Ven I have been watching him sleep he's been having bad dreams and he doesn't think i know he wakes up turns and kisses me every morning but his kisses have changed he has change and i want my love and heart back.

We have been safe for a while now the demons stop looking for him they think he's left the country the seal seems to be working, we started back at school some days I can see the old him looking back at me others it's like he's not there anymore I love him so much and I wish he would come back we got home from school that day and he went straight to bed I got in next to him kissed him and watched him sleep I got up and went to my window and I had this unbearable urge for the red stuff I thought it would go away but it felt like a mountain had fallen on me and I couldn't take it so I left and went on a little hunt he was sound asleep he wasn't waking up now so I got out of there quickly.

El I woke up and he was gone I searched the whole house he was gone he left me a note on the counter "gone for a snack will be back shortly love u Ven" so I just got some water and went back into his room curled up in is pillows that smelt like him recently is like I'm not here but I can't help it and he's giving me my space to deal with it but I feel like one of these days he's just gonna give up and leave and when I think of the pain that will be it hurts even if it hasn't happen yet I love him so much and he cares so deep for me why can't I just let go off all of my doubt and let him in I won't the walls keep going up every time I have to give in to his love he's worth it and he loves me he gave up his way of life to make sure I was safe he protects me from pain and suffering I love him and he loves me endlessly so I am gonna let him in ones and for all no holding back. He was gone a while so I just lay there thinking of all the things he has given up to protect me the thing he would go through to save me he would fight to his last breath to make sure I was safe when he gets back I'm gonna ask him to teach me how to fight its time I protect him from these monsters that try to destroy us.

So I get in the kitchen and decide to make us dinner wasn't sure what he would want but I cooked us some chicken and fries he would like that got it ready and waited for him to return a few minutes later I hear the door open and he walks straight to the kitchen and lift me off the floor and kiss me deep like he hadn't seen me in weeks we sit down and have dinner he enjoys my cooking and we get to talking "so how was your drink" he froze he wasn't expecting me to ask that question he just raised an eye brow with his smirk and got up and walked over to where I was sitting and kissed my neck "u wanna feel how good it is to be bitten by me baby" he made my body shiver in anticipation he was so close I wanted to feel the sweet pain of his teeth on me he pulled back and just chuckled I smiled "your such a big tease" he just smiled and kissed my head "Ven I want u to teach me how to fight I can't keep having u protect me all the time it is so unfair so starting tomorrow u will teach me" he was about to protest when I shot him the I'm not giving up look so he just gave into my demands we cleaned up and headed off to bed.

He woke me at the crack of dawn "why do we have to start this early babe" he just had that sexy smile on his face "because u wanna learn so it has to be on my terms" we started with combat training he was good he thought me move and stuff he beat me a lot of time and I won a few giving him kisses in between fights he would just smile and kisses me back we took a rest and started on my abilities "ok what can u feel in your mind El" I was looking around in my head which seem to Have a lot of space since I turned it multi tasks on its own when I got to what I was looking for it was amazing I opened my eyes with a big smile on my face "babe let me show u" first I moved the table with my mind then I froze it with ice and finally he was toppled over in pain I was panicking when I stopped what I was doing to him "what was that El?" he watched me with horror on his face "Ven I can cause anyone pain by just looking at them it's not real physical pain but it hurts like its real sorry didn't know what it was till I tried it" he just smiled and got to his feet he saw I was scared and walked over to me and hugged me tight "its ok babe it didn't hurt much" I know he was lying but he was willing to go through all of that for me and I loved him for everything he has done so much for me he was truly the love I was looking for and will never let go.

Ven He is stronger than I am he could kill me without even touching me so why didn't I care why is it I'm thinking about kissing him and not running? Is this what love feels like never wavering not leaving always willing to die in place of the person that makes your life feel empty when they're not there he was all I thought of all I wanted no matter what is to happen to me even if it all ends today.

He got p I made him breakfast and he loved it recently I've been on blood I need it to stay alert to keep my senses heightened to ensure he is protected at all times we got ready for school and then we were off he kissed me deep and long he was becoming the person I knew again it seems training helps him coop with the changes in our life together "babe do we have first class together?" I nodded he smiled devilishly and grabbed my hand and dragged me to the bathroom pushed me into a stall and started to kiss me we didn't come up for air for a while "what are we doing babe" I said with a big smirk while unbuttoning his pants he was running his hands all over my body "whatever u feel like doing in here with me he placed his hand over my crotch and licked his lips "u want me to stop?" I just shook my head and he started to unbutton my pants and ran his hand over my boxer pulled my pants to my knees and pulled my boxer down and started sucking on my dick licking the shaft and head making me moan in pleasure he just giggled then he took me all the way to the back of his throat he was swallowing it like it was nothing and I was loving every minute of it he came up for air and kissed me "what was that how did u do it" he just shrugged his shoulders and continued kissing me I pulled his boxer down and placed him bent over the toilet and licked his ass he was moaning for more and pushing back his ass in my face I loved it "babe I can't take it anymore fuck me please" it was erotic to hear him beg for my cock I placed it at the tip of his fuckhole and he moaned and pushed himself on it and with every inch that entered he moaned louder I only got 8 in him and it felt hot and tight he was always tight but this time it seemed like it was becoming tight with every stroke of my cock he started to fuck himself on my cock I was loving it he pumped back harder he just kept going like he didn't want to stop it was so good and I felt like I would never come "oh babe yes just like that oh yeah fuck me harder" and with that I placed my hands on his hips and rammed all of my cock deep inside him I heard his breath catch in his throat I pulled all the way out and rammed him again he was loving it I pumped him harder and faster but it was feeling the same no sense of cuming any time soon I don't know what it is but it was euphoric his body was hot literally and it felt great against my skin "babe...... I ........ Don't........ know .........what ...........your .......doing but please......let me come" he just turned looked at me with that smirk that I love so much and was moaning "oh babe I'm cuming ahhhhhhhhh" he shot all over the toilet "oh shit babe here it comes" I shot in him and it felt like it won't end 8 maybe 9 hot ropes of come was in him and leaking out of him I pulled out and watched as it came rushing out of him he caught his breath and cleaned himself up while I did the same we came out he kissed me and as I was about to walk out I looked at my watch saw the time and was surprised he was walking away with a big smile on his face it was 12 noon we missed the whole morning part of school he watched me giggled and headed to his next class that was amazing but something else he can do that he keep a secret until now.



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