I was living in an appartment complex in a rather residential area of this large town that I live in. I am a gay male 24 years old, and I love the looks of men in uniform, any kind, anywhere, I go bonkers over them, If hes good looking and neat looking I can cream in my shorts just ogling him.

I am a rather nice looking man and I have always tried to take care of my looks, and think I would be a really good catch, if the right fellow came along.

I was laying back in bed just pondering my past, I realize that my first sexual experience was what you would call underaged, but I was a young man, I didn't know anything about that, I was discovering my man hood I was sixteen and had matured rather early I had an awesome looking hairy body, I have almost brunette hair dark almost but not quite black, my pubic bush is almost black and quite bushy thick, and My cock is now at twenty four, well the last time I measured it it was 7.5 inches long and six inches in girth, quite large I think I stand six foot even, and weigh 165 lbs. and I am pretty muscular, thanks to the farm life I had as a youngster, I remember my cousin Mike came out to the farm to spend the summer with us He was eighteen and I was sixteen, we were helping Dad cut brush from the fence rows along the lower pasture down at the bottom of a ravine, and we were there most of the week cutting the brush and piling it up into big brush piles, they had dried about two weeks and Dad said, Boys Mom and I have to go into Spurlocks Market with a load of Produce, and we'll be gone untill tomorrow and I want you to burn that brush, stay with it till the fire goes out and make sure its out good before leaving, I said yes Dad, we'll get it done for you. Well Mike and I were out there all afternoon and we were wearing sorta like gym shorts and we had driven a tractor with a wagon out with the rakes and hoes just in case we needed to rake and put the fire out or something Mike was being very playfull and I just started jabbing fun back at him and finally he said Hey Frog, that was my nickname because of my voice that finally changed for the better, but anyhow he was setting on the end of the wagon and said come over here, he had this mischievious look about him and said come here and set with me. I said sure and he spread his legs and said here, I just jumped up onto the edge of the wagon between his legs and just set there with his legs, hairy and muscular on each side of mine, I noticed he was sorta pushing his legs together and meeting mine and I could feel the pressure and the hair of his legs rubbing mine, now you must realize I love Mike and he has been my Idol since I was little, and he reached around me an squeezed and said Frog, you really feel good against my body and I felt ten feet tall, there with Mike I began to have feelings I had never had, I wasn't sure what they were but I wanted them to continue, I felt Mike sorta rubbing my back and then he reached around front of me and lifted my tee shirt up sorta and slid his hands up under my shirt, and started rubbing my stomach and and chest and pulling me back against his body which was muscular and strong and I felt like I was making Mike happy and I felt so damn good about it, I could feel something sticking sorta hard in my lower back and It felt like a flashlight, it was about that size. and I heard Mike kinda groan and felt him push it up against my back and then he took his right hand and rested it on my pecker and balls and sorta cupped them with his hand, fuck man I instantly got a boner and he was kinda massaging it with his hand and It felt so wonderful, I had never been touched there by anyone else except my mom when I was little and she washed me. I was just laying back feeling so great here in the open air, it was dark except for the brush fire and I was forgetting about everything else, and then Mike was feeling the length of my cock, hard and throbbing, and he whispered into my ear, Hey Frog you like this, I said oh yes Mike it feels so good, I didn't think about his being older and me being underaged, I just knew It felt fucking wonderful, He said here and then he slid his hand into my shorts and took my six and a half inch cock into his hand and then he slid my shorts down and said here this will make it easier and he started jacking me off, the feeling was awesome, and I was wimpering at each jerk, fuck it was feeling so wonderful, tingling on the head he was working the foreskin back and forth and then I felt like I wanted to feel his too, and I turned around and reached out and felt his cock under his shorts, fuck me, it was huge, Mine was nice but Mikes was huge, I wanted to see his too and he stood up and slid his shorts down and god man, his was the biggest I had ever seen and I was close enough that I could smell his sweaty, not dirty, but masculine odor coming from his balls and crotch, and I felt myself floating away, I was jerking his cock back and forth and he was doing mine, we were both just enjoying it with each other, and then he did it, he knelt down and took my dick into his mouth and the pleasure was so fucking great I thought I was gonna faint, My young body and mind was turning to jelly, I said shit Mike, he stopped and said do you like it? I said oh god yea, man but what do I do when I get ready to squirt? he said I love that just squirt in my mouth, I said really? he said Yea man, thats why were doing this, and when I finish you, you can suck me off then, o.k. I said yea man, I would really like that, well Mike started sucking like a wild man and in just a few minutes I was starting to feel the cum boiling up in my groin, and I said Mike, I'm gonna squirt, he just grunted Unhugh! and kept on sucking it and I started shooting a load, my first down someones throat, this memorie will live in my mind as a treasure all my life, I finished and he licked it all off and then I started sucking Mikes cock and I loved the taste, I sucked and swirled my tongue and he made me so frigging proud, he said I was a natural at sucking cock, I felt fifteen feet tall, Mike started wimpering and I just kept up the sucking and He grabbed my head and almost choked me and started saying AWE fuck, Frog, awe Fuck, I started tasting a load that almost choked me I just swallowed to keep it from choking me, finally Mike stopped jerking and set back down on the wagon and said fuck Frog, that was awesome, are you sure that was your first time, I said Yea Mike. He said your awesome at it.

