I hear the low hum, first, alerting me, before 'the Superior' makes his presence known, his next command known to me over the Phallus-Delta onboard PA system.

I float, anxiously, weightless, in place, as I await his next set of orders.

"Astronaut Alexander, have you made your deposit to the A.S.S. unit today?"

There he is, as expected.

"Yes, sir, I have made my deposit. It was an early a.m. contribution, today, instead of a p.m. contribution," I answer as a dutiful Astronaut in the service to Earth's continued existence, "I also received a signal from the Earth-Alpha Collection Center that it has been catalogued, placed in the appropriate cryogenic storage, until it can been acquired for implementation for proper insemination of the desired female."


"Have you done your daily exercise routine in the Exercise Chamber? So that you will be prepared for any eventual irregularities that may arise out of your prolonged exposure to the rigors of weightlessness and space?" my Superior asks.

"I have not made my way to the Exercise Chamber, as of yet, sir," I respond with honored respect in my voice.

"Well, boy, you best make you way down there," he says with noticeable agitation in his deep baritone voice.

"Yes, sir," I answer, "I am on my way."

"Oh, disregard your clothes, Astronaut, right where you are. I have received strict orders, earlier, today, from the Earth-Alpha Collection Center, the Council has stated that all Contributing Astronauts, the 'sanctioned seeders', are to remain naked in their daily duties, until further notice, you understand, Astronaut Alexander?" he says, "Let the weightlessness of our steel sanctuary wash over as you make you way to the Exercise Chamber."

I feel the unseen eyes of 'the Superior' examine me as I strip away my vestments of attire, a thin flimsy government-issued green tee and the equally flimsy pair of loose cotton boxer shorts of the same matching color, they are both, happily, discarded in the corridor where I am floating, weightless.

DIX, the onboard computer, grabs them with expert precision before they drift off and damage valuable equipment. It is the only clothes worn by both me and 'the Superior' and the other men that inhabit the many Phallus spacecraft that encircle the Earth in continuous orbit around our tainted home world, which lies just below us, out of our reach, forever.

I fondle my freed equipment as it too responds to the weightlessness of space. It flops about casually among my bushy groin, growing somewhat stiff but not to full erection, as my hairs of my pubes, unmingled, showing a life of its own, too.


I say aloud, as the need to express my continuing service to the cause must be addressed.

"Yes, Astronaut Alexander."

"I am happy to be of service to the betterment of Earth's survival, I will do my world proud," I say.

"Son, you already have," 'the Superior' says from across the airwaves of the onboard Phallus-Delta Space Station, "Son, you have served our world well. You should be proud."

"I am sir, I am," I respond humbly.

"With the equipment that you are blessed to possess between those impressive muscular legs and the amount of spunk, sperm, you have continued to deliver, you have exceeded all expectations," I hear the pride conveyed in 'the Superior's' voice as he makes his intentions known.

"Thank you, sir."

"Now get your ass to the Exercise Chamber, pronto," 'the Superior' orders me with much authority in his voice.

I ponder back to what brought about the Phallus Program.

We are in sanctuary; we are in the service to the ongoing existence of humankind and its perseverance of survival at this time.

When the neighboring stars warred in the Milky Way star system vied for supreme dominance. Earth lost. Our cosmic star trek, over, because of the frailty of man. Earth paid the price. Certain men were unaffected by 'the taint', while others paid the ultimate price, sterility.

Which planet launched the deadly virus on Earth? No one is certain. What has happened has been labeled as 'the taint.' What is known is that the heterosexual men were sterilized, instantly. They can still engage in the act of sexual intercourse but there is no viable seed from the procreation interaction, their seminal discharges are meaningless, floating tadpoles of dead sperm.

Those men that favored sexual interaction with those of the same gender were deemed safe for future procreators. The absurdity of the joke of such a karmic occurrence was not lost on the Leviticus-quoting population, especially, the purely breeding heterosexual men.

Where was God when the battles raged among the other intergalactic species that they, as creationist, insisted did not even exist? They had to eat their words and rely on those that they had turned their backs on, those they called an abomination.

Earth survival relies, solely, today, now on the sperm of the purely homosexual male, where science proved, after years of research, that the 'gay gene' had been found, located, and that it was not a 'learned' or 'chosen' behavior.

It was genetic, as always believed.

Heterosexual men are still born of these unions of gay-men-provided-sperm-seed and the appropriately chosen female donor but they are rendered sterile the moment, they reach the age of sexual maturity, while those of the homosexual persuasion are spared such a fate. The scientists, the ones that are left, are at a lost to explain, why. It is just known that it happens and has happened since the formation of the Program.

"Now that you have shed your clothes, Astronaut," 'the Superior' says as he watches from the command module, "do some weightless acrobatics, for me, so I can see you stretch and work those muscles before you enter the faux gravity induced chamber for your exercises."

