I was sitting at home when I heard a car crash into another car. Fuck, I hope its not mine. I went to the door and joyfully, it wasn't my car. Wasn't even sure who's car it was, I actually didn't care. What surprised me was the car that hit the other car. It was my coworker peters car. He pulled back and tried to park as good as he could. The door opened and he got out. He didn't even look at the damage, which luckily was minor. I could tell as he stumbled around, he was drunk off his ass.

"Peter, what the fuck is going on?"

" somehow my wife found out that you sucked my cock and that I fucked you and she threw me out of the house. I went drinking and now I'm here."

"well, get in here before you wake everyone."

He walked to the stairs and looked at them like they were a puzzle. I went down the stairs and put his arm on my shoulder, my arm around him and helped him up the stairs.

" thanks mike, I can barely walk right now and these things are impossible."

" just focus and let's get you inside."

We got in the front door and I walked him to my bed. He just fell like a big log.

" get some sleep and I'll wake you in a while to get you a shower and some caffeine."

But he didn't hear a word as he fell asleep instantly.

I looked at his face and body. He was a hotties for sure. I figured, I should be nice and take his smell cigarette clothes off. I slipped off his shoes, undid his belt and slid his jeans off his skinny little ass. His short was a bit more difficult to deal with, but I got it off.

He laid there in his white sport shorts. A thin treasure trail of black hair disappeared below the elastic. He soft cock and balls filled the pouch and bulged obscenely, I just stood there staring, want to touch him. No, I can't take advantage of him. He's drunk, passed out and fuck, I shouldn't . But what's a simple grabbing of his cock gonna hurt. I slowly ran my finger down his belly and then around his bulge. A slowly grabbed the whole package. Fuck his cock felt so good in my hand. I slowly massaged his bulge. I wanted to pull his shorts down and suck his cock. But my mind was working overtime. I grabbed the elastic of his shorts and pulled his underwear completely off. After all, he just pissed his shorts and they needed to be washed , wink wink. He laid there naked, with his cock laying there, just perfect.

I threw his clothes in the washer, so they'd be fresh when he went home.

I went back to the room to make sure he was ok. He looked so angelic just laying there sleeping. I watched as he was gently breathing, he smooth just rising up and down. The slight movement of his trail on his abs. Looking at his cock and balls, they would pull up towards his body and fall away. His cock rolling around and his balls moved.

I could resist, a hot straight guy with a hot body and an uncut cock in my bed. A few weeks ago, he fucked my ass like crazy and shot his load deep into me and now he's mine, at least in my mind he was mine. I walked over to his limp sleeping body. My hand had a mind of its own. It reached over and gently lift his soft 3" cock that looked like a 13 year olds cock. I lifted it up and gently pulled back the skin to see the head. He had about 1/2 of overhang that just made me crazy with lust. I slowly pulled the skin forward. I was mesmerized watching the skin roll back and forth as I played with his soft cock. After a few minutes his cock started getting hard. It was soon 5" and getting thicker and bigger. I just kept stroking his cock and now it was at its beautiful 8 thick inches. Precum started to ooze out of his skin. His cock started to get slimy, making me even crazier. He started to mumble something. I moved closer to try to hear what he was saying.

" come on babe, suck it for me. I'm your husband, please. I hate begging for you to suck it. You know you like it." he said

Wow, talks in his sleep. This could be fun, I thought.

I continued to stroke his cock.

"Please baby, you know just how to do it."

Well I figured if he thinks his wife is playing with his cock, I might as well play the part, especially if he's hard and dripping.

I whispered in my softest, " ok, Peter, just let me know before you cum. You know I hate the taste of cum."

"Ok, ok, just suck it for me."

I got between his legs and played with his smooth balls. Feeling how heavy they were, wondering how much of a load he was gonna shoot.

I pulled the skin back and licked his head and then took his whole head into my mouth and sucked as if I didn't really like it.

