This is the fourth story of a series about Porter, the high end male prostitute. The previous ones were: 'Your Very Own Executive', 'Sailor Boys are Delicious' and 'Screwing the Leather Boy'. If you're not legal or don't like D&S (Domination & Submission) you probably shouldn't read this. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy it.

Porter's Half-Brothers

The little shit squealed again as I twisted his ear.

"God damn it" I shouted at him. "How many times do I need to tell you to control the gagging? You can fuckin well do it if you try."

Believe it or not, I'd picked up this kid at breakfast this morning. Fucking over breakfast? But shit, I'm always horny. It's like 'leading a duck to water' or maybe leading my dick to a hot hole. My dick is like a god damn dowsing rod but it sure's hell ain't looking for water. Put a hot guy in front of me and 'boink' the fucking thing starts pointing and my instinct turns on, and I go for it. Doesn't matter if it's day or night, morning or noon. Hell, you wouldn't believe the gorgeous studs I've fucked at the weirdest times in the weirdest places.

Anyway, this kid must have been barely into his twenty's; maybe a grad student at the University. Actually, it's probably more likely he's a football player at the U. He was wearing a sweaty wife beater, blue gym shorts with the U. logo on them, and carrying a towel. You could see he'd either come from the gym and hadn't taken a shower yet or he'd been out jogging. He was wearing one of those leather fanny packs around his waist to carry his money and crap.

But, who gives a shit what he was wearing, let me tell you how he looked. His hair was plastered to his head, but it was jet, jet black. So much so that even the dry parts had a shine to them. He had big wide eyebrows, almost meeting in the middle, and his nose looked slightly crooked, making me wonder if he'd had it broken sometime. He had a little birth mark to the side of his nose, and the cutest dimples you can imagine. But a pretty face and cute dimples was only half of the picture, because this guy was very much into muscles and was as masculine as they come. Young and pretty and masculine, he was totally hot and just my type.

Anyway, he'd made me hard just looking at him so I'd sweet-talked him into coming back to my place to clean up. Didn't make much sense since he didn't even have a change of clothes, but hell, I'm a smooth talker and an accomplished seducer, and can talk guys into almost anything. Besides, for any guy attracted to a sparkling personality, a stunning face and a fabulously muscled body, (and who the hell isn't?) I'm absolutely irresistible. I'm 6'1" and 263 pounds of fuckin solid packed muscle, with definition that you wouldn't believe. I was damn close to almost three percent body fat, which is sheer perfection in body builders. And the sharp cuts between my muscle groups were truly astonishing. As you can imagine, like most everybody, this kid was totally infatuated and couldn't resist me. In the back of his mind or in his subconscious or something, even if he didn't realize it, I bet he knew he was going to get fucked. There sure as hell was no question in my mind.

When I asked him to come over, he said he'd be glad to because his roommate was having a pre-game football party which he wanted to avoid. That answered two of my questions. He was a student at the U. but he wasn't a football player.

So anyway, back to the action. While he was taking a shower, I stripped down and met him at the bathroom door with my muscles bulging and my monstrous dick sticking out. Sometimes I have to cuff a guy around a bit before I can get him in the right frame of mind to get on my cock, but I could see this guy was totally intimidated by me from the get go. I'd already told him about being a wrestler and a boxer and a judo expert, so even as big as he was, I could see in his eyes he was spooked by me. So, it didn't take a hell of a lot to get him on his knees, his arms behind his back, and my dick in his mouth.

"Get your god damn hands behind your back like I told you" I growled as I gave him a slap aside the head. "If I have to put the cuffs on, you won't like it." He put his hands behind his back again as I held his head and pushed four or five inches into his mouth. Every time I hit the back of his throat, he'd go into spasms of gagging, and I was getting pretty pissed. Shit, every guy on the planet over thirteen knows what a blow job is, and had a pretty good idea how to give one. So, it always annoyed me to get my cock into a guy who didn't seem to know what to do with it. Hell, I know my dick's awfully damn big and this kid may have been a first timer and not as good as an experienced cocksucker, but that was no damn excuse for all the choking.

"You're going to be in a world of hurt in a minute if you don't get over that damn gagging" I growled. "Control it god damn it." When I hit the entrance to his throat this time he didn't gag or choke. Finally. I pulled out and pushed in again, this time forcing just a bit of the head into his throat, just enough to give him a feel of what was coming. He took it okay, so I did it a couple more times, each time going just a smidgen deeper.

He was okay so far, but I wasn't about to wait all day for him to adjust, so holding his head tight I rammed almost all of my ten inches into his mouth and throat and just held it there. He immediately freaked out, beating on me with his fists and frantically trying to pull away. I could only smile. Hell this is what I loved. I got my kicks by not only preparing a guy to get fucked, but by putting the screws to him and watching him struggle while showing him my power and invincible strength. Looking down at a muscle kid like this one, frantically hammering at me and battling in vain to get away while attached to the end of my prick, was definitely one of the most exciting things a guy could experience.

I held him tight in my crotch for about five seconds before I let go. He just fell to the floor gasping and coughing and up-chucking saliva down his front and onto the floor.

I just stood there smiling down at him waiting for him to recover. I was getting harder and more excited just watching him as he finally got himself back under control.

I snapped my fingers and he looked up from the floor and saw my big dong sticking out and me smiling down at him. I pointed to my cock. This was what I had been waiting for. The look of fear and horror on his face was such a fuckin turn-on. I felt a shot like a bolt of lightening shoot through me all the way from my brain to the tip of my prick. He knew I was going to make him get back on my dick, and he was utterly terrified. And it really turned me on.

"Please no" he gasped as I reached down and grabbed him by the hair giving him a big grin. "Please no." As I pulled him back to his knees he started to cry. I really didn't care one way or another if I made guys cry, but I loved seeing the horror in their eyes as they saw how much I was enjoying their torment, and understood that there was nothing they could do to stop me.

"Shut the fuck up and get on my dick" I growled. I stuck two fingers into his mouth forcing it open, and then pushed my dong back in. "Suck it" I ordered. He looked up at me as he started sucking, and again I felt a shot of electricity go through me seeing the look of panic in his eyes.

I pushed my cock back against the entrance to his throat again. "Take a deep breath Pup" I ordered, "and swallow." As he did, I forced my cock in deep. I only held him for a couple seconds this time, just long enough to show him I could do anything I wanted. He came through with flying colors.

"Way to go, Pup" I said with a grin. "Now do it again." And he handled it beautifully. I don't know whether it was the fear or the practice, but he was now getting with it.

As you can probably tell, I like abusing guys. I'm not really a sadist, but I'm a very demanding dominant. Very demanding. I was in it for the sex, but I loved totally controlling guys and making them bust their butts trying to please me. And to emphasize my power over them, man to man, I liked to torture them a little, putting them through just enough pain to show them how ruthless I could be to get what I wanted, and to make them understand my clear superiority over them. It was a real power trip taking guys almost as big as me and making them grovel and cry as I worked them over and fucked them. I was never really satisfied unless I saw fear and pain in a guy's face while I did him. And, let me tell you, after I fucked a guy he knew he'd been fucked.

