Hey you guyz am sorry for not posting my stories its due to my tight academic schedule couple with my euphoria and preparatîons for my going to law school soonest but I promise I'll frequently keep in touch more often now.Please I hope you guys will continue to enjoy reading my stories because i have real gooddies any comments,suggestions,criticisms,and ideas will be highly appreciated and be sent to franklin austin19 @gmail.com that will help me write well in order to serve you my readers well.Well here is chapter2 of Peeping Tom***********

The weékend went by slowly but smoothly without much events except my sneaking into my neighbours' compound to have round and round of red hot sex.

During my second class on monday I was quite more distracted as my mind drifted to wëekends' fùn as i waited with a hardøn for the next class which was gym for me to go and check out the bubble butts of hot dudes in college especially.

'Hey Julian' a voice called from behind me as I slipped of my Blue Denim jeans trousers and stood there in only my tight white Levis brief.I turned back to see Daniel Fort a guy two classes ahead of me standing in nothing but white Armani designers pants exposing the lines of his huge cock.

I swallowed hard and said "whatsup Daniêl,congrats i heard that finally your team is facing the Blazer in the final i hope you win'.

He smile mesmerising me and said "yes"as he came closer and placing a hand on my bare shoulders"you're really serious about the math tutorials aint ya?

'Yes' I said nervously as i realized how soft his palms were and the sensation it had on my body.

Alright 3pm tomorrow after school my house he smiled at me and i felt his eyes checking me out.

I nodded as we shook hands and turned to our locker to commence our changing.

I noticed two things first we were the only students left in here second how big,muscular and smooth Daniel's ass was.

I swallowed hard as i took my final glance at it and ran off to gym

Immeditely I arrived home that day i got a text 'we're both waiting for you to come over for dinner at our house 7pm' I saw its from Ken Marvin.Ken seemed to be a lot attracted to me since the saturday nite,i rushed to my window and saw Justin and Ken throwing and catching ball.

My dick jumped to attention when I saw Kens big ass bouncing in his shorts as he caught or threm ball.I quickly changed into a loose black combat shorts and a tight red tank top which brought out all my charms and assets.

I dashed to the garden and hurdled away to my fun as my Mum would be back tomorow noon. Justin saw me first behind Ken and i signaled him to mute.I moved quickly moved and shut Ken's eyes with my palm.

'Hhhmmh I can tell that palm anywhere in the world.Julian he said teasingly as he turned to mé making us all to laugh.

'Happy Birthday'in advance they said in unison as we went in i almost collasped of surprised for i almost forgot but even because i never told them how come they knew.

Dinner was already set so they just excused to freshen up.They came down 20 mins later in Levis briefs and green singlet as we ate dinner amidst chats and laughter.

'pass me the chips' ken told me,I reached out as passed it. Anyway dinner was chinese rice,fried chicken,potato chips and lemonade.Half way into dinner i felt Ken slide his left hand into my short and played with my dick.

After dinner i looked up to the clock it was 8;00pm,Justin was tidying up things while Ken showed my some photos in the living room.

Ten minutes later Justin joined us,he went over,kissed Ken and started making out.I sat tight in the seat with my mouth dryly opened.

Ken motioned me over as he was nibbling at Justin erected pink nipples.In less than 15 minutes we were all covered with sweat and the whole room smelt mulsky with the scent of wild sexual orgy. Justin was sucking on my rock hard dick while Ken was fingering my hole and after more than 10 minutes, Ken slid his wet dick into my pussy hole while Justin slid his pole into my mouth.

Soon they found their rythmn while Ken pushed in,Justin pulled and as Justin pushed in Ken eased out they filled and both of my holes beyond its limits and i liked the idea of being abused like this by these two Greek geek gods.

It went on like this and after 30 minutes i heard Justin scream and jerking in the euphoria of a pleasant cum.He thrust deeper into my throat and shot 5 loads of white ambrosia.

Minutes later i felt the head of Kens dick swell in my bowels as he pulled out and shot 7 thick and sweet ambrosia into my spent throat as he smiled at me.

I was still hard as rock and need to bust my nuts so i grabbed Ken by his hip and without warning i shoved my 10 inches red hot rod balls deep into his hole he screamed and I started the rythmn foward and backward fucking him doggy style.

After 30 minutes,I turned him over,raised his legs high and shoved into him deep and hard as Justin was sucking on his which has now become alive again.He came minutes later in Justins hot mouth. I swapped kens hot ass and grab hold of Justins hip and plunged deep and hard into his sweetcreampie hole he gasped and then he started backing his big ass but tight hole to meet my foward thrust I was all the way moaning on top of my lungs as i pounded his big water melon size ass globe for all its worth.

After Fucking him doggy for twenty minutes he changed position and sat on my pole riding my like a pro and suckin Ken. I came 7 ropes of hot cum.

To Be Continued.



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