" oh baby, that feels so good, just like that. Your mouth is so hot ."

Damn Peter was really enjoying this. Well, now its was time for me to take over.

I pulled his skin forward and gently nibbled on the skin.

" Oh fuck baby, where did you learn that ? Do it some more, hard too."

So I nibbled a bit harder, not wanting to really bite him too hard. I didn't want to wake him up and freak him out. As I nibbled more precum was pouring out of his skin. I sucked down every drop of his precum. I pulled back the skin and slipped my tongue on his head and pulled the skin back up and the swirled my tongue around atop really tease him more. My reward was a huge bunch of fresh slime. I slowly pulled back his skin and flicked my tongue on his frenulum fast and just touching it with the tip of my tongue.

The pleasure must have been too much for him. He woke up with a startle.

His head bounced up and his beautiful blue eyes were open.

" what the fuck are you doing ?"

Sucking your cock, what does it look look like I'm doing?

" I thought it was my wife sucking my cock. But it's you."

" and the problem would be ?"

" I'm not gay, I don't suck guys cocks."

"well, I'm gay and I love suckin guys cocks, especially uncut cocks"

"part of me knew it wasn't my wife cuz she hates my foreskin. She says it's gross and disgusting."

"well, she's wrong. It's 100 % natural. It's what makes sex better with anyone. You seem to enjoy fucking my ass and shooting your load a fee weeks ago."

" but I'm not gay! I like women!"

" well your cock doesn't seem to care who sucks it. In fact he seems to like it very much with the amount of precum he's spitting out."

"well, it did feel good fucking your ass and if my cock likes it, I think the rest of me does too I guess. "

" then let me finish sucking you and let me swallow that big South African cum that I've wanted to taste since I first saw you."

"You've wanted to do this that long ?"

"yep, now lay back down, sit up a little bit so you can see what I'm doing to you."

" you want me to watch as you suck my cock?"

" guys love watching their cocks getting sucked. Just watch and if you don't like to watch , just close your eyes and lay down and think of whoever you want. I won't care."

I started to suck his cock and gave him the best blowjob I could give him. Staring into his blue eyes as I licked the tip of his cock. Licking up and swallowing his precum. I slowly grabbed his balls and pulled them down and inched my pinky towards his hole. I let his balls go and his cock burped up and ball of slime again. I wiped up as much as I could and smeared it on his hole and slowly slid my finger into his virgin asss. I probed deeper and deeper til I found his prostrate. It was rock hard and I knew he was going to shoot his load soon. I sucked his cock licking his frenulum while massaging his prostrate. His cock was rock hard. I pulled off his cock, his head was dark purple, I knew he wouldn't last long. His skin wouldn't pull forward. I started sucking him harder and fingering his prostrate.

" fuck, it hurts, I'm gonna cum, fuck, oh my fucking god, here is cums. Uuuuuggggghhhhh, fffuuuuuucccckkkkkk !!!!!!"

His cum shot out and hit the back of my mouth, over and over and over. His breathing was rapid. My mouth full of his cum. I swallowed it down. It was thick and gooey, but I enjoyed every drop of it.

After his breathing returned to normal, he shouted at me " what the fuck did you do to me ? I've never cum that hard. I thought I was gonna have a heart attack and couldn't breath right and now I'm sitting here shaking like a leaf in a wind storm! What did you do ?"

" I gave you a blow job, a proper blow job. You have officially hard a proper orgasm. One that your whole body was enjoying as well." I told him. " I've had oragsms like those where you just want to curl up and be held cuz you feel so vulnerable"

"yes, that's how I feel !!" he told me.

"yep, that's a proper orgasm.". Welcome to the best blow job you"ll ever have."

"damn, I loved you sucking my cock, but I'm not sure I can go thru this again. It might kill me."

"it won't kill you, just make you stronger. Now lay down and take a nap. I'll wake you in a few hours."

By the time I finished talking, he was curled up sleeping like a baby.



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