You might think I go around raping guys, but you'd be wrong. Every guy I picked up went with me willingly. I had to be the hottest muscle stud any of them had ever seen, and straight or gay, guys were turned on to me, so let me tell you, I took advantage of that fact. The gay guys I picked up pretty much knew there were going to get fucked, but just didn't realize how demanding I could be, nor how hard it was going to be to satisfy me. But they soon found out that no matter how hard they tried, I was never quite satisfied with their efforts, and always demanded more, and knocked them around until I got it. I didn't give a damn how good they were at taking cock, because slapping them around before I fucked them was what got me really hot.

Even the straight guys had to know that even being noticed by a demigod like me had to come with strings attached. Besides, I was a touchy feely type of guy as well, and I always had my hands all over them, and there wasn't a one didn't like having me slap his ass. In their subconscious, the straight boys had to know that there was going to be pay back after I gave them some attention. Alright, so I'm incredibly conceited, but they had to know that being in the presence of a dazzling superman like me doesn't come for free.

Actually, from the time I saw this kid at breakfast, I knew I was going to take his ass. He was definitely butch and muscular, and maybe he was straight, but he was almost perfectly my type. An inexperienced cocksucker to be sure, but that made forcing him all the more exciting. Besides, fucking his face was just to show him my power and supremacy anyway, and get him ready to do any damn thing I asked him to do without question.

"Okay, Pup. On your feet" I said as I pulled my cock out of his mouth and helped him stand. I gave him a shove, pushing him out of the bathroom and over towards the bed. Jerry, my houseboy, was waiting outside the bathroom door ready for any orders from me, so I told him to wipe up the floor in the bathroom as I pushed my trick to the bed.

I grabbed him by the waist, jerked him around and then reaching down, pulled his legs out from under him. He landed on the floor on his butt with a bang with his back against the side of the bed. I stepped forward and pushed my hard cock in his face.

"Don't suck it. Just kiss it" I ordered and he got busy kissing my cock and balls and crotch hairs. I only let him go for a minute or so before I turned around and pressed my ass into his face. I didn't even have to say anything as he started licking my ass. Now this was the way I liked it, and I couldn't help but laugh aloud. Getting a guy so afraid of you that he'd degrade himself by doing absolutely anything to try to keep you happy was mind-blowing. Just imagine having a guy so terrorized that he'll lick your ass without you even saying anything. And him hearing me laughing at him as he ate my ass had to be the most humiliating experience in his life. But yeah, I had to laugh, because shit, what a fuckin power trip. And besides, there were very few things I liked better that a hot tongue up my ass.

I let him go at it for a couple minutes before I pushed back harder. "Get that tongue in there, Pup" I ordered. "In deep, Pup. Into the crack." And he did what he was told, and pushed his tongue into my ass crack. I groaned in pleasure. Getting your ass worshiped was pretty damn terrific on its own, but knowing the guy doing it was scared shitless was a delight beyond description.

When I finally stepped away and turned around, I saw he was kind of bleary eyed, and his face was covered with saliva. He looked as pretty as a picture. Grabbing him under the arm pits, I lifted him and threw him on the bed and as I climbed on I turned around and sat on his face. Then, pulling his legs up and under my arm pits so his ass was right in front of me, I got a big wad of spit ready, and let it drop right on his crack.

"I'd better start feeling something back there pretty damn quick, Pup" I said warningly. Then I felt his tongue start to move as he began to work my ass again. I worked my fingers around his ass for a minute and then stuck one finger into his hole. He grunted but didn't stop licking as I wiggled my ass and ground it into his face. Yeah, he was already well trained. It's amazing what a little fear will make a guy do.

I spit a couple more times, and finally worked two fingers into his tight hole, stretching it and getting it ready for my assault.

When I was ready, I got off of him, scooted around, and put his legs on my shoulders. Then, taking aim, I started pushing my fully hard ten incher into the tight hole. He started crying again, actually wailing, but I just ignored it and concentrated on the feeling in my cock.

The kid had already told me he'd never sucked a cock, so it was a sure bet he'd never been fucked, and let me tell you, there ain't nothing like taking a virgin ass. Breaking a guy in for the first time, and listening to him cry and beg and plead, was pleasure unadulterated. But hey, I was never so sadistic that I hurt them permanently. I just wasn't that kind of guy. I liked to get my kicks by showing my strength but I only worked them over enough so they learned to obey me. Any bruises I gave them would go away in a few days anyway. Not for a minute would I tear a guy up by not preparing his ass for my prick. I'd stretched him and used lots of saliva so I knew he was about as ready as he was going to get.

He tried to push me away with his hands, so I grabbed his wrists and pulled them above his head and held them with one hand. No matter how much he was hurting he was no match for my strength.

He really yelled when I popped the head of my prick into his tight hole. Well, shit, I know my cock is a lot bigger than my two fingers, but there just ain't no way you can prepare a guy to take something the size of my big boner for the first time. So I just pushed. And he screamed. Oh yeah, he was a virgin, and he was squeezing the hell out of my cock.

I put my free hand over his mouth and pushed another inch or two into him. He was still trying to yell, so I stopped pushing into him and gave him a chance to get used to my enormous girth. I gave him at least a full minute, until his moans kind of tapered off to soft whimpering. He was panting like mad and sobbing softly as I took my hand off his mouth.

"Oh man" he whimpered. "Oh man. Please don't. Please man. You're killing me."

"Don't worry babe" I whispered. "It'll get easier in a minute. I promise. You are so fuckin tight, my cock is going crazy. Oh yeah. Hot fuckin ass." Obviously I was in this for my pleasure, and if the guy was hurting, that was really unfortunate but couldn't be helped. However, I didn't need him screaming and yelling. So, to give him some more relief, I pulled out completely.

"Oh man, thanks" he said with relief as tears streamed down his cheeks. "Shit. That hurts so bad."

"Don't worry, babe. It's going to get better" I said. I spit on my hand, rubbed it on my cock and then took aim and pushed back into him. He let out a yelp and kept begging me to stop, but at least he wasn't screaming now. So, I pushed in a couple more inches. He was still moaning and pleading with me, but I'd given him just about all the relief he was going to get. I was hot to fuck, and wasn't about to wait much longer.

I still had his legs on my shoulders, and was holding his hands above his head with one hand, so I gave him a good hard slap across the face with my other hand and at the same time pushed in another inch or two. He let out a yell, as much from the hard slap as my pole forcing its' way into his ass. It felt damn good to me, so I did it again. A slap to the face and a push. Oh fuck did that feel great on my prick.

I was at least half way in him now, so I started to jack my hips. Moving in and out and going slow, I gradually pushed in deeper. He was still groaning but I could have cared less, because my cock felt like it was being crushed and was driving me crazy with exquisite lightening bolts of pleasure. Shit, I think this guy had the tightest ass I'd ever stuck my prick into.

He was still groaning and trying to say something, but I was totally focused on the incredible feelings coming from my prick. I kept going slowly until I was finally all the way in, with my crotch crammed in tight against his ass. And then I just waited, enjoying the exquisite feeling of that tight hole crushing my cock. Then, very gradually, I started to move. Pulling almost all the way out, I slid back in, my spit giving it just enough slickness to make it slide smoothly. And although he was still moaning softly, I knew it wasn't hurting him so much now. He was greased and stretched out and of course I was moving against his prostate, so it was a sure thing he was on the verge of enjoying it. I just kept going slowly for a while, letting him begin to understand that there could be pleasure in not only being dominated and fucked by a god, but in the glorious feeling of a giant rod ravishing his prostate. Then, as I started to speed up, I began to slam into him, ramming hard against his ass and shaking the whole bed. The feeling was so fabulous that I didn't want it to end, so I slowed down just a little, but continued slamming into him as hard as I could. I knew I could hold out for a while, and so the pleasure went on and on and on.

