In the years that i lived in Nova Scotia i grew up around older men, in the church, my Dad's work mates, and in one on one company. These older men often held more interest to me, than kids my own age. I knew how to talk to older men, and i knew i could interact more or less on the same level of understanding as adults, even though they spoke to, and saw a child in front of them. We could interact as equals. This usually made men uneasy of me, or simply amused them. But as i matured, these feelings of unease simply gave way to interest, both intellectual and also sexual. The intellectual interest was easy, but for a man to find sexual interest in a young boy, 12-14 years of age, and find of way of in acting on that interest, was a more complicated task. So even though no man acted out these fantasies with me, i knew they had them, i saw it in the way they looked at me, the way their hands dropped to cover their groins, the shift in stance, a flush to a man's pale cheeks. These hints were all i needed, i got the same release from imagining what this man in front of me would do to my body, had he the chance, and the nerve, to get himself alone with me. Maybe at some point one of them would catch the glint in my eye, that intending look. All i could do was long to be noticed, observed, for my youthful sexuality, my young penis, my growing organs, my taught anus. I had a vivid imagination, at times i would find myself aroused by the fantasies playing out in my mind, as i observed these men i yearned after. But my fantasies only stayed fantasies. And as the years passed, i knew no man would put himself in a position of legal compromise, and so i ceased looking for any reciprocation, I was content with continuing the fantasy in my mind. the expectant look across, a rub of the neck, and a set of eyes caught looking. These games were my little diversion. A world of my own making. Until, that is, one man had the nerve. He was a guest speaker in the church, on a round trip of the churches in that area. His name was Pastor Jeremy Eastwood. He had preached a sermon on Job, and was surprisingly animated as to the physical suffering Job went through, in God's name. The details Pastor Jason gave of Job's body, and the anatomy of a man in pain, brought up an interest in me, an interest i hadn't felt before. An interest in being punished, by a man I trusted. This was my opportunity, i was sure of it. The way Pastor Jeremy talked about this pain, both mental, and physical, made my penis leak. I was 15 at the time, so i was starting to understand the body of a man, and how to make a man feel good. I had seen a few videos of men sucking on other men's penis's, but i had no understanding of how this worked. All i knew was it felt good, and when a man groans, it's probably the best kind of good. After the service the congregation were having a fellowship dinner in the basement of the church, so there was a lot of noise and people eating, talking, laughing. I still had the impression of Pastor Jeremy's sermon in the back of my mind. But i had no delusions as to getting Pastor Jeremy alone. it was some 20 minutes into the church fellowship when i had eaten a few things from the table, and had a cup of Soda, that i decided to make my way to the men's washrooms. The washrooms were down a lengthy corridor, and at the very end of a hall on the right. there weren't any men in the washroom, so i decided to use one of the 2 urinals at the back, next to the stalls. I had only just taken my cock out when someone else walked into the washroom, and made a noise of pausing, before walking up to the urinal next to mine. i continued peeing, spraying the metal drain as noisily as i possibly could. the man unzipped, and with a low grunt of effort started to urinate. At first it was quiet, but then he made another sound of effort, and his penis began to spray loudly. this was enough for me. I glanced over cautiously. It was Pastor Jeremy, he was looking at me. Our eyes connected, I looked away, and down. I then made a motion to leave. But he shifted his feet, and let go of his cock, lifting his hands up to clasp his neck. "touch it", His voice sounded dry and uneven. I was slightly startled. But he repeated himself. "Touch it", He said, this time with a cleared throat. I paused for a moment, making contact with his dark eyes. He was a tall man, with wide shoulders and a muscular chest. His legs were spread, ass taught and clenched in his hiked dress pants. I moved, his breath was heavy and hot as i stepped in next to him. He gasped a little when my hand enclosed on his warm veiny cock. it was thick and fat, slightly hard, my two hands wouldn't have been enough to hold it all. He started to urinate again as i held him, the spray has violent and hot. I felt drips of hot urine splash on my hands and face. All the while he looked down at me, his hands clasped behind his head, heavy breaths warming my cool neck. He made a sideways motion and spreads his legs further, just enough for his two smooth shaven balls to fall out his zipper. He moaned a little down in his throat, and i could