We stand in the dual-headed grav-induced shower chamber, taking a traditional water shower. The only one allowed, weekly, otherwise, we each take our own individual sonic showers, daily, to cleanse away the dead skin cells off our bodies.

We are wet, soaked to the bone, in soapy white fragrant lather.

I am on one side; he is on the other, our buttocks pass within mere inches of the other in our nakedness. The low suctioning sound of the discharge unit is the only sound, heard, as the lathery water is removed from the grav-induced shower chamber.

Lathery soap covers us as we cleanse away the space dirt and grime from our orbiting space-faring bodies.

I lean down, soaping my legs, accidentally bumping my shapely rear-end into that of my 'Superior.'

I have touched his greatness, once again.

"Watch where you poke that ass, son," he says, "I would hate to invoke disciplinary measures against you for the invasion of my personal space."

I straighten up, mired by his threat of discipline, as I fear retribution from my 'Superior'.

He turns towards me.

His right hand creeps over the flexed curvature of my rounded buttocks, taking the time to squeeze them, inspect them and assess my attributes with his skilled hand. A haired digit lifts from the five, teasing my hairless butt-opening that was once densely-forested with tiny hairs throughout my anal enclosure. My penis begins to awaken as I am being erotically stimulated by his strong masculine touch; his skilled maneuver with his extended fingers, raise me to new heights. He gently inserts a moistened finger in my least-travelled-and-entered anus, easing it into my deep dark recess.

I moan, ever so softly, as I am being pierced by the skilled machinations of 'the Superior's' finger.

"You are tight," he says as he tests my fleshy depths, "but you have always been."

"Yes, sir," I say, obediently, as another low sigh-filled moan escapes from my pursed lips with another forceful thrust of his finger.

'The Superior,' a man of extraordinary strength, he joined the Program in its infancy, during the early days of its implementation. He and his assigned space-station partner were the first aboard the Phallus-Delta station, since its planned launch into space orbit. They both contributed in those early days. Once each was properly trained, which was a decade, they were duly separated. His former partner was assigned a recently launched Phallus craft; I was assigned in his partner's stead.

'The Superior' is a man of forty-five, compact muscled strength courses through his many-veined torso. A furred-nest of chest hair emanates from the center of his muscled pectorals, snaking off in various directions, north and south, and regions, down to his groin, along the 'treasure-trail' to a full head of crew-cut hair. He is salt-and-peppered, dark and white hair, a mature man of noticeable substance, rough edged and ornery, a real man's man. A man, out of sync with the present, he is reminiscent of a long forgotten time.

"Do I pass, inspection, sir?" I say to 'the Superior' as he removes his skilled finger from my soapy wet posterior.

I turn to 'the Superior', an enormously veined erection thrust-out powerfully from his densely bushed mid-section as he takes the finger that entered my nether-region into his mouth, licking it clean of my anal-juice.

He smiles with delight as he savors me in his mouth.

"Yes, you pass," he says.

"Thank you, Superior," I say as the ever-obedient servant, I know that I am.

"Astronaut Alexander... Alexander," he says with a tinge of humanity in his course-sounding voice, "my real name is Zephraim."

I gaze down at this juggernaut of a man, who is covered with the wet spray from our shared shower. His closed cropped crew cut hair has rivulets of water streaming their way from the top of him, to the base of his feet.

I hover over him at a towering 6'4" while he is a much shorter 5'11" even when standing on his toes, but he is a compact bull of a man, while I am a broad-shouldered burly oak.

"Zephraim, sir?"


"A strong name for an equally aggressive bull of a man," I say.

Zephraim forcefully cups my testacies, weighing them in his strong hands, gripping them, testing them for their filled capacity, massaging them betwixt his fingers while the luke-warm water washes over the both of us.

"You remind me of my previous partner," Zephraim exclaims while he still holds me powerfully in his hands, "he carried much seed in his balls too; he hung low, like you do."

