Nick had a fantasy he'd always wanted to live out, which to all intents and purposes boiled down to wanting to be tied to a tree out in the country and given a good hard abusive seeing-to. He'd searched for the ideal partner to explore this fantasy with but had never succeeded...until one day when browsing internet ads, he finally found something that looked suitable.

'Submissive stud wanted for back-to-nature bondage romp in the country'

Suffice to say, Nick replied to the ad. He met the guy behind it, a strong, heavily built but short bodybuilder by the name of Blake with dark hair and penetrating green eyes. A date was set.

Nick met Blake on a bright sunny Saturday morning having taken a taxi to his house. Outside the house stood a huge well-equipped red Toyota Landcruiser with blacked out windows, which Blake, wearing a sleeveless T, denim shorts, and boots, was busy packing plastic boxes into.

Blake stopped packing when he caught sight of Nick and strolled over to shake his hand.

'Glad you made it Nick. I thought you might chicken out, to be honest,' said Blake, giving Nick his usual piercing intense look.

'No, I'm here. I'll give it a go!' said Nick, feeling himself trembling slightly as he contemplated what lay ahead.

'OK, throw your stuff on the back seat. If you need the bathroom, now's the time,' Blake called over his shoulder as he went back into the house.

Nick did as instructed and threw his bag onto the back seat of the Landcruiser. He sat in the front and waited a few minutes as Blake locked up. Blake jumped into the driver's seat, muscles flexing on his tanned thighs and forearms. He settled in and they buckled up. Blake turned the huge V8 over and they drove off.

At first Nick recognised the areas they were driving through easily. Blake flipped on the stereo and Nick gazed out of the window at the streets outside. Soon they were leaving the suburbs and wandering out into the countryside. Nick's idea of where they actually were began to get hazy as the signs became fewer. As they left the city behind, Blake turned down the stereo and they began to chat about their histories, experiences and sexual adventures. Nick became less nervous and calmed down as they travelled.

Finally they stopped at the side of a road right out in the countryside.

'Are you ready to start this? Once we start, there's no going back,' said Blake.

Nick merely nodded.

'OK, get out of the car,' said Blake, opening his own door.

Blake came around to the passenger side. He looked up and down the road, which was visible for miles. Not a single other car was in sight. Without further ado he reached over and started to pull off Nick's T-shirt.

'Come on, get 'em off, faggot,' ordered Blake, impatiently.

'But we're in the middle of the road!' protested Nick.

'So? There's not a soul for miles! Come on, get 'em off!' said Blake, now undoing Nick's jeans.

Nick pulled away.

'Look, Nick, this is what you asked for. You have to trust me or you won't enjoy it as much. OK?'

'Alright...but you don't have to be so abusive...'

'That's part of what you want, you fucking homo, and you know it. Now get 'em off. I won't ask you again!'

Nick began to help undress himself, pulling off his shoes and socks, until he was stood in nothing but a thong.

'Nice bod....for a queer...but you're not naked yet,' hinted Blake.

'You gotta be kidding me...I'm not prancing around naked in the road!

'What did I just say, fudge packer?'

Nick considered for a moment. This WAS what he asked for. To trust someone else entirely and let them do with him as he pleased. Even if this was just a once-in-a-lifetime thing, surely it was worth it?

'Alright,' said Nick, and pulled down his thong.

'Much better,' said Blake, admiring his naked body.

The feeling of wind wafting around him as he stood naked in the road made Nick feel a little self-conscious. It also made him more than a little aroused. Anyone could see him if they came along the road.

Blake opened the back door of the Landcruiser, and motioned Nick to sit inside. Nick sat and Blake grabbed a roll of duct tape from inside one of the boxes he had. He quickly unpeeled a bit and before Nick could do anything, began wrapping it around Nick's ankles, fastening them together.

Nick's heart began racing but he didn't say anything. It was what he wanted, after all. His cock began to harden in anticipation. Blake make him lie down in the back of the Landcruiser and yanked his arms down straight down his chest, wrists together. He then wrapped more tape around Nick's wrists, made him bring his legs up in a kneeling pose, and then taped the fastening around his wrists to the fastening around his ankles. Finally he put a strip of duct tape across Nick's mouth and closed the door on him.

Nick heard him get into the driver's seat and start driving again. He was now desperately horny and his cock stuck out between his forearms. All he could do was look down at it. He couldn't even jerk it because he was so tightly fastened. It stood there, tight and begging for attention, the veins standing out hard, the shaft jumping ever so slightly with each heartbeat.

Blake started the engine again and continued driving. At some point they left the road and began driving straight across the countryside, the Landcruiser bouncing up and down and wobbling from side to side as it crossed rough terrain. Finally, after what felt like about half an hour, Blake stopped the car and climbed out.

The back door opened and Blake fastened a spiked collar around Nick's neck. This was in turn chained to a fastening around Blake's wrist. Blake carefully cut away the duct tape around Nick's ankles and wrists, ripping the remnants off and making Nick try to cry out in pain - but the duct tape was still across his mouth. Blake yanked him to his feet, grabbed a box, closed the door, and locked the Landcruiser.

