I called Christopher the next day. I was in shock at what happened. I could not believe how I had completely given myself over to him.  My summer job had wound up changing my life for ever and it was Christopher who had been responsible.

 He told me to come over whenever I wanted. I said I would be right there. It took me about 5 minutes to get there. I was unsure what I would say to him, or him to me. I wanted to tell him it was a one time thing but in my heart I was not sure what I wanted, I hoped he could help. Every nerve ending in my body was still wired from the day before, but my mind was really tripping me up. One minute I was practically in tears, the next I could feel my cock getting hard thinking about it. I fully expected to explain all of this to Christopher when I got there. 

I pulled into his shaded driveway and walked up to his front door. I rang the bell and looked down at my flip flops. I heard him coming to the door and I looked up just as he opened the door. He was wearing a tight faded red polo shirt over a pair of white linen Capri pants. I could not help myself as I looked him over my eyes were drawn to his cock stuffing the front of his pants obscenely. He had a cigarette in his hand as he held it out and told me to come in. I hesitated enough that he reached out and led me inside. 

I stood to the side as he closed the door. He turned towards me and kissed me full on the mouth. All of my doubts almost disappeared, his lips pressed strongly onto mine just like the night before. He put his hand behind my head and pulled my mouth onto his with more force. I was about to lose control, so I gently pushed him away and said I would like to talk to him. He smiled, and said of course we can talk. He led me to his sitting room and pointed to a chair which I sat in. Christopher took the seat across from me and got comfortable as I sat there unsure how to begin. 

I told him how I was more confused then I had ever been in my life. I was not even sure why I had done that or if  I was even gay until I met him. I was not even sure I was gay now. I also told him that although I was not all that experienced sexually he had made me feel things I did not even think were possible. He smiled at that and took a drag on his cigarette. I expressed gratitude for everything he had done for me, from the job, to our experience the day before. 

 Christopher then told me what he had told me the day before. He had seen my picture on the bulletin board at the store and decided I was a good looking young man who could help out around his house. He also decided within the first five minutes of meeting me that I was gay, even if I did not know it. Even if I was kidding myself sitting in the chair in front of him. He knew I would be his when I did not immediately quit after he walked around with his cock basically breaking out of his bathing suit, and the fact that I was constantly staring at him in a state of lust. He told me things about myself that I did not even realize until he said them to me. I was  a hot young guy who liked older guys, and he was an older guy who liked me. I told him that looking back I probably was at least curious about him after our first meeting. There was something very provocative about him, and I did think about him. From the way he sucked the ice cube out of my glass to the flamboyant way he smoked his cigarette. I decided it was a good time to be honest, so I also told him I was very attracted to him. I had been shocked at the time that I told him. It had brought the possibility of being gay screaming to the front of my psyche.

He then asked me about the day before. How did I feel about that? I told him it was the most amazing day of my life. I did not know that pain and pleasure could be so close together. I also told him he was the first man I had ever been with. He laughed at that and said well you started quickly then. It was then that he uncrossed his legs and shifted his cock so I could get am better look at it. I could almost feel my mouth start watering at the thought of it. It was sitting on the left side of his ball sack and was clear as day in his linen pants. He asked me what I wanted to do about things between us.

  He told me it sounded like I was trying to convince myself two different things. First, that what had happened was a one off, that it would not happen again. Second, that I was there to get fucked again, and to see what came of that. 

He said he was going to get a glass of wine and that I could stay and discuss things further with him when he got back. He was back in a minute with two glasses of dark red wine. He put one on the table in front of me and made his way over to the small bar in the room. He said that the wine was from California and was his favorite. He saved it for special occasions and that he felt that today was going to be the official start of something special. I had a sip of the dark liquid and felt the warmth it gave course through my body. I glanced over at him by the bar. He had removed a large cigar from what I guess was a humidor. He asked if I minded. I shook my head no as he explained that the rich wine was complimented by a fine cigar. He used a cutter and snipped the end and told me to come to him. He took a seat on a bar stool, again with his legs open to give me the view again. I stood between his legs as he held the long cigar up to my nose and told me to smell it. The earthy tobacco smell swept over me. He put the cigar in his mouth and handed me a very heavy lighter. I struck the lighter and a flame jumped out. He held my hand and guided it to about 2 inches below the tip. He started to puff as the heat from the lighter slowly lit the cigar. He took the long cigar out of his mouth and blew a thick stream of smoke towards the ceiling. He gave a very satisfied sigh and leaned back on the bar stool. Another sip of wine followed. I was captivated, and I knew he was putting on a show for me, seducing me all over again. The masculinity of the scenario was becoming a huge turn on. The thoughts again cascading through my head were quickly turning to ones of lust. He took another huge drag on the cigar, I was basically standing right in front of him staring at that point. So I leaned in and kissed him. He did nothing , he let me press my lips to his gently, the smoke from his mouth slowly making its way into mine. I actually moaned when this happened. I dropped my hand and slowly let it make it's way down his lean body to his package, he still did nothing as I moved my hand up and down his cock and balls." Well it seems someone has made up his mind", he said. My response was to kiss him again. My mind was made up, I was his to do with as he pleased. Not that he ever thought it was otherwise. 

