It was a Friday night in late April and I was just coming home from a 3 day business

trip in Providence, Rhode Island. As I was pulling into the parking complex at my

condo I got a text from Gabi: "At Illusions dancing with friends. Come join us".

Gabi and I had just started dating about 6 weeks earlier after we met jogging in the

park. She was always active and lot fun to be around. I was really enjoying getting

to know her and was looking forward to meeting some of her friends.

When I got to Illusions the place was already crowded. I walked around a bit and

then I found Gabi on the dance floor with three of her friends. They weren't the only

group of girls on the dance floor but these beauties were certainly drawing

attention. Gabi was about 5'7" tall with long brownish, reddish hair to the middle of her back with a body that was very tone from her active lifestyle. She wasn't the

type of girl to dress like a tramp but she was wearing a white mini skirt that showed off those long, sexy legs.

Gabi turned around and those blue eyes open wide with excitement when she saw me and she gave me a big hug & kiss hello. She then introduced me to Lexi and Fay.

The third friend, Sara, I had met a few times before. Sara gave me a high five and then interlocked our fingers as she greeted me with a little dance. It was a very innocent greeting but --- it was hot! All four girls were about the same height and were all very beautiful. Sara was just on a different level of beauty. Sara was hot.

She was the type of girl where other girls would stop and comment about her. She also had a flirty streak in her that drove men crazy. I can't lie, her little greeting gave me warm feeling inside.

I was having a great time with Gabi and her friends that night. A little later on Lexi's boyfriend had joined us. Sara and Fay had no trouble attracting company of their own. We all enjoyed being with someone while at the same time talking and dancing with the rest of the group.

The dance beat was thumping the lights were spinning and the club was hopping as the dj was playing his music. There was definitely a charge in the air that night I think the whole club was feeling. At one point, I was heading back from the men's room and stopped to at the bar to grab some more drinks for Gabi and myself.

While I was waiting at the bar the spot next to me opened up after the people got drinks and walked away. This guy moved in to wait to order his drink when we started talking. He said he saw me on the dance floor with group of girls. We talked as we were waiting for the drinks. The music was loud enough I didn't hear all of what he was saying but I did hear, "very hot". Assuming he was talking about Gabi and her friends, and why wouldn't I, I said; "yeah, they are. Those two are single and available," I said as I was pointing to Fay and Sara. He gave a sly chuckle out the corner of his mouth and said, "I wasn't talking about them." It took a second for it to sink in but after catching the look in his eye I realized he was talking about me. He then asked, "are you available?" I just stood there with a shocked look on my face not knowing how to answer. It was a bit awkward and I think he realized it and by now the bartender had returned with my drinks. He didn't wait for my response. He turned to the bar, wrote his number down on a napkin and then turned back to me and said, "My name is Cole. Here's my number, just in case you ever become available." He smiled and then walked away.

I remained at the bar for a moment trying to process what just happened. I had never been approached by man before who was trying to pick me up. The moment was a little surreal. At the same time, it was also bit flattering. A total stranger was checking me out. He knew I was with girl and still had the balls to approach me and try to pick me up. It wasn't a private moment, it was right there in public. It wasn't blatant but it was direct. It had never happened to me before and the strange thing was I got the same warm feeling from it as I did earlier when I was greeted by Sara.

Cole had definitely gotten my attention and I was a little turned on.

I took my drinks and went back over to Gabi and her friends. I didn't realize it but she saw me talking to Cole from across the dance floor. Kind of confused Gabi asked if that guy was hitting on me but I just brushed it off as if he was asking about her friends. She was a little bewildered by it but ultimately satisfied that the answer made more sense and we went back to dancing with the rest of the group.

A little after 11 o'clock Gabi and I said goodbye to her friends and went back to my place. I had a great time dancing at the club with Gabi and her friends but I was looking forward to being alone with her. I opened a bottle of wine and we sat down on the couch to catch up after my business trip. We didn't catch up long before we started kissing. Gabi was such a beautiful girl and had such soft lips it was hard not to keep my hands off of her. I reached up to brush her hair away from her eyes as I kissed her. I gently leaned her back and she swung those sexy legs up so that she was lying down on the couch and I was on top of her. Still kissing her soft lips I was reaching up under he mini skirt to make my way to removing her panties. Gabi unbuttoned my shirt and her hands were trailing down my stomach to start undoing my pants.

Things in my place were heating up. There was not a lot of room on the couch and it's not like the bedroom was so far away we couldn't continued in a more accommodating place. It was just really hot the way things were progressing we both just wanted to continue on the couch. Gabi unbuttoned my pants and pulled down my fly. I sat up enough so I could remove my shirt and her fingers were sliding into my pockets to tug my pants off. That's when the heat was suddenly turned off.

When Gabi's fingers slide inside my pockets she felt the napkin that Cole had slipped in a few hours before. "What's this?" she asked as she pulled it out and unfolded it.

She read it out loud, "Call me. Cole."

"What the hell is this?" she said with grow anger in her voice. "Is this from that guy earlier at the bar? Oh my God! He was hitting on you! And you told me he was asking about my friends? What the hell is going on?"

