Alex lays in the strong protective arms of Scott. Scott kissing Alex up and down his neck making Alex giggle as he does.

"We should get going soon we both have a test tomorrow and we need to sleep." Scott says kissing Alex the back of his neck. Alex grumbles "I don't want to to leave you I want to stay in your arms forever..."

"I know baby but we are still student's" 

"Ugh...fine if we have to" They both get up to dress but Scott can't stop looking at this wonderful boy he has....Scott feels his cock begin growing seeing Alex ass he begins stroking it. 

"Alex...I need your help babe...." Scott says. Alex turns around and sees what Scott is saying and seeing his huge hard monster. 

"Please...suck me...: HE begs. 

Alex smiles and crawl to his knees and opens his mouth and Scott slowly pushes his dick into his boy's waiting mouth. His head moves back as he feels Alex's wet warm mouth begin sucking his dick his hands running and softly pulling Alex's hair thrusting his hips into his mouth. 

"God, baby that feels so fucking yes!" His thrust increase in speed and force. Scott's dick pushes down his throat "Yeah baby like that!" Scott's hormones over take him and he grab's Alex head and ram's his dick into Alex's mouth. Alex moans liking it rough and Scott's breathing hard as he begins to climax. "Fuck baby here it comes!" Scott yells and shoot's his load deep down Alex's throat. Scott pulls out slowly and Alex lick's his dick clean. 

"I love your generous loads baby" Alex smiles a little cum on his chin. Scott couldn't help but chuckle as Alex comment. 

"Baby with me you will always be getting my loads!" 



   Scott Returns to his frat house where his brother's are throwing again another party. Scott shakes his head and groan's. He slowly walks into the house where the music is blaring really loud. There are a few dozen people around and can tell the football team and cheerleaders are too. No doubt they are whoring themselves to the team. 

"Hey bro! Scott my man!" Cliff the head of the house comes and wraps his arm around his shoulder's. "Bro, we have a awesome gift for you!" Knowing Cliff this wasn't going to be awesome. "Bro, I am tired and I really want to go to bed..."

"Bro don't be a pussy." Cliff laughs egging Scott.

"Dude I am serious just want to go to bed I am tired." Cliff smiles drops and grows serious.

"So!" He says loudly enough that the entire house looks in there direction. Scott can't help but blush that they became the center of attention. Cliff is backing up leaving Scott in the middle of everyone's eyes. "This dude is tired...he smells sweaty and smell's like he having some action. but with who? perhaps that little faggot boy Alex we seen you hanging around with?" 

Scott insides drop to the floor. suddenly scared on where Cliff was going with this. He can't let no one know about what has been happening he will be kicked out of the Frat and they will target Alex and Scott know's he likely end up having to protect him from his old brother's.  

"He's helping me with calculus he's my tutor..." Scott manage to say in  a low breath. Cliff smiles. "Bro that doesn't help you. Are you turning a fairy on us?" He asks. "Fuck no! I am not...I wouldn't do any gay shit like that!" HE yells at him. His heart ached saying those words knowing if Alex was here now that Alex probably never forgive him for his words that he saying right now. God please let this be over.

Cliff laughs and lift's his hands backing off. "Alright but you have to make us believe you Amanda dear can you come here?" The crowd parts and a short but beautiful girl comes to him. She stand's about five foot six. long flowing silk brunette hair. Piercing green eyes. a lean toned curved body with big round tits. and a round bubble ass. 

"Scott this Amanda and she was kind enough to let us see if you are gay or not. If you are leave now but if you are kiss and feel her up and take her to your room. " Cliff grins. 

"Dude..this is messed up..." Scott says.

"Well, you brought this upon yourself so now begin." He said. He joins the crowd they all looking at him intensely. "Come on baby...I will rock your world" She says placing a hand on his chest. "Mmm wow you have some nice pecs." 

Then her hand slides down and cups his dick. Scott intakes a sharp breath still isn't able to move...god he can't do this to Alex..he just can't but...he can't let them know what he is he just can't...God...he screams in his head. Scott stares down at her feeling disgust. this slut feeling him. it should be A;ex touching him..not this skank...

Alex please forgive me....he says to himself.

He leans down and kisses her hard and intensely. one hand flies up and gropes her breast and the other grabbing a handful of her ass..she moans softly. 