  Twenty four hours earlier I had never been with another man, yet here I was about to give myself over completely again to a man.  I pulled out of the kiss and looked down where my hand was working over his huge cock and balls. I could all but see the tip as it laid over his balls. He took another drag on the cigar, and suggested we go upstairs. I silently nodded my ascent.

 He again led me to his bedroom. I walked over towards the bed  without him saying a word and  undressed. I never turned away from him as I took off everything. He put our glasses of wine down on a nightstand and made his way towards me, still carrying his cigar. Without me having any footwear on  he was a good  six inches taller then me. When he was standing directly in front of I put my arms around him and pulled my self into him. I could feel the heat his body gave off as I clung to him. He tipped my face towards his as he leaned in and kissed me. I felt so strange standing there with nothing on but I knew he had to realize I was giving him everything.

  He pulled off his shirt then he gently pushed me back onto the bed so that I was sitting directly in front of him. He moved in front of me so that I was literally staring at his cock and balls inside his pants. I reached up with my right hand and felt the heft of his package.  The heady odor of cigar smoke got stronger as he pushed my face back with both hands. Knowing what he wanted I undid his pants and pulled them down over his hips. 

 There it was, it was even more scary then the day before. The uncut head tucked away in it's foreskin. Thick veins running up the front of it.  It was Sitting on top of a pair of balls that would have looked at home on a bull. He was semi hard when his pants hit the ground. I looked up at him at that point. I wanted him to see how ready I was to worship both him and his monster cock. I stuck my tongue out and pushed it into the tip of his foreskin. He smiled, put a hand on his hip and his cigar in his mouth. It was then that I noticed the thick leather cock ring that was encircling him. I reached up and felt the rough braided leather that circled his cock and balls. I took his semi hard cock and lifted it off his balls. Then I put as much as I could into my mouth. He groaned appreciatively at my efforts. He hardened quickly at that point, and it was not long until I was struggling just to keep his huge head in my mouth. 

My other hand had found his low hanging balls. I gently pulled on them, feeling the size of both his sack as well his balls in my hand. He pulled his huge, and now rock hard cock out of my mouth and gathered his balls in one hand and demanded I suck them. I could see the fine blond hairs on them as I tried to get them in my mouth. I was only able to one in at a time though.  I drooled all over his soft leathery sack. Again he took his cock in his hand, he skinned it and lowered the naked tip onto my tongue. I could see the drop of fluid on the tip which I moved my tongue towards to accept.  I looked up at him as his string of precum stretched from his cock head to my tongue.  He said open my mouth which I did and he put his cock back into my mouth. I felt both of his hands on the side of my head as I looked up at him. The ash from his cigar fell off as he started to fuck my face. I could not get much of him into my mouth. Yet that was not going to stop him. He was  holding on to my hair as he tried to force himself down my throat. Breathing was becoming difficult. I was struggling  but still he continued.  My eyes were tearing, I was drooling all over, and I had snot coming out of my nose when he finally eased up. I was already exhausted and spent. His show of power had frightened me and made me want more. I leaned in and gave his huge cock head a tongue bath, paying special attention to his piss slit which was now streaming precum. He allowed me to compose my self while I did that. 

  I had put my hands on his hips while I lovingly serviced him. He was caressing my hair as I did this, and while his cock had softened a bit it was still huge and angry. He put his half smoked cigar down in an ashtray, then he leaned over and kissed me again. I was in heaven. It was the type of kiss he had given me yesterday. Full of promise and longing. The taste of him was everywhere. Smoke, wine, me, it was a very intoxicating mixture to me. His mustache felt so good on my face. The thick brush rubbing against my face as he passionately made out with me.  He got onto the bed next to me as we continued to kiss. I reached down and started to jerk his cock. I loved the way his foreskin slid up and over his cock head. 