"Oh man. You've got a hot fuckin ass" I whispered. "Hot-fuck-ing-ass." He had his eyes tightly closed with a look on his face of resignation and despair. Oh I don't know; maybe a look of submission as well. Tears were still streaming down his cheeks but I think it was less from the pain now and more from the recognition of my power over him. He grunted and his whole body jerked each time I slammed into him. Oh shit, I loved this, a gorgeous virgin with my cock up his ass who was totally subservient and accepting of my superiority. Really hot muscular body, totally docile, completely under my control as I used him for my pleasure.

I kept fucking, being careful to make it last, and he finally opened his eyes. I gave him a big grin. "Oh yeah babe" I smiled giving him a triumphal look. "You are one hot little motherfucker, and I wanna screw you all day long."

He closed his eyes, so I gave him a slap and he opened them with a startled look. "Keep 'em open, pup. Watch your man as he fucks your tight ass."

"Look at me, babe" I ordered giving him a big grin. "Look me in the eye." His tears were still streaming but he was now looking me in the eye with a look of total subjugation. He looked so hot and turned me on so much that that was about all I could take, as I felt myself reaching my peak. I let go of his hands and grabbed his hair with both hands. Then lying down on top of him smashing his knees into his shoulders and pulling his ass up, I started really slamming into him, hard and fast. He grunted with each thrust as I rammed into him, and now it was my turn to yell. I howled as I started shooting into his ass, and jerked his head around by the hair as I went through the throes of the excitement of my ejaculation. I shot so many times I lost count, but what a fabulous fuck!

After I got my breath back I made him suck my cock clean, and then, just to make him understand his place, I made him thank me for fucking him. Hey, I already told you I'm a bully. I not only liked to knock guys around, I enjoyed humiliating them and showing them they were nothing more than toys for me to play with. Making a guy thank me after I'd fucked him and whipped his ass was the ultimate show of my dominance over them.

After I made him thank me, I kissed him for a while, whispering sweet nothings in his ear. He was a cute guy with big muscles and my prick loved his hot ass, so it was okay to give him a little loving. He never came but I noticed he was hard when I kissed him. I guess it turned him on to be forced to be a submissive, and maybe he wasn't straight after all. I didn't give him any encouragement about a repeat performance, but I'll bet he'd give a decent blowjob next time if I gave him the chance.

I'm telling you all this because this was the day I got THE LETTER. The letter from my

Half-brother telling me about my dad. And that was one hell of a surprise. The last time I'd seen my dad, I'd only been sixteen and I'd kicked his ass. That was about three years ago.

Now, my life is kind of complicated. My Dad's first wife, my mom, left him before the year was out. So, I never lived with him and hardly knew him at all. His second wife put up with him for almost three years before she ditched, but she left two boys behind, and Dad tried to raise them. He never married again. I guess he couldn't find a woman gullible enough to put up with his shit. We lived on opposite sides of the country, so for fifteen years I only had an occasionally phone call from him.

When I finally did see him I was a star on my high school football team. I probably only weighed a little over 200 pounds at the time, but I boxed and wrestled and was a brown belt at judo as well as being a dedicated body builder. He said he wanted to see what an upstanding son he had, and somehow convinced me to visit, and that turned out to be the worst experience of my life. When I got there I found out he had turned into a tyrant, and beat his two boys all the time. So, after only three days, I kicked the shit out of him and left. I didn't have a ticket to get home so I had to hitch across the country, so I swore I'd never see the asshole again.

I felt sorry for his boys, Clark and Stan, but Clark, the oldest, kept in touch and wrote a letter occasionally. After I'd beat the snot out of my Dad, Clark said he'd calmed down a little. He still had a temper and would sometimes go into a rage, but at least he didn't knock them around just for the hell of it anymore.

So I got this letter from Clark saying the old man was dying. Should I give a damn? He didn't know shit about what I'd been up to since I'd last seen him, over three years ago. We hadn't even talked on the phone during that time. I've put on something like sixty pounds of solid muscle since then, and have become the hottest male hustler in town. After guys have seen my picture in the mags, they'd pay almost anything to get me. And let me tell you, I really am the hottest S&M and D&S specialist around and I have a following and a reputation like you wouldn't believe. I make them worship my bod while I work them over and show them how to crawl for me before I fuck them. And they love it. And I never get less than two hundred bucks. Two hundred bucks minimum and I don't mind getting a tip on top of that. And the more I humiliate and abuse them the more they love it and they always come back for more. I have over a dozen semi-regular clients and new ones after me all the time, so I live pretty well. I make good money and have an easy schedule, so I have plenty of time to go trolling to pick up the hunky kids that really turn me on, just like breakfast boy this morning. Between my tricks, my clients and my houseboy, my cock gets all the attention it can handle.

After breakfast boy got on his way, I went to the bathroom for a shower and found Jerry there waiting with the water already at the right temperature. Other than getting fucked, this was Jerry's favorite duty. Giving me a shower was like a drug to him. I've seen his eyes glaze over when he was soaping my chest or my thighs; his favorite body parts. I never jerked off in the shower, but Jerry would get so hot just from rubbing my muscles while washing me that he would sometimes cum without even touching himself. I didn't give a damn as long as it didn't interfere with my shower. But there were too many mouths and asses around waiting for me to get into them for me to waste my spunk in the shower. Besides, I needed to keep myself horny and right on the edge for my customers. I'd trained myself to keep a roaring hard on for well over an hour to keep my clients happy so I couldn't overdue my extracurricular activities.

So, now, back to the letter from Clark. Dad must be in his early forty's now, and that means Clark is sixteen and Stan is fourteen. I'm actually nineteen but I tell everyone I'm twenty-three because I'm so big. Ain't nobody around at nineteen with 263 pounds of rock hard muscle. But, hell, I was born big, and I took to body building like a duck takes to water. My dad was going to get one hell of a shock to see me now.

So, anyway, I flew to Cincinnati. As much as I hated the thought of seeing the asshole again, I didn't have much of anything better to do anyway. Dead or alive, I didn't give a shit about my dad, but I thought it might be nice to see my half-brothers again.

I rented a car when I got there because I wanted to have my freedom with my own transportation. I knew from Clark's letters that they had moved up in the world, so I wasn't terribly surprised when I saw the house was in one of these new high-end suburbs with mini-mansions. There was a Ford F-150 and a Porsche in the driveway, and a Jeep in front of the house. Shit, there were only three of them and Stan was too young to drive, so how many cars did they need? I grabbed my bag and walked up to the front door.

"Well shit" I said in surprise at the gorgeous creature that opened the door at my knock. "Who the hell are you?" When I say gorgeous, I mean wow, really gorgeous. He was a bit shorter than me, probably 5'11" or so, wearing only a pair of piped baseball pants. He must have weighed 150 pounds because he had big round deltoids with muscled arms attached, with a wide bulging chest cutting down to a narrow rippling stomach. And what a face. A beautiful youth with a big smile which made him almost glow.

"Jack, is it really you?" he said as he grabbed me and gave me a crushing hug.

