The phone emitted another long note. Bill hated that noise. It sounded like the beginning of the end or something. He stood by the bay window in the living room wearing a tight blue t-shirt and AE jeans, looking out across the street while the Layfayette dog unabashedly took a crap in Miss Graham's rose bushes. He had blue eyes and brown hair, with thick shoulders and arms like a young tree. He was very proud of his body and the looks he got. His pecs bulged under the shirt, perfectly rounded slabs of muscle, and in his jeans his bubbly ass invited the odd pinch or smack.

For the most part, this part of Westborough was well-kept and well-off. The Layfayettes owned a local chain of grocery stores. Ol' Miss Graham was a judge's widow. Bill's dad owned a car dealership in Atlanta. Some of the neighborhoods old families, like the Duponts and the Van Rosenvelts, moved out with the arrival of the Consuelas (Mexican) and Rev. Miller's family (black). These reactions pissed Bill the righteous fuck off. He always loved living in Westborough, loved the security of knowing that in every house in sight there was a friend or someone who would help in time of need. But with this blatant racism, in this day and age, he had trouble looking at the town the same way.

There was a click on the phone. "WATTUP, NIGGA??" Eric sounded a little buzzed already.

"For fuck's sake, Eric, it's four thirty on a Thursday."

Eric brayed into the phone. Bill held it away and rubbed his ear.

"Hell, Burt, it's five o'clock somewhere!"

"Well, not in Cass County."

"Fuck Cass County! I go by Margaritaville time!"

Bill smiled. "Well, that's just too bad, cuz I was gonna get a couple a people over to blast some dead Nazis, but since you've been drinkin', I guess I'll just call you another day..."

"Well, wait a fuckin minute! I wanna play!!" He sounded so pathetic that Bill nearly laughed at him. "Give me a few and I'll drive over--"

Bill's smile disappeared. "WHOA whoa whoa, you are NOT drivin' after you've been drinkin'. I'll get Mark to get you on his way over."

"Fuckin' A, man!! You are AWESOME!!"

He hung up. Bill shook his head and started typing a text.

"hey get eric and come play nazi zombies at my house"

Bill stepped into the kitchen start the oven for Pizza Rolls. His phone beeped not forty seconds after the text went out.

"Erics not crippled. What has he been drinking after school again?"

He smiled weakly and replied.

"of course. Could you pick him up? Ill do it if you cant"

He opened the bag of Pizza Rolls and poured them onto a baking sheet. Across the street, Tiffani Lafayette was trying to chase the dog into the house. His phone beeped again as he put the Rolls in the oven.

"Sigh. Alright. But the fucker owes me a big one"

Bill snickered.

"will 8" work for you?"

Mark sent him a two-word response. Ten minutes later, as Bill was pulling the Pizza Rolls out of the oven, Mark's green Buick pulled into the driveway. Mark was a shorter guy with great pecs, better even than Bills, in a black tank top and jeans with auburn hair that was almost shaggy. Eric was lean, blond, blue-eyed, in basketball shorts and an Aeropostle shirt that showed the deep lines of his abs because he hadn't bothered to button it. Rather than knock, Eric strolled right in with a jaunty gait that barely masked the fact that he was tipsy.

"BIG BILL!! How the hell are ya?!" Eric strolled over and wrapped his arms around Bill's shoulders in a tight grip.

Bill patted his back. "Alright, Dutch, go sit down."

Eric eyed the Pizza Rolls and forgot all about Bill. "PIZZA ROLLS!! BAD FUCKING ASS!!"

Mark rubbed his chin. "Hmm. Who is Bad, and which ass is he fucking?"

Eric stopped halfway to the counter and blinked. "What?"

Which made Bill laugh out loud. "Here, dude, lemme get this into a bowl and we'll take it back to my room."

Eric saluted him and marched off to Bill's bedroom. Mark rolled his eyes.

"Bill," he said softly. "I think Eric may have a drinking prob--"

Bill put a finger on his mouth. "Shh! This is Texas, we don't talk that kinda nonsense here."

Mark barely managed to suppress a smile. "I'm serious. I'm worried."

Bill waved it off. "He'll make himself dog sick one day and stop the drinkin' altogether. Everything will be fine."

Mark shrugged and looked at the floor. Bill watched him and put his hand on his shoulder.


Mark looked up at him.

"It's good that you're worried about him," Bill said. "Don't get the wrong message. He's lucky to have you. We both are."

Mark blushed and smiled. There was a light in his eyes, something akin to a puppyish adoration that made a warm feeling like love well up in Bill's heart.

"What the Hell, you suckin' each other off in there or somethin'? Where's the fuckin' food, homie?!"

"IN A FUCKIN' MINUTE, ASSHOLE!" Mark called. Bill chuckled.

