Sexy, 18-year-old Dee, upon entering a liberal university came out of the closet and had his first gay experience a month ago when one of the big hot football studs fucked his ass. Last night he came home after a night of drinking at a frat party, saw his 20-year-old straight roommate in bed clad in only a pair of red boxers' asleep, he slipped into Ronnie's bed and succeeded in giving Ronnie a wild blowjob. Now Dee tries to convince Ronnie to fuck his ass.


Ronnie and I lay in the bed recovering from my giving him his first blowjob by a man. I looked over at Ronnie and noticed a glow on his face and dried cum stains on his pubic hair, chest and face when I decided to broach the subject of fucking ass: "Hey Ronnie, you told me that your long-time girlfriend had never given you such a great blowjob as I gave you. I know you're straight but you agreed that a man gives a much better blowjob, as guys know how it feels to get their own cock sucked. Your girlfriend is on a three-month student exchange program in Europe and not here to satisfy your horny condition and take that big cock deep in her pussy. Would you consider taking this sex thing to another level with me and you use that huge cock to fuck my ass? I promise you that my ass is much tighter and can squeeze your throbbing cock in a way that your girlfriend's big wide-open pussy cannot do. I can give you your best orgasm ever. You can ask that big football player how great it felt for my ass muscles to squeeze his cock."

Ronnie gave me such a curious and inquiring look of possible interest. Had my argument peeked his interest? Within a few seconds my comments had the affect I'd hoped. His cock began to stiffen and twitch.

I decided to make my move once again. I turned over on my left side, spread my legs, Placed my hands on my ass cheeks, pulled my pink pussy entrance wide open, pushed my now puckering ass backward toward his crotch until my ass hit his leg with my ass pulsating begging for his hard cock. I said: " Look here buddy at my man pussy. See how tight that pussy is. I bet your cock has never been in a woman's pussy that was that tight. Maybe your cock cannot fit into such a small hole? My ass might squeeze that big sausage of yours so hard that it would drain those balls even before you got that big dick all the way inside my ass. This might be the only chance you will ever have to find out how your cock gets worked over by a man's pussy. Be a risk taker and give it to me. How about that chance passing you by."

As I waited with bated breath for his answer, I finally felt Ronnie turn his hot body in my direction and holy fuck he took two fingers and began to massage and feel up my outer ass rings causing my ass to pucker and my ass muscles clamped down hard on his fingers. The feel of my ass muscles on his fingers made him curious and a great interest to examine my pussy plus he had become very aroused. The next thing I knew I felt Ronnie push one and then two fingers deeper into my ass. He explored my hole as I began to really massage those fingers with my ass. I heard him let out sexy moaning sounds. I could tell my ass squeezing his fingers had excited and aroused him and his cock.

Then my anticipation of his big dick finding my ass for a fuck was crushed as I heard him get out of bed. I froze in position as he walked across the room in silence. I guessed he had chickened out at the last moment. But I continued to lay there with my ass exposed for him.

In about 3 minutes my hopes were restored when Ronnie returned to the bed. He moved up close to me and holy fuck he began to pour some wet lube on and in my ass. Thank heavens he had only gone to get that lube. Fuck yea; he was going to fuck my aching ass after all. Then I heard him tear open a condom raper. I heard that condom slip on to his stone hard cock and the sound of a slick noise of lube being applied to the condom. Fuck, my own cock started stiffening  and twitching as drops of precum leaked off my piss slit. But I was puzzled why Ronnie remained silent but I was not about to do anything that would interfere with what was about to happen.

At that moment Ronnie moved his warm sweet smelling body up against my frame. He put his warm hands around and across my chest as I felt the tip of that giant cock being inserted into my ass. The feel of that warm cock going inside me caused me to push my ass back onto that awesome dick.  It was like an earthquake shook the bed when Ronnie used his strong hips and legs to drive that huge penis all the way up my ass. I felt my ass walls stretch as severe pain ran through my body. But I was determined to take my straight buddies' cock and get the fuck I so wanted from my roommate made more lustful from the fact he was a straight dude.