He rolled off of me and told me to put my hands over my head. I remembered the silk ties he had on the bed. I told him I was not sure I was ready for that. Things were happening so quickly. He smiled at me and told me to do as I was told. I hesitatingly did so. The silk was cold around my wrists. At first I thought the ties were for show, but I quickly realized that was not the case as he tied them very tightly.  He climbed on top of me and again pushed his cock into my mouth. It was different then the face fucking of a few minutes ago. He told me to open my mouth as he slowly worked himself into my mouth. My lips and jaw were stretched wide open to accommodate him, but he went slowly. He said encouraging things to me as he did this. I realized later that he was breaking me in. Getting me used to servicing cock, and specifically his huge cock. He pulled himself away from my mouth and told me to lick his balls again. I complied immediately, running my tongue all over them getting them slick with my spit. They were soaking wet soon enough, as I sucked them in and out of my mouth.

 Christopher then stood up on the bed and turned around. He told me he wanted me to clean his asshole as he slowly lowered himself onto my face. I felt him roughly pinch one of my nipples as I contemplated his demand. His asshole was right above me, the musky odor working it's way down to my nose. I guess I was too slow because he pinched my nipple as hard as he could. I yelped as they were still very tender from him yesterday. I raised my head and ran my tongue around the outside of his hole. He was very clean so it was not unpleasant and I did not want another nipple pinch so I began. I was working my way around his ass when he told me to stick my tongue in his asshole. He had been playing with my nipples the whole time and his ministrations were becoming more forceful. So I complied. I ran my tongue directly over his hole. I felt nothing objectionable so I did it again. He moaned loudly when I stuck my tongue directly into his hole. He also put alot more of his weight onto my face. I could tell he was enjoying it so I went at it even harder. His moans increased in intensity as he reached down and spread his ass cheeks wide open and lowered himself completely onto my face. I was literally tongue fucking his ass as he sat on my face, and I was completely into it because he was. He let his ass cheeks go and I felt him lean down and jerk on my cock. I moaned at once. It was the first time either he or I had touched it.   He continued to sit on my face as he jerked me off. I knew I would not last long, I was so amped up. When he leaned forward and swallowed my dick I was so surprised I shot into his mouth at once. I fully expected him to pull away and felt bad that i had cum so quickly but he stayed on it. Taking every drop into his mouth, while he worked over my still hard cock. He was driving me crazy with his tongue over and under my cock, when he let it out with a pop.

 He rolled off of me and stood next to the bed. He picked up his cigar which had gone out and relit it. He ran his hands up and down my body smoking as I lay there. He took one last drag on the cigar and again put it in the ashtray. He bent over and gave me a kiss and told me it was his turn. he made sure that smoke from the cigar made it's way into my mouth when he did. He reached into his bed stand and took out a large dildo and some lube. I knew what was coming and I was getting very nervous. I had made it through yesterday but it had  hurt me. He opened up the lube and put a dab on the tip of the dildo. Christopher told me to hold my legs up in the air. He wanted me to see everything. I complied immediately. He positioned himself between my legs and put down the dildo and lube. Then he pushed his face in to my ass crack. He had done this yesterday as well and it was what finally drove me over the edge. He worked his tongue up and down my ass crack, his mustache tickling me a little bit. He then focused on my hole. His tongue felt unbelievable after the punishing I had taken. He told my ass was as tight as yesterday which I could hardly believe after the fucking he had inflicted on me. He continued to work over my ass with his tongue never missing a chance to circle my hole. I could feel his hot spit running down my crack as he went to town. I had been enjoying all of the attention he had been giving me, but I knew what was to come. He did have me as relaxed as possible though, and I was certainly ready. I did not even notice him pick up the dildo. I felt the pressure as he put the head against my somewhat relaxed asshole. It was a flesh toned color and I looked down as he pushed it slowly past my ass ring. It was certainly not a good feeling right away but I was surprised that it hurt as little as it did compared to the day before. It was around 7" long and thick, with a pair of oversized balls that Christopher was using as a handle to push more of it into my ass. The deeper he pushed the more uncomfortable I got, but all I had to do was look between his legs to let me know what he was doing was just a warm up. He had gotten all of the dildo into my ass when he started to pump it in and out of me. I was watching as it plunged in and out of me, and just like yesterday it was starting to turn from pain to pleasure. He stopped pumping and left the dildo stuffed up my ass. I saw him pick up the lube and spread it all over his huge cock. It looked huge, and because of the cock ring it looked purple it was so engorged, and hard.

He got himself positioned right in front of me and pumped the dildo in and out of me a few more times with one hand while he lubed up his cock with the other. I was genuinely worried about what  was about to happen. With my hands tied up over my head I had absolutely no control over what he was about to do to me. He left the dildo in and pressing his mid section onto it he leaned over and began working on my nipples. He was using his weight to push the dildo further into me. My nipples were on fire, hard, swollen, and almost sensitive to the touch. Yet he was biting, and pinching them. It hurt but in a good way. I could feel shocks of pain and pleasure shooting thru me. I was  moaning and groaning and watching as he worked my chest hard. 

