My name is Keith Wilson 47, happily married with 2 sons at University, and I am the PE Teacher at the local school, and it was time for a full physical examination.

I went about my normal day and headed for the gym about 4:30pm to meet the Doctor. The local doctor was Mike Hardy, a married man, 39 with short cropped brown hair and a beard, who had come home to join his father's medical practice after he had finished medical school and working in a city hospital.

He was waiting outside the gym main entrance when I arrived and greeted me with a warm smile and a hearty handshake. He followed me inside the gym and I showed him where he could set up to do the physical. The gym had a sick bay that looked like a doctor's room including an examination table.

'Coach, when was the last time you had a physical?' he asked.

'I'm not sure, not for a few years?' I replied

Mike and I talked about it for a while. Mike then left me to clean up and shower before my first physical in a long time.

I was quite proud of my body, at my age I was in as good a physical shape as I was in my early twenties. I had one of those body types that seemed to fit with the rugby stereotype. 6 feet tall, stocky build with a large chest. My chest was covered in a thick coat of dark brown hair, I was also quite proud of the 9 1/2 inches of dick.

I finished up in the shower and put on my sweat pants & t shirt and joined the Doctor in the sick bay.

'All ready to go coach?' he asked.

'As ready as I'll ever be' I replied with a nervous grin.

The Doc then gestured for me to take my t shirt off,

'You are very hairy' said the Doc, I laughed and said 'I bet you are as well'

'Mmmm, well if you would like to remove your sweat pants now coach we can get on with it,' the Doc said.

I dropped my pants and the Doc said 'I see you are uncircumcised, does that give you any problems?'

'It never has done' I replied as my hand came up to my dick and began to skin back the hood until the entire head was exposed.

The Doc moved closer and extended his hand and replaced mine with his. I gasped at his touch. I felt the blood rush from my face to my dick in an instant. I had to do everything I could to stop my self from getting a hard on.

But I definitely felt my penis expand and so did the Doc, and he pulled his hand away when he realized what was happening. He put his hand on my shoulder and whispered to me 'Sorry about that coach, got a little carried away there' he smiled

The Doc then moved the conversation on to the testicles, and asked me to raise my penis out of the way so he could see the large set of hairy balls hanging between my legs.

I took a deep breath as the doctor took my balls in his hand while explaining what he was checking for. He then looked me straight in the eyes and said 'everything looks fine here coach'

I still had my dick in my hand but it had grown up to half-mast by this time. Doc could sense and see that things were getting a little uncomfortable.

Then the Doc started to explain that it was a normal reaction and happened all the time.

He explained the rest of the procedure like reflexes, balance, height, weight and he got to the prostate. If my penis hadn't softened to fully flaccid by now, as soon as I heard this it certainly did.

When the Doc started to put on his rubber gloves I felt my sphincter tighten on reflex.

I could feel my balls tighten and my dick start to swell as he motioned for me to turn around and bend over the examination table.

As I watched out of the corner of my eye I could see the Doc lubing up his middle finger. He then put his ungloved hand on my shoulder and said, 'You're doing great coach, now reach back and spread you ass cheeks for me'.

My mind was saying no, but my hands went straight to my ass and pulled the tight cheeks apart.

Doc started to explain that what he was about to do was insert his finger into my rectum and rub it over my prostate to check that there was nothing out of the ordinary, like swelling.

I then felt the Doc start to apply lube to my ass. He was rubbing slowly over my asshole and it was starting to cause me some serious hardening in the dick department.

Then he gently touched me on the shoulder and said, 'Here goes Keith', it seemed we had reached a point where we were on first name basis.

And then it happened, my world came into focus on one single point and that was my asshole, then I felt a little pressure and suddenly the Doc was in up to his first knuckle, I felt him withdraw his finger, then reenter again - but it felt as though he was now using 2 fingers at least.

I was breathing hard and trying not to moan out loud when he started to push his fingers in as far as it would go. Then it happened, he hit the spot and I was seeing stars and heard myself moan out loud.

I could feel my dick jump to attention and a strand of pre-cum oozed out of the head, luckily I was leaning across the examination table and he could not see.

I stood up slightly and turned my head and saw the Doc appeared to have a very large mound in his slacks.

'Doc I have a raging hard on and it looks like you have a hard on too' I stated.

'Call me Mike, yes I do, it is a very intimate thing we are doing and it is perfectly normal to get aroused, as you see it happens to me as well'.

'If it does not embarrass you I'll take my clothes off too and you can examine me and we will be more relaxed with each other'.

Before I could reply he unbuttoned and removed his shirt to reveal a chest covered in dark hair, he then took off his trousers and stood before me in tented boxer shorts.

He looked at me and dropped them and stood there naked with the biggest dick I had ever seen. It was rock hard and had to be at least 11 inches long.

'Wow that is an enormous dick' I said without thinking, he smiled and replied 'yours is not so bad either, but I'm circumcised unlike you, feel it if you would like to'

I reached out nervously and took that massive dick in my hand, the first hard dick other than my own that I had ever touched. It was as hard as steel but warm as well.

Time seemed to stand still then Mike said 'lets get back to the examination, bend over the table again please Keith'

I felt his fingers reenter my ass and wondered allowed how it would feel to be fucked.

Mike replied 'Yes some men like to have other men fuck their asses'

'That must be really painful' I responded.

I turned to look at him, 'Your dick is so big it would be impossible to fit that in an ass'

'All it takes is a bit of time and patience and you would be amazed at what you can fit inside an asshole' Mike responded.

I started to sweat as I saw him playing with his huge dick. I could have sworn it had grown even bigger in the last few seconds.

Then Mike shocked me by saying 'Do you want me to try to see if I can fit in your ass?'

Before I could reply he aimed his dick at my ass, I felt the head of his dick pushing at my asshole, suddenly the head popped into my ass, I felt a searing pain.

He stopped there, 'Just relax and get used to it' he said, then slowly pushed further in.

I don't know how he did it but after some serious grunting and groaning on both our parts he was half way in my ass. He then proceeded to gently fuck me while I got used to his tool. Just when I thought that was it, he whispered in my ear.

'I am about to push all the way in now get ready.'

Then he pushed and I pushed back in response and then it happened, I was impaled on his massive cock and for a moment I blacked out as he passed that second point in your ass that only some men can go. I could feel every vein and felt his pulse as his dick throbbed in my bowels.

Mike was a master fucker, he must have fucked me for at least 20 minutes, and I now understood just why his wife was always in a happy mood.

'I'm going to come soon' left my lips

Mike responded. 'I'm there too, just let it go'

My orgasm wasn't like those really intense highs you sometimes get when coming, but more like a drum roll. I felt cum start to unload from my cock like it would never end.

At the same time Mike's cock went as hard as steal as it took one final long journey as he fucked me to his pubes and unloaded inside me. I could have sworn his dick was rearranging my internal organs.

After he came down from his orgasm he slowly removed his dick from my ass. I thought it would never end.

Then suddenly it popped out and he said 'Amazing what will fit in an ass if you try'.

He helped me to stand up, I turned to face him placing my hands on his hairy chest to balance myself and looked into his eyes, 'That was amazing; I have never felt such an intense pleasure before' I said.

Mike ran his hands through the hair on my chest and replied 'That was a first for me as well, it felt so good being inside you', he smiled and then said 'I think the examination is over, and you certainly passed it'

'Thanks Mike, that's great to know, perhaps you need an examination as well?'

To be continued, if you want me to?



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