As the pain was slowly replaced with the most sensuous feelings of Ronnie's cock deep in my pussy ravaging ever inch of my ass. I focused all my attention on successfully using my ass muscles to squeeze and massage that huge dong giving Ronnie the best fuck he had ever had so he would hopefully want to fuck my ass many more times while his girlfriend was in Europe. Maybe I was about to be his bitch for at least three months. Who knows what might happen if my ass did the right job on that awesome cock. I could at least hope. If I could make him wild with lust using my ass muscles on that pulsating cock the right way causing him to have his best volcanic orgasm of his young life, I might be rewarded with that huge cock in my pussy many more times.

I realized that I'd turned Ronnie into a sex machine with pure animal lust when he began to violently fuck my ass driving that tool deep into my ass channel and then out of my ass and back in over and over. He was spooning my ass as I lay on my side.

After a wild fuck in that position for a long time Ronnie spoke for the first time while fucking my pussy. He groaned, moaned and grunted as he managed to say: "Oh my god, fuck yea, your ass is so incredible on my cock. Holy fuck, oh shit, I love the way you use your ass muscles to squeeze my hard dick. Fuck yea, this is the best pussy my cock has ever fucked. Man, you're ass is so tight and fuck it feels so great on my cock."

I was over joyed knowing that I had succeeded in taking care of Ronnie's cock in a way no woman had ever done. Man was so happy and so horny.

Finally Ronnie pulled his cock out of my ass and carried me into the living room and over to the sofa. He had me put my head, shoulders and arms and hands down on the carpet facing the sofa. He took my legs and feet and planted them up on the front of the sofa, spread my legs far apart exposing my ass in a vertical position up toward the ceiling. He got up on the sofa with his back up against the back of the sofa, planted his knees where one sats and brought his wet crotch and twitching cock down to my ass. He drove that leaking cock down my ass as he used his hands to hold on to my feets' ankles.

He began to fuck my ass with a downward thrust as he drove his missile deep into my vertical ass as my head and shoulders were hard pressed to the carpet. WOW, what an awesome position giving Ronnie such leverage to fuck the hell out of my ass. We both were breathing hard, moaning loudly, sweating like two wrestlers on the mat equally matched. Ronnie's sweat began pouring down on my ass and hips, we had drawn flushed faces, chills and shivers consuming our hot bodies and irresistible cravings for cataclysmic orgasms.

Ronnie pounded my ass for the longest time until we both were at the edge of an explosive eruption. I grabbed hold of my twitching cock and began to stroke it violently as I felt a stirring in my loins. Ronnie suddenly pulled his purplish cock out of my ass, pulled off the condom, stroked that blood red filled cock several times and then let loose a torrid stream of cum that sprayed down on my body including my face and head.

The feel of all that  cum and the smell of all that semen caused me to ejaculate a huge load of my cream onto my body that mixed with Ronnie's cum. Ronnie got off the sofa, lowered my body flat on the carpet on my back and he began to lick all that cum off my body and feed that big supply of semen to me. As I swallowed much of it, he began to kiss me hard. Fuck we were sharing in that cum meal. Ronnie gave me the most amazing smile and said: "Oh my god Dee, this was the best sex of my life. Let me fuck your ass at least once a day. I've never felt such an awesome orgasm before. Man, my cock felt so great in your pussy as you knew how to use those ass muscles to take care of my dick. Man, I'm not sure if I ever want to fuck a female pussy again. Thanks for talking me into such great sex."

This was a dream come true. I'd never been so happy.

"Oh Ronnie, I'm so happy. Man, I love you fucking my young ass. I want to be your bitch and lets sleep in the same bed from now on. I'll suck your cock and you can fuck my ass as often as you are horny. Man what great sex."

Ronnie and I had found nirvana in man sex!!!!!


Naughty Eric


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