"Yes, sir," he says, obediently.

My penis stiffens in reaction to my space-nakedness. The coldness of space causes quite a rise on my unhampered nude body.

First, there is the expected hardening of my manhood.

Then, the large brown colored flesh of my areola's become sensitive, my nipples are pointing out, like sharp-knife-like extensions of my flesh from my muscled defined pectorals.

The electrical riveting pulsing sensation of my masculine sensuality shoots through my body, bringing me to another plateau of being, eclipsing any previous sexual experience, as each new orgasmic release is a new and better outcome.

"Nice adaptability to your surroundings, Astronaut," I hear over the onboard PA system, the raspy baritone voice of 'the Superior.'

"Thank you, sir."

"Now get that boney ass of yours to the grav-induced gym. Work that physique as you never have before."


The weightlessness of space feels exhilarating as the unseen fingers of invisible space tickle my floating body, massaging and lifting the prickly hairs of my body, stroking my manhood to rapt attention. I am fully erect as I drift about in the weightlessness of Space Station Phallus-Delta.

"Good form, Astronaut," says 'the Superior' from his command post, "it is always a pleasure to see you grow to such lengths and fullness when in service to the Program."

"Thank you, sir," I respond humbly.

"No, young buck, thank you, "he says, as I detect a familiar tone of being pleasantness, in his words as they reverberate through the onboard PA system.

I arrive at the Exercise Chamber; I go into the airlock that separates this section of the Phallus spacecraft from the other individual compartments. Once inside, the grav-induced room of the Exercise Chamber engages and I touch the cold-steel floor of the spacecraft. I have not touched the cold steel of the spacecraft in a few days with my bare-feet. The feeling is wonderful.

I am a beast of a man, primal-like, in the sterile coldness of the modernization of the Phallus Space Station, an anachronism among the stars of the Milky Way.

"Quit lollygagging, Astronaut, and get your ass in gear," so says 'the Superior' over the PA system, "you are on a limited schedule."

"Yes, sir."

"Earth-Alpha Collection also said that they need 'recorded time', they need video of your hard-on's, so keep that cock of yours, hard, rock-hard," 'the Superior' says," The DIX computer will be relaying your work-out session back to the Earth-Alpha Collection Center for further observation."

"I will comply, sir," I say as I thrust out my mid-section, prideful-like, in prominent exposure, as I lay back on the Grav-Weight Bench and begin my set.

My penis stands tall, proud and radiantly robust from my man-pubic-tree, the man-root is full-regaled splendor.

"Good show, Astronaut," once again, I hear the pride in my Commander's voice.

My good showing affects the privileges for the both of us. His leadership skills and my ability to follow through on the orders I am to assigned, reflects on me.

"Astronaut Alexander?"

"Yes, Superior Commander?"

"Acquire the appropriate equipment from 'the box,'" the Commander orders me, "...and retain your cock's hardness, during retrieval."

"Yes, Sir, proudly," I say with overwhelming joy and excitement.

I rise from the bench, my penis slapping my bare waist and spraying a thin sheen of pre-cum onto my visibly blonde 'treasure trail.'



"Unauthorized penile discharge from Astronaut Alexander, cease from this action immediately," comes a warning from the onboard computer named DIX.

I reach down, smearing my fluidity discharge over my protruding extended swelled glan of my penis. I react, by releasing, yet, another droplet of essential manly fluid.

"Unauthorized penile discharge from Astronaut Alexander, cease from this action immediately, this is your second warning, cease expulsion, immediately," DIX issues a stern reprimand.

I stand tall, clutching my fists as I seek to regain penile composure, control over my person.

Enacting the skills, I learned from my many years of involvement in the much-respected Lido Men Association, a specialized collective and training ground, which was specific to the cause.

That training is essential, now, in order to abate disciplinary action.

I must follow-through.

I breathe.

I count, I regain control of my innermost functions but I maintain my steadfast penile erection.

The majestic man-power-tool which is so richly blessed to possess as it dangles proudly between my legs.

"Order rescinded, commence with previous activity, no contribution is scheduled at this time," once again the DIX computer voices its findings.

"Thank you, DIX, order understood, "I say with a sigh of relief.

"You were ordered to 'the box' why have you not retrieved the object that I have assigned?" says the Commander over the PA system.

"Resuming my walk to 'the box', sir."

"Commence with removing the article from 'the box', Astronaut."

I reach into the open lid-less 'box' as there is no top covering concealing its contents. The light from the overhead lamp bounces off the object as I stare upon its polished metal.

I smile but quickly cease with the outward exhilaration of my inward joy.

"Quite dawdling and show me the contents, Astronaut."

