Alex slowly stir awake as the sun shines into his dorm room. He slowly opens his eyes slowly, his pounding from the hangover he has now. He sits up and sees who is laying beside him. He looks at the boy in confusion trying to over think what happened last night. Scott opens his eyes and smiles up at Alex, sitting up and kisses him on the mouth. 

"Damn, that was the best night ever." He chuckles and bites and suck Alex neck causing the boy to moan.

Scott cups Alex face in his hand looks into his eyes, the sun light making them look golden. His thumb rubs his cheek. "Your so damn beautiful" And kisses deeply with passion. Scott's hand entangle in Alex's soft hair. He got on top of Alex, Alex knows what about to happen and spreads open his legs, Scott's cock pushes into Alex's still tight hole. He eases into him until he is balls deep in Alex. Scott begins thrusting into the small boy under him, hearing Alex moan and begging for more. He goes on his back and has Alex on top of him having him bounce on his dick hard. He put his hands behind his head as he watch this beautiful boy ride his fat cock. Alex eyes are closed face masked with pleasure his cute cock dripping cum onto Scott's abs. 

"Fuck yeah, ride your daddies cock baby! YEah you know you love this dick!" He says as Alex pounds himself on Scott's dick. Fuck this was to much. He grabs Alex and tosses him back on his back and shoves his cock into Alex. He arches his back feeling the large cock drive so hard. Alex moans so loud and whimpers. "Daddy....yes yes yes!" 

Alex whimpers and moans under Scott "Harder Scott. Please Harder!" 

He thrusted harder and harder everytime he did Alex moans and whimpers got louder and felt his ass tighten around his cock this was pushing Scott so close. Scott grunted and shoved in hard which was enough to cause Alex to shoot his cum, Scott pulled out to the tip and shoved back in. When he does his cock dumped ropes of cum into Alex perfect little tight ass. He collpased on top of Alex smiling. 


They both laid in bed laying on there sides looking at each other legs entangled with each other. "This has been amazing Scott" Alex says smiling

"Yeah, but hey we really need to talk." Scott says face becoming serious. "Look, at the party when I first I saw you I don't know I...." Alex cuts him off.

"Look I know what your going to say. 'This was fun but this was a hook up and that we should keep this to ourselves'" Alex says.

"What no! Look ever since the party I had an immedite liking to you. Last night when you were telling me what happened at school all i wanted to do was tear those fuckers apart! I really like you and not because we fucked but you are a truley are an amazing person and I want to get to know you more!" 

Alex was speechless but finally was able to speak. "Scott look, that's sweet but I know what kind of man you are. You are a player..." Scott moves forward kisses Alex. 

"No, I never had a relationship but with you here and meeting you. All i want is to have a chance to be with you. Please give me a chance" Scott says looking into Alex eyes.

Alex looked back into Scott's eyes and for some reason he knew that he was telling him the truth. He sighs. "Fine, but how are we going to do this? You are apart of the team Frat guys seriously don't like our kind." 

"Look for now you and I will have to keep a low profile. For both of our sake's okay?" 

Alex nodded. 

"Okay come on shower with me." He pulled Alex to the shower. Alex bends over turning on the water making sure it was the right temp. Scott leans against the wall looking at his perfect round ass. He comes from behind smacking it hard. Alex let's out a yelp. He turns and steals a kiss from Scott. As they both climb in the shower both there cock become hard once again. Alex goes down to his knees and takes Scotts's cock into his mouth. bobbing his head up and down. "Oh fuck Alex babe, yes like that suck my big dick!" He says.

Alex hands massage Scott's big balls making Scott go weak to the knees. He grabs Alex head and begins thrusting deep into his mouth and throat he pumps his dick hard and fast his balls swinging hitting Alex in the chin. "Yeah, baby take it!" HE gives a final few pumps before pulling out cumming onto his face..."Oh god babe that is so fucking hot...your my cum whore!" He says as ropes of cum lap over the boy's face. and mouth.

Alex smiles up at the bigger man. "Yes, I am and always will be! " Alex tongue licks some of the cum "Mmm so good!" He says. 


They both change into clothes. "I will go first." Scott leans down and kisses Alex with passion. "I will always protect from the other guys I promise." Scott touches Alex face. "YOur mine now babe." Alex on the verge of tears hugs Scott and Scott returning the hug.

"I'll text you later to meet some where baby" He gives Alex one more kiss before leaving. Alex leans against the wall smiling and feeling happy for the first time in a long time. He hoped this really works out.


While in class he receives a text from Scott

Meet me tonight near the campus pond xoxo

  Alex smiles and replies.

Okay, I will see you tonight babe

When night falls he walls in the woods to the nearby pond  thats half a mile behind campus, it's fed by a steady size stream so the pond is clean. As he nears the pond a small candle light can be seen by the edge. once he clears the woods he sees Scott sitting. Alex full of happiness runs to Scott. When he sees him running to him he catches Alex in his arms and swings him around. 

"Hey babe I have missed you so much" Scott kisses him. He lays Alex on his back. They both begin removing each other's clothing.  "I need you babe!" He says to Alex. When they both are naked Scott lubes up and surges forward "FUCK!" HE says as Alex's tight ass grips his big dick. 

"Your dick so damn big!" Alex says rubbing Scott hard cut body. "So strong. So hot" That got scott attention. HE leaned down and began fucking him hard and fast in his ass. "Your so damn tight baby!" 

Scott piston in and out of Alex causing him to increase in volume in his moans and whimpers. Alex writhed under Scott. Breathing hard and fast. He loved how Alex submitted to him. HOw he gave himself to him. Taking his big dick. He reaches down and begins to stroke Alex's cock while the other hand held Alex's hands above his head. This causes Alex body to go rigid and his ass tightens around Scott's dick. "Of daddy I am so close. Cum in me!" Scott was close too. He went fast and hard as he could into Alex giving the boy what he wanted.HE fucked him without mercy. He pinned the boy under him. Alex groaned and moaned telling him for more and harder. jackhammering, Alex's body arched seeing alex cum hard, but Scott didn't stop. He didn't want top!

He grabbed him by the waist and kept pounding into him never wanting to stop. This boy was his. Alex whimpered like a girl going numb...." can't." Oh fuck! This was so hot. He slowed down but only to shove hard into ALex again and again with long dicking. "OH GOD SCOTT!" Alex came once again. with one final hard shove He came into the spasming hole. 

"Scott.....oh daddy." 

"You are mine. Forever." He kissed him. 


THis chapter was a bit shorter but was in a rush. hope you like this chapter!



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