Peter and I soon fell asleep, him behind me, with his soft uncut cock pressed against my ass. Damn this felt good, I could do this all the time.

The next morning, I woke up with a hard cock bumping my ass. Who the fuck?? Oh wait, it's Peter. I turned my head to see if he was sleep humming me or if he was awake. I saw his blue eyes and knew he was awake.

" I didn't think it was right to fuck your ass while you were sleeping"

" I would not have a problem with that at all"

"I didn't think you would but i wasn't sure."

"Well, I'm awake now, think you could drop a load in my ass ?"

" not sure, after last night but I could try"

" well, get to it, you've fucked me before. Now start fucking me with that 8" uncut cock."

" but I've never fucked a fresh ass before. Just your freshly fucked hole."

" you've never fucked your wife or anyone else in the ass before ?"

" other than that Saturday, never and no one. And my wife letting me fuck her ass is like her sucking my cock, and she hates that."

" well Peter, after a certain point, women hate sex. First they love it and after a while, they hate it. Don't know why, but they do. That's when straight guys like you, try a Bj from a guy and love it cuz they are getting sexual relief."

" well, I've fucked you with the guys from work. You've sucked me dry. Now I want to see what your tight ass is like!!"

"Ok, I guess I'm in control again." I told him winking at him.

I could feel my crack was pretty well lubed up from all his precum. I pulled away from peters warm body, getting on my knees. I pushed his shoulder onto the bed, so he was laying flat on the bed. His beautiful face and chest, were like a dream come true, which it was. His rock hard cock pointing to the ceiling, dripping precum. His cock and my ass were well coated with his slime. I climbed over him, his cock once again at its new found happy place.

I raised my ass and slowly rubbed my hairy wet hole along his cock. Our coined body heat, making both of us moan.

" ready you sexy mother fucker ?"

"Yeah, let me in your tight ass."

I moved my ass up, getting just the tip of his cock at my hole and sitting down just a little bit. I felt precum lubricating my hole. I sat down a little bit more, inch by inch. Slowly just to tease Peter. After a bit, his whole cock, 8 throbbing inches, were deep in my ass. I just sat on his cock enjoying how he felt inside me. I could feel his precum oozing through his shaft lubing me on the inside. I slowly lifted up feeling every hard inch leave my body. Then slowly sat back down, teasing the sexy stud that was in me.

" I can't take this teasing anymore." Peter said dominantly. He pulled me to his chest, rolled us over so I was on my back. He moved himself around, and lifted my legs in the air and started teasing me. His cock deep inside, then pulling out to just the head was inside. Over and over he fucked me like this. Then he started to pound my ass like a man possessed. Ramming deep in me, making me see stars.

" even tho you drained my cock last night, I've got another load for you. Not sure if it's going in your ass or your mouth, but you're taking it all!!"

" Peter, you know damn well, that your gonna fuck me til you shoot that load in my ass, now fuck me good and breed my hungry ass !!!"

" you asked for it!!"

And fuck me he did. He pounded my hungry ass for what seemed like hours. As he fucked me, I felt his balls slapping against me. They were starting to pull up. He was gonna shoot his load soon. I reached down and tickled his hairy sack, making them bunch up more. I grabbed his sack, just above his balls, and with my thumb and finger and made a ball stretcher. As he fucked me, I gently pulled his balls down.

" oh fuck, oh fuck, that feels soooo fucking good baby, keep playing with my balls like that. I'm gonna cum again, gonna breed your ass. oh fuck, here it cums, uuugggghhhhhh"

" that's it, cum in me, shoot your hot cum deep in me. Fill my hungry hole with that load.

Pulse after pulse, load after load was shooting, racing into my body.

" fuck, that was incredible. Why isn't sex this good with my wife? I could get used to this. I'm supervised I was able to cum again. I've never cum this much or this hard in my life. I'm thinking that gay sex is the best."

" too many questions to answer, just shut and and lay in my chest and relax."

He laid down on my sweaty chest, he sweat mixing with mine. Finally able to put my legs down, I felt his soft cock pull from my ass. I squeezed tight to keep his cum deep in my ass.

After a quick nap, I woke Peter up.

"You need to get home babe. The wife will start to worry soon"

" I told her I was with Bo , so she's fine, for a while. But I would love a shower. Would you join me ?"

" of course, I bet you have to piss too?"

" I do, like a race horse "

" good, let's get In The shower now !!"

" but I have to piss !"

"You will !! In the shower and on me."

we ran to the shower and climbed in.

" hurry I have to piss, what do i do ?"

" Stand there and look pretty like always "

I grabbed his cock and pulled his foreskin back, just enough to to see his piss hole.

" ok sexy, let it go"

In a few seconds, the golden liquid came out of his cock. A strong stream, splashed against my chest . I aimed it at my nipples, which made me rock hard. I even tasted a bit, just to see what's his tasted like. After I was drenched with his piss, I pulled his skin forward and pinched his foreskin shut, not letting any piss out. His skin ballooned out, filling his skin.

" oh fuck that feels good. All that hot piss on my head, under my skin."

And then I let his skin go. His piss just exploded all over me, my hair, my face, my mouth. I loved it.

" fuck, I never knew taking a piss could be so fucking hot!!"

" everything with a guy can be hot, you just need to find the right guy"

" well, I think I found the right guy."

"Ok, let's get showered so you can get home."

"Ok" he said with a saddened voice.

After our shower, Peter got dressed and went home. And I went back to bed, I was too tired after Peter fucking me to stay up, I needed more sleep.



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