"So anyway, basically he started bitching at me for no reason. I mean what the hell, so I can't talk to another guy while he is busy flustering some other slut? He thinks he can play with my goddamn head..."

At this point I was hardly listening to my furious female friend, it was clear her rage was dying down slowly but I wasn't interested in her tireless rant. She had a fight once more with her boyfriend, and yet again I still couldn't understand how she could possibly accomplish it; so early after the last one died down.

"Sara, you really have to calm down. I think you two just need a break from each other, at least for a moderate time rather than the let's see... Five minutes you guys sorted it out before."

I peered around the dim cafeteria, the emptiness of the room seemed to echo my statement and publish the fact that our secret meeting was soon to be intruded on despite our whispering.

"Oh what then? So then he can go find some other bitch to go down on him? I am not waiting for an asshole like that to just push-"

A distinct cough came from the double doors of the hallway, clearly neither of us were aware that eavesdropping had taken place and worse... It was Coach Wilson.

"So... Is this skipping class Mr. Vyss? And who is this young lady? What are you two doing in the cafeteria before lunch?"

Now Coach Wilson was a pretty chill person with me, seeing that I had known him for awhile as he had taught my older sister and she was his best student. He knew I was intelligent enough with good grades to breeze through school, but ditching class was a whole new level of bad to him.

He wasn't shabby looking either, not too old or far too young. He was middle aged but had a killer body, probably from all the sport groups he taught and how he used to be a professional wrestler. Chestnut brown hair accentuated his great height, although cut short to be out of the way it made him appear handsome. A light blue glow radiated from his iris as he stared at us, though his body appeared frustrated he gave an aura of patience for an excuse to be made.

"Oh come on Coach, me and Sara aren't skipping if there is nothing to teach... And besides we only have ten minutes before the bell."

"Uh huh... Listen, you guys are seniors, education is still important for your future; you can't just decide to slip out of a session and start making out in the cafeteria. Learn now, date later."

A grin formed on his face that seemed to relax the tension in the room, his folded arms loosening back down. I bit my lip, turning away from Sara who grew silent and began to glow with a red intensity that I assure you; was not embarrassment at all. I began to wonder if his serious-to-silly composure had tricked my sis as well.

"Okay I'll let you off this time Tim. But you still owe me now, I want you to come to the gym after school and set up stuff for the rugby team."

"B-but... But..."

"Nope, ain't listening. You're doing it, slacker."

My groan of disapproval seemed to widen his smile, as he rotated away from us and began to walk; a whistling tune of victory behind him. Moments after, the bell rang.

The long day seemed to drag on, after lunch and a conversation with Sara (involving me explaining my history with Coach Wilson), I managed to go through Physics without falling asleep or getting a drink of water for half the class. No sooner was the last couple minutes till the end of the ongoing rambling of our teacher, that was when I finally had enough of button pressing and scribbling and decided to go to the washroom for the rest of that time.

Now within the temporary sanctuary of the unregulated washroom I decided I might as well fix up any imperfections, straightening a hair I began to examine my appearance more closely. I was 5'9 and 147 lbs, about average weight although not exactly muscular. My short hair was nearly all black with a tinge of brown, and I had amber eyes that was described back to me by my friends; that they would become a deep orange when I was in a good mood.

Splashing my face with a spray of cold water, I turned the tap off and dried off with a paper towel. Content, I smiled finally into the mirror with the pearly white teeth I had spent a few years hiding and fixing with braces. Even after though, I still felt as I had nobody to show all these things to. I hardly met anyone who ever had feelings for me, whereas I could fall for any guy so long as they were friendly and attractive physically... Suddenly then and there I heard it, the low hum of the bell ending.


I cursed, eyes wide and sweat beginning to develop, how did I not hear it? The teams that had practice were usually released from their respective classes early to get prepared themselves, but I was meant to have arrived first thing to set up everything else. Bolting down the hallway, I was fast enough to toss my satchel into my locker before rampaging again into the locker room.

But that was when things began to slow down.

As I lunged towards the door and was ready to push it forwards, it swung back and I smashed into a tough, almost rock solid wall of muscle. We began to descend downwards, and the last thing I saw were the emerald glinted eyes of a square jawed jock before a great thud onto the tiles.

~Chapter 1 Over~


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