"Well, I'll be god damned" I said. "You're Clark aren't you?"

"What? You don't recognize me?" he laughed.

"You were a skinny little runt the last time I saw you" I said as I pushed him away so I could get a better look. "You have really filled out, and what happened to your face?"

"My face? What do you mean my face?" he asked.

"You're gorgeous, Clark. You sure's hell didn't look like this three years ago."

"Oh yeah, that's right. I had a black eye the last time you saw me" he laughed. "I guess I wasn't looking my best back then."

"You've really filled out too" I said admiring his muscled upper body. "Where'd all that muscle come from?"

"That was you, Jack. I wanted to look just like you, so I've been into body building ever since you left" Clark answered. "And Stan and I both hated Dad beating on us all the time so we wanted to get strong enough to stop him. Stan and I started working out together and have been at it ever since."

"And speaking of working out, what the fuck has happened to you? You're huge. You're.... you're gigantic." I knew that nobody around could even hold a candle to my physique, so I never felt the need to show it off. But with muscles like mine there's just no way you can hide them, so although my dress shirt was extra-large, it still was kind of snug so my perfect build was clearly on display.

Now it was my turn to laugh. "As you can see, I've been working out too."

"Wow. You're incredible" he said staring at me in awe. "Absolutely incredible. But shit, let's not stand out here. Come on in" he said as he stepped back and I entered the front hall. I dropped my bag there as Clark ushered me into the living room. "You want a drink or something, Jack?" he asked.

"Nothing now, Clark, thanks" I answered. "And don't call me Jack. I go by my last name now. Call me Porter."

"Porter? But that's my name" he said.

"Well, we do have the same last name don't we?" I laughed. "But Porter sounds hotter than plain old Jack don't you think?"

"As hot as you look, I don't think you have to worry about whether your name sounds hot" Clark answered still staring intently at my upper body. I was already suspecting that he was into admiring muscles, particularly pectoral muscles because his eyes seemed to be glued to my chest.

"Speaking of looks, Clark, you look pretty damn incredible too" I said and I now took a really good look at the gorgeous kid standing in front of me. His feet were bare and he was wearing only a pair of pants, pinstriped baseball pants and he was simply stunning. His waist couldn't have been much more than twenty-six inches, but his chest must have been at least thirty-eight or forty with well-defined slabs of pectoral muscle. And his very nicely muscled arms were attached to beautifully rounded deltoids. I knew he was only sixteen, but what a masculine looking guy he was. "How much do you weigh?" I asked.

"About 160" he answered. But after I gave him a look; "well, maybe only 150 right now, but I've been trying to tighten up my definition."

"Well, I am very impressed. You look good enough to eat" I laughed "but I'll try to keep my hands off you."

Clark laughed along with me. "Oh, I don't know. Maybe I'd like to see what you do with your hands" he said with a leer. I didn't know if Clark was gay or not but that sure sounded like a come on. But he was still my half-brother and I didn't plan on messing with him. I hadn't planned to mess with him, but I began to wonder since he was almost irresistibly pretty and well filled out.

"So, where's the old man?" I asked.

"He's in the hospital, Jac.... ahhh... Porter" Clark answered. "He's not doing well. The doctor says it's only a matter of days."

"Okay, so I'll have to plan to get up to see him" I said. "So, what's the plan while I'm here? And where's your brother?"

"Stan's got a game, but he'll be back in a couple hours. But we thought we'd just hang around the house and do whatever you want. You don't say much in your letters, so I don't know what you're doing these days. But I can see that you must work out twenty-four hours a day. You're gigantic Jack."

"Porter" I corrected.

"Yeah, Porter. Sorry. You are absolutely unbelievable. You look just like Atlas, or Hercules or some Greek god. A really big Greek god. How do you do it?" Clark sputtered with a reverent tone.

"Hard work babe" I laughed. "Hard work and dedication. Maybe we can work out together while I'm here and I can give you some pointers."

"Oh shit, Porter. That would be terrific" Clark said excitedly. "I just can't get over how fabulous you look. I'd give anything to look like you. Absolutely anything. Just name it and I'll do it."

"Anything?" I said with a leer, trying to kid him.

Clark gulped audibly and said: "Yeah, Porter. Anything you ask." I could see he was not kidding but was absolutely serious. This half-brother of mine was making it very clear that he wanted me and I could see a definite bulge in his pants. He was hot to trot and he was acting just like my tricks always did, like he'd do anything to be able to get it on with me. "I'd give anything to have muscles like yours" he whispered.

"Okay Clark, let's not get carried away" I said sternly. "I just got here and you're my little brother so let's just sit down and relax and wait for Stan to get back. Okay?"

"Ah, sure, Porter" he stammered. "But... but would you mind? Ahhh, would you mind taking your shirt off? Just for a minute. I've been really working my chest hard lately and your pecs look massive. Please take your shirt off and let me see them. Please."

So what do I do? I admit I'm a narcissistic son-of-a-bitch, and one of my favorite pastimes is having guys admire me and turn blue with envy. And, half-brother or not, it was obvious that after only ten minutes Clark was already a member of my admiration society. So, I couldn't resist adding another muscle junky to my long list of fawning sycophants.

With a laugh, I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it open. "So, what do you think?" I asked with a smirk as I performed a most muscular pose. "You want a chest like this?" I gave him one of my beatific smiles and then slipped out of the shirt.

"Oh shit yes" he swooned. "Oh man oh man. Jesus, Porter, you are incredible" he whispered in total reverence. "I've been waiting for three years to see your body again, and now you look a hundred times better. And bigger. I've never seen anyone like you, Porter, not even in pictures."

I had to laugh again because this kid was pretty much drooling over me. Hell, I'm used to it because it happens to me every day, but this gorgeous little guy was my kid brother. It just hadn't occurred to me that he would be a muscle worshiper, and I didn't expect him to be such a gorgeous kid. But right now he was making me hot by his total astonishment and admiration. And that stunned look of lust in his eyes was really making my cock push its' way down my pant leg. This kid was ripe for the picking and when I get hot my cock generally takes over, and right now my cock was telling me it wanted to get into his pants. Now.

"Come here, kid" I said softly as I reached up and put a hand behind his head and pulled him into my tit. He came willingly and putting his hands on my rock hard deltoids, he started kissing my pecs. "That's it, babe, kiss that big chest. Worship those muscles with your mouth" I murmured to him.

I'm always a control freak so I held his head in one big hand, and moved him around so he could kiss every inch of my chest moving slowly back and forth. His eyes were closed and he was murmuring something in the back of his throat, as he kept kissing.

"Okay, lick it now, baby" I said softly. "Get that tongue busy." And he did just that, with my hand directing him he moved his wet tongue all over my chest, with particular emphasis on my nipples.

Now, you already know I'm into power and control, and very much into D&S in my sex scenes, but this kid was my half-brother, so I wasn't sure how to handle it. The very first guy I ever fucked was a buddy of mine who I was mad at. I was only fourteen at the time, but I was so mad at him that dragged him behind the school bleachers planning to beat the shit out of him. But once I got him there I ended up just knocking him around a bit and fucking his face. And he seemed to like it. So every single fuck I'd had since then had been a power trip, with me dominating my partner and forcing him to satisfy my every carnal desire. Forcing them to satisfy me always included a certain amount of coercion, which occasionally became somewhat violent, but that was okay because it made me really hot. And I found out that most times the more abusive I became, the harder they tried to placate me, and the more enjoyable it became for both of us. Believe it or not, they got their pleasure from me treating them like shit, and were willing to pay me for it, and, of course, I got my kicks from showing them my power and superiority.

