"Oh crap! Are you okay?"

A gentle but deep voice murmured with concern, I blinked rapidly trying to focus my blurred vision. Even though we both had collided onto the floor, the trauma still seemed to get to me besides his cushioning form. I felt the warmth of an arm wrapped around my chest, whoever had been taken down had quick reaction to keep me from harms way.

"Oh please be okay, oh god..."

The panic in his tone seemed to rise again, as his other palm lightly touched my semi-disoriented face. It was surprisingly hot to the touch, or perhaps my face was just cold. I inhaled his aroma and gave a slight cough towards the contents of dust on the earth, he smelled just like any other jock did, the intoxicating sweat permeating the air around him. Exhaling as I felt his knees rise, my sense of touch dominated among the rest of the four as I rolled off of his abdominals instinctively.

"How are you now? Anywhere hurt?"

Green eyes flickering with worry, he crouched down to examine my body further, placing his hand onto my chest. I merely clenched my fingers around his wrist, as my other hand took the duty of rubbing my eyes. With clarity between both of us, he simply chuckled as I pulled myself together drunkenly and I couldn't help but join him.

"Damn your chest is like a shield."

"I get that a lot aha, you fine?"

"Yeah, a little dizzy and... ow."

Pain filtered into my leg, clearly it was the only thing the giant pillow of muscle had not protected, though I assumed he couldn't completely stop the impact. My amber eyes blinked reflecting the damaged nerves, slightly tearing up at the corners of my eyes though I was sure to not show it, especially in the presence of such stud.

"Looks liked a sprained ankle, here let me help you."

His glimpse was knowledgeable, it was clear he knew an injury when he saw one regardless of it being minor or major. I frowned slightly, I wasn't one that usually got assistance from others, and I felt like a burden to someone again just as I always had. Clumsiness seemed to be a result of bad luck that docked in my followed me, it was my lack of carefulness that seemed to pull in these situations; awkward or not.

Attempting to lean on his weight as he lifted my arm, I still fell due to the numbness that had engulfed my foot during the drop. Struggling to surpass it, he was noticing it as well and I knew it, yet out of respect he attempted to not show it.

"I'm so sorry, it was my fault..."

Continuing on his script of apology, it felt worse knowing everything he was saying was not true, it was my fault I was bolting down the hallway in the first place. Even though if he wasn't there I would've been fine, it contrasted with the results that if he wasn't there as I dropped I'd probably have much worse extents of damage.

"It wasn't your doing... Just my stupidity, shouldn't have ran down the hall."

Pausing briefly from our movement, it hit me like an arrow, how long had this event took place. Crap, I still have to set up stuff for the Rugby team. Biting my lip, as I imagined Coach Wilson awaiting my delay in frustration.

"Uh, I have to do something, it's kind of urgent for the Rugby team and Coach."

"Well you aren't going to do anything now, besides I'm part of the group too, I'm sure he's not gonna task you on anything now."

"Yeah but I kinda owe him... He..."

"Then I'll do it, on your behalf."

My eyes widened as we met pupils, he was being totally serious. Some guy that I just happened to barge into, belonged to the Rugby team and had just saved me from an surprise of torn tendons was offering to pitch in for my punishment. He smiled towards me, revealing an assortment of ivory glowing, pearly teeth that probably had went through the same process as mine had.

"Coach could allow it, but I can't. You've done a lot already, just let me handle it..."

I returned a declining smile myself, as I feebly attempted to proceed without his support. The side bar of the ramp gave no strong surface for my weak shaky hand, causing my near second collapse. I was caught of my breath and pain as I felt the jocks contorted muscles wrap behind my shoulders and under my knees. The stud was carrying me, and I felt a red tinge of heat meld onto my cheeks along with a tingle of arousal beneath my jeans.

"At least let me carry you there then."

He cooed, the quiver of guilt having left his voice now, replaced with a sexy undertone that suggested something... I felt as if I was imagining the situation, I'd fallen into some coma from the fall before and he hadn't really caught me; it was all just some illusion. Yet with the winces of stings from my ankle, if I wasn't awake by that I wasn't sure what would make me stir.

"Here we are, now just lay down and don't move."

All my thoughts of whether or not I was living a miraculous visage had distracted me, the green eyed hunk had brought me to the small clinic room beside the gym office, not exactly the outdoor field of competition I had envisioned.

"W-wait, you said you'd take me out-"

"Ah, we can have a date some other time babe."

Placing me down on the padded table, his configuration of my wording against me brought another grin to my face. Yet this time a zest of determination and sexual demeanor hid behind his speech, as he too smirked naughtily. Winking with the brilliant emerald glow in his right iris, he placed a finger on my lips as I attempted to protest.

"Hush, you're handicapped so leave me to do stuff okay?"

He seemed to boldly emphasize disablement crudely, as he turned to prepare some bandaging from the cabinet below the desk. Gathering myself together, I lifted my lower torso down just as he turned finished.

"Oh no, didn't I tell you to stay there."

"B-but... I..."

Returning my legs to their location, he gently tugged off my shoes and socks, setting them aside on the tiles. His agile fingers, precisely located the bend of muscle and, tenderly applying the wrapping of linen in a cylindrical motion. Content with his medical treatment, I gave out a sigh of comfort.

"Now all you need to do is rest, so take a nap."

"W-wait! At least tell me your nam-"

I didn't have time to finish my full sentence, but it was clear he didn't ignore my demand either. Placing a dry smooch close to my lips, a single whisper was all I heard before I could even react to what happened. He departed, just as the blush of pink that tinted my cheeks was washed out in the dark atmosphere, the switch of the lights matching the click of the door.

I fell asleep repeating the name...



Tim & Drayce



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