El He was looking at me during our last class he was looking at me with lust in his eyes he was loving every facial feature from a distance. We made love at school and all day he couldn't keep his eyes off me it was turning me on every move I made his eyes followed he was enjoying the view and during that last class that's when it happened he was in my mind his thoughts then he looked at me {can u hear me if so nod} I did he looked scared {what's wrong babe?} he was thinking really fast I couldn't make out a thing {wait slow down I don't understand} he waited till class was over and we met up "what's going on why can I read your thoughts now and u can read mine why are u capable of all these different abilities we need to go see your parents now" we got our stuff and left school I couldn't speak he wasn't angry he was scared that he was the cause of all these changes that it may be his doing I held his hand and kissed his cheek to calm him he was looking like he was about to go crazy "babe it's not your fault we're going to be fine let's just go see my parents and sort this out" we got to their house and mom was gardening "hey sweetie what's up" she saw his face and rushed us inside "he can communicate with me through thought" she let out her breath with relief and just started to giggle "u are his first love u know that's how it works with demons" I looked at him and I felt the weight lift off his shoulders "he loves u and u love him if it was one sided love it wouldn't work he can feel your thoughts and u his that's how it works this is what we call a true bound it can never be broken by anyone else but one of u and trust me a true bound hurts worse than death most demons go insane when they lose their loved one so keep safe and be strong cause if he loses u with the kind of power he has he would be able to level the city" he loved me like I love him that is all I heard she looked at me and I blushed "ahahahahaha u really are in love with him and not just lusting your father is going to laugh in my face for this" I looked at her confused "your father told me u loved him like we love u like I love your father that u would do what we did to save u to protect him seems he was right" we talked a little more and dad came home from work he looked at me and mom cause Ven was getting water he looked like there was panic on his face "what happened where is Ven" he was about to go looking when Ven walked in the room "I'm right here sir" he walked in the house mom just laughed "there connected huni" he just smiled and chuckle at mom "just say it already" she rolled her eyes and he walked over to her kissed her and then went upstairs "I told u so" he said it while on his way up mom just giggled "are u two staying for dinner?" I wanted to stay but Ven needed blood tonight I felt it in his thoughts he looked embarrassed "mom nope lately Ven has been drinking blood more often what does that mean" she looked at him {babe we didn't have to tell your mom yet} now I was looking embarrassed {sorry babe} she looked at him "are u feeling like there is nothing that can ease your thirst?" he nodded "its u he is drinking blood more often because there is nothing else for him but your blood he loves u when a vampire falls for a mortal that's what happens he doesn't drink blood as often as long as the person they love gives them there blood when there thirsty" Ven looked at mom but I felt his thoughts before he spoke his words "I am not biting El not even if I drink the world of all its blood" she looked at him with care "that's it if u don't drink from him u just mite drink the world" he was scared he didn't want to hurt me {babe u won't hurt me u love me to much} I smiled and held his hand "anyway sweetie since you're not staying let me let u leave and I'm gonna get started on dinner" dad came down stairs after getting undressed and in more comfortable clothing "hey your leaving already" I nodded he came over kissed me on the cheek and hugged Ven "keep my boy safe ok Ven he is our only kid and we love him endlessly bye and have a good night" we waved goodbye from the car and headed home I held his hand and his thoughts came to me {what if I can't stop drinking} I tightened my hand around his {u will u love me so u won't hurt me babe I trust u with my heart and life} we rode in silence until we got home.

We got inside and I took him to our room and he went to the tub started the hot water placed bubbles in it and began striping near the tub he was smiling and I started taking my clothes off to and walked into the bathroom he slid into the tub and I slid into his lap he kissed the back of my neck and ran warm water down my back I moaned in bliss {no babe not now we have to have dinner} he just chuckled "ok after dinner" we bathe and got out of the tub I got my rob and his we got dressed I was heading to the kitchen to make dinner when he pulled me by the arm kissed my wrist while running his hands all over my body he kissed his way up my arm to my lips and then let me go to make us some diner while I was cooking he was watching me with that sexy smile of his while I was in his thoughts watching his imagination at work he was having a fantasy of me and him in the tub him licking my body me moaning from the pleasures of his tough he was just chuckling at my reactions to his thoughts it was becoming harder to concentrate on my task he was doing this on purpose he was making me hot with just his thoughts and I loved it just having him in my mind was a turn on he was good at playing with my mind he heard that thought and smiled wider he was truly the one I loved most in this world and prayed no one would take him away from my arm {never babe I will never let that happen even if I have to destroy the world to be with u he forever I will no matter with the consequences} he was serious and it was sweet but scary.


So he was capable of so many different things he was much stronger than I am he could do so many different things just with his mind his physical abilities were developing slower than his mental ones he was becoming stronger by the day.

Now we speak mostly through thought and it's fun to be in his mind he can make u see anything he wants u to he also can do dark things that u won't believe could exist he makes darkness it's like glue it is a mental thing cause it move where ever his mind is pointed at so yeah he's stronger than I am that power of his is evolving.