"That's my boy" Cliff says. 

Scott tilts her head to the side kisses and sucking and biting her neck. both hands run down her back and over her round ass and lifts her up making her legs to wrap around his waist tight. Scott slowly carries her up the stairs a tear runs down his face....Alex I am sorry......



    All morning Alex never received a text or call from Scott at all. He was curious if anything has happened. When he enter's his last class where he is taking his test he looks around waiting for Scott to come. The student's begin to file in and take there seats but as the crowd at the door begins to thin out Scott is the last one to enter. Alex smiles brightly that his man has come but it falls short when he sees the dark grim look on his face. Scott eyes connected with his and knew fro mthe first gaze that something has gone wrong.

Instead of Scott coming to seat next to him he sits far from him. All hour it was hard to focus on there test. He had to talk to Scott to see what was wrong. Alex looks at the clock watching the handle tick slowly for the hour to be up. 

As soon as the bell rings Scott shoot's up from his seat and runs handing his test to the teacher and bolt's out the door. 

"What the  hell is going on..." Alex says softly. With classes finally He attempts to call Scott but every call goes straight to voice mail. 

"Hey Scott it's Alex...look is there something wrong? Did I do something wrong? Please call me back." 

"Hey you!" Alex jumps at the sound of the close voice. He turns and faces a frat boy. He smiles.

"Hey, you need to watch this alright? The person you thinking is for isn;t all you think" He hand's Alex a flashdrive and takes off. A;ex stares at the little device in his hand. Alex turns and head's to his dorm. He crosses the short distant to his dorm building. As he walks to his room he sees Harper standing there waiting for him. "Hey hun...hey are you okay?" She asks. Seeing the Concern on his face. 

A;ex looks at her and shakes his head. 

'What's wrong" She asks hugging him. 

"I will tell you when we are inside." 

Alex sits her down and tells her about him and Scott and all they have done and how they met at the party when he was walking home. leading and finishing woth the frat boy handing him the flash drive. 

"I have no idea what is on this thing but ll I know that what it is it has to do something with Scott and I...Do you think they might know about us?" 

"I am not sure honey I can't say...we are just going to have to watch what is on there and find out ourselves. I brought my computer..."

She says pulling her laptop our her bag. 

"Oh hun that will do just fine." Alex says to her. 

As Harper start up the computer Alex checks his phone seeing if Jake texted him or anything but it was clear.  

"Alright hun it's ready. " Harper says.

Alex nods handing her the drive and she put's it in the port. she does a few taps and a file containing a video in it pops up labeled. 


"Are you sure you want to watch what is on this file Alex?" 

I shake my head. "NO, I don;t but I have to watch it I need to know what is going on and why he is acting so weird." 

"Okay Alex..." Harper moves her finger on the pad and clicks the video opening it....



   Scott drives back to the frat house. 

"Hey bro Scott look I did you a huge favor and got rid of your gay problem"  Cliff says.

He looks at Cliff confused. "What are you talking about?" 

"Well, look don't be mad but I recorded the kissing and you know you banging her" He chuckles. "I put the video on a flash drive and sent it to Alex. that faggot and soon he will know my boy is a man whore! Pleasure of women!" He laughs. 

Scott color drains from his face and unable to move. "Look I have to go so I will see you later. YOu can thank me later bro!" He says. 

No....Alex. Scott turns around dropping everyhting and races to his truck. He drives as fast as he could his tires shooting rocks every where as he tries to drive out of the dirt drive fast. When he makes it on the main riad and floors it racing hoping he can make it in time. He tries calling Alex over and over again but going to voice mail. 

"Damn it come on Alex pick up the phone please!" He says frantically. Nearly hitting other cars and people he manage to get to Alex dorm building in one piece. He sets the truck in park and runs out with out even turning off the car and races into the building taking the steps two at a time.. When he finally reaches the top floor he turns the unlock door nob and pushes the door open. 

Alex!" He says. The only other sound was the sound of Scott and Amanda moaning loudly from cumming together. 

"" Scott says feeling his hands shaking 

"Baby..." He says once more.

He watches as Alex turns slowly in his chair eyes red and tears streaming down his face.

In that moment Scot could feel his heart break in two.

"How could you....." 

To be continued......



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