WE finished up in the field and went back to the house an I fell asleep feeling just marvelous tht I was able to make Mike feel so happy with me. and We did that a lot from then on.

I came back to the present and I heard a rumbling and banging noise outside my appartment down below my bedroom window, I got up without turning on the light and looked out the window and there on the ground below I saw two young guys acosting a Man in a suit and beating him up, and taking his briefcase and running down the street I got a fairly good look at them and I tried to remember their looks.

I just layed back down and in about fifteen minutes I heard a knock on my door. I got up and just a light bath robe,no undershirt on, I didn't even close up the front of it and I went to the door and answered, and what I saw just about floored me, I was looking into the eyes of the most gorgeous young cop I had ever layed eyes on, Just his looks alone were turning me into a wimpering, blubbering, idiot and I was stammering and sayin ye,ye, yes officer, can I help you, He just looked into my face and then started the scan down my body and I remembered I had just a pair of white briefs, which did little to hide my package outline, and my rather nice looking chest and abs and he just swallowed really hard and he just stared at my package, and I smiled and said yes officer, can I help you? he was sorta stammering and said Ah Ah, I need to ask you, I mean, I was wondering, I, aw shit, man can I ask you some questions sir. I said sure, come on in I hope you don't mind but I was in bed and Oh well you understand, he said god man you look just wonderful, I mean not a problem sir, I said my name is Ken, He said Ken,

Well, ah, there was a disturbance down below your bedroom window, earlier this evening, did you see anything, I noticed he just kept staring at my crotch and I was loving it, my cock was starting to kinda grow, and fluff up and He just stared and wet his lips and said Ah, Um, if you saw anything I would like to fill a report as to what you saw and I need your phone no and name, I mean I need you to sign a statement about what you saw.

I said sure, I saw, and I told him what I saw and he wrote it all down and then I said, can I get you something to drink? he couldn't take his eyes off me, and I said, what's your name, he said my name, wha, Oh my name, He said, Vaughn, I said Vaughn, your a very handsome hunk and I really like your looks, he said I like yours too. I said Vaughn, Im gay and I think if my feelings are correct, your interested in me, right? he said yea, How could you tell, I answered I just had a feeling, and I walked up to him standing by the mantel over the fireplace and opened my robe again and just took his clipboard, layed it on the mantle and kissed him on the lips, and he just wimpered and said ah fuck, and reached around and hugged and kissed me, and I felt like heaven had opened up and swallowed us both, I got a hardon and I just kept kissing and trading tongues with Vaughn, and he was almost going wild, kissing me, I started unbuttoning his blue uniform shirt and then his belt, I loosened his trousers up and they fell to the floor, he said Shit man, and he leaned back against the mantle and I pulled a very stiff, thick beautifully circumcised cock, about eight inches long, from his boxer shorts and just rubbed my hand around the head and shaft, I heard him moan, like a little kid in a candy shop, he shoved his hips forward and I knelt down and swallowed his cock into my throat, licking, sucking, swirling my tongue around the head like a lollipop and he was looking like all the energy was drained from his body, and he was stroking my head and running his fingers thru my hair and I wanted his load with a passion, and I was gonna get it too. I started massaging his nuts and lightly rubbing my fingers along side his cock base and rubbing the majic inch between his ball sack and rectum and he was moaning and hunching and grunting and then he grabbed my head, and shoved his cock all the way to the hilt. I started massaging his cock head with my throat muscles, he let out a loud groan and started shooting cum into my throat like a cannon, I started swallowing it like a rainbow vacuum cleaner sucking up liquids and He just humped against my face and grunted I finished up and suck his last little drop of delicious tasting cum, and stood up and kissed him there in my living room with his pants down around his feet and his body looking drained of all energy and essence, I smiled and said, yes officer is there anything else, He didn't speak for a few minutes and while he redressed he was tucking his shirt back into his uniform pants and buckling his belt back up he said I may need to come back for a further bit of information maybe, say like tomorrow evening, I said about seven alright, I will make supper and then we will have plenty of time to talk, and maybe even about the incident under my window. He smiled and leaned over and kissed me goodby and said I will be back, and he then said, baby your on the menu tomorrow night, thanks Ken, and I get to eat you, among other things, can I spend the night, Ken? I said of course but I am sorry I only have one full sized bed, He said that will be perfect, see you then, And he left.

I am looking forward to tomorrow night and we'll se what happens, but I know we are going to hit it off really well, not matter what we do, you see I have this thing for uniforms.



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