I lift the stainless steel instrument from its resting place of honor.

"Insert the gift into your anus and commence with your workout," so orders 'the Superior.'

"Yes, sir."

"This reward is for the most volume of ejaculation in the last cycle of contribution, you expelled more than any other 'sanctioned seeders.' I am proud of you, Astronaut Alexander," I hear the joy in 'the Superior's' voice as he conveys the news to me.

This reward to me means he will be rewarded too.

My penis sways, hitting either side of each leg as I walk back to the Grav-Weight Bench. The stainless steel contraction in my hand is a pleasure I am looking forward to, encasing it within my anus, letting my fleshy walls feel the cold steel. It is heavy. It lets me know it will take great strength to maintain such a tool in my anal cavity.

I harken for such a worthwhile challenge.

I will succeed.

"Lie down upon the bench, prop your legs up and insert the instrument," 'the Supreme' Commander says, "Earth-Alpha Collection will be watching with a camera focused on your vulnerable hairy ass. The Council, the Elders, will be observing the insertion."

"Yes, sir, I will not disappoint," I say, confidently.

"You have met, exceeded, all expectations," the Commander says, "now ready yourself. Everyone is watching."

A floating mobile camera comes forth from a hidden opening in the wall. I hear the low mechanical whirring as the camera centers in on my open exposed anus, recording my interaction for those to view.

"Spread those ass-cheeks, Astronaut," 'the Superior' says, "the Council wants to see your invitational entranceway, more clearly. You have a beautiful hairy ass, Alexander. The Council concurs with my sentiments. Thumbs up of approval are showing from each man on the Council as your ass is prominent in view for us all."

"Thank you, sir and you, too, likewise, my esteemed Elders of the Council," I say.

"Astronaut Alexander, this is Elder Ramsey of the Council," the unseen voice overtakes the intercom from 'the Superior', "please insert a wet self-slobbered finger into your ass, and play with yourself for me."

I place the instrument from 'the box' onto the cold metal floor of the grav-induced Exercise Chamber floor. My anal fluids coat the polished metal instrument, the juices run down from the rounded-tip to the base and puddle onto the floor. The sound of metal clanking against metal echoes through the confined room as the solid metal penis stands erect-like from the floor. The Phallus-Delta Space Station's own little metal penile extension.

"Yes, sir, I am anxious to please an Elite Elder among the Council," I comply with Elder Ramsey's enamored request.

I place my longest finger into my mouth. Slowly easing the un-lubed digit, its manicured nail to the base in my wet saliva-filled mouth, coating it, abundantly with my own pleasing spittle, I pull it out. I make sure all my attentive gestures can be seen, prominently, by the camera that feeds into the unseen Council chambers on Earth.

"Nice," say Council member, Elder Ramsey, "please continue on with my desired wishes."

I once again lay back on the bench, my legs forming a 'V' at the knees. I open my legs, spread them, wide, to receive my saliva-coated digit.

I feel the walls of my anus, squeeze me, as I happily push my finger in to my waiting cavern.

"Ahh," a gentle moan escapes from my lips as I slowly, effortlessly, work myself into frenzy.

"Proceed on," Elder Ramsey says from over the spacial airwaves.

"Please," says 'the Superior' Commander from the command module aboard Phallus-Delta.

My buttocks begin to sweat on the soft plastic cushioned surface of the Grav-Weight Bench as I am increasing with my sexual exertions.

A droplet of seminal fluid once again escapes from my swelled penis.

"Contribution by Astronaut Alexander is imminent, cease and desist, with seminal discharge," says the mechanized voice of the DIX computer.

"Disregard scheduled protocol, authorization code, Lambda6969," says Elder Ramsey from his Council seat back at Earth-Alpha Collection Center on Earth.

"Order disregarded," responds the DIX computer.

"Please, please, proceed, Alexander," says Elder Ramsey.

"Yes, sir," I obediently comply as I feel my blood pressure begins to rise and my digit finger increase in its intense frequency.

My blood pressure continues to rise. I feel my face becoming flushed as beads of sweat increase over my body.

I am not even self-masturbating my penis with my other hand as I plunge myself, rhythmically with the finger on my other hand.

"Cease self-stimulation with your hand," Elder Ramsey says from the planet Earth's surface, "Use the stainless steel dildo to finish the pleasure."

I pull my hand away from my sopping wet anal crevice.

My finger is coated with my juices as I rake across my bare chest, smearing my fluids among my thin mat of hair.


"Pick up the steel dildo and commence with the assigned activity, Astronaut."

"Yes, sir, Commander."

I playfully insert the stainless steel dildo-like plug into my anus. My previous juices make the insertion, easier. I circle the shiny metal sex toy around the stimulated 'lips' of my anal pathway. Its cold metal surface awakens me, inside my tender walls. The unseen electricity of the stimulation travels through my interior, up my spine, traversing every nerve in my body.