"so what are we doing today babe schools out wanna go out and have a good time?" we hadn't gone out in a long time and it was becoming annoying just staying at the house it was fun but it would be nice to take him out a lil bit so he smiled and headed off to shower I knew if I joined him we weren't going to leave the house so I let him shower first he got out and was changing in our room while I showered I got out and he was standing there naked I was totally out of it licking my lips while he just stood there with a big smile on his face he was doing this on purpose it was turning me on "babe why are u not dressed yet?" he was still smiling at me "because I really just want to stay in with u today and have u fuck my brains out" I just chuckled {come on u know u want me} I just nodded and walked back into the bathroom he was watching as my ass bounced when I walked back into the bathroom "hear what babe I will come out when you're ready or else I'm not coming out" {u are so hot when you're running from me } he was in my head showing me what he wanted me to do to him it was turning me on and then the thirst kicked in and he felt it he wanted it as much as I did to feel the blood flow into me and he was making it hard to resist I opened the door and there it was he had gone in the kitchen and I smelled it the sweet smell of his life's essence he was doing this for me to feel better I walked in "stop this at once........" I couldn't speak I wanted it so bad just a little taste I walked over slowly "babe do it u won't hurt me trust me" I held his hand and licked at the wound his blood was euphoric it filled all my scenes it made them even more amplified I could hear all the way downtown it was stronger than most feelings I had ever felt I started taking big gulps when I reached the third one I let go of his hand and stopped he was in pure bliss my bite made him feel good he was rubbing his crotch "wow what was that how did u do that Ven?" it started to wear off he was looking in control now "vamp bites makes the person bitten feel like they're having sex it is why they die without even a sound" I wiped my mouth and went to the closet to change he came in after me he noticed I was upset "I'm sorry babe I just wanted u to feel better" he dropped to the floor and started to sob it hurt to see him like that so I gave into him "I'm not upset that u did it it's just that the last person I drank from that I loved and was human died cause I couldn't stop" he was hugging me now "I promise I won't do it again unless u ask or are in trouble" I kissed him and we got dressed and was heading to the restaurant that I made reservations at for us we were almost there when I saw them they were headed straight for us I grabbed El and kicked out the door and pulled him with me before he hit the car vampires from the high guard there here for me I put El behind me and was getting ready for their attack when El walked in front of me "this time I will protect u" he looked at the leader and he was screaming for it to stop he was in pain El was in attack mode then the others tried to move but couldn't El moved the darkness to hold them in place they were scared the guard has never been rendered defenseless before "listen and listen well I am Venguard Zealous Argus the III this is my boyfriend and he isn't human so run now and u will live and tell father I will be visiting him soon" El stopped and the leader Victoria spoke up "we were told to bring u and him back now" it surprised me that he would send them for the both of us so I got to El's side and I spoke to him through thought {do u want to go meet them now or have them come back after dinner} he smiled and kissed me {best we not keep your daddy waiting or I may have to kill them all} I smiled and we went with the guard they had a car waiting "Victoria u owe me a new car" she just smiled she was my friend but when it came to her job she had no friends I learned that the hard way when she killed my boyfriend before El he was a witch that killed vampires because he could but he loved me and he had stop killing them but he had to atone for his sins so they sent her to kill him and she did right in front my eyes I cried for months cause he had changed just for the love of me and he died father was killing everyone I love and keeping the people I hate close to him.

We got to the place and El was amazed with it {wow this is a castle" I just chuckled and they all looked at me I forgot no one can hear him speak to me we got the main chamber and their father was sitting with all his pride but next to him sit the most perfect woman in existence my mother she got off her seat and walked to me and slapped me hard I felt El pulsating with rage I told him no don't hurt her and she kissed me "my son how I have missed u so my heart has cried for u" she hugged me "I miss u to mother but why does he want to see me" he looked at me with anger hidden behind his eyes "u are my child but u are not to speak to me in that manna, u are because of him that thing u call your mate he is a human" I just smiled at him and nodded to El when he made a huge ice pillar in the middle of the court "as u can see I am not what I seem to be sir" he was shocked "and father if u call him a thing one more time I will have him kill the guard for fun, u still haven't said why I'm here and I am becoming bored" he got up from his throne and flashed in front of me "u forget your pace child" and before he knew it he was on the floor in pain "and u forget hat he said I am not human and I don't take it kindly when someone gets too close to my love I can make u sufferer without lifting a single finger now are u going to behave sir cause I really don't want to kill all these people here" he nodded and the guard helped him to his feet "he is a nephilim half demon half angel and he is very strong so if u are planning to try and kill him it will be with difficulty" "u left and now u have this boy as your mate u need to understand u are my only child and I refuse to have another so either u come back quietly or I drag u back" that was the last chance he had cause El was pissed and now all hell would come undone the whole hall was on fire not with red flames but white one "listen to me u ass if u touch him if u even make him feel like u are coming for him I will come back here and burn this place to the ground I will destroy everything and all the people u care about I will make u suffer just because I could so u have one simple choice leave him alone and never come back" he watched me with pure rage in his eyes "who do u think u are u can imagine the kind of hell that I can bring down on your head" father used his abilities next he made the earth open and El was about to fall but he just hovered there it was amazing and then his mother walked in with his father right behind her the guard was whispering "hey u remember me" she looked at my mother and they ran to each other and hugged "it has been ages how have u been Elyisa is this your boy?" she just nodded "I knew he looked familiar and he also has your attitude so It seems our boys are in love well if so let them we won't interfere" as father was about to object mothers eyes turn black as night and he calmed down "I said we won't interfere ok honey so if the guard goes after them I will kill them all and maybe u to just maybe thank u for your time El and I love u Ven visit us soon" dad walked over to me and shook my hand we love each other we just have different opinions so we left them all there talking and catching up he kissed his mom and dad and we were off to our date "so u were going to kill the guard just to keep me" I asked him with a big smile on my face he just blushed "I would bring this world to its knees if it would make u safe and happy I love u Ven more than life itself.

My mom gave us a range rover as a new car after what happened we got to dinner we laughed and talked and had a good time he was so sweet with his smile when he blushed he was loving and caring to me even though I was a monster and him a perfect creature he was beautiful and I was nowhere near his level "that's not true we feel the same I love u and u love me that's all that matter no matter where we are u will always have my heart." He was listening to my thoughts I loved the way it felt when he knew all of the truth and wasn't afraid of it or me.



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