Master Collection Part III Back to the Van Your mind clears and you find yourself back in the Van your standing there with your kilt on, a pair of black Wesco Boots, a jockstrap, ball weights and a cock ring, daddy has you bent over and is working your boy sack. As daddy is working your balls you are well aware that the other submissive that is in the sling can see what daddy is doing to his boy. Daddy turns on a light he lifts up your kilt and shows the submissive in the back your jockstrap your ball sack your ball weights and your cock ring. Daddy tells you that the slaves name is Kyle and that he has been brought from Calgary to help with your training. Daddy pumps on your cock for a while and he works your balls and then daddy tells you to stand up and pulls down your kilt and tells you to go back into the Van to begin driving again. Brian does as he is told gets back into the Van starts up and begins driving all too aware that the camera can now see up the kilt and daddy and Kyle in the back are watching his ball sack. Daddy instructs Brian to drive to a liquor store where he will be given the task, Brian immediately drives to the nearest liquor store.

Brian stopped at a liquor store in a very bad part of town, daddy tells Brian to come to the back of the Van and he does as he is told, daddy informs Brian that his task will be to go into the liquor store and buy to 12 packs of beer and return to the Van but before he goes daddy is going to add more weight to his balls and that will be the challenge. Brian immediately spreads his legs to allow daddy access to his nut sack and his ball weights, daddy reaches into the drawer and gets a bigger ball weighed tugs on Brian's nuts, stretches them undoes the screw on the ball weighed tugs on his nuts and puts the ball weighed on his sack. Daddy then instructs Brian to leave the Van and go and purchase the beer in the liquor store, Brian opens the sliding door he steps down his boot heels contact the ground and he feels the ball weights tugging on his nut sack, even though the weights and the cock ring are inside his jockstrap he can still feel them tug and it makes his cock hard he walks into the liquor store and goes to the back refrigerator, Brian picks of two cases of beer and turns around he sees behind him a young boy probably about 19 to 21 about 5 foot five inches tall just the kind of boy daddy likes.

The boy asked Brian why he is dressed that way and Brian tells him that he loves the look of leather; the boy tells Brian that the leather look is getting his boy cock hard. Brian looks at the stranger and tells him that he is a slave and that his Master dresses him this way dresses and has him perform tasks while dressed in leather and boots and wearing other devices. Brian asks the boy his name, he tells him it is Michael and that he watched Brian walk into the store and followed him because he was curious as to why he was dressed the way he is. Brian looks at Michael and asks him if he has ever been submissive to mature dominant in charge master or daddy, Brian also asks him if he enjoys following orders and being tasked to do certain things in both private and public situations. Michael tells Brian that he is been searching for mature submissive daddy for quite some time but has never been able to find one that could fit his bill perhaps

Brian could introduce Michael to daddy. Brian looks at Michael and tells him to go outside the store and stand beside the Van that's parked at the end of the parking lot and wait, Michael like a good boy follows instructions and scurries out the door towards the Van. Brian can feel his cock getting hard, he walks towards the cash register with the beer and notices that the clerk is looking at his kilt, the clerk rings the beer through and Brian pays for it. Brian then asked the clerk what he's looking at and the clerk responds that he's looking at your leather kilt and he is wondering if you are wearing underwear or not. You stand back from the cashier's area raise your kilt and show him your black jockstrap and he can also see that it's being pulled by a nice set of ball weights. You ask the cashier if he likes what he sees and he says yes he does; you asked the cashier his name he tells you that he is Adam and that he likes looking at your leather kilt. You ask if he has ever had a cock ring or ball weights on him before and you also ask if he's ever sucked mature man's cock before. Adam responds yes to the ball weights but no to mature daddy's cock. You asked Adam if he enjoys sucking cock his response is that he enjoys sucking cock and especially a mature daddy's cock one that is thick has a lot of veins and is uncut. You tell Adam to drop his jeans and pull down his underwear, Brian unbuttons his jeans undoes the belt and pulls them down, you tell him to turn around spread and Adam does exactly as he is told he turns around and spreads his legs nice and wide. Brian reaches between Adams legs tugging on his ball sack and working his nuts Adam loves the feeling of this happening and asks Brian if his daddy like ball weights on his boy.

