Then we went out of the shower while kissing. The way this guy was kissing me, made me fell like it was my first time to kiss, he was extremely gogeos. From there, he made me lay on my favourite carpet which my dad bought for me in the city of love, Paris. Then he started to lick each and every likable part of my body as I mouned in passion and plesure. For the first time in my, life I didnt mind who got tol listen how I mouned in plesure and passion. After that, it was my turn to show him how much have wished to bed some one like him in a milion times. we kissed for a while and then I faild m my knees to give a sucking of his life. when I just started he gave me this smile which war tense but cute. He mound aaaaaaaah do it hard! as I presed in and out. It was crazy, but I wanted to make sure he beged for more. After about 20minutes of sucking his huge beautiful dick, he made me bend and placed it inside me, it was sore but I wished I woud have that all nite long. I felt facked for the first time ever since I started to fack around as a teen. Have never found such joy and pleasure. This guy was extra ordinary. The more I mouned the more he pomped in my ass. After a while he made me turn for the blow. He placed it in my mouth and then released that worm sweet cum as I sucked it. I was was not only happy that my dream has come true, but also glad that have found true satisfiction in a black man. After that day, that how it began between me and my black angel. I love him very much and His my love foreve. Mwah! The end.



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