This was wrong. It felt so good, having the old man's cock inside me, but it was so, morally, wrong.

I guess I shouldn't start so late into the story like that. My name is Mike, I'm just over 35. I'm well built (at least, I think so.) I'm 5'8', with a 7.5' manhood, when erect. It's nothing to cough at, but nothing to choke over either. I've got mousy brown hair and have quite a few hairs on my chest.

I've been a dedicated Catholic since I was three. I think, yes, I could have been brainwashed. But that's another matter. What's important here is, I'm gay. I'm not going to get over that, it's how God made me. Us. And I don't believe in the 'Gays are abominations' shit that heavy conservative types throw to keep gays under their thumb. If gays were truly abominations, it would've never occurred to a man that another man was attractive in the first place. God would've steered him away from that path, if it were true. God loves everyone, and it's time Christians showed it.

Now, when I was thirteen or so, a new priest came to our church. He was in his early fifties at the time, I'd wager. And ever since the day I started to play with myself, he turned me on.

He'd glance at me, and I'd get an ever so slight bulge. I couldn't tell if he was a pedophile and I attracted him too. The priestly robe didn't hug his body like I hoped it would, someday, so I could see what he looked like without any clothing on.

He was the first man I was attracted to.

Fast forward 22 years.

I was visiting my mom for a few weeks. It was her birthday, and my dad had passed away from a heart attack only the year before. She invited me to that old church off of Kirkpatrick and Main, and I went. And who would I find to be the priest, but lovely old Fr. John. I saw him before he changed from his suit into the priestly robes. Striking up a conversation, I noticed him glance at me like he had over 20 years ago. And then I noticed something in his pants stirring. His eyes twinkled. 'Listen, Mike, I've got to change into my robes. Let's talk after Mass.'

That service dragged on forever. At the end, I honestly forgot why I was so anxious for it to end, and left. Only when we were halfway back to my mother's house did I realize I had probably left him waiting. When we were home, and I was alone (my mother had started a nap), I jacked off, to John's bulge. I tried to imagine what he'd be like shirtless, and ultimately, naked. I knew the moment would never come. Priests were supposed to be celibate. But we could always talk. After I cleaned up, I checked the weekly bulletin for office hours. He would probably be in his office, and I could talk to him there.

I dialed his office, and he picked up.

'Hello, this is Father John, can I help you?'

'Yes, this is Michael Beavers. I was talking to you before church this morning, and I completely forgot to stay after. Is there any time tomorrow I could drop by?'

'Oh, let me check tomorrow's work...hmm, can you come at 12:45? Everyone but the music minister and I take their lunch break right about then, and no one would be around. Unless you want to talk to the music minister again as well.'

I grimaced. If the music minister was the same, as he had implied, I would hate it. The music man was the most untactful guy I had ever known. 'No, I really just want to catch up with you.'

'All right. I'll see you tomorrow, 12:45.'

As soon as I hung up, I jerked off again. The prospect of seeing, and exciting, him away from the constraints of having the service in the middle of a conversation was turning me on. On the surface of my mind, I was hoping we weren't going to break his priestly vows. But further inside, I wanted to see him naked. I wondered if he was hairy on his chest, or if he was smooth like an 18-year-old boy.


As I d my coffee that morning, my mom remarked on how alive I was looking. I blushed and shrugged. 'Have you met a girl? I've been waiting 15 years for a daughter-in-law. I had 4 boys, none of which talked to me about girly things. You know how much...' she continued on, but I ignored her.

I couldn't wait for the talk, and I couldn't figure out why. I desperately did not want to ruin his vows, and I knew getting too excited would make me say some things left in my mind, and not out in the air. He was almost old enough to be my grandfather, for Pete's sake.

At 12:30, I finally got up and left. The drive flew by, and before I knew it, I was in the church parking lot, trying to come up with things to say. I got out of the car, and walked into the office. I quickly found Father John's office, and knocked.

A voice yelled 'Come in,' and I found the music minister, Kurt, and Father John sitting across from each other. 'Well, I think I'll leave for lunch now, my wife ran out of lunch meat, so I'm having to go somewhere. I'll be back around 1:30,' Kurt said, and walked out.'