As Nick got a chance to look around he noticed that they were literally in the middle of nowhere. Apart from trees and grass, the only other feature was the Landcruiser and the tracks it had made getting them here. Not a soul was to be seen.

Blake yanked the chain and dragged him over to a large tree.

'Nothin' like a nice day out in the country is there, fag?'


Blake pushed him roughly face-first up against the tree, kicking his legs out and putting his arms around the trunk. He then used more tape to fasten Nick's wrists and ankles down, and then wrapped more tape right around the tree and Nick, across the back of his shoulders. Blake then pulled a small leather whip out of his box and gave Nick a few gentle lashes.

'Urrrhhhhhhh!' came the muffled cry.

'Fuckin' pussy fags, I got you guys all queued up for this treatment. None of you can take it, you all end blubbing like babies by the time I'm finished,' said Blake disgustedly.

He whipped Nick again, harder this time, leaving livid red marks across his back.

'You like it, faggot?'


Blake whipped harder again, some five strong lashes that made Nick try to scream in pain, made him strain against his bonds and spasm involuntarily in agony.

'I said, do you like it, FAG?' bellowed Blake, whipping him one more time with greater force.

Nick nodded desperately, tears dripping from his eyes.

'Oh so you DO like it then? You like being whipped and bullied and treated like shit. You get off on it don't you?' said Blake, pointing at him with the whip.

Nick shook his head, trying to keep up with Blake's game through a haze of pain.

'Oh I think you do. Not that makes any difference, cocksucker. You'll do what I want for as long as I want. Nothing YOU want comes into it,' sneered Blake, and slashed him across the back again.

'Mrrrrrrrrfffffffffffffff!' screamed Nick.

'I know what all you pussy little faggots want. It's cock, plain and simple. Big fat fucking cock right up your shithole. Big and hard and tight till it hurts. Well, I got a treat for you, fucker,' goaded Blake.

He then took a huge fat vibrator out of his box. He waved it in front of Nick's widening eyes, switching it on and ramping the speed up and down. He touched it's head against Nick's temple and Nick felt it buzzing in his head. Blake pulled out a tube of lube and lubed up the vibrator. He then lubed up his fingers and shoved them up Nick's hole, making him stand on tip-toes and emit a high-pitched, muffled shriek of pain.

Blake felt around, sliding his fingers all over the place, widening the opening and thrusting vigorously with his fingers. Nick's eyes closed and he groaned. The pain was fairly intense but was already giving way to pleasure. His cock was tight and throbbing against the rough tree bark.

Blake took the vibrator and slowed it down to a low throbbing. He slowly and forcefully inserted it into Nick, again making him cry out again.

'Yeah, TAKE it, faggot!'


'Yeah, look at that fat dildo up your ASS! You know you want it. Feels good, does it, pussyboy? Feels good?'

Blake began to twist the vibrator around, rotating it inside Nick's ass and pushing it further in as he did so. The head was now buzzing against Nick's prostate, making him tingle and his cock twitch. He moaned involuntarily, which immediately got Blake's attention.

'Oh, so you want more?'

Nick shook his head.

'I think you do.'

Nick shook his head again.


Blake pulled it out a fair way then pushed it sharply in a few inches.


Blake shoved it in further again.


Blake forced it in until only the base was sticking out. Nick's eyes were watering as he felt the vibrations inside his pelvis.

'Now. You want more?'

Nick shook his head.

'Not a fast learner, are we, homo?'

Nick's body began to shake involuntarily as he guessed what was coming next. Once again Blake pulled the vibrator almost completely out.








'Again. You want more?'

Nick hesitated.


Nick nodded hurriedly.

'Yeah, that's right, faggot. You want it. You want it so bad you'll stand there and fucking beg me for it. You barely even know me and you want me to walk all over you and abuse you. You want to be mistreated by huge fuckers like me. You dirty little fuck. Are you a dirty little fuck?'

Nick hesitated again. Blake took a deep breath.

'YES!' he bellowed.





'Hhhhhmmmmmmmfffffff!' cried Nick.

Blake yanked out the vibrator, making Nick buck and spasm. His legs were beginning to shake. Blake waved the vibrator in front of his face again, turning it up to its highest setting. The head visibly began to blur.

'You want this?'

Nick's face creased up as he tried to sob in response.

'You WANT this?'

Nick's eyes pleadingly looked into Blake's.

'Last chance, queer boy.'

Nick reluctantly nodded.

'You see. I know EXACTLY what you want. What you want is what I want. That's the way it works. And you do what I want, or I'll kick the shit out of you, faggot.'

Blake once again pushed the vibrator up into Nick's ass. Nick mewled and groaned and some tears spilled out of the corners of his eyes. He closed them and wept inwardly. As he did so he began to realise he was still rock-hard and his cock was actively twitching and begging for more. Although part of him despaired, another part, a much darker part, was egging the action on, actively wanting to be abused and humiliated simply for the sheer enjoyment of it. A warm feeling of sexual pleasure was spreading in slow waves out from his cock to the rest of his body. His arms and legs began to redden a little with it as Blake slid the frantically thrumming vibrator in and out of him...




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