When I got home I started the shower. I smelled of broken hopes and dried sweat. As I washed myself, I debated actually going to John's house. At first, I was reluctant, but in the end, I decided to. This was a chance I couldn't pass up. Screw saving myself, I wanted to do it. Hopefully, it'd be tonight. I also debated jerking off in the shower. I decided against that, saving my cream to impress the elder.

It took me a bit to find the priest's street, but after that it was easy. I walked up to the door, not knowing what to expect. Would he be more casually dressed, or...would he be dressed at all? Above all, I wondered why he almost wanted the sex. Priests were supposed to be celibate, to ignore pleasures of the body to commune with God. Times were changing, I thought. He might be more modern. I rang the doorbell.

'Just a minute, Michael, wait there.' He yelled, doing something on the other side of the door. I couldn't fathom what until he opened the white, moving wall. The first thing I noticed about him...strike that, the first two things I noticed about him were things that, on recalling the time, made my legs shake and my pre-cum ooze. The black house robe he wore close to his body was tied so loosely, I was amazed it even stayed on him at all, for one. The second thing was that his boner prodded against the inside of the robe, and perhaps loosening it a tiny bit each second, which made me wonder one important question; was he wearing anything underneath?

'I see you're admiring my penis again,' John remarked after he closed the door behind me. The priest's house was as nondescript as possible. I noticed a couple crucifixes, but not as many as in our house. The walls were white, the ceiling white. There were no pictures on the wall in the room I saw before me. I sat down on the leather couch, unable to voice my questions.

He must've read my mind, or maybe my expression was puzzled enough for him to get it. 'You're wondering why I'm being this...promiscuous.' As he paused for a word, I nodded. 'Well, long ago, when you were about 8 or so, before I came to the great church I preach at today, a theologian had a heretic theory about why gays existed. He said that they were ordained by God to show that this modern day and age was too hateful, and that they spread a little love around. He also said that the prostate was a way to both physically and spiritually commune with God. He e-mailed a few close friends he knew to start up a gay priest movement. I was one of those few.'

His cock prodded the robe more. The loosely done knot was coming apart more and more, faster. The knot would come undone any second now. 'And, from the time I saw you yesterday, I wanted to fuck you. And I know you've had your eye on me for a long time now.' His closely cropped grey hair was damp, and a drop of water slowly cascaded down the side of his face. He must've finished showering just now. 'And now, I'm going to take that chance. But first, I need your permission. No need to be reported for rape, especially not now.' His cock broke free. The robe fell open, and I was right. He had nothing on.

He shed his robe, sometime, but all I could focus on was his huge, cut dick. It had to be at least 10 inches, and thicker than that. I saw his scar, and wondered how it'd pleasure him. The cock still looked like a man's that would be way younger. And I wanted it.

I was naked, and my cock hung out like 4th of July fireworks. I never recalled pulling anything off. 'I want you to fuck me,' I whispered. I repeated it, over and over. Finally, I yelled it. The grey hairs on his chest seemed to perk up. He lunged at me, and started kissing all around. One minute we were engaged in a sexy French kiss, the next he was going up and down my neck. He moved down to the hair on MY chest, and started drooling on it, and rubbed it all around. Then he kissed - and erected - each nipple. I almost shot my first load from the excitement.

'Ever had your penis sucked?' I shook my head.

'Really? I thought a handsome one like you would be swarming with men just wanting to suck it. No matter, I'll show you how it's done.' He moved down. He started kissing my navel, and methodically moved down. He kissed my pubes, and then took one of my balls and started to suck it. Then he took the other one and sucked it as well. Finally, he turned his attention to my leaking pre-cum, and licked it all up. 'It tastes so good, Mike.' I grinned, but then he started.

His tongue flitted onto my piss slit many times. It was akin to tonguing on a wind instrument, such as a clarinet or oboe. I was getting closer and closer, but he still kept going. My breathing started to get shallower, and I knew I'd erupt sometime. He was deep-throating my cock, and he didn't even seem to mind. I guess he had longer ones than mine to suck before.

