It was late didn't think class would've ran so late and he isn't here to pick me up yet Dad's never late and he isn't answering his phone I'd have to call mom "hey mom dad isn't here yet what's going on?" She was silent for awhile "hunni dad's on his way he was taking a lil nap he'll be there in a bit" I said ok and hung up so I'm in the parking lot and most of my friends are gone so I'm there alone "hey u what are u doing out here this late?" the guy asks but then a another 2 guys show up the first guy grabs my neck and places a hand over my mouth so I don't scream "we're gonna have fun with u" they drag me to god knows where he pushes his mouth on mine while the other guys hold me down all I feel is pure terror this is it there going to rape me this can't be happening not to me not now "please don't do this I'm begging u Please" the guy just laughs at me and starts to take off my pants then he unzips his pants and pulls out the biggest Cock I have ever seen and hits it in his palm "I'm gonna fuck u good u lil bitch" as he was about to stick me with it a guy shows up "u see normally I wouldn't care what disgusting guys like u do to your own kind but this one I seem to like so u have two choices let him go and leave or die right Here and now u Simple minded fools" the guy zipped up his pants and turned his attention on him "listen u ass get out of here before me and my boys kick your ass" he walked up to the stranger and was about the grab his and then he was gone like he was air he repaired behind the guy and all I herd was him scream and then it cut off the 2 guys holding me dropped me and was about to run when he just materialised in front of one broke his neck and watched as the last guy begged him "he was just begging to let him go and u didn't why should I show u any sympathy u now know what it feels like to be weak and powerless just like the others like him that u all did this to now u will die here and never be able to do this to anyone again" I didn't see his face but he did to him what he did to the first guy and it was over he walked over to me "u ok?" I just nodded he helped me up "I'm sorry u had to see me act like that but they had it coming" he toke me back to the parking lot "my name is Ven so is someone coming for u?" I couldn't speak it was still processing what just happen and then I snapped out of it "what are u?" that was all I could manage to say he just smiled "there things that go bump in the night I am one of those thing but after tonight u won't remember me El so I'm gonna kiss u now" and he did kiss me and I was standing in the lot waiting for dad and he was late.



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