During the following week Keith was on his own as his wife Carol was away on business for a few days, he was at a lose end when he received a message to meet Steve in his office after school.

He felt worried that perhaps Steve was going to cause Mike and himself trouble as he and Mike had almost raped Steve the week before.

Keith entered Steve's office nervously to find him seated behind his desk, 'Please lock the door Keith, we do not want any interruptions, do we?',

'No Sir' he replied as he did as he was requested and went to stand in front of Steve's desk.

'I've been thinking hard about what happened 6 days ago, it was the first sex I've had since my wife died and it was a fantastic experience for me....it may be the answer I was looking for....how to get sexual relief without the complications of a relationship with another woman in my life'

Keith wondered where this was leading as Steve continued 'I do not think I am gay, but as I told you both I had often wondered about the naked male body and if it would arouse me, and of having sex with another man, I enjoyed what happened between the three of us and would like to continue to experiment more'.

'Well Sir I can understand that, I've had the same kind of thoughts in the past myself', with that he smiled and pulled his t shirt off, removed his trainers and dropped his sweat pants and stood there naked in front of Steve 'Feel free to look and examine me' he told Steve.

Steve stood up and moved around his desk to Keith, he reached out and placed his hands on Keith's shoulders, then he ran them down to play over the hairy chest and felt the nipples stiffen 'I love the hair on your chest, it feels so silky and your nipples have got so hard'.

Keith just smiled as Steve's hands wandered lower to caress his stiffening dick and cup his heavy balls; Steve started to slide the foreskin back and forth, increasing speed as he felt Keith's dick grow to its full 9 ½ inches in his hand. 'It feels so good to do this, I never imagined holding another mans dick, to feel it throbbing in my hand' said Steve.

'I think it's my turn to examine you now' Keith told Steve unbuttoning his Headmasters shirt and running his hand over his chest which was covered with greying hair, he felt the nipples respond to his touch.

Keith's hands fell to Steve's belt buckle which he quickly undid and pushing his trousers and boxer shorts to the floor, he grasped the hard dick and pulled the foreskin back, Steve sighed 'That feels so good', as Keith slid his foreskin back and forth and grasped his balls in his other hand.

'I have an idea' said Keith lining his hard dick up with Steve's, he slid his foreskin over the head of Steve's cock, 'Oh.... that feels great' said Steve as Keith continued to slide his foreskin over his cock. 'Let me try that on you so you can feel what it's like'. Quickly reversing and sliding his foreskin over the head he started to slide back and forth over Keith's stiff dick.

'That's an amazing feeling' said Keith looking into Steve's eyes he lent forward and kissed him, Steve felt shocked but quickly responded by forcing his tongue into Keith's mouth, and they started to kiss each other deeply and passionately.

They broke apart breathing heavily, 'Wow it certainly feels good to me, your dick joined with mine, kissing....everything' Steve told Keith as they hugged each other and continued to say 'I want to feel you in my ass again filling me up with your hot cum'.

Keith laughed and replied 'Yes Sir, happy to oblige Sir! Bend over your desk for me', Steve bent over his desk as Keith got some lube from his sweat pants pocket.

Keith started to play with Steve's asshole spreading the lube and inserting one, then two fingers to prepare Steve for a good fucking then he lubed up his hard his dick and lined it up with Steve's hole.

He gently let the head of his dick pop in and there rested for a moment, then gradually he pushed forward until the whole of his 9 1/2 inches of dick was impaled in Steve's warm and moist hole, and his balls bounced against hot ass and rested once again.

Slowly he pulled backwards then pushed in again, gradually picking up speed until he was thrusting deep and hard, Steve was moaning with pleasure as he felt his insides invaded by rock hard dick.

After almost 20 minutes of hard fucking Steve felt Keith's dick vibrate as he unloaded shot after shot of cum into his ass. Steve felt as though his whole insides were coated in the thick stuff as Keith collapsed onto his back.

Keith pulled himself upright, panting as he helped Steve to get up from the desk, they stood hugging and kissing each other as Steve felt cum leaking out of his ass and down his legs.

As they pulled apart Keith caressed Steve's hairy chest and reached down to feel his dick, he felt it respond and start to grow to its full 9 inches, 'You have not fucked me yet, it's time I felt you inside me' Keith asked Steve who replied 'I would love to fuck you, get on my desk and put your legs on my shoulders'.

Keith quickly complied exposing his hairy hole ready for Steve's dick, Steve reached down and gathered Keith's cum from his legs and asshole, 'Lets use your cum as lube' said Steve as he spread the cum on his dick and pushed in into Keith's ass with his fingers.

Steve aimed his cum lubed dick at the asshole before him and pushed, his head slipped in, and then he continued all the way until his dick was buried

deep inside. Steve's hands roamed over Keith's hairy chest as he bent forward and kissed him.