On moment we were sharing a very hot moment on the couch to now it was full on interrogation where we were both semi clothed. Neither prepared for such a conversation nor wanting it I handled it all so poorly. I'm not sure I could have handled it any better no matter how much preparation I had.

Gabi was so mad and growing angrier at the lack of information I was offering her. She had so many questions and asking in rapid succession she could barely process the situation. Why was a guy hitting on me? Why did I lie about it? Why did I keep his number? Am I gay? I was trying to calm her down but she was not having any of it. The more upset she got the more she focused on just two questions: Why did I lie about it and am I gay?

As much as I tried to assure her I was not gay she would then ask again, 'why did I lie about it?' In an effort to try to end the argument while at the same time being honest I finally offered an explanation. I told her that I did nothing to make this situation happen. I said Cole approached me out of the blue to try to pick me up and that I did not respond in any way because I was so shocked to have that happen. I didn't say anything because I was still so shocked when you asked me about it. Gabi wanted to know why I didn't throw the number away and I replied I was totally forgot about it. Listening to my explanation but still skeptical Gabi kept pressing with more questions. As the situation was calming down I was offering more answers to her questions and the one question that still remained for her, 'why would a guy try to pick me up?' I should not have answered that question.

I started to explain to Gabi Cole is the first guy to approach me in public and try to pick me up but he is not the first guy to try to pick me up. Gabi just looked at me with raised eyebrows waiting for further explanation. I told her that when I was in college I was once hit on by a guy in the library. We were in a pscyh class together and was interested in "studying" together for an exam. I said and since college there had been a few instances where I had been approached by men but never in such a public way or...and this the part that got me in someone so good looking.

Gabi did not like that answer and it only got her upset with me, again. "Good looking? So now you're telling me you find men attractive?" she asked. "um....", is all that I was able to muster as an answer. Finished with asking me questions just started coming to her own conclusions. Gabi stood up yelling at me, "I can't believe I'm dating a gay guy! Oh my God, I got get out of here! I can't believe you're gay!" She quickly fixed her clothing and stormed out my condo and her final comment before slamming the door was, "Don't ever call me again, you little faggot!"

Gabi left me alone on my couch with my shirt off and pants undone and, obviously, now without a girlfriend. I never admitted to anyone before in my life about being picked up men. Although I didn't actually confirm her suspicions she was correct.

Aside, from the guy in the college library there have been several instances since college that I have been picked up by men. I sat on the couch with my chest pounding. I can't believe I basically admitted to someone that I had bisexual experiences in the past. I was devastated that on how bad of a reaction I received. I was also devastated on how badly I handled the situation. On how badly I made my admission. I was particularly devastated on how exposed I felt with this information getting out and not getting the right support I thought I should get. I had so many questions running through my head so quickly I could feel myself get worked up just like Gabi did earlier.

Sitting on the couch with all these thoughts about having my bi experiences becoming known I started to have one reoccurring thought. Although, Gabi's suspicisions are correct no one I know is aware of them and she is not likely to ever meet any of them, especially now. For now, my secret is still my secret and no one ever has to know. At least not until, I figure a better way to tell someone so I get there support. I leaned my head back against the top of the couch and now stared at the ceiling. Reassured my life wasn't about to become ruined I started to think about how turned on I was by Cole's attempt to pick me up and I felt my dick growing through opened pants. It's not like I have never been picked up by a man before.'s not like I have been with a man sexually before. In the past, I have only responded to other men when they approached. I have never initiated any interaction with a man before. It might have been because of Gabi's stunning rejection and my feeling exposed but there was a feeling growing stronger and stronger inside of me and I was becoming extremely turned on. Feeling emboldened, I reached for the napkin off of the coffee table and starred at Cole's number. I paused for a second and then said out loud, "Why the hell not?" I bit my lip, grabbed my phone and dialed the number. The phone rang several times and then Cole picked up.

Cole: "Hello"

Me: "Hello, is this Cole?"

Cole: "Yes. Who is this?"

Me: "Hi Cole, this Brian. We met earlier tonight at Illusions. I'm not sure if you rembember..."

Cole: "Oh yes! I remember! What's going on?"

Me: "Earlier you asked if I was Available?

Cole: "That's right, but you never answered."

Me: "No, but..."

Cole: "You were with your girlfriend."

Me: "Yes, but..."

Cole: "I apologize if I made you feel uncomfortable before. I saw you walk by and when I smiled and you smiled back I just thought that you..."

Me "Cole!" I said interrupting him, "look, I know it's a little late but if you want to come over, I am Available!"

Cole: "You're Available?"

Me: "Yes, I am Available! I am Available now!"

Cole: "Hell yeah! I'll be there in 20 minutes."

Now my heart was pounding. I have never invited a man to come over before and now I was brimming with excitement in anticipation of Cole's arrival. How do you prepare for a man coming over your place? I didn't know but I had less than 20 minutes to figure it out.

.....stay tuned for part 2 for when Cole arrives at my place and the unexpected visitor who interrupted us.



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