Bill pulled his seatbelt over his chest and cranked the truck. As he backed out of his driveway, he saw Tiffani Lafayette and all 200 pounds of her brother Tommy, one of his teammates, loading up into his car to come to school. Tommy had been fat once, through elementary school and most of junior high, but over the summer before freshman year he hit a growth spurt and the gym with a Marine cousin. When he arrived on the first day of high school, his extra blubber had become the bulging and chiseled torso of a bodybuilder.

He saw Bill and gave him a goofy grin and a wave. Bill tipped his ball cap to him and switched gears to drive forward down the street.

It was a Friday, and it was the last free Friday he would have for a few months. The game schedule was open that week, but every week after was either home, away, or district, with orders from the coaches to keep the weekends before Christmas open as well, for the state championship. Bill didn't think they'd make it, not if they'd never made it before, yet Eric, full of the certainty befitting a high school jock, declared that this was their year to carry the name of Westborough to the glory of a state championship.

Of course, since the previous afternoon, Bill hadn't heard from Eric. In fact, no one had heard from Eric...Tommy had texted after sunset to report that he hadn't heard anything from him and was beginning to worry. But his sister Ricki announced via Facebook that he'd snuck in sometime after the parents were asleep and went to bed....

Bill hadn't given much thought to what had happened. He knew it could never get around and that he could never take it back, yet somehow, he wasn't nearly as upset as he would've believed possible. It did, however, trouble him that his mind couldn't stop going over the gentle pull of Mark's hand, the magnificent glide of his fingers, the warm tight velvet of his ass wrapped around his whole length...

...which led Bill right back to a problem he'd noticed since the day before, something he figured might be why he wasn't crazy with denial. His cock was rock hard and throbbing a mere 100 feet from the school driveway. He hadn't bothered to count the number of times he jacked off because he couldn't stop thinking (somewhere around four he stopped caring). He just forced himself to think about dead ducklings and pulled into the driveway, around a building or two to his usual parking space by the gym. Mark was sitting on the steps doing homework, as he always was, and Bill felt a wash of relief for anxiety he didn't even know he had. His cock tried to roar back to life but Bill squashed it with more dead baby animals and a few naked images of old ladies.

Mark's face lit up when Bill got out of the truck, but then he pulled the smile back, like he thought too much enthusiasm would scare him away. Bill shot him a big crooked grin. "Hey."

Mark closed the textbook. "Hey. You alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." He sat down on Mark's right. "I was thinkin' about gettin' some movie tickets later. You wanna come?"

Mark blushed. "I dunno. I have to watch the house tonight. My parents are going to Houston."

"Oh. Well tomorrow afternoon maybe."

"Maybe. I don't have any money, though." Mark looked off in the distance. He sounded as if he were trying not to be too bummed about it.

"Well, maybe I can pay for you." Bill poked him in a sensitive place on his side. Mark jumped in his skin and giggled.

The bell rang. All the kids gathered outside the back of the school gathered their bags from the ground and piled into the main doors. As Bill and Mark crossed the parking lot, Tommy's car swung into the parking lot and found its place under a tree. Tommy hopped out with a couple of books and jogged into the school, slowing only to wave and flash the boys a goofy grin.

Their first class was the same, an advanced English class near the library. Bill took his assigned seat in the back next to Ricki Van Rosenvelt, and Mark took his seat in the middle, closer to the front, next to Ian Graham. As the lecture started, Bill stared forward at nothing in particular, trying to pay attention and failing. There was something in his head, something that Mark said, repeating itself over and over...'I have to watch the house tonight. My parents are going to Houston...'

Then the images started...his hand on Bill's cock, his mouth on Eric's horsemeat, Bill's cock lodged to the hilt in Mark's ass. The erection arrived sooner than expected, and he winced when his shaft ground against his zipper.

Then, as quickly as it had begun, first period was over. Bill waved goodbye to Mark and they parted, the latter for Federal Government and the former for Advanced Biology. Again, Bill could only think about Mark's ass. He hid his boner behind the high work table in the lab, looked down at the disecting specimen and envisioned boning it on the top of the table in front of the entire class, just to get some fucking release. He endured another class, Algebra, and headed straight for the nearest boy's room.