Brian tells Adam that daddy fully enjoys stretching a boy sack; daddy likes to see Brian walk around the apartment with heavy ball weights on and watch his nut sack being tugged. As Brian is working Adams balls he tells him that one of the things he enjoys the most is when daddy dresses up in full leather. Brian keeps pumping Adams balls and his cock is getting harder and the head is really starting to get red and purple, Brian keeps working Adams balls massaging those boy nuts working them pumping them milking them. Brian is working Adams balls, Adam can feel the seed working up inside his nut sack and he knows that soon a nice big hot steamy load of boy juice is going to get shot out of his cock.

Brian takes his finger and works it deep into Adams ass he can feel his prostate gland being milked. Adam knows that soon he will be completely out of control and that the seed will be milked out of him and he has always wanted to have this done. Brian goes deeper into Adams ass, Adam moans, his cock is rock hard Brian pulls his fingers out and then begins slowly work them back in again pushing hard against his prostate gland and then he shoots. Brian has completely milked Adam and all of the juice is dripping out of his boy cock, Brian reaches around and has some juice drip into the palm of his hand he brings the seed back around and he sniffs it, Brian loves boy juice and he has just milked Adam for the first time. Adam will soon experience more than he could ever imagine when daddy takes his ass for the first time and sounds his boys cock while his ass is being eaten out by Brian and his gland once again is being milked for all of the boy juice that's in.

Brian walks back towards the Van and sees Michael standing beside the sliding door he tells Michael to stand aside he opens the door steps inside and then closes the door. Brian informs daddy that there is a boy outside the Van that would like to meet him, and perhaps would like to be put through a strict training course. Brian informs daddy that the boy's name is Michael and that he is somewhere between the age of 18 and 22 he also tells daddy that the boy is only about 5'3" tall as he knows that daddy likes boys that are short. Daddy tells Brian to step outside the truck get Michael and put them in the passenger seat of the truck so the daddy can take a look at him from the cabin camera.

Brian and Michael are both in the front of the van and daddy is watching the video monitor so he can check out Michael and make sure he's exactly as Brian said he was. Daddy notices the Michael is quite short probably only about 5'3" tall, he appears to be quite young probably about 18 to 20 years old his cock is about five a half inches there is still cum dripping out of it. Brian asks Michael how old he is Michael replies that he is 21 but he can definitely play younger, that is something daddy really wants or perhaps something that Brian might want. Brian informs Michael that daddy likes his boys on the young side and the younger he can play the better it is for him, Michael says he can play very young. Daddy speaks to Michael and asks him how big his cock is Michael replies by telling daddy that his cock is about 5 inches long. Daddy asks Michael if he is ready to join us for a night of sucking and fucking there will be a lot of anal play. Michael says that he will join daddy for an evening of fun but he has another half hour of work left before he can leave the liquor store. Daddy immediately instructs Michael to come to the side door of the Van, open the door and step inside, close the door and stand at attention with his cock out.

Michael gets out of the Van walks to the side door opens it steps inside and closes the door, daddy tells him to turn around unbuckles his jeans pull them down so the daddy can check his ass and see if it's ready for exploration. Daddy grabs Michael's balls and gives them a tug daddy, takes a medium-size set of ball stretchers tugs on Michael's nuts and applies the ball stretchers, Michael feels the weight tugging on his balls, as daddy is tightening up the ball weights he pushes a finger against Michael's ass to see if it is ready. With the ball weights properly installed daddy pulls up Michael's jeans, zips up the zipper reaches between his legs squeezing his crotch. Michael winces as daddy squeezes his boys cock through his jeans.