"Thank you," I say, "I am honored to be a reminder of your former partner. He must have met many of your needs."

"He met all of my needs," Zephraim says with tones of love in his voice.

He brings his hand to eyes, wiping away, what I assume to be tears of remembrance and fondness.

"What are you waiting for, Astronaut," he demands, "get that equipment to honored attention."

"Yes, sir."

"Shower cease," Superior Commander Zephraim orders the onboard computer system, DIX, to desist from shower function with his verbal command.

"Order completed, Commander," computer-DIX responds, accordingly.

"Alexander, did you have a lover back in your gulf seaside town or were you part of a government-sanctioned fuck-collective?" Zephraim asks me as he gently rubs his muscled hands over my hairless muscled chest.

Once I finished my workout, earlier, in the Exercise Chamber, I was ordered into the Hair Depletion Chamber, a powerful light bathed over me. Its glow, removing all hair from my person, every crack and crevice, cleared of hair. All was depleted.

Hair removal is a sign of virility among the Astronauts that are 'sanctioned seeders' who exceed more than the other men, who are in the Program.

"I prefer you with your crew cut, Alexander," the Commander says as he continues to run his calloused muscled fingers over my own moist muscular body,"...and your light coating of chest hair."

"I prefer to please you and the honored Program, sir."

"We are pleased," he says to me as he gently strokes my manhood, "you have a fine cock, a fine man-sized cock, Alexander, your daddy must have been quite proud to have birthed such a magnificent specimen."

"I did not know my father, sir," I say, "I was conceived in an Earth-Alpha Collection Matrix in Tampa."

"Oh, I did not know," he says, shocked.

Puzzlement crosses his face but he tries hard to mask it.

"Did you know your father, sir?" I ask. I am surprised I am being bold enough to ask such a personal question of my Commander.

'The Superior' looks at me, sizing up, creating and appropriate response.

"Yes, he was a damned dirt farmer out in bum-fuck Wauchula," Zephraim says, "He was a nasty son of a bitch."

"He's dead?"

"Yeah, the mother-fucker is dead," he says with a whimper of underlying joy in deep voice.

There is a pause.

A moment of peaceful quietness.

"So, did you have a partner or were you part of a fuck-collective in your hometown?" he asks me again.

"Yes, I was a member of a collective, the Lido Men Association," I say, "I was awarded many favored votes by the constituency of men."

"I can see that being true," Zephraim says, "you were sampled by many, I assume."

"Yes, sir," I say with pride, "yes, many dipped they blessed rods into my abyss, sir. I gladly and openly took all they had to offer, willingly. Their nominations brought me to the attention of the Program. The Board took their critiques to heart."

"It was a wise decision that you were accepted into the ranks of the Program," he says to me as he glows with a wide smile on his densely bearded face and his protruding erection.

"I am honored, sir, that you regard me so highly, I aim to please you, in all forms of my service," I say, obediently, as my engorged penis twitches with Commander Zephraim's ongoing stimulations of my hairless body with his gently gliding fingers.

"I wish to sample you wares, Alexander, this day, and see my own seed emptied deep within your inner bowels," he says, sounding more as if he is asking permission instead of taking what he knows is rightfully his to partake.

"I am yours, sir," I say with a glorious smile on my face, "take me, sir."

He turns me around, never taking his hands off my flesh, while we are still within the enclosed shower stall.

"I like blonde men, like you, Alexander, when the Program allowed you to have hair," he says, "Muscle-bound thirty-something year old men like you, get my juices flowing."

"It will grow back, and then I can be pleasing, once again to you, sir, and serve you, fully," I say, as obedient, as I can muster.

"Your service is not solely dependent on your blonde trussed locks," Zephraim says, "but on the tightness of your vulnerable ass."

His extended engorged penis is still leaking its essential fluid, all over the stainless steel floor of the grav-induced shower.

The Superior Commander gets down on bended knee, politely opening up my vulnerable hair-less ass, extending his lithe and skilled tongue into the outer reaches of my puckered rosebud before snaking it further into my depths.