But now what about this kid Clark who was busy worshiping my chest? Was he into pain? Did he want me to dominate him? Actually, it was a sure thing that anybody as into worshiping muscle as he was also wanted to be dominated. There was no doubt in my mind about that. And submissive guys that wanted to be dominated usually didn't mind being roughed up a bit. So I grabbed his hands, pushed them behind him, and taking both wrists in one hand, began to pull up. He tried to pull away, but with my strength I hardly noticed and I kept pulling until he groaned.

"Ow, ow, ow. Please" Clark cried. "Please, Porter." I couldn't help but grin because I knew I was on the right track. Clark hadn't asked me to stop, he'd just said please, letting me know that it was hurting.

Letting up slightly on his arms I whispered in his ear. "Tell me you love worshiping my chest, baby. Tell me you love it."

"Yes, I love it, Porter. I love it" he mumbled. "Your chest is incredible." So here I was with my newest disciple and my cock was getting hard.

"Take me to your room, babe" I said and he led me upstairs. Just doing my brother was a real turn on in itself and he was submissive enough that I didn't bother putting the screws to him like I usually did with everyone else. I just let him strip me and lick every inch of my body for half an hour. After that I carried him around the room with my cock up his ass until I finally filled him with my cum. He came twice before I finally shot my load, and he was ecstatic and said he'd never been so hot or so hard in his life.

"So, where's this younger brother of yours?" I asked as we lay back on the bed waiting for our heartbeats to get back to normal. He still had his pants on but there was a gaping hole in the ass, and the crotch was saturated with two loads of his cum. I had my arm around him and he was lying against me and kissing my neck and upper chest.

"Stan's the captain of the leading baseball team in the county and he spends most of his time with his teammates practicing and taking care of business" he answered. "He should be back pretty soon."

"What do you mean 'taking care of business'?" I was curious as to why he would use that term.

"Well.... Ah... you'll see when you meet him, but Stan's kind of a stud" Clark mumbled. "Although he's barely fifteen, he's really big for his age, and he is tough as nails. As captain of the team he makes sure everybody knows he's the guy in charge."

"A real tough guy hey?" I laughed. "Sounds like my brother all right. And how do you guys get along?"

"Ahhh... actually... we don't. Ahhh... we don't get along at all."


"I told you he was a tough kid. Really tough. I know he's younger than me, but he's bigger. And stronger too. He outweighs me by at least ten pounds, and all of it muscle."

"So?" I asked.

"Well... I just do what he says" he answered. "He's pounded me so many times that I just don't mess with him anymore. I just do what he wants."

"What's that mean?"

"It means I have to do everything around the house and I pick up his clothes and keep his room clean, and anything else he can think of in his dirty little mind. Dad doesn't give a fuck, so he can get away with anything." I know this wasn't funny to Clark, but I couldn't help but laugh. This hunky sixteen year old totally dominated by his little brother. "Don't laugh" he said. "It's not funny at all. He knows he's the top dog and he rubs it in constantly, making me do all kinds of shit for him."

"And does that include fucking?" I asked.

There was a long silence, and then he barely whispered "yes."

"Aha" I said. "I thought that ass of yours had been broken in before I got there" I said with a chuckle. And now Clark started to sniffle. "Oh shit, I didn't mean that in a bad way. You were good. You were a good fuck. You have a hot ass." I reached down and gave his ass a good squeeze.

"That's not true, Porter. He's never fucked me" Clark mumbled. "He's made me suck him off."

"Well, I'll be god damned" I said, not able to keep from laughing. "He must be one hell of a hunk. I'm looking forward to meeting this hot stud."

"Please don't laugh at me, Porter. It's not funny. This has been going on ever since Dad got sick; that's over two months now and it's been getting worse. This morning he made me suck him and then slugged me because I didn't swallow it all. He's becoming a real tyrant."

"Well, it looks like I got here just in time doesn't it?" I said trying to hold back my laughter. Hell, this was my game; taking guys on and controlling them and fucking them for my pleasure, so I couldn't help but chuckle about this fifteen year old half-brother of mine dominating and fucking his big brother. He was a man, er boy, after my own heart.

Since I'd already fucked Clark I was pretty much over any qualms I might have had about fucking a brother, or rather a half-brother. Clark was a good fuck because he was built and had a pretty face but he didn't really get my juices flowing like it does when I have to take a guy down and dominate him. Domination and control was my game, and it looked like the little brother, the 'big' little brother that is, might be more of a challenge. Just thinking about it was making my cock pay attention. It was ready to go at it again right now. Hell, on a good day I'd cum six or seven times anyway so I might keep these two kids busy for the rest of the day.

"Go get those pants off and get me a beer" I said to Clark as I went into the living room and sat on the sofa. I was still nude but when Clark came in with the beer I saw he had changed his pants. "I didn't tell you to get dressed" I growled at him. "Get those pants off." He gave me a startled look, but immediately handed me the beer and took the jeans and jockey shorts back off.

"Back home I have a house boy, Jerry, who never wears clothes in the house" I said. "I don't allow it. And if you're going to suck my cock you're going to be naked too." I patted the sofa cushion next to me and as he sat down I pulled his head down into my crotch. "Go easy babe" I said to him. "I don't want to cum. I just like having my cock in a pretty face like yours." Clark took my soft prick in his mouth without a word and started gently sucking on it. As I sipped my beer he started making soft humming sounds of pleasure as he sucked. I turned on the TV while I drank the beer and let Clark entertain himself. I had to slap him aside the head a couple times and remind him not to get carried away and that I didn't want to cum yet. Clearly being a submissive, I'm sure he loved me correcting him. I know from endless experience that a true submissive is never happy unless he is getting slapped around a little by his Dom.

So we waited for Stan to show up. I stayed about half hard for the next half hour while we waited. Clark didn't say a word but kept singing to himself and humming while sponging my prick with his mouth. He was in seventh heaven. He tried to stroke his own cock until I made him stop, get on the floor with his hands behind his back, and concentrate on me. He didn't mind in the least because his little peepee stayed hard the whole time anyway.

Then finally we heard the side door open. As Clark and I stood up facing the kitchen Stan walked into the room. At first he looked shocked, but that immediately turned into a smile. "Well, well, well" he said.

"Hello little brother" I said giving him a smile as well. And he looked even better than Clark had said. In fact he was gorgeous. Wearing his stripped baseball pants and a blue cap with a red R on the front and a wife beater, he had a matching stripped shirt over his shoulder and was carrying a baseball glove. And if I thought Clark was built, this kid was something else. The wife beater was darkened from sweat so it was skin tight against big square bulging pectoral muscles and you could actually see the ridges of his abdominals, and the round caps of his deltoid's were amazing as were the bulging arms attached. My fifteen year old half-brother was really hot.

"My god" he said. "Are you really Jack? Jesus, you're fuckin huge." It was pretty clear to me what he meant because I was standing there in the nude with my almost fully hard prick sticking out with Clark's slobber all over it, and Stan's eyes were unquestionably focused on it.

"Yeah, little brother" I said with a laugh. "I'm pretty 'fuckin huge' all over. And for a little kid you look pretty damn big too."