He started to rock back and forth gradually moving his hard dick deep inside Keith, he picked up speed as he thrust away, after a while he felt his balls tighten up, 'I'm ready to cum' he told Keith who was groaning with pleasure.

'Here it comes Keith!!!!' as he deep dicked him and unloaded his hot thick cum, Keith felt Steve's dick go rigid as he shot load after load of cum deep inside his waiting ass, Steve lent forward to kiss him rubbing their hairy chests together at the same time.

Steve stood up and helped Keith stand and hugging him tightly, 'That was the best fuck I have ever had in my life, your ass felt so hot and tight around my dick'.

Keith replied with a grin, 'It was great for me as well Steve, I never expected when I met you a few years ago that I would see you stark naked above me, with your dick buried in my ass fucking me'

'Or your dick in my ass, look at us now both naked, sweaty and covered in cum in my office, and no shower here!!!' Steve replied.

'Lucky my wife Carol is away for a few days, so I can get home and showered with no questions asked' was Keith's reply.

'If she is away...I have an idea....why not come back to my place and have a shower, we could explore each other in more comfort there...you could even spend the night with me if you would like to?'

Keith was surprised at the invitation and thought about it and replied 'Why not, another first to sleep with a man, I will follow you back to your place

in my car then I can call in at home in the morning for clean clothes'

Keith followed Steve's car as it headed out of town for a couple of miles, he was surprised when they turned down a lane, after a few minutes they turned onto a gravel driveway and a large cottage was before him.

They both got out of their cars, Steve said 'Welcome to my home, come on in', Keith followed him into the cottage which was larger than he realized.

'Come on upstairs and we will get a shower Keith', Keith followed Steve as he led the way upstairs and into a large bedroom, which was dominated by a large antique 4 poster bed.

'Get your clothes off Keith' said Steve as he started to strip naked, once they were both naked Keith followed Steve into a large en suite shower room, Keith adjusted the shower controls and told Keith 'Come on there is plenty of room for us both.

They took it in turns to wash each other, both enjoying the others body, it was a very sensual experience, which resulted in them both having very stiff dicks.

They got out and dried each other off and went back into the bedroom, Keith started to dress, but stopped when Steve said 'Let's stay naked as its warm enough, we're very private here plus I enjoy seeing you naked and your dick swinging'.

Keith laughed and replied 'OK, that's sounds good to me, I enjoy being naked myself'. Steve led the way downstairs and into a large fitted kitchen, which had a table and chairs in the middle.

'Let's have a glass of wine' said Steve opening the fridge, he got a bottle of white wine out, and poured them both a glass. He handed a glass to Keith, then raised his 'To us and some more fun' he said smiling.

'Sit down and I'll fix us some food, is salad OK with you Keith?', 'That's fine with me Steve'. Keith watched as Steve moved around the kitchen fixing the salad.

Steve looked good to Keith, handsome with short hair going grey at the sides, a good body with a chest covered in greying hair, a nice dick swinging between his legs as he moved.

Steve finished the salad and took the bowl over to the table, 'Just got to fix a dressing now' he told Keith, Keith looked up at him then reached out and took Steve's dick in his hand 'I'm sure this could produce a dressing for us'

Steve looked shocked, but before he could say anything Keith bent down and took his dick into his mouth and started to suck, Steve felt his dick harden and reach its full length as Keith sucked away.

Keith was going down on him faster and faster, Steve felt his balls tighten up, 'I'm going to cum' he cried as Keith pulled off and aimed his dick as he shot his hot, creamy cum over the salad.

'Wow that was great, my turn now Keith, stand up', Keith stood up to make room for Steve to sit down, Steve lifted Keith's rigid dick and engulfed it in his mouth, holding onto Keith's balls as he worked away for a while, he felt the balls tighten up and took his mouth off and aimed Keith's dick at the salad where it shot loads of cum to join his own cum.

Keith sat down next to Steve, they both looked at the salad covered with their own cum, turned to each other and laughed, 'That's the best dressed salad I've ever seen, time to eat now' said Steve as he picked up his cutlery.

Keith started to eat and said 'Best tasting salad I've had Steve, lots of protein in this dressing' and smiled at Steve as they both continued to eat.

They both finished eating and cleared the kitchen up; 'Time for bed and a good night's sleep I think' said Steve as he led Keith back upstairs, he pulled back the duvet and jumped into the bed as Keith got in the other side.

They cuddled up together running their hands over each others bodies, 'We had better stop this and get some sleep now, turn over Keith' said Steve as he put his arm over Keith and onto his hairy chest. 'Goodnight Keith, Night Steve' they both said almost together.

To be continued..................



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