"Good show, Astronaut," Elder Ramsey comments from his observational spot in the Council chamber.

"Is the tool, properly inserted, Astronaut?"Asks the Commander from his command post in the module.

I ease my breathing, accommodating the tool in my anus, as I adjust to the sensations traveling from my prostate, through my spine and my being.

I shake from the pleasure of the inserted tool.

"Yes, sir, it is properly inserted."

"Is your cock, fully erect?"

"Yes, sir, I am profusely leaking pre-seminal fluid," I answer as I feel my penis twitch with tiny spasms from excitement.

"Commence with your workout," the Commander orders me.

"Yes, sir," I say, obediently, again.

I once again lie back on the Grav-Weight Bench.

"Computer set weight at 210 lbs."

A metal clicking sound echoes through the room as the mechanized weights are set on in motion on the bench.

"How many lifts are you going to do, Astronaut?"


"Commence," the Commander orders.

I grab the bar and lift it away from me, over my head, the strain on my arms, is apparent, as they vibrate from weight. The tight constriction on my chest, lets me know I am exerting myself, testing my limits.

I feel the steel wiggle in my anus as my muscles constrict to meet its accommodation, while I lift the weight with my arm.

My penis is streaming seminal fluid, flowing, like a slowly leaking faucet from the slit with each lift of the weight.

My penis twitches with each seminal discharge.

"How many more do you have in this set, Astronaut?" says Elder Ramsey over the PA system.


"Once, you are finished, clean the fluid from your erect penis," so orders the Elder.

"Uhhh, "as I finish the last lift and replace it back on the bench-rest.

I ease up from my laying-down position.

Poking a finger in my mouth, moistening it with my spit.

Sweat puddles under me as I work myself, building up my muscles.

A droplet of pre-cum flows, mingling with the previous ones that have been released.

I reach for another droplet, with my spit-laden finger, as it forms on my mushroom crowned head as it seeps from the canals of my testacies. I catch the sticky-clear fluid betwixt two fingers, working the clingy fluid, watching a string form, as I form it into a 'V' with my fingers.

"Taste it," says the Elder.

"Taste it," says 'the Superior' Commander.

I bring the seminal droplet to my mouth.

I clean the precious fluid from my fingers, engulfing my digit.

"Commence with your workout, Astronaut."

"Yes, sir, Superior."

I resume my weight lifting, squeezing the steel tool, properly inserted in my anus, keeping it in place as with each lift, it fights to be released from its confines with my physical exertions. The sliding of the slick metal stimulates me, more, as my anal walls push the polished metal back into my anus.

With each bench pressed set, it excites me, more.

I begin to shudder from my sustained erection and the stimulation played upon my prostate by the delicate metal instrument in my anus.

I am fighting a continuous battle with the need to release my pent-up seminal load and honored commands of my 'Superior' and the Council Elder.

The fluids from my erect penis continue to flow, coating me in my hardness.

I begin to twitch with each lift of the weight.

"Astronaut, are you near climax?"

I set the weight down upon the bench.

"Yes, sir, 'Superior' I am nearing climax," my words shudder out of my mouth.

"Good," he says, "re-insert the shiny metal dildo back into your ass, it seems to have slipped out."

"Yes, sir," I say as I push the metal back into my anal cavity, in that instant, I expel a large quantity of pre-seminal fluid from my still-erect throbbing penis.

"Use your pre-cum to stroke your cock, Astronaut."

I do.

I commence a powerful stroke, from the base of my penis to the crowned glan, smearing the natural lubricate over its lengthy girthy entirely.

"I AM GOING TO CUM!" I scream.

"Remove your hands," says the Elder.

I do as I am ordered.

A fountain of my milky white cum shoots forth gloriously from my splendored erect cock. The cum lands on my lightly-furred chest, on my stubble-coated face. The sound of wet droplets hitting the polished metal floor echoes in the Exercise Chamber as my essence lands outside my body.

"OH FUCK. OH FUCK," I scream out again.

I bounce uncontrollably on the sweat soaked bench as my balls unload their favored prize for all to see. I pant uncontrollably as the expelled load has drained me of my valuable fluid.

"Marvelous," the Elder expresses his sentiments.

"I concur, Elder," the 'Superior' says, "he is wonderfully marvelous."

I cannot answer them, as I have not been told too and I am still seeking to regain my composure from my sexual exertion.

"Astronaut Alexander, once you are finished, go to the Hair Depletion Chamber and remove all your bodily hair," the Elder says," it is your reward for such an awe-inspiring spectacle."

"Thank you, sir," I say while still panting.

I am in sanctuary.

End Part Two of Three



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