Young Justin Miller was a big vintage wetsuit fan he had 4 vintage smooth skin wetsuits in his collection.  

 He saw in a paper the advertisement of another vintage wetsuit just like the others in smooth skin black he called the number on the advertisement it started to ring. 

 Someone answered " hello Justin said I am calling about your vintage wetsuit you are selling is it still available ? "      "  yes it is Where are you located at ?  "  I am in the town of  Coves Neck.  What a surprise so am I what is your address ?

   Justin gave him his address then arranged to meet him at his home.  Ok I will be there with everything at 2pm. 

  Justin was so anxious to for the guy to arrive with the new vintage wetsuit gear.  At 2pm there was a knock on his door Justin went to the door opened it and invited the guy in.

  Justin helped the guy in with the items he was selling The guy name was Robert and he brought with him the full vintage 2 piece smooth skin wetsuit  gloves boots and fins as well as a hood and air tanks the works.

  So can I try the gear on Robert ?  Sure I will help you with it .So Justin put on the vintage wetsuit pants they fit perfectly an so did the jacket as well he put on the beaver tail then Robert help Justin on with the dive belt and the air tanks. 

 I will show you that the air tanks are full as Justin placed the double hose into his mouth Robert turned on the air Justin took in a large amount  of the air as Justin was breathing on the air as he was Robert's eyes now glowed a red sinister glow. 

Soon Justin eyes were glowing the same evil red glow as well.  Justin looked at Robert eyes   "  you will now be one of us "  Robert said. 

  Justin removed his mouth piece and looked at Robert " yes I hear and will obey "   Robert then said you know what you must do.  Justin responded yes I must kill I will kill.

Justin loaded his atv with the air tanks and the other gear he was still wearing the vintage wetsuit. Then Robert climbed into the atv and they headed toward the lake. 

Once there he helped Justin on with his tanks and Justin slipped on his fins and entered the lake swimming toward the other side Justin saw a group of kids camping . 

 Justin exited the lake near the boys he knew he would have to lure on of the boys toward the lake. He removed his fins and laid them down he proceeded to walk toward their camp he tossed a large stone to attach their attention one of the boys' went toward when the sound was coming from Justin was waiting in the bush to ambush the boy. 

  He waiting until the boy moved past him to move behind and grab the boy around the neck with his rubber gloves.  Justin started to squeeze the boys neck strangling him until he was dead.

 Then Justin put back on his gear and dragged the boy's body with him into the lake. Justin made sure he took plenty of pics and videos of him killing the boy. 

 Justin emerged on the other side of the lake with the dead boys' body.  Robert was very pleased with what he saw. 

" Robert said let us now dispose of the body so nothing will be found of it anywhere. "  Justin said " I know just how we can do this I have a vat of very strong acid it will not only dissolve the boys body also his clothing.

  Justin placed the boys body in a body bag placed it inside the atv and they drove toward the house basement by a cave Justin had they entered the cave and removed the body bag.

  Justin removed the  cover of the vat acid and they placed the body bag into the vat acid as it started to dissolve everything from the body bag and the body inside after an hour there was nothing left.

 Justin placed back on the vat cover.  It is done as both Robert and Justin smiled and evil sinister smile. with their evil glowing red eyes. 

  Robert said congratulation you are now one of us. Yes Justin now to find the next one to kill.

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