"I can see that you and Clark have already got acquainted. I guess I should have gotten here earlier."

"You may have missed the preliminary round, but I'm always up for the main event."

"Oh I can see you're up for the main event. You're definitely up. Way up." In answer to his comment I gave my prick a shot causing it to soar up, slap against my belly, and flop back to the halfway point.

"Just waiting for you, Stan" I said giving him a grin. "Just waiting for you. In the meantime Clark and my little baby here have been getting acquainted. Huh, Clark?"

"Ahhh... yeah, Porter" Clark answered looking slightly embarrassed.


"Yeah, Porter. I go by Porter now instead of Jack."

"Okay, man, that's cool" Stan said. "The guys sometimes call me Porter. I like it. But I can't believe how big you are. Me and Clark have been working out since you were here a couple years ago."

"That's what Clark told me" I said. "And you both look pretty damn good. You've come a long way."

"Well I have anyway. I've packed on more muscle and am now bigger than anybody my age at our school and a lot of the older ones as well. But Clark's still a wimp."

"Don't say that, Stan" Clark protested. "I ain't no wimp. Don't call me that."

"Watch your mouth, bro" Stan growled. "Just because Jack is here doesn't mean I can't kick your ass."

"See, Porter?" Clark said. "See? I told you; he's a total asshole. Because he's got some muscle and is bigger than me he thinks he's some kind of God and lords it over everybody."

Stan stepped forward and grabbed a handful of Clark's hair and gave it a jerk. "I told you to shut up, bro."

"Ow, ow, ow" Clark howled as he reached up and tried to remove Stan's hand. "Stop it! Porter, help." I just stood there with a smile on my face and my big dick sticking out and enjoyed the interaction between the two. Stan had turned into a real stud. I couldn't believe how good he looked. If there was anything in the world that totally turned me on it was a hot looking number who thought he was the butchest guy on the block. He may be only fifteen years old but he was getting my juices flowing like nobody had in weeks, and I had to have him. Now!

I just grabbed him from behind capturing his arms and pulling him in tight against me and started humping his hot butt with my big prong.

"Hey, man. Stop it" he said. "Stop it, Jack. I don't get fucked."

"Well, I think we can fix that" I chuckled. "We can fix that real easy. And I intend to fix it; right now."

"Way to go, Porter" Clark laughed. "Way to go."

"Hey, man" Stan growled and as he tried to squirm out of my hold. "Let go, you fucker."

Holding him with just one arm, I reached in front of him and undid his belt and pants. Then reaching behind him I jerked his pants and underwear down off of his ass. Then he kicked me in the shins.

"Okay, you little bastard" I snapped. "So you want it rough." I tossed him onto the sofa, right on top of Clark, grabbed his shoes and jerked them off. Then grabbing his pant legs, I jerked his pants all the way off.

Stan and Clark both howled in surprise. "Hey, man", "Watch out". I grabbed Stan by the neck and jerked him back to his feet. Taking hold of his wife beater by the neck, I ripped it down the front, tearing it completely off of him. He was now nude except for socks and his underwear which were down around his ankles.

All of this took about fifteen seconds, but I now whipped him around again and pressed my very hard cock into his ass crack. "Baby, this is more like it" I crooned. "Sweet little ass" I said as I started humping him again, this time against bare skin.

"Stop it, you son-of-a-bitch. Stop it" he shouted at me. Reaching around his waist and putting my hand into his crotch I lifted him off the floor and pulled his underwear off. Then dropping him on the floor and putting my knee in his back, I ripped his underwear apart and tied his hands behind his back with them.

He was still screaming at me and squirming around, but he was such a tiny little thing that I couldn't help but laugh. I mean, I was accustomed to fucking adults, not little boy toys like this, and I admit, I was enjoying the hell out of this. I don't think I'd had a fifteen year old since I was fifteen years old myself.

Pulling off one of his socks, I jerked his head up by the hair and stuffed it in his mouth.

"Oh yeah, you are a sweet little thing" I said as I pulled my knee up off of his back. The little shit was still squirming as I flipped him over. His face was red and he was still trying to howl around the sock in his mouth, but damn, was he pretty. Nice hot little body, amazing for a fifteen year old, which reminded me somewhat of myself at that age.

Hell, we were brothers so we had the same genes and body types. He may never get a body as big as mine, but he was going to be one really big boy.

I kneeled down over his chest and dropped my donkey dick into his face. I was only about half hard as I started slapping his face with it.

"You see something you like, baby brother?" I chuckled. "Does Porter's big dick get you hot? Huh?" He was still squirming around and trying to yell at me, but that was just going to make it more fun.

"Clark, get over here" I said, and Clark got off the sofa and came over. "Right here, flat on your belly. You're going to suck me and get me hard." Clark looked at me with a puzzled look, but he lay down flat on the floor. "Stan's going to get a real close look at Porter getting his dick sucked."

My dick was lying on Stan's face, so in order for Clark to suck it, he literally had to put his chin on Stan's forehead. So that's what he did as I pushed a couple inches into him. "Suck on it, hon. Get this big wanger all hot and ready for your brother."

Stan tried to turn his head so I grabbed his chin to hold him steady, so all he could see in his face was my big prick going in and out of Clark's mouth.

"Clark's going to get it all nice and hot, baby. Getting it ready for that sweet virgin ass of yours" I joked. "This is gonna be the event of your life, baby. Once you get Porter's dick up your butt, you ain't gonna want me to pull it out again."

Then, suddenly, Stan stopped fighting, and he stopped trying to yell as well. That was okay by me if he was finally willing to take it, but actually I'd planned on enjoying all that squirming around he was doing while I was fucking him.

Then looking down at my big boner in his face I saw the tears streaming down his cheeks, and that reminded me that hot stud or no, he was still a little kid. I mean, I don't fuck immature little kids, and generally I'm not even interested in them.

But Stan, he was one hot fucking stud, fifteen years old or not, and I wasn't going to let a few tears hold me back from taking that sweet virgin ass of his. And besides, him being my brother and all, it just seemed like a natural thing; like he owed it to me or something; like it was just natural that he should give up his ass to his big brother. I've never been much into family, but I think brothers are probably fucking each other all the time.

"Okay, Clark, that's enough" I said as I pushed him back off of my now fully hard prick which was bouncing up and down in Stan's face in anticipation. I just sat there for a minute looking down and seeing how gorgeous it looked in my half-brother's beautiful youthful face. What a picture that made! I couldn't help but laugh in exultation. "Oh shit, Stan. You are so gorgeous. And your brother's prick in your face sets you off like you wouldn't believe. My prick and your face belong together, baby." That set me off laughing again.

"Okay, hon, lets get that sock out of your mouth" I said as I reached under my balls and pulled it out of his mouth. Then I gently bounced my enormous wanger against his nose a few times. "That better, hon?"

"Yes, Jack. Thank you" he answered. Well, well, what a change in attitude. He thanks me.

"Stick out your tongue, hon" I said softly. "Give your brother's big prick a lick. Go ahead. Do it." And he did. He stuck out his tongue and gave my prick a couple licks.

Sliding my butt back off his chest, I gave his cheek a couple friendly slaps, and then leaning down, gave him a kiss on the forehead, and then a kiss on the lips.