I want to moan out in pleasure but 'the Superior' does not like undue noise when he is busy, stimulating a 'man-pussy.' My body jerks in retaliation to his pleasured-stimulation.

"Excuse me, sir, for my unwelcomed movement," I ask immediately for his forgiveness, "it will not happen again, sir."

"I guess I have found 'the' spot?"

"Yes, yes, sir, you have," I say, "your skill is unmatched, sir. Your tongue is masterful."

"I, too, have been part of a fuck-collective and have mastered the much-vaulted skill of anal-stimulation-by-tongue," he says with my juices mingling in his trimmed beard as he talks to me.

I sigh, low; to not to distract him, I could not withhold my gasp.

"In the pre-'taint' days, it was called 'rimming' I had a wonderful teacher of the 'art' back years ago before I was rocketed into the high-heavens, I learned all I know from him," Zephraim brags to me of his younger years.

"You learned well, sir," I moan out as his tongue tickles 'the spot' again.

His tongue works its gracious maneuvers on the soft folds of my anal flesh, parting my eager 'lips' and working the blood-fueled veins that line the anal opening of anus.

"Do you wish to exclaim out from the pleasure I am gloriously inflicting on you?" he asks me, exerting his restraint upon me.

"Yes, sir, may I?" I beg as his tongue wiggles into a soft erogenous zone.

"You may," he says, flatly.

"Uhhhh," I say, gently, not wanting to take liberties with explanation of just how much, he will allow me to do.

"Do you want more, Astronaut, more than just my tongue in your ass?"


"Yes, what? Son," he says with an undertone of authority in his voice.

"I want you to insert your penis into my anus, sir," I say, formally, in my usual toned wordage.

"Speak dirty-vile to me, Astronaut, enough with your damned bullshit formality; speak like a man, not a fucking drone," he says harshly to me, anger in his voice, "Tell me, the fuck, what you want."

"Plug my ass with your fucking tool, sir, make me your fucking bitch," I say, the words flow with ease as I relax, one of the few times I am allowed.

'The Superior' stands, giving his cock, a strong tug as he is now at his hardest and fullest.

I know what he is planning next. It has been a while since he has been allowed to fuck me. It is why he spermed the Command Console, a few days hence.

I feel him slide his massively thick stub-like crowned cock into my spit-lubed coated hole. He does not ease himself gently in but rams me, hard, with his engorged cock.

"Uhhh," I moan loudly, as I feel him sink deep into my depths, his cock, pulses my prostate, oozing cum from its slit opening, coating my inside with his pre-cum, "oh, fuck."

"That's it, boy," Zephraim says, "tell your daddy what he is doing. Does it feel good?"

His swelled thick cock opens me up with each inward powerful thrust.

'The Superior' is blessed with girth, ample thickness, and of more than sufficient length of his cock. The hairs of his thickly pubes tickle and prance about my hairless posterior, shooting magnificent sensations through me as I react to each thrust of his forced manhood.

He reaches around and grabs my cock in his tight manly clutches, squeezing me forcefully as he mounts my ass in a frenzied fury.

My height poses some problems, but after our first encounter, when I first arrived on Space Station Phallus-Delta and 'the Superior's' forced consumption of my offered-posterior, we solved the height issues between us, quickly.

I did not expel a load, that day, I arrived as he was feasting on my spread man-gifts; I was scheduled for my first contribution to the A.S.S. unit. The Program received my sperm, the first of many.

"Uhhh, FUCK ME, harder, sir," I scream out as I feel Zephraim's cock nudge me in my sensitive prostate.

"I intent to boy, I intent to jack-hammer that hole of yours with my dripping oozing leaking cock, make you squeal like a dog, I know you to be," 'the Supreme' Commander says as he pierces and plunges his engorged tool in my tool boxed-anus, "but, now, it is time to have some fun."

He is still for a moment.

