He was lost he was looking at me like a poor weak child but then it all changed he was ripping at my chest digging for something and then he stopped with my heart in his hands and a devilish grin on his face.


His dreams were getting worse I wasn't sure what was causing them but I couldn't do anything to help but hold and hope they go away He was always so happy around people if they only knew his pain it was almost time for school so I woke him he looked at me "he's coming for me I have to get out of here Ven He will kill u to if I don't run" he was making no sense looking panicked and pained he was losing it I needed to keep him safe "I have a place we can go El but are u sure we can't fight is this person that's coming stronger than u are?" this was the first time I questioned his power our power that it was so weak in comparison to who or what was coming for us.


I've been asleep for centuries he was in my dreams he was in my head he dreams of me consuming him made me want to do it but there was something different about him I didn't want to hurt him I wanted to make him mine bring him into my existence and keep him safe but what ever it is that makes him want to run from me is what scares me most cause he is the most breath taking thing I have ever seen and he will be minE.


We left for England that day he was better happier and he slept best when we were on the Way we landed and we were on our way to Italy he would love it there and I owned a big place where no one will bother us "so my boyfriend is a big shot isn't he" he was teasing me in the car he was looking at me with a smirk "well if u be nice your big shot bf would totally make it worth your wild" I kissed him and he giggled he was feeling better by the second we got to the house and unpacked "so how long are we going to be here Babe?" I just smiled "for as long as u want Babe" he smiled and started to walk around "would u like a tour" he nodded and I grabbed his hand and led him through the house we had seen all the rooms and he was enjoying the tour "OK that's it go get those clothes off and come meet me in the pool OK Babe."


Here we were in one of his many houses around the world here I was in Italy and with the love of my life I walked out to the pool and he wasn't in it so I jumped in and waited for him he came walking out of the house in all his naked glory I didn't notice before but he had a sexY v line abs and chest arms and legs he was beautiful in every way making me blush "is my sexy boyfriend blushing Hummm let's see how red he can get" he kissed me and it felt like an electric current ran through me and down into me like never before He was good at turning me on as always he was a beautiful being and flawless and all mine. I leapt into the pool and snooker He came straight to me and his lips met mine it seemed to go on forever "so what do u wanna do first have a swim In this pool or go for lunch or go sight seeing" I thought it over "I just want to stay here with u and enjoy the view" he kissed me again and it was long and hard His hand were traveling down my body first to my right then to my left nipple he twisted and pulled on them making me moan into his mouth he was teasing me and it felt good He was taking off My my draws when it all changed he was steering at me from the other end of the pool The man from my dreams he was hurt pain in his eyes I couldn't bair it "stop stop Ven he's watching us" he stopped and turned to look he looked confused "who's watching El it's just u and I herE" that's when it was becoming apairant that there was something wrong with me.


What was going on he was see the man while he was awake now he was losing his mind or the man was not human this person was in my boyfriend's head and now it was getting worsE we came out of the pool and he was shaking "Ven what is happening to me why can I see him and u can't he's right there and he isn't happy about seeing u with me" this being that was with him now isn't human on anything I have ever seen or heard of He was not leaving even if we moved eventually he will us I need to kill him for El's sake I needed my sister's help but is to get her here and to finder now she was never one of those vamps to do as u ask so I would have to leave him to go find her but I wasn't about to leave him in this state "El I need to go find my sister I'm leaving u with Lucas for sometime please don't argue I have to find her so we can save u babe he will keep u safe ok" he just nodded Lucas came and he was prepared to die for my love as he was for me.


I was finally strong enough to go take my beloved from this other person and no one would stand in my way cause El was mine



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