He moaned as I stuck a thumb into his mouth and he started to suck on it. "You want your hands free, baby?" I whispered. "Hmmm?"

"Ah-Huh" he mumbled. I reached under him and quickly untied the torn underwear that were holding his wrists. As he pulled his arms out from under him, I slid back up pinning them under my knees and pushed my dick back into his face.

"What the fuck's going on?" Clark snapped. "I thought you were going to fuck him." Oh fucking hell. I couldn't believe it. I could hear the envy in Clark's voice. He was jealous.

"Shut the fuck up, Clark" I snapped back at him "or I'll kick your ass." I glared at him letting him know I was serious. He meekly sat back down on the sofa.

Meanwhile, without me saying anything, Stan was looking up into my eyes, and licking up and down my prick. And, he was not just looking: there was unquestionably a look of admiration on his face. I swear to god there was a look of worship.

"That's it, honey bun. Worship your brother's dick" I said. "Give it a few sweet kisses." And he did. Switching back and forth between kissing and licking he was definitely into a worship mode. "Oh, baby. That's good. That's real good."

"Mmmm" was all he said, but he didn't take his eyes off of mine for a single second.

"You want to suck it, honey? Hmm? You want it in your mouth?"

There was a long hesitation, and then he whispered. "I don't think I can, Jack."

"Porter" I said.

"You're too big, Porter" he mumbled as he continued kissing my big prick.

"Don't worry, baby. I'll go easy. We'll just give you a taste of your brother's big dick."

Getting up off of him, I went over to the sofa. "Move it, hon" I said to Clark as I grabbed a handful of hair and pulled him off the sofa onto the floor. Then I lay back against some pillows, one leg on the sofa, the other on the floor, with my big hard-on up tight against my belly.

"Okay, Stan. Go to it." Getting up on hands and knees, Stan crawled over to me and putting his hands on my thighs, put his face into my crotch and gave a big sniff. Pushing his nose into my balls, he sniffed again. "Oh, shit, yeah, Stan. That's it" I swooned. Hell, this kid wasn't going to just suck my dick; he was going to worship it.

Shit. It was clear to me that there had been a masochist hiding behind that tough guy facade that Stan was putting on, all the time. All it needed was for me, Porter, the number one dominant stud in the state, to bring it out of him.

I just relaxed as I lay there watching him enjoy himself worshiping my prick. He clearly understood the act of being a submissive because he automatically clasped his hands behind his back as he buried his face into my crotch. Covering my balls and then my prick and then my balls again with light kisses and a little tongue, he seemed to be totally mesmerized by what he was doing.

Pushing his nose into my crotch and making my prick flop back and forth against his face he started making a moaning sound from the back of his throat. A moaning sound of extreme pleasure. I mean, this is the kind of action I demand from my regular clients; total devotion to my prick, but I sure as hell didn't expect it from a fifteen year old; a fifteen year old kid who thought he was a macho-man.

Clark was still sitting on the floor watching from just a few feet away. "What are you doing, Porter? What are you doing?" he whined, again showing his jealousy.

"You shut the fuck up, Clark, or I'll put a sock in it" I growled at him. "Not another fuckin word. Just enjoy the show."

Clark's intrusion didn't faze Stan in the least. In fact he was so enthralled by what he was doing that I don't think he even heard him.

All I had intended here, was for Stan to get a feel for sucking, and make sure I was fully hard, and then I was going to fuck him. But looking down at this gorgeous little boy totally enraptured and hypnotized by my big prick was just too good to let go, Seeing that glazed look in his eyes was every bit as good as the wonderful feeling I was getting from his tongue action.

"Oh, shit, kid. That's it. Oh yeah. Keep it going."

"May I touch it, please, Porter?" he murmured as he looked up at me with those goo-goo eyes.

"No, sweetheart, not now. Maybe later" I said, giving him a big smile. "Just keep that sweet mouth of yours working. You're doing great." Closing his eyes again and continuing to moan softly, he began to gently lick up and down all ten inches of my dick. Giving a quick kiss on the head, he licked all the way down to my crotch hairs, and then back up again, over and over. It was heavenly.

"Okay, Stan. It's time to suck" I finally said. "Take it in your mouth. Show me what you can do with your brother's big fat dick."

"Mmmm" was all he said as he licked back up to the tip and then opened wide and took my big dong into his mouth. Lapping at it with his tongue and beginning to suck, he took a couple inches into his mouth. The look on his face as he stretched his mouth wide open was heavenly. Then he moved in taking another inch or so as he sucked away.

I knew he wouldn't be able to deep throat, and right now I was so fucking hot anyway, that I didn't actually want him to. It was his ass that I wanted, so I pushed his head back off of my hard-on.

Grabbing him by the neck, I dragged him up over my body so his head was just under my chin, and his ass was within reach. "Give me some spit, hon" I said as I put my hand in his face. "Nice big wad." Coughing up some saliva, he spit in my hand, and as I started to smear it against his little hole he started kissing my massive chest.

Now, you know how I'm built. Great big slabs of pectoral muscle sticking up giving him plenty of skin to work on, and he really went at it. Kissing at first and then licking and sucking, he started working his mouth over my massive pectorals, worshiping them with the same intensity as he'd worshiped my prick. This kid was almost too good to be true.

"I love your body, Porter" he murmured softly. "Mmmm. You are so.... so.... You are so.... you're perfect. You're just perfect."

"More saliva, hon" I said as I brought my hand back up to his face. "Give me some more." This time, as I rubbed it into his crack, I stuck a finger into his hole and started wiggling it around. He let out a moan: 'Ohhh' but he didn't stop slobbering on my chest. And damn did he have a tight little hole. Super tight and my prick was throbbing in anticipation of getting into it.

I now realized that this kid was so mesmerized by me that he didn't care what I did to him. I was pretty sure he'd do anything, absolutely anything to please me. "You want my big prick up your tight little butt, hon?" I asked. "Hmmm? You want to make Porter's big prick happy?"

"Yes, please, Porter. Please" he whispered into my chest. "I want what you want." Didn't I guess it? This kid would do anything for me.

Easing a second finger into his tight hole, I fucked in and out of him a few times and decided that that was enough. I could have loosened him up some more, to make it less painful, but he needed to experience the true intensity of a first fucking which needed to include some pain. I was going to let him prove his true devotion to me by accepting some pain and reveling in it, in order to give me the pleasure I desired. I was going to show him that a true submissive can get his pleasure from experiencing pain and knowing it was giving me, his dom, pleasure, and I had no doubt he'd give anything and take anything in order to give me whatever I wanted. And he was going to lose his virginity not only to his brother, but to the highest paid male prostitute in California and a true master at the art of fucking.

I lifted Stan's head up off of my chest and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. Any smooching we were going to do would have to come later, because my rock hard prick couldn't wait any longer. Rolling him off of me and putting him on his back, I kneeled in front of the sofa and pushed his legs up in the air. Stan was looking at me with such adoration that I almost had to gasp in amazement. It had been less than half an hour and I hadn't even fucked him yet, but he seemed to be-------- in love; madly in love. Who but a fifteen year old could fall in love in half an hour?

Spitting in my hand, I rubbed it up and down my dick, giving it a nice wet sheen. Then I took aim at his tight little pucker and started to push. "It's gonna hurt, babe" I said "but I know you can take it. Tough kid like you, you can take anything."