I blew my load, while he was still sucking it. Without warning, or anything, but his eyes just twinkled more. When it was all soft, he released it. 'Now, you do me. Exactly how I did you. Just take it slow.' I nodded, and advanced upon him. First, I erected both his nipples. They were what I thought I would be, and I almost enjoyed them as much as actually tasting his cock. I moved down his chest, admiring his vast amount of hair. Mine was only a smattering compared to his.

I kissed his navel over and over, just as he had done mine. My cock started getting hard again. I took one of his balls, and stuck it in my mouth. It tasted like skin on the surface, but beyond had so much more. I could taste his manly smell about him. Perhaps it was a body wash he had used in the shower. (I found out later, of course.) Then I took his other ball, and sucked it of all he had to offer. Finally, I closed my mouth around his cut cock, and tongued his slit. His breathing had become shallower, like mine had at this stage.

As I got the head and some of the shaft in my mouth, he blew his load. Correction, loads. At first, there was a huge eruption, and had I had less dick in my mouth, I wouldn't have a chance at getting it all. As soon as the last of the sweet and spicy load of his first eruption was swallowed, perfectly on time, another one came. I did the same as the last one, and shoved more of his dick into my mouth. It shot two more times before I was really deep-throating it. My mouth brushed the grey hairs of his bush. He shot one final load before it too grew soft. I released it from my mouth. 'Perfect, Mike. Perfect. Now, let's go take a shower.'

'But you just took one, and I didn't get anything on you except for kisses.'

'No, but I want the water to loosen up your ass. If you haven't had your penis sucked before, it's likely your ass is still virgin too.' I noticed that he didn't just say butt, but said ass.

'You're a pretty good guesser. God make you a prophet or something like that?'

He chuckled. I loved the sound of his laugh. I always had. 'No, I'm afraid I'm just a priest.' He led me to the shower, where the floor was still wet from the shower taken so previously before. He turned it on, very hot, and had me bend over. 'Nothing's going to loosen your ass if you're standing up,' He said.

I nodded, and he stepped out of the shower, and went into the depths of the house with something. The man dripped all over everything, but he didn't care. He came back with a tube of KY jelly, and condoms. 'We're going to have to really do this right, since you're a virgin,' he said. He started lubing up his fingers, and one by one stuck them in my anus. It, strangely, felt really good. In all the gay porn stories I had read before, the first time hurt like a bitch. When he finally slid his fingers out, I almost pleaded for him stick them back in. I wanted him to, but I was an adult, and sucked it up.

I watched him unroll a condom, stick it on his huge penis, and lube it up as well. I started shaking, just a little, in anticipation. 'Bend over.' I got into a position that would be comfortable for a while, and then-pain.

'OOOOOOOOOH SHIT, MOTHER FUCK...' I screamed every obscenity in the book, it hurt so much. Eventually, I got over it. This was wrong. It felt so good, having the old man's cock inside me, but it was so, morally, wrong. Then he struck my prostate and I lost it. Again, my cum shot out. This, I could see, and it shot out in five weaker bursts. It spattered against the shower walls, and I felt bad. This priest would have to clean up a lot.

I could feel, just barely, his cock tingling inside my ass. I knew he came, just by the way his fevered breaths evened out. 'Well, that was exciting. Let's go to sleep, eh?' We kissed, and the salty aftertaste of each other's cum flavored the tongues.

When I was about 16, I started, experimentally, to taste my own cum. Sometimes, I would have to, because I could hear my mom coming up to talk to me in the distance. Others, because it just tasted so damn good. And a few rare times, it was because I didn't have any other way to clean up.

'I've never tasted even the aftertaste of my own cum before. It tastes so damn good right now,' John said.

'Never? I would think such a sexy man like you would tasted your own cum from people giving you blowjobs many times!'

'Nope, I've never let anyone else give me a blowjob. My penis, in that regard, is a virgin.' He led me back in his house to the master bedroom, and we plopped on the bed. Our limp cocks touched each other as we made out before going to sleep. We were too tired to arouse them another time that night.



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