Its nine a.m. and my alarm clock is going off. I relized that I had over slept.

"Oh shit!!!??!!!"

Then I heard a voice come from the bathroom.


For a split second I lapsed back into what happend last night. I slept with landon?! I didn't know what to do then he walked out of the bathroom in his tight blue brief's. I could see the outline of his cut 9'' cock.

"Landon, I'm late for work..."

"Oh last night must have been better than you thought for you to over sleep."

It must have been all I could remember was his sweet lips all over my dick. After scurring around for a hour trying to get dressed and stop looking at him getting dressed I decided to call my boss. I freaked for no reason it was my day off. Now what to do about Landon. I know that I have to get him to his car, but what if he doesn't talk to me again?

"Hey Landon!?"

"Whats up?"

"Do you want to catch a movie later. I mean I'm off of work and I just wanted to know if you wanted to hang out or something? Like after I take you to your car."

"Of couse it sounds like a plan. I just need to get home and change and stuff. It will be like a hour our so after you drop me off but hell yeah man we can hang."

At the time I didn't know what to do with myself. He said yes. I need to find something to wear I felt like some little school girl going out on her first date. I was so excited I didn't know how to act. Landon seemed to be such a good guy and I couldn't wait to get to know more. I looked down at my phone and realized it was after twelve.

"Kyle, ya want to take me now? I takes time to look this good"

I chuckled "Sure just a min I need to grab my keys"

We hopped in the car and where on our way across town to his car. We talked and talked about our past relationships. He seemed to date alot of bigger muscular men. I on the other had seemed to be attracted to guys like me. We had alot of things in commen. Like we loved house music, and Cazwell. Landon may have been the man of my dreams but it felt like it was to good to be true. Once we got to the parking lot he looked at me and smiled

"Well we're here..."


Right as he went to get out of the car.

"Kyle I forgot something"


It looked like he had everything. Then he bent down and gave me a kiss.

"See you at about four?"

I couldnt speak he took me by suprise.

"Yeah... four"

Four pm couldn't come any sooner. What to wear, so many things to choose from I was so pumped. I didn't know how to act and Its only two o'clock. My goodness what a night. If tonight ends up like that I wont be able to control myself, I was going for that sweet ass of his. Just thinking about it I could feel my pants rising. I have never met a man that turned me on like Landon did. I reached down and started to rub my throbbing hard cock through my jeans. He is rock hard abs and tight ass where the only thing on my mind. The more I thought about him the harder I got. I unziped my pants and grabed my cock. I started to stroke it and speeding up and slowing down. I could feel my cum boiling up inside of me. I had never been this horny before . Faster and faster I got, then I let out a moan I shot a load of cum all over the place...

For the next hour I spent time getting ready. I found a pleasntly nice shirt and some light colored jeans to wear. It was three thirty and I heard a car pull up. Landon was here I hope he liked what I had on.. When he gout out he had on a tight blue tee shirt. I saw every square inch of his sexy body. He had on a nice pair of jeans that showd off his tight ass.

"Mmmmm yummy!! Haha" I chuckled

"You know It. Ready for the night of your life?" He asked

"Hell yeah!!!!"

"Well lets get this party started"

After the movie was over we went to Starbucks and got a drink. It was a cool Autum night. We took a walk through the park. I found something sweet and innocent in the air and something sweet and suductive about Landon in the glow under the park lights. In the midst of this I felt something touch my hand. Landon reached down and held my hand.

"I hope you don't mind" He said

"No not at all I enjoy it."



"What are you thinking right now?"

"In all honestly you. You are the only thing that has been on my mind all day."

He smiled at me.

"Kyle, I know its only been a day but I like you alot."

"Landon. I want nothing more than to be your boyfriend"

And there it was. We kissed and made our way back to my car. As I went to start the car Landon had something else in mind. He started kissing my neck. Then we started to make out. He was sweet like the hot chocolate that he just had. I wanted him there, so I put my hand on his lap he started to unzip his pants. I took off my shirt and unziped my pants, then climbed over the seat. He striped down and climbed in the back seat with me. I grabbed his ass and started to eat him out. His ass was sweaty and sweet. His dick was hard and he started to jack off. He was moaning and it made me so hard. I lifted up and he put his huge uncut dick in my ass. At first it hurt a little because it had been a long time since I had been fucked. He started ramming. a

"Harder" I moaned

He reached around a grabbed my dick and started to jack me off. It felt so fucking good my pre-cum acted as lube. I felt like I was on cloud nine. All at once he started getting deaper and deaper and going harder. He was getting ready to cum. Right as he stared to cum I spewed all over the passanger seat, as he came in my ass.

"Oh fuck that was good" He said panting

"Fuck yeah it was" I said back

We cleand up our mess and got dressed. I looked at Landon as he slipped his shirt on. I wanted to sit and look at him forever, but I knew it was time to go. Landon and Kyle it has a ring to it... At least I like to think so. As we went down the highway light after light I noticed him smiling. We got to my house and he went to get in his car. He looked at me and laughed

"Kyle, I never got to ask you. Do you want to be my boyfriend?"

"Yes Landon more than anything."

For once I was happy. As he ran over to kiss me good night I started to smile. He looked me in the eys and smiled. Then I felt his lips touch mine. I smiled as he walked to his car. As he drove away I walked inside. The perfect night I couldn't ask for anything better.



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