He moaned: "ohhhh" as I pushed into him, forcing his hole to open up to take my huge bludgeon. "Ohhhh" he groaned some more, but he didn't scream, as the head of my dick forced its' way into him. I stopped for a moment just as the head popped in, giving him a chance to adjust. He continued moaning and was panting wildly with his eyes squeezed closed and a look of pain on his face, but he was doing great so far.

After fifteen seconds or so I started pushing some more, forcing his ass to open up for me. The feeling of my cock pushing into his tiny hole was marvelous, so I pushed some more.

"Oh shit, baby. What an ass" I, moaned in pleasure as I stopped once more. Stan was now whimpering with his face all scrunched up in pain, so I held up for a bit giving him another chance to adjust. "You're doing great, baby. Real great."

Giving him a good twenty seconds, I now started slowly jacking in and out of his tight buns. There was only just enough saliva to let my dick slide somewhat. I knew it would get spread out some as I kept going and got him loosened up to allow a good slick fuck.

He was still whimpering but I could tell he was trying not to, so he hadn't reached the point of feeling any pleasure yet. But it was going to come. I was sure his pain was going to blend into his pleasure, and once I got him to focus on me and not himself, he'd surely begin to enjoy it.

"Open your eyes and look at me, babe. Focus on me" I said.

"Oh, shit, it hurts" he moaned as he opened his eyes and looked at me.

"That's okay, babe" I said. "I know it hurts, but look at me. Look at your man." He now focused on me and saw the big smile on my face. "Yeah, babe. Look at me. See how much I'm loving it. You're beautiful, babe. You're sending my cock to the moon." Pushing his legs wider apart I started fucking again, this time going a little deeper with each thrust.

"Keep looking at me, babe. Focus on your man. Focus on my pleasure." I leaned in and give him a peck on the lips. "I'm loving it, baby. I'm loving your tight ass." I was getting a pretty good fucking motion going now and had at least eight inches into him. "Tell me you want it, babe. Tell me you want my big prick in your ass. Tell me you want to do it for me."

His eyes were wide open staring up at me as I grinned down at him. "Yes, sir. Yes, Porter" he whispered. "Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Yes, sir." Still on my knees in front of the sofa, I put my arms around him, pulled him off the sofa onto my dick and hugged him there as I moved my hips slowly and started kissing him. He returned the kiss with a vengeance.

Putting one hand under his ass as I continued the kiss, I started lifting him up off my prick and allowing him to slowly slide back down. I got exquisite feeling of pleasure each time he slid down forcing all of my ten inches into his sweet little ass..

Putting my other hand into his hair, I pulled him away from the kiss and pushed his face over to my shoulder. "Worship your man, baby. Worship your man." He immediately started kissing my big round deltoid and then licking his way up to my neck and back again.

His ass was sliding up and down on my prick with ease now, but he was still so fuckin tight that my prick was going crazy. There just ain't nothing on this earth like taking a young virgin ass.

But with all wonderful things they eventually have to come to an end. I was getting hot. So I lifted him up off my prick and lay him on the sofa with his head on the arm. Climbing onto the sofa myself I lifted his legs and spread them wide. My big dong was slick and shiny and gorgeous and was standing up like a sentinel

"You ready, baby?" I said smiling down at him. "You ready to get fucked?"

"Yeah, Porter. Yeah" he answered. "Fuck me." Taking aim, I pushed my enormous seven inch around, ten inch long prick deep into his ass in one thrust. Pushing his legs even farther apart, I jacked my crotch a couple times trying to get in even deeper.

Then I started to fuck. Ramming it in making the whole sofa jerk with each stroke. Then pulling back and ramming it in again, slamming my crotch against his ass.

Stan was yelping each time I slammed into him, so it must have been hurting, but I didn't give a shit and I don't think he did either. I was ready to go all the way now, so I kept slamming it to him and started going faster. His head was now crammed sideways against the arm of the sofa and he was looking up at me with total awe in his face. I heard a crack, which meant we probably broke the arm of the sofa, but again, who gives a fuck? I was ready to shoot my load into the most beautiful young virgin I'd ever seen and nothing else mattered.

Quickly jerking my prick out of his ass, I yelled, as I fired my first shot which hit him in the forehead. I yelled again as my second shot went clear over his head, and then my third shot hit him in the chin.

"Oh, fuck" I screamed as I shot four or five or six more times onto his chest and abs. "Oh, fuck" I said again as my ejaculation finally ended. "Jesus, what a fuck" I panted. "Jesus."

Stan was smiling up at me, and I noticed that it wasn't just my jism on his chest and stomach. He had evidently shot his load at about the same time that I did.

"That was beautiful, Stan" I said as I leaned down and gave him a peck on the lips. "Beautiful."

"Thank you, Porter. Thank you" he replied. "I loved it. I really loved it. You are suck a stud. I love you fucking me." Well, shit. How do you respond to a comment like that? I didn't know what to say so I just gave him a big smile.

"Clark, you still here?" I asked as I looked over. Clark was still sitting on the floor with his legs crossed looking very angry. "Come here." He gave me a dirty look. "I said come here. Move your fuckin ass" I growled. "On your knees" I said as he got up and came over. "See that cum on Stan's face? That's my cum and we don't want to waste it. Lick it off."

"Porter..." he started to say. I gave him a healthy slap across the face, got a grip on his neck and squeezed it as I pulled him towards his brother. "You'll damn well do what I tell you. Now lick it off" I growled at him. I was squeezing his neck hard so I knew it was hurting.

"Okay, okay. Please. Okay" he whimpered as he started licking my cum from Stan's forehead, and under the direction of my hand, Stan's chin as well.

"Now, Stan. Apologize to your brother about the way you've been treating him. Tell him you're sorry."

"I'm sorry, Clark. I'm sorry for the way I've been acting." Total obedience from him, just the way I like it. Clark may need a little training yet, but Stan seemed to already be my completely docile minion. They were already my submissives, so it wouldn't take much to train them to be perfectly obedient slaves.

"Clean up the rest of this cum, babe" I said as I pulled Clark's head down to Stan's chest. "Lick up your big brother's cum."


The old man kicked off the very next day, so I never got to see him, but I didn't give a fuck. He didn't mean a damn thing to me. However, he had one hell of a hefty bank account leaving all three of us in the chips, so I just packed the boys up and took them back to California with me.

I already had a California King bed so it was a perfect fit for the three of us, so I slept every night with one on each side, and I rediscovered how really rambunctious young teenagers can be. Hell, I'm not even twenty yet myself, but these kids were something else. I mean, with all their energy and climbing all over me all the time, I could have kept two cocks busy with all their activities.

Both of them settled into slavery as if they'd been born into it, becoming completely docile and obedient and relishing the fact that they could run around the house all day totally nude except for collars emblazoned with 'Porter's Slave' on them. I kept my houseboy, Jerry, so they'd have someone to play with without playing with each other, and they loved their power over him. Both boys had mean pieces of meat so Jerry was happy with the situation as well.

I didn't need to be a male prostitute anymore, but I played around occasionally just for the hell of it, because it was fun, and because I had an irresistible craving to dominate and fuck beautiful young virgins. Emphasis on young and beautiful and virgin. And, truth be told, I still couldn't resist a youthful pretty face attached to a really hunky body. Besides, me being an absolutely perfect sex object, those cute young things couldn't resist me either and I almost had to beat them off with a stick.

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