Bill inspected the stalls for the cleanest one, locked the door behind him, and dropped trow. His cock plopped right out, and his balls were sore and aching as if someone kicked them. He faced the toilet and caressed the sack with his left hand, fondled his tent pole with the other. The images came on their own, the hand first, then the mouth on Eric, then the ass, and between the hand on his dick and the hand on his balls it didn't take him long to forget about everything else around him. He started dry humping his hand, grinding against the wall of the stall, biting his lip and whimpering. Then, out of nowhere...'I have to watch the house tonight. My parents...'

And they were at it again, only this time in Mark's room, with Mark on his back, legs in the air, with his left hand on Bill's chest and his right on his own cock while Bill fucked him silly. This brought him closer, to the point of no return, and then he saw Mark taking it up the ass while bent over the chaise lounge behind his house.

The jizz shot out of Bill's head and splattered all over the wall. He groaned like a bull, shot more spunk on the wall, and when he was done he pulled up his pants, washed his hands, and headed to class like nothing happened. He came into Woodshop a little late, and after the teacher chastised him, he headed for his seat with a dopey grin on his face and his eyes half-open. A few of the boys noticed and snickered, made obscene hand gestures.

On his way to lunch after class, Bill spotted a trio of junior and sophomore girls gathered around Eric while he flirted and charmed them so that he could nail them when the timing was convinient. Wholesale pussy, as Eric called it. Bill smiled, shook his head, and passed close to them.

"Hey Eric."

Eric spotted him. "Hey, Bill!" His face widened in an open mouthed smile, betraying no negativity, but his face lost all its color in an instant, and his pupils doubled in size. "What's up?"

"People were lookin' for you last night." Bill slowed but didn't stop walking. An idea had popped into his head.

"Oh really?" Eric chuckled. The girls didn't notice but there was no warmth in it. "Like who?"

"Well, Tommy, for one thing." Bill was walking backwards. "Hey, Mark told me to tell you something."

"Oh yeah?" His voice got a little squeaky on that one.

"Yeah,...damn, what was it...oh, yeah, he said, 'the Candyman can.'"

Eric frowned. "What?"

"He said 'the Candyman can 'cuz he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good.' Or some shit like that. Hey, I'll catch ya later."

"Alright! Peace!" His voice was starting to get shaky. Bill walked away laughing, hoping that Eric wouldn't be upset with Mark for something that he hadn't actually said. He stood in line to get his food and took a seat at a table crammed with athletic guys in tight shirts...his teammates, and Mark's textbook occupied the seat next to him. When he approached, Mark took the book out of the seat.

Bill sat down. "Thanks."

"No problem."

Bill grabbed his cup. "Oh, hey, Mark, do you wanna go hang out at your house later? We can get my Playstation."

Mark raised an eyebrow. "Huh?"

"Well," Bill said. "It's just that you said your parents won't be home, and mine will."

Mark widened his eyes. "OH! Yeah, okay, sure.".........................................................

"Man, you can't tell nobody about this shit," Eric said. "Not a fuckin' soul!"

"Alright, alright, cool it on the cussin' and tell me what's goin' on." Tommy crossed his arms over his chest. They were behind the cafeteria, in a spot secluded enough that the occasional hornballs would copluate there during lunch.

"Okay." Eric closed his eyes, drew in a deep skaky breath, breathed out, opened his eyes. "I got my dick sucked by a dude."

Tommy sucked in a small gasp. His eyes popped out of his head. "What the hell?"

Eric shook his head. He rubbed the bridge of his nose. "I know."

"Who was it?" Tommy asked.

Eric hesitated, sighed. "Mark Griffin."

Tommy plopped backward on top of an old table. It held him without a problem. He reached up and held his forehead in his hand. "Son of a bitch. This is heavy."

"Tell me about it." Eric said. "I've been freakin' out about it all day. I figured you should hear it from me before they spread it around the school."