Daddy tells Michael to get out of the Van and go back to work and think of those ball weights as that are pulling against his nuts and knowing that daddy is the only one that can take it off. Michael walks back to the store the balls weights are tugging on his nuts he is not sure if he will make it to the end of his shift but he has to because he is the only one there. Maybe before the end of the shift a shemale will come into the store and have a nice big thick juicy cock. Michael watches as the Van drives away and knows that soon the van will come back and the ball weights will be removed from his sack.

Daddy tells Brian to drive around for a while so that he can switch his attention to the boy that's lying in the sling in the back of the Van. Brian begins to drive, daddy sits in the seat across from Kyle and tells him to relax and that soon his ass will be expanded as well as his mind. Kyle tries to relax as best he can he feels the sling rocking back and forth he knows that his legs are spread wide apart and that daddy can see his balls his cock and his ass. Kyle feels daddy begin to push his fingers up against his ass he relaxes and begins to open his ass as best he can to accommodate daddy's fingers, daddy's fingers slide deeper and deeper into Kyle's ass. Daddy pulls his fingers out of Kyle's ass and reaches up into one of the bins and pulls out a nicely shaped butt plug this butt plug will be aggressively worked up Kyle's ass and daddy will begin to stretch his whole.

Kyle has been waiting for this since he got off the airplane, he's in the sling his ass is completely exposed he watches as daddy greases up a butt plug it will be put against his ass and gently pushed all the way in Kyle can hardly wait to get his hole and his mind expanded. Daddy pulls out a pipe and fills it with a mixture of tobacco and marijuana daddy begins to smoke it while he watches Kyle knowing that he is anticipating this butt plug being rammed into his ass. After a few hits on the pipe daddy hands it over to Kyle, he tells Kyle to draw deep on the pipe to take the smoke all the way in because it will help him to relax his ass, the more relaxed he is the better the ride will be. Kyle takes the pipe and begins to smoke he feels his ass begin to relax as the drug begins to take effect the total relaxation and exposure of his ass is what is going to happen. Daddy reaches down and grabs Kyle's balls and gives them a nice tight squeeze then tugs on them and then daddy places the butt plug against Kyle's anus and proceeds to push it all the way in. Kyle feels the plug expand his ass it's tight but his ass as well lubricated and he feels the toy slide in past his sphincter right into his whole the end of the butt plug is completely filling him up and Kyle loves that feeling. Daddy watches as Kyle's ass eagerly receives the tool and he knows that Kyle is now ready for some heavy duty play the kind he's been waiting for.

Daddy instructs Brian to drive to his apartment and park the Van in front of the building, Brian turns the Van around and heads for the apartment. Luckily there is a parking spot just a few hundred feet away from the door, Brian pulls in and then gets out of the Van goes to the side door opens it up and steps inside. Daddy tells Brian it will be his job to get Kyle up to the apartment and into the sling as quickly as possible. Brian is also told that the butt plug that is firmly placed up Kyle's ass must stay there during this whole task. Daddy gets Kyle out of the sling and puts the kilt on him, black mesh top, black leather boots, daddy reaches up under the kilt checks the sack. Daddy wants to make sure that is a nice set of ball weights on Kyle's, before he begins the walk from the Van to the front door daddy tells Kyle to bend over spread his legs as wide as possible and simply relax as daddy reaches up under the kilt grabs his nut sack and begins to put the weights on their of quite large and Kyle loves the way they are tugging against him. Daddy then instructs Kyle to walk from the Van and follow Brian to the apartment once in the apartment that Brian will put you through a series of tests to make sure that you are worthy of daddy's cock up his ass.

Brian opens the side door and Kyle steps out onto the sidewalk he knows it's only a few hundred feet to the door but every time he takes a step he can feel his nuts being tugged by the immense weights on the sack. It seems like an eternity but finally you make it to the front door of the apartment building, once inside the security doors in the elevator is summoned and you step inside with Brian for the ride up to the fifth floor.