I was so focused on his nipple play that I almost missed him pulling out the dildo from my ass. He stopped on my chest and got up on his knees. His huge cock in his hand as he told me to watch. I looked on with concern as he put the huge head up against my ass and began to push. I was watching as he shoved himself slowly in. It hurt like hell when the head got in past my rectum. I asked him to stop, but he shook his head no and told me to watch. He put some lube on his cock and started to slowly push more of his cock into my already throbbing ass. The pressure was to much. I tried to lower my legs but he grabbed them and held them so my ankles were next to my ears. He told me to watch again as he slowly started to pump more aggressively into my ass. More and more of him went in each time he shoved into me. Yet I watched, as bad as it hurt I watched. I saw the look of absolute lust on his face as he fed my ass. I could see that all but the last 3" of his cock were in me. I could see his huge balls swinging back and forth as his intensity picked up. Most of all I could see the huge cock that was slamming into my tight ass. I saw he was almost all the way in and I felt his balls bounce off of my ass. Then he pushed in and was home. I nearly passed out as he put all of his weight behind his last thrust and buried all 10" into me. 

He was passionately kissing me and whispering nasty things into my ear as he started to fuck me for real. The introduction of his cock into my ass was over, and now it was time to fuck me for real. I was sweating and crying from the pain but he did not care. It was time to fuck. He began a series of slow and deep strokes into me. I was delirious at that point but I was starting to turn the corner. His balls were still low hanging and I could actually hear them slapping my ass as he fucked me harder and harder. I could see my ass pulling and pushing against his cock as he pistoned in and out of me. I was saying nothing, just groaning loudly as he fucked. I was getting used to it a bit more when he told me he was going to untie my hands. He asked me if I wanted that. He was still pounding away as he asked me. His balls still bouncing off of me. I said yes untie me.

He pushed all the way into me as roughly as he had yet. I groaned in pain as he did. He then reached up, and untied my hands. I put my arms around him and kissed him at that point. He was giving me small pushes of his cock since it was all the way in me. Then in a second he pulled out. It was so sudden and unexpected I gasped. My ass was on fire. He rolled off of me and laid on his back.  Sit on my cock he said. He held it straight up in the air. It was magnificent and huge. I had to do it though. As bad as I felt I knew he was testing me. 

 I got on top of him. I was not even sure how I would do it but I took his cock and holding it in my hand I positioned my asshole over it and lowered myself onto it. My legs almost gave out when he got past my ring. Again the pain was immense, but I looked into his face and saw that he was pleased. My face was contorted as I again did the unthinkable and worked his cock into my bowels. He reached up and started working my nipples again. I think it was that which finally got me to the right place. The next thing I knew I felt my legs touching his. It was all the way in. He gave each of my nipples a very hard pinch as I put my hands on his stomach and started to go up and down on him. It was now feeling amazing. It felt like he was fucking into my stomach as I started to pump my self up and down. He told me to go faster and harder and I did as told. I threw my head back as the pleasure started to completely take over. His eyes were closed and he was raising himself off the bed now to meet my movements.  My legs were cramping, my arms were exhausted but there was no way i was getting  off of him till he finished. He was breathing heavily and screamed he was going to cum. I was going on him like a wild animal when he gave me a huge thrust that buried as much cock into me as he could and he came. I felt it as jet after jet filled my ass with his cum. He collapsed back onto the bed and I collapsed on top of him. His huge cock still buried in my ass. 

We laid like that for a good 10 minutes when I felt his softening cock flop out of my ass. He began kissing me at that point. I could feel his load dripping out of my ass. He sat up and lit his cigar and reached down and shook his big cock, which was covered in the cum dripping out of my ass. I was so hot still I moved down and cleaned every inch of him with my mouth and jerked off as he lay there drinking his wine and finishing his cigar. After a few minutes he pulled me up to the top of the bed with him. He handed me my glass of wine and kissed me deeply. I felt completely at ease there. I actually took his hand with the cigar and took a little puff of it and he smiled and we shared another smokey kiss.

 I asked him if I had done alright. He smiled and kissed me again and said I did great. He said that I fucked him like a seasoned pro. He also asked me if what had just happened answered all my concerns. I told him I no longer had any concerns as long as we could do that again and again. Christopher said that could definitely be arranged after he had another glass of wine. He stood up from the bed, handed me his cigar and said he would be right back. I asked him to hurry.



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