"They?" Tommy frowned. "Who's 'they'?"

Eric's heart fell in his chest. "Oh. Um...there was someone else there..."

"No foolin'?? Who?"

"Uh...well...Bill Reynolds."

Tommy leaned forward to eye Eric with an "are-you-shitting-me" look. "Whaat? Was he gettin' his dick sucked too?"

Eric gave a shaky chuckle. "N-not...not exactly, no, he......he was pile drivin' him from behind."

Tommy's mouth dropped open. He moved his lips a few times to speak but no words came out. At length he managed, "And Mark liked it???"

"Squirted all over the futon like a whore," Eric said. "Right after his..." He gestured vaguely at his face. Tommy winced and nodded. "And...Bill?"

Eric shivered. "Cherry cream pie."

Tommy gagged. Not so much at the fact that Bill did that, but the image it gave him of cherry flavored jizzum oozing out of Mark's bare asshole like an ice cream treat. He closed his eyes and shook his head to clear the images out of his mind. "So what now? How do you feel about this?"

Eric dropped to the ground for a seat. "Man, I'm all fucked up. At the time, it was exciting, it felt great, but now, I mean, come on! That's faggot shit! How the fuck could I do somethin' like that?!"

Tommy's face fell. "Uh, Eric, buddy, look, I dunno how to tell you this, but you're pitchin' one hell of a tent right now."

"SHIT!" Eric hissed. He tried to cover it with his hand. "And now this! This keeps happenin' when I think about it! I get a massive fuckin' boner and usually jerk off. What the fuck is wrong with me, Tom? I'm goin' outta my mind!"

"Hey, man." Tommy said. "You're not goin' crazy. I'm not judgin' you for this. It happened, and there ain't nothin' you can do about it now. Like you said, it was excitin' and felt good..."

"Great." Eric said. "I said it felt great."

"Well, it's probably just leftover energy. Aren't you always really horny after you nail a broad?"

Eric gave it some thought. It didn't take long for his mind to fabricate a connection. "Oh yeah."

"It's probably just that. You always want to nail a chick again in the days after you do her. It's the same thing."

"I guess that could be true." Eric sighed. He looked up at Tommy and pointed at his dick. "So what do I do about this?"

Tommy chuckled. "Well, I guess I could let you have some privacy."

"No, it's okay." Eric shook his head. "I trust you. Could you be a lookout?"

"Yeah, sure." He parked himself at the corner of the building and watched for coming students. Eric pulled his genitals out of the pants and sighed. His snake felt so much better out in the open air, standing tall and proud and begging for release. Eric rubbed with his left hand, around the head, down the shaft, in tiny circles on the underside. He sighed and a small grin pulled at his face. He thought about the girls he was talking to. They were allegedly bisexual, and willing to fuck each other as they were to fuck good looking boys. He imagined them making out, stripping, eating each other out. Then it was Mark he saw, sucking his cock, making him feel incredible. He groaned, bit his lip, moved his hand faster. He replayed it in his head, how he nudged his dick on Mark's leg, rode through a quick hand job, then slid into his mouth and gently fucked his skull while Bill bucked behind him, naked and gleaming, driving his cock into Mark's ass. His balls drew up. His cock felt almost ready. He saw himself standing behind Mark, pulling his hair, driving his tent pole into his ass and depositing his jizz.

The orgasm exploded over him. His jizz didn't land on his clothes, luckily, but the ground in front of him collected great white gobs in the dust. Eric moaned and rode through the sensation with his eyes rolled back in his head.

Tommy chuckled and shook his head. Eric stayed still, eyes closed, while the orgasm faded and the images (or even the memory of using them to get off) disappeared from his mind.

"Oh yeah," Eric moaned. "That's a lot fuckin' better."


Bill pulled into Mark's driveway behind his Buick. When he hopped out of the truck with his bag, the dogs ran out to greet him, all four of them, and the ensuing noise brought Mark out of the house wearing only pants. He called the dogs one by one and shooed them off. He looked up at Bill and smiled. "Hey dude. You got the game?"

"Yeah, it's right here." Bill patted his bag. "So shall we set this up?"