Once the elevator door closes Brian instructs you to bend over he reaches up and tugs on the butt plug a few times just to tease you and make your ass feel like it is being opened quite wide by the tugging of the butt plug. As he is working the butt plug in and out of your ass he reaches underneath with his other hand and squeezes your ball sack as hard as he can, you feel some discomfort but you know that this is a test and that you must pass it. The elevator stops on the fifth floor, door opens and Brian steps out first you follow him down the Hall to apartment number 503, Brian opens the door and you step inside as you do so you can smell the leather in the apartment.

Brian takes you into a bedroom and there's a leather sling in the corner the room is dimly lit but you can tell that there are all kinds of toys on the shelves from very small to something that looks like a horses cock, something that you might want rammed up your boy hole. Brian instructs Kyle to lie down in the sling, Kyle's legs are in the sling and spread nice and wide using the cuffs on the sling to keep his legs apart Brian loves to work at the Y. Brian informs Kyle that he's going to remove the butt plug and install a larger butt plug, Brian reaches down and pulls in the plug it comes out of Kyle's ass quite easily which means it was close to falling out, Brian reaches up on the shelf and pulls down a nice sized butt plug quite larger than one that was in there before, Kyle looks at it and he sure his hungry ass can swallow that complete shaft all the way down. Kyle watches as Brian greases up the shaft of the butt plug, he watches you grease up the big bulbous head, the toy is greased up all the way down to the plug, Brian reaches over puts the head of the butt plug against Kyle's ass and pushes.

Kyle feels the head of the plug pushing against his hole and he does what comes naturally to submissive he opens his ass completely as he feels the massive head of the butt plug slide in past his sphincter locking it in place and filling his boy hole.

You instruct Kyle to remain in the apartment in the sling for the next hour he's not to move he is not to do anything. You tell Kyle that if he has to piss he doesn't in the sling if he has to shit he does it in the sling. Before Brian leaves he lights up a joint and gives it to and tells him to smoke it and relax and think of the plug that's in his hole and how wide that hole is becoming.

Brian leaves Kyle in the sling and heads back to the elevator, Brian enters the elevator pushes the ground floor button and the elevator begins to descend, Brian spreads his legs and feels the weights tugging on his boy balls and he knows that master will inspect these nuts when he gets back to the Van. Brian walks up to the side of the Van opens the door he steps inside, daddy turns around and tells him to spread his legs nice and wide daddy wants to see the ball weights. Brian does as he is told and spreads his legs nice and wide, daddy reaches up underneath his kilt and tugs on his balls those weights are just nice daddy is happy they are tugging Brian's balls nice and tight. Brian tells daddy that Kyle is in the sling and that he has a medium-size butt plug completely inserted all the way up his rectum. Brian also tells daddy that he allowed Kyle to smoke a joint so he could relax and get his ass ready for the invasion that will happen later this evening.

Daddy instructs Brian to bend over and grab the other side of the Van keeping your legs spread apart so daddy can do a full inspection of your ass. Brian does as he is told he places his hands on the other side of the Van and spreads his legs nice and wide; daddy comes up behind Brian lifts up his kilt and begins to inspect his ass. Brian feels daddy's finger pushing against his sphincter and he knows that daddy is going to give him a full inspection which will include a nice deep anal probe. Brian loves being bent over, Brian loves the way his ass feels when daddy works his fingers deep into his open hole, Brian is ready to have his asshole used for breeding. Brian feels daddy's fingers go deep into his whole and he relaxes and feels those fingers sliding in and out of his anus, Brian loves the way it makes them feel, Brian loves the way his ass is opening up to his daddy's fingers. Daddy keeps working his fingers deep inside a boy's home daddy feels a boy open up daddy feels a boy's ass begins to expand it's ready to accept more fingers but most of all is getting ready to receive a nice uncut cock.




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