"Let's feed this one before he eats my comforter."

Mark nodded and pulled a bowl out of the cabinet. Bill took it and poured the Pizza Rolls in. Mark grabbed three sodas out of the fridge and they went to the back of the house to Bill's room.

Bill's bedroom was technically the den, so it had quite a bit more room than the other bedrooms, not counting his dad's. He had a king-sized bed in the back corner just beside the sliding glass door to the backyard. Against the wall facing the hall door he had a large entertainment center than he'd built with Mark two summers before, and it had a large flat-screen on top with his game systems (four of them) and his stereo on succeeding shelves and crannies. Opposite the T.V. was a blue futon, of which Eric had already claimed the seat on the far end with the arm.

"Bout fuckin' time! Let's kill some FUCKIN' GERMANS!!"

"Stop sayin' "fuckin'." You sound like some junior high kid." Bill put the bowl next to the T.V. while he handed out controllers. Mark sat in the middle and handed Eric is soda. Bill turned the PS3 on, put the bowl in Mark's lap, and sat down.

"Who are we playing tomorrow?" Mark asked.

"Trojans." Bill stared at the T.V. flipping through the commands for a minute. When Mark didn't say anything, he looked at him. "Longview."


The PS3 whirled as it read the disc. The screen went black for a moment before a hot blond appeared begging for some anal from a muscular man with a massive tool.

"What the FUCK?" Eric let the controller fall out of his hands.

Bill blushed a deep red. "I forgot to take that out--"

"No, it's okay, leave it." Eric grinned at the screen like a wolf.

Bill frowned. "You sure?"

"Yeah yeah." Eric settled down in the futon. But Bill was looking at Mark for conformation. Mark looked at the T.V. a second longer, glanced at Eric, and turned to Bill with a solemn nod.

The blond let out a loud moan as the man slid his third leg into her ass. Mark wondered for a moment if she could stretch that far, but it fit tightly. The veins stuck out even more as he pumped into the hole. Eric chuckled in a low throaty voice.

"You've got good taste in fuck flicks, Bandit." His dick was starting to rise in his basketball shorts. He made no attempt to hide it or show shame. Bill figured he wouldn't be ashamed of a tent like that in the woods for a weekend, much less in his pants. His own dick was starting to press against his jeans. Mark stared at the T.V. saying nothing, but his pants were bulging too. Bill looked back at the screen and felt his boner become more and more urgent.

Eric reached under the waist band of his shorts and started fondling himself. The woman on the screen was strapped onto a table and given small electric shocks at random spots on her body, eliciting soft moans.

"You mind if I take care of this?" Eric asked.

"Go ahead, man." Bill felt relieved, somehow, that Eric had asked that. Eric pulled his shorts down to his shins and opened his shirt more. His dick was easily nine inches long. His pubic hair was growing back after a shave, and spread up to his navel in a thin line. He spat in his hand and worked it around the head and sighed.

Bill and Mark watched the T.V. some more. The woman got a shock to her clit, started thrashing and squirting jets of clear fluid from her pussy. Bill's cock was throbbing, and he started feeling the tell-tale discomfort in his groin that fortold blue balls.

Bill stood up. Fuck it, if I'm doin' this, I'm goin' all out. He normally took off all his clothes when masturbating to prevent staining them, and he aimed to do all things right or not at all. He let his pants fall down and stepped out of them. His 7.5 inch cock stood tall and proud, and the skin on the head stretched tight like plastic. He stripped the shirt off, tossed it on the bed, and lubed up with a tube from the dresser. Mark pulled his pants off as Bill sat down. His cock was short, a little less than six, but wide around like a coke can. Bill had seen it a few times, when they jerked off watching porn alone on weekends, but never in the light of day. When they started tugging, they both let out a pent-up sigh of relief. They watched the movie as guys lined up to nail the blond girl, and as they jacked off, they became less aware of the surroundings and more aware of the images on the screen and the pulsating sensations from their dicks.

After a while, Bill's arm grew tired. That happened to him often, so he put his arm down for a second to rest and kept his eyes glued to the screen. Mark and Eric stared forward, pleasuring themselves furiously, and then Mark's hand reached out and wrapped tight around Bill's dick and slid up and down the shaft. Bill sucked in a sharp breath and looked down at Mark's hand. His eyes followed his fingers as they twisted and spun and moved. His thoughts came in bursts, impressions, feelings. His initial response was ??WTF???, then a stunned blank, he hadn't expected it to feel so damn good, holy FUCK--

Bill grabbed Mark's cock and started pumping. It was an impulse, a sudden need to give back. Mark let out a low moan. Eric watched with an open mouth. His cock stood straight up, twitching every now and then. He nudged it onto Mark's thigh and Mark took it in his free hand and started working. Eric's eyes rolled back in his head. Bill's hips moved on their own in time with Mark's hand. Mark opened and closed his mouth ineffectually like a fish out of water, unable to make any sound at all.