Father John smiled. 'Well, if it isn't Michael. How ya doing today?' I noticed he didn't stand up, and then I saw the reason why. While he was wearing what I think were loose fitting boxers, I could not see any good pants. 'Noticing I have no pants on? Well, it gets quite hot in here, and the a/c gets too expensive to leave on. I would sweat too much and they'd stink! The other reason is, well, my penis wanted some air.'

I was appalled that he actually said penis, instead of a more appropriate euphemism, or nothing at all.

Noticing my facial expression, he laughed. 'All these new euphemisms are too hard to keep up with; it changes from decade to decade. I just call it penis, and people know what I mean. Now, do you want a soda, I've got a mini-fridge right behind me. Don't worry about me stealing money from the congregation, this investment was purely personal.'

'Umm, I'll have a Dr. Pepper if you have one.' Apparently, in his old age, he forgot he took his cock out of the fly, because he stood up to get the sodas. Even at his 70s, his penis was at least 4 or 5 inches, soft. A bulge stirred in my pants, and I just stared at him while he turned around.

He was cut, which was fairly odd because, if I remembered right, the late 30's and early 40's was not a time when boys were circumcised. Then again, he came from Poland. Perhaps he was born a Jew, and converted later in life?

He sat down again and turned his chair to face me. 'Oops, I forgot. I guess I'm going senile, eh? So, how's life? Where do you work, what do you do for a living?' These were questions we had not gotten around to yesterday, and I was dreading answering them.

' for a gay pornography company. I produce, of course, I don't actually participate. It's crude, but it pays the bills.'

Out of the corner of my eye, I think I saw the tip of his white mushroom head. The bulge grew more, and I noticed my legs were sweating. 'Do you mind if I also take off my pants? I'm getting a little hot over here as well.'

'Oh, of course, I don't mind. Remember, Adam and Eve were created naked. So you work in the porno industry, huh? So you got it made in Hollywood, then?' He laughed, and stared at my now-visible boxers. My cock was 6 inches now, not fully hard, but thick and rubbery, fighting to get out of the fly. I denied it the chance, and I definitely saw his cock rising up now. Well, at least he doesn't need Viagra.

'No, I live in a less glamorous part of California. I've been sent to Hollywood more than once though. It's quite amazing, if I say so myself.' My cock won the fight, I couldn't deny it anymore. It stuck out, and Father licked his lips. His cock rose even more, and might even have started oozing pre-cum.

'Michael, you'll have to excuse me, I'm getting really hot. I'm going to get naked, so I can cool down. Do you mind?' I shook my head, and he turned around and started unbuttoning his shirt. He wasn't wearing any tank top underneath. He shed the garment. Then he stuffed his cock back inside the fly and shed it too. John's ass was perfectly round, and would probably be tight too.

Although I worked in the porn business, and I had been persuaded and almost gone through with having sex with a few of the stars I've worked with, I've managed to break away to save myself for when gay marriage was legal, so I would have the purity of most going through with heterosexual marriages. My ass is very tight. I've prodded myself with an onset dildo once or twice, and I have never had my dick in a man's mouth either.

John turned around. Grey hairs covered his chest, which was quite well built. His nipples were pink, and the points were similar to pencil erasers. The kind I loved best. 'I attend the gym twice a week, in case you're wondering.' His six pack was eminent, and my cock was dying to be let of its prison, and be without even boxers. 'I see your penis wants to be let out too,' John remarked. 'Go ahead, get naked, I already am.'

Just then, the receptionist called out.'Father John, are you in there?'

'Shit.' Our cocks grew soft, and I stuffed it back into my boxers, and put my pants on. He dressed as fast as he could, going commando and leaving his boxers under his desk and a few buttons near the bottom undone. 'Here, go to this address tonight at 7. It's my house, and if we want to get naked and be uninterrupted, we can. I'm a priest, so I live alone. It's obvious. I'll see you later, Mike.'

He dismissed me out the door, and I left. At least we'd be doing it in a bed, I thought. I left, and prepared for the night.



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