I woke up about 3 hours after Peter left and saw my phone glowing. I grabbed it to see what it was. Peter sent me a text saying " thanks again "

I thought for a short time, was it a sincere thanks or thanks for letting me use you. I didn't care, I was enjoying it for as long as it could last, however long that would be.

A few hours later, Peter texted me again.

" hey "

" what's up Peter ?"

" can I come over ?"

" if you want to "

" I need to "

" ok, see you soon."

" actually I'm at your front door."

I got up and went to the front door and there he was with a sad look on his face and a big duffle bag.

" why the sad look & the bag ?" I asked him.

" well, I got home and the wife asked me how was my night at Bo's place. I told her that we watched some tv, and got royally piss drunk. And I crashed on the sofa."

" ok, that sounds like what you two always do."

" but I didn't tell Bo, that I was going out and to cover for me and he stopped by the house to pick me up to go to a bbq that he's having."

" oh shit, that's not good."

" more like very bad. She asked where I really was and I told her that I did go out and got piss drunk and that I was too drunk to drive and stopped at your place. And that i passed out on your sofa. And she didn't believe me and said to get the hell out of her house. I grabbed some clothes and came here without thinking."

"Well, you're welcome here, and you can stay here as long as you need to til things get figured out. She'll come around soon. Let her cool off and you'll be home in a day or two."

" I'm not sure, she was screaming her lungs out, throwing things at me. Saying shit like I'm never seeing my son again, talking about divorce." He told me as tears started running down his face.

" come on in. " I told him as he came in and set down his bag. He walked up to me and hugged me and began sobbing. I thought to myself, he's just a normal guy, that asshole front from work is just a mask he wears. I hugged him back and squeezed him as hard as I could.

" it'll be ok Peter. Things have a way of fixing themselves or changing this for the better."

" can I crash for a while. I'm really tired and now with all this I'm a wreck and just need to sleep."

" sure babe, just go lay down and crash for a while. I've got a few things I need to do."

" can, can .........you lay down with me ?"

" sure, just til you fall asleep, then I need to do a few things."

Peter laid in bed and I got in front of him and was trying to get my ass to his bulge.

" can you get behind me? I just want you to hold me till I fall asleep."

" sure, I can do that." I got up, walked around and get behind him and we spooned. I reached my arm around him and gave him a good squeeze letting him know that I was there for him.

Within minutes I fell asleep.

I was not sure how long I was asleep for, but I woke up to my cock being sucked. Was I still sleeping ? I rubbed my eyes and looked down and there was Peter sucking my cock and doing pretty damn well actually.

" you don't have to do that you know."

" I want to. You've been way to good to me. Sucking me, letting me fuck you and now taking me in when I have no where to go. "

"You could have gone to Bo's house, it's closer"

" I don't want to talk to him right now, he's part of my problem right now. And I don't want to talk about that right now. I just want to do this."

" are you sure you want to?"

" yes, I like doing this. I think I like sucking cock now."

" well what's Bo gonna think of you now that you like guys in bed"

" to be honest, we have fucked around before. Just stroking each other and a little sucking each other. "

" so was it just for fun or drunk fun?"

" I think a bit of both. I really think I'm bi, maybe gay. I'm not sure I'm so confused, I just want to suck your cock til you cum in my mouth."

" ok, well your doing great, keep sucking."

He did his best and it felt great having him licking my head and taking me as far down as he could. Maybe sucking his cock, gave him the knowledge of how to suck my cock. He reach down and played with my balls and then gently touching my hairy puckered hole. He pulled his finger away and stuck it in his mouth and got it wet and slippery. Then he slowly stuck his finger in my ass and massaged my prostrate with his finger. What straight guy knows that trick, unless someone did it to him. Soon with his sucking and massaging , I could feel my balls starting to pull up and I knew I was gonna shoot soon.

" that's it, keep it up and your gonna get a mouthful "

He gently pushed on my rock hard prostrate while sucking my throbbing head and then showtime. I shot my load in his mouth, shot after shot into his mouth. He swallowed every drop I gave him. Nursing my sensitive head, milking my shaft to get every drop that I had to give.

" stop, stop stop" I said quickly" I get super sensitive after I cum.

He lifted off my cock and looked at me and seemed happy.

" did I do ok?"

" you did great for a guy that's only dabbled in sucking sucks."

" well, maybe not dabbled, more like I've sucked a few times."

" I knew it, I think all straight guys have sucked a dick or two. So who was the lucky or who are the lucky guys. "

" promise you won't say anything?"

" Peter, have I said anything about that Saturday ? "

" ok, well the first guy I was with was Bo. I only sucked his cock. When I tried to take his cock all the way down, I puked in his cock and all over. I was so embarrassed. He said doesn't want me to suck him ever again. I can see why too. I apologized. But it was pretty gross."

" well, I won't tell anyone about that. And for the record, Bo said it was some chick that barfed on his cock. So your secret is safe with us. Now a secret for you."

" what's that ? You fucked a woman ? " he said laughing.

" are you insane ? I'm like 7up, never had it , never will. Speaking of Will......well he asked me to come over to look at something and well sucked his cock again."

" okay, that's not so bad, I'd love to suck his cock. He's fucking hung and thick too."

" that's not all I did."

" did he fuck you again?"

" mmm, kinda"

"Either he fucked you or he didn't "

" will didn't, jr his son did."

" but he's only 16 !!"

" yep and shoots like a 16 year old. First I sucked his cock and swallowed every creamy sweet drop. Then Will was so turned on watching, he asked me to suck him again and swallowed all his cum."

" fuck, that's hot !!"

" jr was telling Will that he fucked his girlfriend, but she never sucked him or swallowed his cum. What he really wanted to try was fucking someone in the ass and that's when Will called me in."

" how was it ?"

" amazing, something I've always wanted to do, suck and get fucked by a 16 year old. Younger than that, is too young. At that age, you know what you're doing. "

And Will was there to make sure I didn't do anything to his son. It was fucking hot. "

" fuck, I've seen Wills' bulge and it looked big. And I've seen jr bulging too. Fuck, now I want to see what it's like to be fucked !!"

"Well, I'm sure we can arrange something. I'd love to fuck that hot ass of yours."

" ah, I'm not sure you'll fit in my ass, you're huge. You'd rip my ass in half."

" have you seen your cock ? It's just as big as mine, you'll be fine."

" I think I want to try someone a bit smaller"

" like Bo maybe ??"

" he'd be the perfect size. I'd love to feel his cock in my ass"

" that makes two of us, I've been shooting loads over that guys since day one when I saw him."

" I'm sure we can figure a way to get him over and fuck us both."

" we just need to tell him I'm having a bbq and beer, he'll be here for sure"

" yep, that'll do it "



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