Ch. 1 Welcome Home Faggot

Andrew trained wrestlers. Up in the isolated mountains of West Virginia, the former fighter and his associate, Brock, trained one promising young athlete for a year. It was intense and his trainees had won the most bouts in the South for the past decade. It had been a week since this years young man, Travis, had come up from Georgia. Andrew was 53, Brock was 49, and Travis was 26.

Andrew realized that there was a fault in the training regimen. Travis had already won several trophies for football and power-lifting on top of the wrestling. He was an incredibly virile and aggressive man with only two older equally virile and aggressive men for company. Travis had no outlet besides exercise to prove his superiority, and nobody to prove them to except the men who he looked up to for guidance.

He was a conqueror, and a conqueror needs something to conquer.

So after talking this over with Brock and Travis, Andrew drove two hours down to a gay club over in Indiana. He knew a place where you could buy a slave without jumping through any of the hoops presented by legal slave auctions. Here the meat wasn't some violent criminal or unlucky bastard who got caught with too many drugs. These were young, handsome college boys who just days before had walked around with textbooks in their book bags and exams to study for. Now they were frightened, whimpering toys waiting to be bought and used.

The club's owner ushered me to one right away. This slave had been captured two days ago. There weren't many others up for sale, so it had quickly gone through the selling process. It's body had been shaved and lasered to eliminate all hair and the possibility of ever growing any again. This made it more convenient to own since you didn't have to worry about constantly keeping it hairless, it already was permanently. "This is the most obedient slave I've ever seen that's this new," the owner said "Put up a bit of a fight when it was first caught, but one punch and it folded. Did everything it was ordered to, just cried a lot." Andrew chuckled gruffly.

"We were having so much fun with it. After I fucked it and had it chained over there, I asked what it wanted it's new name to be. It said 'worm', it actually fucking said 'worm'. Usually these things say their previous name, but no, this fag had already accepted it's place and gave a real good answer. Turned me on so much, I took it and fucked it again, then took him over to Warren and had 'Worm' tattooed on its back." This time both men laughed. Permanently marking a slave exponentially lowers its potential price, and having it happen to one so young would ensure that it only had the worst, lowest positions possible the rest of its long and miserable existence. It would never have a comfortable place as a puppy or pleasure slave for some rich man, who'd let it sleep in a bed and eat regular meals. Always it would be at the bottom, on its knees and covered in bruises.

Andrew was led to the pathetic thing quivering in the corner. As soon as it glimpsed his tall, broad shouldered and large muscled body, fucker began to shake. He told the owner he'd take it, and since the club owner owed him a goodly amount of money, much more than the fag was worth, no currency was exchanged. Making sure the knot tying it's hands in front of it was secure, he gripped the make shift leash, also rope, and tugged it up the basement steps and out to his truck.

Slamming it against the truck door and sticking his face down into the slave's, he barked "Now listen here Worm, it's a long drive back to my house. I'm gonna let ya ride up with me between my legs sucking on my big fat cock like the worthless fucking piece of shit whore you are. If I gotta piss I'm gonna piss your urinal mouth. The only thing I'll hear you say is Thank You Master Andrew whenever I give you a break, got it?" The slave nodded frantically, terrified. Master Andrew laughed and punched it in the stomach. After it stumbled to its knees and had a few seconds to gasp for air he asked "What do you say Worm?"

"Thank You Master Andrew!" Worm exclaimed. The man kicked his toy out of the way of his truck door, opened, then yanked on the leash and pulled the faggot into position. The seat was short so Worm had no problem reaching with its open mouth once Master Andrew sat and opened up his fly. Its owner's cock was massive, black hairs curled out of His ball sack, and it a stink emanated that made the bitch want to tear. But it was obedient and went to work. While he drove, the man told the animal about it's new living situation.

"Me and my buddy train wrestlers up at an old farm. One a year. You will address me as Master Andrew, my bud as Master Brock, and the young man we're training as Master Travis. You'll be here a year to serve. Master Travis is in charge of what you do and what you eat, I bought ya for his benefit. If he shares ya with me and Brock, I'll make ya do my bitch chores like laundry and cleaning dishes, but there's a good chance that won't happen. Come on cunt use that tongue more. See, Travis is a real man, and I bet he's gonna be a cruel master to ya. You'll be staying in an old horse stable we don't use, and you'll be lucky if he lets you see the sun at all while you're there, let alone get to come inside the house."

He slapped Worm. Not for any real reason, he just felt like it. "One more thing, Travis don't like boys like he likes girls. Now, I'm not saying that you're a boy or a man, a boy or a man wouldn't be sucking my dick while handcuffed on the floor of my truck. You're a faggot, cunt, pussy, cum dump, piss drinking useless piece of shit. But you got the body parts of a boy. He's not gonna fuck you like that club owner did, his fun's gonna come from making ya suffer, and if he fucks ya it's to show that he owns ya, not because your body turns him on."

The rest of the ride passed in silence. Andrew played the country station on the radio loudly since no one else was on the deserted country roads to hear. Once he pulled over to the side of the road and pissed in Worm's mouth. Slowly, so none of it would spill on his pants or truck. Some splashed onto the bitch's face and chest, which made him laugh. The slave thanked the man for the gift.

Towards midnight Andrew parked his truck in front of the barn. Roughly he pulled Worm, who was too frightened to even whimper, by the leash to the stable. Shoving it into a stall, it fell down. Because it's hands were knotted together it couldn't prevent the side of his face from smashing into the cement floor. A bucket lay near the corner, but the slave didn't notice. As Andrew locked the stall door and turned to leave, he laughed at his new property and said "Welcome home faggot!"


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