I had been drinking with my best friend Jhon and some of his friends until the wee hours of the morning. Finally I had had enough and sought  the refuge of  my bed. I fell into a deep alcohol induced  sleep until I sensed someone had come into my bedroom and slipped in bed beside me. I figured it was my friend Jhon who before going to sleep liked to get his rocks off. I was in a twilight of conscious waiting for him to tweek my teats,giving me his sign that he wanted my mouth or ass. Nothing happened and I fell back asleep. All at once I felt lips surround my cock which reacted immediately by engorging to a full erection. I was aware of someone under my covers sucking me off. I could feel his tongue swirling around  the head of my cock seeking out the precum that had started to ooze from my cock slit. As he lapped up my precum evidently enjoying its sweet taste he went back to his task of sucking my cock. I hoped he was in  in search my big load still in my balls. I wanted to reward this stranger with a week´s supply of cum.

   I never once thought it was strange that my friend , Jhon was sucking me off which he never did since he didn´t like to suck cock. Jhon would suck my cock for about two minutes then that was it, but the person sucking my cock had surpassed the two minutes and soon would have my hot thick load if he didn´t stop. He began to go up and down on my shaft to the point I started to thrust up into his hungry mouth. I felt my cream start to boil in my balls and start its journey from my balls to his mouth. I could hear as he tasted the first spurt a guttural exclamation of being successful with his task at hand. I felt an increased suction making sure he captured every drop of my thick cum. My cock shrank within his still sucking lips to the point my cock was real sensitive. I felt my cock slip from his mouth. At that point I fell back asleep until I felt the need to reciprocate. It was pitch dark in my room and I could only sense that there was a body next to me. I had no problem locating his hard turgid shaft which was a dark shadow beneath the sheets. As  I started to suck his cock I was  startled by the heavy foreskin slipping between my lips. John was cut and my brain never attempted to reconcile I was sucking an uncut cock. Even the strange taste of his cock  and the odor  his body emitted  never triggered that it wasn´t Jhon. I went to his heavy balls with my mouth seeking their flavor. and finding they were hidden within  a bush of pubic hair. Again my brain never registered I was sucking off a stranger in my bed. All I knew was he had given me a great blow job and that I wasnted to do the same to him. I became intoxicated by the taste of his flesh seeking out the saltiness on either side of his balls in the crevices of his thighs. I could hear him moan in pleasure and twitch as my tongue lapped his naked body seeking the saltiness  and sweat. 

   As I made my way up his shaft I was rewarded with precum dripping down its shaft. Even the taste of this precum was different from Jhon  in flavor and texture to my tongue. I let it lubricate my throat as I swallowed and found myself wanting more. I went to his cockhead and let it slip between my lips and received a jerky thrust of his cock until his balls impacted my chin. I could feel the difference in temperature of his cock which was warm within my lips and the coolness of his balls as they impacted  my chin. I continued to swallow each upward thrust until I heard a gasp from his lips, a signal  he was going to reward me with his load. When I tasted the first spurt I knew right away it wasn´t the cum from my friend´s balls. It had an alien taste and was different in texture almost like a thick pudding.. I let his cock spill all his cum within my lips to the  point i had to swallow or remove my mouth since he was still coming. i swallowed hard and let his cock continue to emit its thick treat. It was filling my mouth a second time and a third.  

   I released his cock and was satisfied by what I had received. I went back asleep waking up later alone in my bed  still with the strong taste of this starnger´s cum. I got up and the only candidates were  Jhon´s nephew and of a friend of his that had stayed the night. As I looked into their faces at breakfast I couldn´t determine who had sucked me off or whom had rewarded me with his load in return. Was it Jhon´s nephew whose cock I had seen in a photo of his cock published  on his Facebook account. He indeed had a thick foreskin or was it Jhon´s friend who  I knew loved to suck mature mens´cock. The next night was the same repeat of sucking my cock until I rewarded him with my cream . This time I was determined to find out who this phantom was. As he brought his head from under the covers after servicing me I didn´t recognize the face which was almost transparent like a ghost. I could see my cum leaking from the sides of his o lips as he lay on his back waiting fot me to suck him off again. Was I dreaming or was this really happening. I dismissed what I was seeing and went under the covers to suck his cock again. This time I would try to see if this was a figmentof my imagination and  a mere mental invention of my subconcious. I went to his cock and again savored his uncut stalk. As he came this time after I brought him to orgasm I sensed that he indeed was someone from the other side. From another dimension that had opened up  by accident or by something more sinister. I thought i was going insane knowing I indeed had had my balls emptied by somthing and in my mind I had also received his heavy thick load. As I brought my head from under the covers I could make out his ethereal face painted with white streaks but in a indigenous sort of manner. Was he an ancient ancestral from long ago. I had read that certain indigenous tribes in South America practiced a ritual where the semen of men was drank by the Shamin which contained the essence and wisdom of the man who was being sucked off. In return the Shamin so full of this wisdom from many other men would reward someone with his semen likewise. I read the the semen was so full from the essences of many men that it was so concentrated  and thick that one had to actually work to swallow it. Also it wasn´t uncommon for this Shamin to visit unsuspecting victims to imbibe their cum.

   I felt strange telling my friend Jhon about what had occured for fear he wouldn´t beleive me. I decided to spend the weekend alone at my farm outside the city. I went to bed earlier and fell into a deep sleep awaking at around two in the morning to take a leak. As I was headed to the bathroom I looked down the long hallway and could see the same being looking at me. I was drawn to where he was standing holding his huge uncut cock already erect. I got on my knees and started to suck his cock having an immense hunger for contents of his pendulous balls. I was actually sucking off an entity from long ago and I found that I had no smidgen of fear  from him, and  that he was giving me his power through his semen to be carried on. He spoke to me telepathically  saying I was chosen to receive his cum and also a treasure from the past. Within the cum were the secrets of unlocking the whereabouts of this treasure. I know all this seems completely insane but when he came unloading his heavy balls I understood everything that he was tring to communicate. The following week I excavated the place he was standing when I sucked him off and found a treasure of gold and the skeletal remains of this Shamin.  

I donated the treasure to the country of Colombia but never told how I had come to find it  that it was from three visits through the of this Shamin. After all that had ocurred I found that my cum had gotten thicker just like the Shamin´s. Perhaps I was chosen since he knew I wouldn´t  steal his treasure and the semen from his balls was a reward somehow a treasure  by itself.     





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