Well when I was 16 brothers friend Todd were sleeping in my sisters appartment on the floor and Todd and I were laying down next to him and I reached over and pulled his pants all the way down to his feet and put my arm through his legs to his ass and put my finger in his asshole and then I put my mouth on his penis and started to move my mouth up down up down up down and then he put his hand on my head which was exactly what I wanted him to do and then he said to me what are you doing but I didnt answer him but he still pushed my head down all the way down to were his penis hit the back of my throat and he cummed the sweetest tasting cum I ever tasted and I kepted it on there for a while longer until he turned over and let me put my penis into his ass and I fucked him for a long time and we started to kiss and massage each other and from there on out he and I did those things regularly.





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