place I'm huge." He says seductively. 

Alex blushes at his comment. "Want to feel?" Scott asks. flexing his bicep. Without hesistation Alex grabbed it and squeezed. "Damn...that solid...and nice. You really changed yourself completely. Good for you" Alex says with true kind words. Scott looks down at Alex. "Thank you, you been really kind since we left the party." He says. 

"Well, I know you a bit better so...." Scott bends his head down and kisses Alex i=on the lips forcing his lips apart. Soon Alex body was filled with pleasure and adrenaline. He swings his little body onto Scott's lap and straddles him kissing. We kissed intensly. With fire and passion. This was different. He barely knew this guy and he feels like he needs him....

Scott stands up. Alex wrapping his legs around Scott's waist both still kissing. Scott let's him down and removes his shirt. He looks down into Alex eyes tilting his head up with his fingers. "Take off your shirt baby boy." Alex slowly pulls off his shirt. Scott groans and pushes Scott against the wall. "Fuck, baby boy you are so fucking hot. body so smooth and soft." Scott says as his big hands feels Alex's chest. arms. face." 

"So are you Scott. So, strong. brave. hot. Muscular. No man can compete with you." Alex says. HE feels his massive pecs and runs them. "God damn you are making me hard." Pressing his big thick long hard on into Alex stomach. Scott reaches down and unbuttons his jeans and pulls them down over Alex's round ass. He gives it a smack. causing Alex to yelp a bit. Scott chuckles as he feels and rubs Alex smooth ass.

Alex unbotton Scotts pants and when he pulls them down his big nine inch thick cock hits Alex in the face due to him trying to pull scott's pants down. "Fuck, you are huge!" Alex says.

"Suck it. Suck my fat dick" Scott demanded. Alex getting on his knees he grabbed the thick shaft with both hands and brings the fat head to his lips and his hot mouth clamps around it. "Oh fuck yes, Alex" Scott moans. 

Alex slowly took what he could until he felt it hit the back of his throat. He slowly moved back and forth on his cock while stroking the shaft as well. Alex could hear Scott moan in pleasure as he keeps sucking his fat cock deeply and smoothly. Alex, began taking a little more of Scott's fat cock down his throat more and more. after what seemed like hours He manage to finally get all nine thick inches down his throat feeling his big balls resting on Alex chin. He pulled back to the tip and shoved his face down burying his nose in his pubes. feeling the thick rod go down his throat once again. "Oh fuck, Alex yes. Like that baby boy. Like that. Give your daddy what he needs.!" He says encouraging Alex. Alex picked up the pace slurping back and forth back and forth on his cock. Alex looked up keeping eye contact with scott. He watched rubbed his muscles.  Alex sucked hard while bobbing and twisting his mouth and tongue around and hand. Scott pushed the back of Alex head forcing him to keep at it. "Don't stop baby boy. I'm so close...yes like that baby boy!"

Scott gripped Alex head shoving his cock down his throat and held Alex in place as his cock began spewing ropes of thick cum down Alex throat. ALex at first was having trouble keeping pace with swallowing the cum. So much was coming out faster then he could drink. Once Scott was drained. He pulled his still hard dripping wet cum out of his mouth. He brought Alex up and kissed him in a creamy wet kiss. 

"fuck baby boy, your sucked my cock like a pro!" He kissed him again. He began pulling Alex to the bed. 

"What are we doing now?" Alex asked looking confused but excited. Scott turned back and smiled at Alex. "Now, I am going to fuck you hard and good!" He pushed Alex down on his back on the bed spreading his legs open with hiw big powerful thighs. Scott lifted up Alex legs on to his shoulders and aimed his thick dripping wet rod to the small pink target he slowly pushed into the tight little hole.  Alex took in a sharp breath Scott head opened him up.  "Shhh, relax baby boy breath in and out slowly." He looks at Scott looking down at him never breaking contact as Scott pushes more into him. His face masked with pleasure. FOr some odd reason. Alex felt like this is where Scott should be. above him. His rightful place. But that all went away when he thinks of Scott's past.

Scott push the rest of the way in his hot ass. "I'm all the way in and now I am going to fuck you like you never ahve before!" Soon he began his assualt on Alex ass. He pulled back to the tip and slammed down hard into him. Alex letting out moans of pleasure only fueled Scott to keep on pumping his ass harder and harder. "Oh god!" Alex yelled out. 

"Yeah, take my big dick. take it!" He yelled. After a few more hard thrusts he stopped and forced Alex onto his hands and knees on the bed and gripped his waist hard and slammed into him hard. This cause Alex to throw his head back. Scott grabbed it and kisses him while he fucked him harder. He began picking up speed and hearing Scotts body slap against his fat cheeks. "Damn baby boy love how your fat ass jiggle everytime i fuck u.!" 

"Fuck me hatder daddy!" 

"Oh yeah, daddy is going to tear this ass up!" He felt Scott ram into him faster then before. causing Alex to moan and whimper like a girl. Scott used all his strength in his big powerful muscles to fuck Alex.

Alex began getting light headed from the pleasure, "Oh fuck baby! I am going to cum and breed your tight little ass soon!" 

"Oh fuck daddy.Breed me please! Breed me!"

"Yeah fucking beg for it!"

"Please daddy! Fuck and breed me with your big fat cock. Breed me with your manly cum! Bread me like only a true man can!" 

"OH! FUCK! YESSSS!!!!!" Scott cums so hard into Alex tight ass. He could feel his cum fill him up and slowly begin dripping out. They both collapse on the bed. breathing hard. Alex lays his head on scotts chest. legs tangles with his. and they both fall asleep.......

To be continued.....


I hope this will turn into a second chapter. But that only depends on the rating and how you guys think of it. If you guys like this story I will start working on part two Thank you!



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