They set it up on the TV in the living room, which was the biggest one in the house. When that was done, they headed back into the kitchen for soda. Bill felt a deep anxiety pressing on his chest. He took a deep breath and turned to look at Mark. "Hey dude. Can we talk about somethin'?"

"What did you have in mind?"


Mark tensed. "Okay. What about it?"

"Can you tell me how that happened? I'm not mad or anything, I just...I need to understand."

Mark blushed. "Um, well, this...I think this was my fault."

Bill scoffed. "And I think this is my fault."

Mark shook his head. "No, no, really, it's my fault. I've...I've been wantin' to do that for a long time."

Bill's jaw dropped. "What?"

Mark shuffled on his feet. "Well, ever since I was little I felt...I felt like being around you was the most awesome thing I could do. I thought you were the most incredible person I've ever met. It took me a really long time, until yesterday actually, to piece together that I had a..." Mark swallowed. "...a crush on you all this time. I don't know why, I just do. Sometimes you'd sneak into my jerk off fantasies, mostly doing stuff to girls. As time wore on, you started doing other things to me in those daydreams. Or, rather, I started doing things to you."

Bill nodded. His heart was hammering in his chest. "Like what?"

Mark frowned. "Oh! Well, uh...well, one thing that kept coming up was I was fucking this chick, and then I felt some pressure at my back door and you slid in and fucked the shit out of me while I was fucking the shit out of her."

"Really?" Bill didn't understand it but he felt flattered. "I don't understand one thing, Mark. Why me? What's so special about me?"

Mark sighed. "Well, it probably has something to do with that thing with Rufus in elementary. That's where it started, I'm guessing."

"Fair enough, I guess." Bill said. "But it's got to be more than that, right?"

Mark shrugged. "It's everything, Bill. Your eyes, your porcelain smile, that gorgeous hair, that wonderful body. The way you smile, the way you laugh. The way you're nice to everyone, but especially me. You've even got this twang in your voice, something country but not assholish, that sounds sexy as hell. You're just beautiful in every way, Bill. You're perfect."

Bill felt stunned. No one, from his girlfriend to his parents and everyone in between, had ever told him he was perfect. "I'm not perfect." He said it in a low voice that was almost sad.

Mark looked up at him with an open honest expression on his face, looked him right in the eyes. "You're perfect to me."

They stared at each other like that for a moment. Bill felt the blood flow into his dick. It made him feel so special, so turned on, to hear someone explain how perfect he was. It made him feel desired and worth something. He took a halfstep forward, peered into Mark's eyes. He felt he should do something to help Mark feel as special as he made him feel.

"I wanna have sex with you." Bill muttered.

"I want that too." Mark said. "I want to feel your cock inside me again. I want to feel it in my mouth."

"Then what are you waitin' for?" Bill nudged on Mark's shoulder and he dropped to his knees like a good boy. Mark reached up for the bottom of Bill's shirt. "Take it off for me?"

Bill grinned and pulled his shirt over his head. Mark's hand roamed up and around, feeling as much of Bill's abs and chest as he could. Bill leaned his head back, taking in how good it felt. Mark's free hand unfastened Bill's pants and they fell to the floor. He wore no underwear, and his cock bounced up and poked Mark in the cheek. Bill felt it happen and laughed his ass off. Mark chuckled.

"Is he trying to say 'no means no' or something?" Mark asked.

"Ha!" Bill snorted. "Not even likely."

Mark swallowed Bill's cock. Bill sucked in a sharp breath and groaned. How could he learn to suck like that after only once...

"Oh, buddy, you can definately do that to me any fuckin' time..." Bill mumbled. Mark laughed around his cock. The vibrations from his throat made the sensations in Bill's dick spike, and he let out a loud noise.

"Never had head this good." He spoke like someone who was drowning, forcing their words out quickly because they don't have much air. "Never."

Mark pulled his mouth off the cock. "It's because girl head is just shite."

Bill laughed so hard Mark couldn't get the cock back in his mouth. He was starting to get frustrated when he gave up and rose to his feet. "Fuck me. My knees are starting to hurt."