smell the salty sweat emanating from down there. By now the urine flow had drained down to a few last sprits he forced out with his balder muscles. And i shook his cock of the drips. But then he lowered his left hand onto my shoulder, and forced me down to my knees. I knew what he was wanting me to do, and i needed no forcing, but i liked how he communicated his intentions, with force. My hands trembled a bit as i clutched onto his cock and lowered myself to my knees, and level with his hips. my lips parted, and i flicked out my tongue to catch the drops of urine left on the tip of his pulsing cock head. he then with no warning made a thrusting motion, and his cock slammed into my mouth, and down my throat. And he held my head with his hands, forcing me down on himself, while pre-cum oozed out his cock. I gagged a little, and he pulled out, saliva dripping from his balls and shaft. He pulled me up to my feet, turned me about, and pushed me into the wall. There was fondling with my belt, and zipper, and then he ripped down my pants and underware. he groaned a little as he kneaded my ass cheeks, revealing my pink boy hole. his spit dripped down my back as he spat on me, his knuckles churning my opening with lubricating saliva. I felt his stiff cock push against my back as he kissed my neck and slobbered on my ears. He was rubbling himself against me, pushing his cock head up into my hole, just inside, and sliding out again. I was overwhelmed, breathless, taken aback.. all at once. I had only videos, and my imagination for reference, and now it was happening to me! "OH GOD!!", he growled deeply, fingering my hole and rubbling his cock. Then he was at my ear, whispering some quiet words in a gruff voice. "Do you want me? Do you want me to go inside you?". The heat of his body was stifling. "Yes!! Yes!!" I gasped, catching my breath. "Ok, hear it comes. Don't cry out now... if you want it, don't you cry!", He moaned. I felt a pinch at my hole, an opening and relaxing of muscles around his hard cock. It was dry, but his pre-cum was thick, and soon i felt full inside, filled up to the brim and flowing over. "That's all of me!", He panted, shoving the last of himself up inside my boy cunt. I felt his heavy ball sack slap against my thigh as he pushed. "Ohh Jesus!!!", He breathed, his warm shaft digging at my insides and moving even further up into spaces of myself untouched and unexplored up till now. He was clutching me, his arms wrapped around my body. I could feel his pulse through his cock. "Ohh man, i'm gonna cum!!", He whispered at my ear. Then he groaned loudly, his whole body going ridged for a moment. I then felt hot liquid spilling out into my bowels, his cock convulsing and spurting seed deep into myself. He stood there for a minute, his cock stuck up in my ass, cum dripping out and spattering on the tiles. "Ok..", he whispered, pulling himself out further. More cum fell out of my hole and splattered on the floor and the air vacuum sucked at my insides as he maneuvered himself out of my sphincters. "I'm sorry..", he said. He was now out of me. I turned around. There was thick cum overing his cock and his pants. ""Don't be sorry, there's a back door just down the hall", I smiled. ""You can leave without being seen", i added. He looked into my eyes, and grinned. "Thank you", he whispered. He wiped some thick cum from his draining cock and smeared it over my lips, in a tender motion. Then he kissed my mouth viciously, exploring my gaping lips with his tongue. ""I'm sorry", he mumbled again inside my throat. I made no attempt to reply. He was stroking his cock, rubbing the shaft against my crotch and slobbering at my mouth. my anus was still open and leaking semen when he pushed me up against the wall and lifted my feet up onto his shoulders. His cock penetrated my cunt again and again. Now he was growling with pleasure, plumbing my insides and kissing my mouth between hot breaths. his hips slapped against me, making a loud smacking sound. I felt so full, like i had to go, but i knew it was just him inside me, churning my cunt with his leaking cock."Fuck!!", he breathed. "I love your hole boy! it's mine, and mine alone you hear?!!", he looked into my eyes as he pumped me vigorously. ""Yes, it's all yours Pastor!", I gasped. His shaft was ramming against my prostrate, making my cock spurt liquid on it's own. It felt like an extended orgasm. Over and over again, my cock was spurting urine now, splashing down onto the floor and over my hole and Jason's ramming cock."I'm cumin!!" He moaned loudly, closing his eyes, and fucking me blind. I could feel new cum hit my insides, and more and more gushing into of me. Still he fucked and fucked, until foam began to churn out around his cock and my raw cunt. He took one last thrust, balls deep, and held me there, by his cock. "Is this what you wanted?!", He asked, kissing me over and over with his wet mouth. "This is all i've ever wanted", I swallowed the cum he was scooping up from my hole and bringing to my mouth. "Good", he breathed, now satisfied.



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