A brief nano-second.

His cock, still deep within my depths, it fills me each powerful thrust from his powerfully strong groin.

"Hold on, bucko, this is about to become a wild ride. You are about to become a wild ride," 'the Supreme' Commander says with a little playfulness in his rather harsh baritone voice.

"What?" I say with anticipated surprise.

"Gravity Inducer, DEACTIVATED," the Commander shouts out.

"Request, APPROVED," relays the onboard computer, DIX, over the intercom of Phallus-Delta Space Station.

"This is what my previous partner called 'Floatering'," Zephraim said.

"You mean, weightless fucking?" I say.

"It is. Hold on," he says, "it is about to get fun."

"Oh shit," I say as I feel our combined bodies suddenly drift weightlessly up to the low ceiling of the shower chamber in our shared bunk quarters.

His cock interlocks us both, together, as we drift together into weightless space.

"I like this informality of you, Astronaut, it makes you all the more desirable," he says to me as we commence our sexual dance in the weightless void.

With the weightlessness, the inner walls of my anal tunnel relax.

My fluids increase.

I become a sopping wet mess, as my liquids freely flow.

"You are wet, boy," the Commander says, "Have you ever been fucked in Zero-G before?"

"No, sir," I say, "but I know I am about to be."

"You are, hold on to your balls, boy, cause I am about to tear-up that ass of yours and make it burn red with intense searing pain," he screams as he plunges hard into me. As we creep across the ceiling of the shower chamber, sliding us across the confined space with each powerful thrust from the primal man that fills me with his cock.

"FUCK ME HARDER," I scream out.

I walk us across the ceiling, clawing my way with my fingers, walker-like, as he plunges into my wet hole grows more intense.

I pull us through the doorway to the wide-open expanse of the bunk area chamber.

We float in weightless space, as I feel Zephraim straddle my ass, with his cock buried deep within me. He rides me like a floating-magic-carpet and my ass, his genie, as I grant his wish of filling my depths with his much-anticipated sperm-seed.

We crawl up the wall of the large metal-walled cylinder, I buck, as each thrust propels through the confines of the station.

Little comet-like streams of cum exit from my swelled cock with each gyration, that stimulates my prostate.

I feel Zephraim's tool swell grow even bigger inside the canal of my space-faring ass.

"Are you about to cum, Zephraim?"

He pants, as he tries to answer me between his powered thrust into my hole.

Before he can answer, I feel him explode in my floating accepting hairless ass.

I squeeze him, milking his steel-hard cock of its sperm-juice.

Each pulse of his cock dumps another dose of him, his cum, into my well-lubed hole.

"Oh yeah, give me that juice."

He grunts like the animal I knew him to be, a hairy wolverine of a man, as his pubes whisk through my hairless ass-crack.

Zephraim pulls himself out from my ass.

The vacuum from his cock, pops, as exits, empting me of his tool.

"I don't want you to leave."

"I didn't want to leave, either, but the Elder's are watching," he says, "you were my reward, my prize."

"Did I please you?" I ask.

"Yes," he answers, "Did you cum, Astronaut?"


"Then proceed to the A.S.S. unit and make your deposit, your contribution," Zephraim says.

"I will Zephraim."

"I am your 'Superior' you would do well to remember that, Astronaut."

"Yes, sir," I say.

The 'Superior' floats off, his cock still leaking his juice as he makes his way to the Command Module.

I head to the A.S.S. unit.

"I am preparing for your arrival, Astronaut," says DIX, the onboard computer.

"Thanks, DIX."

"Did the 'Superior's' cock feel good in your ass as he unloaded another dose seed from his full balls, Alexander?" says the onboard computer named DIX that runs the daily operations of the Phallus-Delta Space Station, "He dumps big buckets of cum from those nuts, like you do, Alexander."

"What?" I say, alarmed.

"He tastes good too," DIX responds, "epically high protein levels in his milk-like spunk."


End Part Three of Three



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