Bill bit his lip. "Dammit, Mark, I can't keep a boner if you keep tryin' to make me laugh."

Mark scoffed. "You? Not keep a boner? Noooo."

Bill laughed again and spun Mark around so that he was leaning against the counter. "Any lube?"

"No, sorry," Mark said.

"Then how the hell are we gonna do this?" Bill didn't want to say too much, but he was terrified of going in raw and hurting him.

"Just spit on it and go in slowly," Mark said. "I've done a lot of that for you. The muscles just need to relax on their own before you can get too busy."

Bill spat more in his hand and rubbed it onto his dick with the moisture from Mark's throat. He lined up, put the head against Mark's hole, nudged. The skin opened little by little, taking the dick steadily but very slowly, rubbing along the shaft, making Bill harder and hornier and he bit his lip to fight his urges to slam in and take it like he owned it. Mark's eyes were shut, and his face looked like a cross between discomfort and willingness to go on.

His eyes opened when Bill's pubic hair met the skin of his ass. Bill's entire length was within Mark's tight, warm body. Bill caressed the globes of Mark's ass while he waited for the hole to relax.

"How was it yesterday?" Bill asked. "How did it feel on your end?"

"Hurt like hell," Mark said. "At first. I even went a bit soft. But it was you doing it so it was okay, even when it hurt. It stopped hurting after a while and felt really fucking good."

"Well, damn, does it hurt now?" Bill said. "I'll pull out whenever you want..."

"No, no," Mark said. "It doesn't hurt much anymore. You can start slowly."

Bill nudged in and out. The tissues squeezed his cock, pushed against it, resisted, slowly submitted. With the enormous urge to plunge in without mercy in one hand, and the terror that he would hurt his best friend badly in the other, Bill's heart was hammering in his chest. He strained his ears listening for any sounds of discomfort but Mark took the rod without so much as a peep. Mark played with his own member to keep his erection. The tissues relaxed more and more, but Bill didn't push faster or harder. Finally he couldn't take it anymore and asked, "How is it?"

"Feels good." Mark muttered in a low raspy voice. "Gimme a lil more."

Bill obliged him. He sped up a bit, used more force in his thrusts. Mark let out a small whimper, then a low moan like a whore in a porn. It was the type of sound a bitch would make right before crying out with something like, "Yeah, fuck me good daddy."

"More." Mark said. Bill slid more of his dick out and in, made Mark rock on his feet a bit. Between the uncertainty in his movements, the fluttering in his heart and the difficulty to keep his head, Bill felt like he was having sex for the first time. He caressed the skin of Mark's back, pulled tight over the rippling muscles, and the touch of his hand caused goosebumps all over Mark's flesh.

"Faster," Mark muttered. Bill drove in quicker, tapped into his need to plow just enough to keep Mark happy. He was beginning to get the hang of what motions worked best, learning as he went. Mark masturbated furiously while he bucked against Bill's dick in time to the thrusts. He tightened his hole every time he felt Bill pull out, and clamped down on the head just before it plopped out, then loosened for Bill to drive back in, to the hilt, hitting that delicious spot deep inside him he'd never felt before Bill's cock. They lost themselves further in the haze of heat and feeling, and Mark's balls (somehow bigger than Bill's, heftier) started to pull up into his taut body first.

"Gonna cum," Mark gasped. His hole started to tighten, to wrap around the rod, and in moments Bill lost control of his hips and slammed like mad into Mark's ass.

Mark moaned like a cat in heat when the first shot splashed on the countertop. His ass clamped around Bill's dick and forced the cream out. Bill let out a loud groan, tried to pump more but the tight muscles of sphincter held him in the vice of Mark's orgasm. The boys leaned against each other while Mark blew eight shots of jizz onto the counter and Bill blew seven shots of jizz into Mark's ass. They didn't speak in articulate sounds, just groans and whimpers, while Bill's cock filled the cavity in Mark's colon. White cream dibbled out of the hole around him.

After about fifteen more minutes, Bill started fucking him again.



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