They felt their dicks getting larger in their friend's hand, while on the screen a nine incher was being shoved down the girl's throat. The boys made eye contact with each other, and they saw the same thing in all of them. They didn't want to stop. They wanted more.

Mark bent over and popped most of Eric's dick in his mouth. Eric let out a loud sound and pushed Mark's head down the rest of the way until his lips met the prickly skin of his pelvic bone. Playing with Bill's dick was harder now, so Mark got on his knees and directed it between his ass cheeks. Bill got on his knees and slid it around with another generous squirt of lube, like the time he tittyfucked the waitress at the hotel last year during the playoffs. Eric got up on his knees so that he could drive into Mark's mouth. He let out a long moan as Mark ran his tongue in circles around a sensitive spot on the underside of his dick. Bill gripped Mark's ass cheeks, squeezed them together around his dick, spread them apart, and as his head brushed against the hole, Mark shivered all over. The gears slipped into place in Bill's head and he pushed inside Mark with a grunt and a moan. Mark groaned around Eric's dick. The vibration made Eric scrunch his face in ecstasy for a second. He and Bill worked out a rhythm after a bit, and they thrusted in time with each other while Mark jacked off as fast as he could. Bill felt the warm moist softness inside his best friend rubbing against the enflamed skin of his organ and he loved every fucking bit of it.

Eric moaned louder and louder, and then the sounds became like speech without words, like he were trying to speak for the first time, and with a loud noise like a scream his cock exploded in Mark's mouth and overfilled it. Mark sucked harder, from the hilt of Eric's dick, moaned, and then spat his load all over Bill's futon. The muscles in his ass wrapped around Bill's cock as he entered the homestretched and forced him to cum with more force and volume than he'd ever experienced. He let out a bellow. As the fluids started to fill his cavity, Mark's eyes rolled back in his head and he let out a small groan while he sucked every bit of fluid out of Eric's cock. Eric's head was tilted back a bit, his eyes stared up without seeing and his mouth hung open.

When his heartrate climbed down some, Bill looked around at them. His cock was still buried in Mark's ass. Eric's dick was still sheathed in Mark's mouth. When he finally let the softened length fall out of his lips, Eric snapped back into reality and looked down. He saw the jizz all over Mark's mouth and his heart plunged in his chest. He looked further, past Mark's face to the cock stuck in his ass, and his eyes doubled in size. He jumped back, yanked his pants up, and bolted from the room. Five seconds later, they heard the front door slam.

Bill pulled out and stood up. His dick was cleaner than he imagined it would be, and he was glad for that. Mark stood up on the floor with his back to him and examined the cum all over his shirt. Bill noticed and pulled another shirt from his dresser.


When he handed it too him, Mark didn't look at him.

"I'm sorry, Bill." He sounded close to crying. "It's my fault."

Bill hesitated, reached out, touched his shoulder. "You weren't the only one here. I was about to apologize to you."

Mark made a quick dab at his eye with the back of his hand. "Wha...what do we do now?"

Bill gave it some thought. "Let's take a shower."

"Together?" Mark said.

Bill couldn't suppress a grim smile. "We don't exactly have any secrets anymore. We might as well."

They walked naked through the house to the big bathroom in his dad's room. It had a rather large shower with four heads. They stepped in, turned on the water, and started washing themselves. Mark remained quiet and downtrodden. Bill saw this and blamed himself, which hurt his heart more than he ever knew it would.

"I'm sorry I touched you, Bill." Mark's voice was shaky. "I'm sorry I went too far. I'm sorry I did this to us."

Seeing no other option, Bill stepped over and pulled him around into a hug. Mark buried his face in his chest. He was trembling.

Bill rubbed his back. "Hey, it's okay."

"You're my best friend," Mark said. "I couldn't take it if I lost you."

"Hey, now! You're not losin' me!" He meant it but he didn't know the tears would come like they did, or that they would burn so much. "I couldn't lose you. You mean too much. What happened today happened, and we can't change it, but it doesn't mean we can't have what we used to." Even saying it he doubted the accuracy of his words, but for reasons he did not know, he did know that no matter what, Mark would be in his life.


When Eric left the house, he headed straight for the woods. It was five miles back to his house but he took three hours. He was a complete wreck, his heart hammering in his chest, his stomach in knots, and when the images of what just happened became too much he dropped his pants and masturbated wildly onto tree bark or whatever was there, climaxed and cried before running somemore and repeating the cycle over. When he made it to his house everyone was already asleep, so he was able to climb into his room without disturbing anyone. He masturbated while thinking about Mark's hot lips around his member and cried himself to sleep while the sperm dried on his abs.



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